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This publication covers topics of interest to Algo Risk Service on Cloud clients including current regulatory and risk reporting news, data partnerships, service features, and common support questions and answers. Produced by members of the Algo Risk Service on Cloud team, articles are developed to assist clients in optimizing their return on investment in Algo Risk Service on Cloud.

Current Issue - Issue 6: Fall 2013

An Investigative Tool for Serious Risk Professionals: IBM Algo One Risk & Financial Engineering Workbench

Evolving risk practices have risk managers working harder to keep up with demands from investors, executives and regulatory institutions. It is essential to employ tools that allow users to ask more complex questions, perform in-depth study and get more insightful answers.?


  • The Mechanics of Monte Carlo Scenario Generation

    Monte Carlo simulation is often referred to without a thorough understanding of the parameters involved and the mechanics of the calculation. Understanding the choices to be made and the steps taken in this process will allow users to further interpret and improve their risk management process.

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