IBM BusinessConnect 2014

A New Era of Smart

5 May 2014 | Armani Hotel Dubai

At IBM BusinessConnect 2014, you will have the opportunity to attend many hot topics designed to help you understand how the changing market can improve your business.

Live presentations, Q&A’s and discussions from industry and IT leaders offer insight into the best practices around the biggest trends in IT today. You’ll learn how the convergence of Cloud, Social, Mobile, Big Data and Analytics with business networks that connect employees, customers and partners is forcing businesses to respond and anticipate with uber-dexterity and supersonic speed–or be left behind.

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08:30 - 09:30 Registration & Breakfast
09:30 - 09:45 Welcome Address: Ahmed Auda, Director Software Group Middle East & Pakistan, IBM
09:45 - 10:15 External Keynote: A New Era of Smart - Speaker: Scott Steinberg
10:15 - 11:00 IBM Strategy:
Ahmed Auda, Director Software Group Middle East & Pakistan, IBM
Gökhan Nalbantoglu, Software Group Middle East & Africa, SaaS & Acquisitions Leader
11:00 - 11:30 Coffee & Tea Break
11:30 - 12:00 Reinventing your Business with IBM Cloud
Today, cloud is everywhere. And whether it’s mobile, social or big data and analytics, the common connecting thread is cloud—a strategic enabler that belongs at the heart of every business strategy. No matter where you are in the cloud journey, and whether your objective is speeding time-to-market or using analytics to drive better decision-making, cloud can help get you there... and deliver real business outcomes. Explore how you can put cloud to work as a growth engine for your business. (SaaS).Speaker: Bowman Hall, Vice President, WW Technical Sales
Smarter Commerce & Social Data Analytics
At virtually every point of communication, today’s customers are generating valuable data. These customers expect that this data will be used by companies to deliver a personalized experience at every stage of interaction. Big Data and Sentiment Analysis drive more revenue through creating customer intimacy and increased customer relevance. Speaker: Gerrit Bus, Sales Leader Smarter Commerce and Customer Service
Reinvent relationships with your customers and employees with IBM Collaboration solution
When employees and customers connect, access essential information and share their best ideas, new processes and more authentic engagement start to define the organization's brand and competitive edge. IBM can help find a social strategy that will drive cost savings, increase revenue and change the way organizations see opportunity. Speaker: Mohamed Emad, Executive, IBM Collaboration solution Brand manager, MiddleEast, Africa & Turkey
Smart Cities: The Technology to deliver a more Competitive, Effective and Efficient city
Session focused on IBM Intelligent Operations for Smarter Cities and how it offers integrated data visualization, real-time collaboration and deep analytics that can help city agencies to innovate in Public Safety, Transportation, Water, Building & Social Services. Executive dashboard capabilities give decision makers a real-time, unified view of operations so they can manage problems as they occur and to enhance the ongoing efficieny of city operations. Speaker: Christian C Claus, Director of Architecture, Technical Strategy and Partner Recruitment for Industry Solutions
12:00 - 12:30 Set your Business in Motion: IBM Mobile First
How do you plan, integrate, optimize and manage IT and communications infrastructures to securely deploy mobile? In a world where everyone is connected to everything your organization’s infrastructure has no boundaries. Successful companies are doing business in motion. The challenge is managing and securing an infrastructure that connects an endless array of intelligent devices and sensors that are outside your control. Speaker: Philippe Fanjere, Rational Brand Leader, MEA
Smarter Marketing & Digital Customer Engagement
Today's customer expects customized experiences based on their personal preferences. And, their perception of your brand can change with each interaction. Engaged customers spend 3 x more and recommend 2 x more. The most successful marketers today are using analytics to bring a whole new level of sophistication to their marketing and boost customer loyalty and brand awareness and return on investment. Speaker: Adnan Siddiqui, Smarter Commerce Leader MEA
Achieve a Faster, More Accurate Financial Closure
Attend this session to learn how you can accelerate your financial closing and consolidation processes while ensuring timely and accurate filing of global statutory and compliance business reports. Speaker: Samir Parey Expert Certified IT Specialist, Principal Solution Specialist-Business Analytics GRC & PM
12:30 - 13:00 Fueling A New Era of Competitive Advantage Through Big Data & Analytics
The increasing importance of cloud, mobile and social technologies has opened the floodgates for data generation and analysis, resulting in a wellspring of potential insights. Attend this session to hear how organizations are leveraging all these new resources to gain a better insight into their business, ultimately driving competitive advantage through informed business decision making. Speaker: Mahmoud EL Kordy, Big Data & Analytics Business Executive, IBM MEA
Create a Mobile Customer Experience
How do you leverage mobile to connect with customers through a broader set of contextual, value-added experiences? The session will include an overview of mobile capabilities with demonstrations of the out-of-the-box platform services, development approaches and solutions that IBM MobileFirst customers can leverage to deliver compelling, personalized multichannel solutions to rapidly growing mobile audiences. Speaker: Philippe Fanjere, Rational Brand Leader, MEA
Creating the Future-Ready Enterprise with Performance Management
During this session you will hear how organizations can establish a dynamic, reliable performance management system to help improve planning, automate budgeting and perform driver-based forecasting, "what-if" scenario modeling and multidimensional financial analysis. Speaker: Randy Briegoos Senior Client Technical Professional, BA - Performance Management, IBM MEA
A Smarter Business needs a Smarter Infrastructure
Assets dominate the balance sheet of many companies, are a major corporate cost and are vital to operational performance. Asset Management is the holistic management of all asset classes that allows organisations to optimise performance. Getting Asset Management right can increase shareholder value, reduce costs, increase return on capital employed, support the core business, manage risk and deliver business flexibility. Speaker: Ken Donnelly, Global Systems Integrator Sales Leader
13:00 - 14:00 Break: Main Lunch
14:00 - 14:30 Big Data & Internet of Things : Between a Security Challenge & Predictive Prevention
With every new trending technology , Security becomes an unanswered question. In this fast tracked session, we will discuss the role of Big Data in the Security world. What can be leveraged to improve our Security controls, as opposed to what new threats it brings upon us. Speaker: Ragy Magdy Regional Sales Manager, Security and Privacy, MEA
Smarter Workforce makes Smarter Business
Session dedicated to HR leaders, will dive deep into how leading organizations have attracted the best people, developed employee skills, cultivated leaders and capitalized on collective intelligence and analytics; developed a "fit" strategy to hire and motivate the workforce; created a culture of continuous innovation and increased productivity by as much as 25%; generated 26% more revenue per employee by becoming part of the New Era of Smart. Speaker: Reginald Singh, DIRECTOR, Business Development Middle East, Africa, Turkey
Sales Performance Management: The path to improving sales effectiveness
Attend this track to listen how technology can help you streamline your Sales Performance and Incentive Compensation Management processes to increase operational efficiencies, reduce risk, administer compensation plans, drive needed sales behaviors, and align sales strategy with sales compensation programs. Speaker: Randy Briegoos Senior Client Technical Professional, BA - Performance Management, IBM MEA
Smarter Process: Maximize productivity and become a more agile enterprise
Give organizations greater visibility into all aspects of the business. Smarter process can help organizations maximize the productivity of all assets, from people to systems, enabling them to adapt to the modern business climate, while becoming a more agile business. Speaker: Logan Vadivelu, IBM GMU Technical Leader – BPM & SAP SME
14:30 - 15:00 Manage B2B IT Complexity without draining your IT resources
How can organizations manage the increased level of IT complexity within their business community with a multitude different system and protocols. IBM has recently acquired ASPERA, a leading provider of eXtreme File Transfer (XFT) that can significantly reduce the cross-organizational IT barriers. Aspera technology speeds the collection, distribution and synchronization of big data sets to allow analytics to deliver more complete insights faster, whether the data is a collection of small files or a large single file. This presentation will be cross-linked and integrated with the Big Data and Security messages. Speaker: Bart Debecker, Sales Leader B2B Commerce, Middle East
Your employees! Your most valuable asset! HR Analytics
Enable organizations to use their wealth of employee data to make better decisions about their workforces and improve operational performance. From attracting top talent, to accurately forecasting future staffing needs or improving employee satisfaction, HR analytics tools empower organizations to align HR metrics with strategic business goals. Speaker: Joel Waterman, Regional Director IBM Business Analytics (BA) for Middle East, Pakistan, Turkey & Africa
Real Time Fraud detection
Fighting next generation financial crimes The increasing prevalence of enterprise financial crimes has made fraud prevention and investments in prevention technology a long-overdue priority to organizations around the world. Join this session and hear how the consolidated IBM software platform approach to fraud detection is fundamentally flawed and falls short on detecting and preventing fraudulent transactions. Speaker: Mohamed Fahmy Mohamed Mansour, IBM Counter-Fraud and Financial Crimes Solutions Leader
Continuous delivery of software-driven innovation
Software or application delivery that can enable you to seize market opportunities, respond more rapidly to customer feedback, and balance speed, cost, quality and risk within your software and application portfolio. Speaker: Philippe Fanjere, Rational Brand Leader, MEA
15:00 - 15:30 Cognitive Computing
Watson’s win on Jeopardy, was only the beginning. Now Watson is winning by bringing the cognitive experience to the healthcare, finance, marketing and service industries. Attend this session and hear how Watson can help drive new market value to your business. Speaker: Dr. Kamal Bhattacharya, IBM Distinguished Engineer & Director, IBM Research – Africa
POWER8 and FlashSystem
Data-centric Computing in the new area of Cloud, Analytics, Mobile and Social. Speaker: Alan R Freeland, IBM MEA Senior Infrastructure Architect
15:30 -16:00 Mainframe50 Make the Extraordinary Possible
IBM Mainframe has been a revolutionary computing system at the center of breakthroughs – transforming businesses, whole industries, societies and the world as we know it.
The IBM Mainframe drives new approaches to cloud, analytics, security and mobile computing to help tackle the most extraordinary challenges. All of which are possible through new technologies built in collaboration with our clients and bolstering the skills of future mainframe enablers and innovators in over 1000 universities, from 67 countries.
The pioneering innovations of the Mainframe all serve one enduring mission: to deliver game-changing technology that makes the extraordinary possible and improve the way the world works. Speaker: Joe Zakzouk, Server Solutions Sales, IBM Middle East & Africa