New Employee Checklist

Focus items for your first weeks as an IBMer

You'll soon notice as you get into the first week, that there is much to do. Please take advantage of the New Hire Checklist to assist you. Use the checklist as a guide to understand the items you need to complete within the first thirty days. Additional helpful information is provided to assist you with your first ninety days. Remember, your HR Transition Manager will be available to answer questions you may have.

Some links below may first require your IBM intranet ID and password before granting you access. In this case, use your IBM email address (example: and the password you created.

For your action within 10 days:
checkbox This website contains valuable HR transition related information (e.g., IBM Essential Links, IBM General HR Information, IBM Benefits and Compensation Information, Qs&As, etc.). Contact your Human Resource Transition Manager (HRTM), if you have questions.
checkbox Please read Export Regulations that apply to all IBM U.S. employees. Additionally, please review Export Regulation Education Modules related to Import/Export controls.
checkbox Read communication from IBM IT and take action(s) as necessary concerning your new laptop, IBM e-mail address, laptop migration, Lotus Notes training, password creation, and prior company laptop exchange.
checkbox Attend your new IBM employee learning session called Succeeding@IBM (information regarding this session, including the schedule, will be provided by your HR Transition Manager). You will receive an invitation to enroll in a session via your Lotus Notes e-mail.
checkbox Explore the New IBMer Zone, a robust site containing wonderful information for new IBM employees.
checkbox IMPORTANT Reference: Bookmark and familiarize yourself with You and IBM, an online reference library of HR resources for IBM employees. This site is a glossary of HR related topics, where information within this checklist (and more!) resides.
checkbox Review and update your profiles as follows:
  checkbox Update your personal profile, especially your personal/emergency contact information. Go to You and IBM, ensure you are looking at the "View by Topic" view. Look under the heading "Life," then the sub-heading "Your Information," and finally click on the link titled "Your Personal Information (About You)". You may edit your information by selecting the "Edit" button. When you submit your updated information, you and your manager will receive a confirmation page.
  checkbox Update your IBM business profile. IBM is currently transitioning from the BluePages tool (an intranet tool) to the Lotus Connections tool (also an intranet tool). Currently you may choose to update your business profile in either of these tools, but there is no need to update your profile in both (as changes in one tool will update the other tool). Below is information for both so you may choose:
    checkbox Update your BluePages profile, which serves as your current IBM business profile. Go to the w3 homepage, input your name, click on "My Profile" in upper left, review/edit your information, download a photo of yourself, and remember to select the "Finish" button at the bottom of the page.
    checkbox Update your Lotus Connections profile, which will serve as your IBM business profile. From the "My w3" homepage, enter your name in the "People Search" field (on the far right of the screen) and press the "Go" button. Click on the dark blue "Edit My Profile" tab. Review/edit your information, download a photo of yourself, and remember to select the "Finish" button.
  checkbox Update your Lotus Sametime Connect (a.k.a. Sametime) profile. In Sametime, double click on your name to open a ST chat box. Find the menu bar and click on "File", then select "Preferences", then select "Geographic Location", and update your information as needed. Press the "Apply" button then press the "OK" button. You will need to re-enter Sametime to see your change(s) reflected.
  checkbox Update your Lotus Notes e-mail signature. Check with your manager on the specific information you should include and the format that you should utilize (as some organizations have certain requirements). Update your signature by going into your Lotus Notes, from the toolbar select "More" > "Preferences"> "Signature" Tab. Complete the appropriate information and be sure to check the box shown below.
Lotus Notes signature setup
checkbox Time Entry is done through eTotals - this system is to be used weekly by our non-exempt employees and those on disability or leave of absence. Managers are required to review and approve time, and in some cases, may need to input time for employees. Review policy and take the eTotals Tutorial as needed. An Exempt Part-time employee will have a one time requirement of setting up his/her work schedule in his/her eTotals profile. Once this is completed by the Exempt Part-time employee, the employee will not need to submit his/her time weekly unless he/she is on short-term disability or leave of absence.
checkbox Visit Payroll Services to review additional Payroll services available to you (e.g. authorize your Electronic Pay Statement, participate in deductions for a credit union account, etc.). You may change your selections at any time.
checkbox If you are a traveler, or you need to make purchases (authorized by manager), apply for an AMEX Corporate Card. Review Corporate Card policy and scroll down to "For card application, click here." Complete application and follow submission directions. This card is used for approved business travel and expenses only. You may also want to click on the link to sign up for "Corporate Card Online Statements" while on this page.
checkbox Order your IBM business cards, if authorized by your manager. To order your business cards you will need to purchase through IBM's online system, Bond (Buy on demand). First time users will need to set up a profile (found on the Bond webpage) and should review the Getting started reference guide. Once you have set up your profile from the Bond landing page, click the "Log in to Bond (Buy on demand)" link then logon using your IBM intranet ID and password. The Bond system will need require billing information (e.g., division number, department number, and major) that you can obtain from your own BluePages entry. Check with your manager on the format and information to use for your business cards. Under the "Popular items" heading is a link for ordering business cards.
checkbox If you are a traveler, review the IBM Travel site. Look on right under Tools and Resources, then OTR (On-line Travel Reservation). OTR is the IBM tool used to set up your travel profile and book business travel.
checkbox Familiarize yourself with IBM's policy on Expense Reimbursement and our on-line tool, WWERS (Worldwide Expense Reimbursement System). Start by taking the WWERS Tutorial.
  checkbox If you want your expense reimbursements to be directly deposited into an account other than your payroll direct deposit account, complete a BEETS Authorization Form (Business Expense Electronic Transfer System). Otherwise, the default is your payroll direct deposit account.
To be done within 30 days:
checkbox Enroll in medical/dental/vision plans by the Enrollment Deadline Date (as communicated by your IBM Human Resource Transition Manager). Review your benefits options. To enroll, click on If first time user, click New User Registration. Enrollment can also be done by calling the Employee Service Center 1-800-426-2008.
Important: If you do not enroll by the deadline, you will not have health coverage for the remainder of the year. You will be able to enroll during the next "Open Enrollment" period to be effective the following calendar year. Contact your Human Resource Transition Manager (HRTM), if you have any questions.
checkbox Review Dependent Eligibility and submit necessary documentation to IBM vendor, Budco, following the Dependent Eligibility Confirmation Process for IBM's Medical, Dental and Vision benefits. (If you do not receive a package by your third week with IBM, contact the Dependent Eligibility Confirmation Center 1-800-204-4426).
Important: If you do not submit documentation by the date indicated by Budco, your dependent(s) will not have coverage for the remainder of the year. You will be able to enroll dependents and provide documentation during the next "Open Enrollment" period to be effective the following year. Contact your Human Resource Transition Manager (HRTM), if you have questions.
checkbox Review/understand your Health Care Spending Account and Dependent Care Spending Account options. Check any deal-specific related information with your Human Resources Transition Manager (HRTM).
checkbox Read about IBM Group Life Insurance, company paid life insurance for you, the employee. Additionally, carefully read IBM Group Life Insurance Information for New Hires (The IRS currently taxes employees on the value of employer-provided life insurance coverage over $50,000. If you wish to avoid this additional tax, you may choose to waive coverage over $50,000 or designate a tax-exempt charity as your beneficiary.). If you decide to waive coverage in excess of $50,000, fill out then submit the Waiver Form.
checkbox Read about Travel Accident insurance which is IBM provided insurance for protection while IBM employees travel on business.
checkbox Be sure to complete the Beneficiary Form for IBM Group Life/Travel Accident Policies. If you want to designate different beneficiaries for each plan, you must complete two separate forms indicating your designee(s) for each plan. If you choose to identify beneficiaries who are outside of the U.S., a letter stipulating names, addresses and telephone numbers, signed by you, must be attached.
checkbox Consider enrolling yourself and/or your dependents in additional, optional life insurance coverage. IBM offers employees access to Guaranteed Issue Term Life Insurance at Group Rates under the Group Universal Life program, administered by the Prudential Insurance Company of America. Employees who apply for coverage within 90 days of their date of hire do not have to provide evidence of good health and may purchase coverage equal to 2 times their annual salary, not to exceed $750,000. By providing evidence of good health, employees can purchase coverage up to eight times their annual compensation to a maximum of $3,000,000. An enrollment package will be mailed to your home by Prudential within two weeks of your date of hire. Prudential Insurance, 1-877-448-5778 is the Administrator for this plan.
checkbox Visit the BlueIQ Training Center for great training modules to help you get the most out of IBM Connections and learn all about using social media software at IBM. There are presentations, webcasts and podcasts with varying information segments for Sales and Technical Professionals, Managers and a general audience.
checkbox Consider enrolling in the IBM 401(k) Plus Plan. With an automatic company match, many investment options, and special features, IBM's 401(k) Plus Plan is a savings plan designed to meet your financial and retirement goals. Enroll through Within NetBenefits, be sure to complete the beneficiary form for this plan. It is located under "Your Profile", then "Beneficiaries". Read the first page to ensure you have the necessary information to successfully complete the beneficiary form. You may also contact Employee Service Center (ESC) 1-800-796-9876 for assistance or the ESC can connect you to the Fidelity Administrator as needed.
checkbox Consider enrolling in the Employees Stock Purchase Plan (ESPP). You must be an IBM employee on January 1 or July 1 to enroll. The administrator for this plan is Computershare and may be reached at 1-888-426-6700.
checkbox Learn more about IBM US Vacation policies (Please note: Deal specific information will not be included, as these are the standard policies). Consider using a Lotus Notes database titled "Vacation Planner" to keep track of your time. Contact your IBM Human Resource Transition Manager (HRTM) regarding any deal specific information on vacation.
checkbox Familiarize yourself with the IBM US Holiday schedule. The local holiday schedule may be found on the local site by drilling down to the local site through SiteServ.
checkbox Work with your manager to set your Personal Business Commitments (PBC) which are your business and development goals for the calendar year.
checkbox Learn about IBM's policy on cell phones and review the Corporate Managed Program CMP Guidance and the associated IT Help Central link:  Corporate Managed Program (CMP) for Wireless Services (Requires IBM Intranet ID and PASSWORD for access)
checkbox Register for SmartCloud Meeting, IBM's vehicle for hosting and attending IBM internal and/or external presentations online. If you would like to distribute your SmartCloud meeting number you will need to select the link titled "Your Meeting URLs" (lower left side next to the "Start Meeting" button) and select the appropriate link.
checkbox Register for your AT&T Reservationless Conference Number in order to host conference calls. For the US, contact the AT&T Teleconference Customer Care at 1-888-414-3165 or 1-205-206-2301 to request an AT&T Audio Conferencing Account.
checkbox Learn more about employee health (Personal Wellness), safety (Workplace Safety), and well-being (Ergonomics) topics offered by IBM.
checkbox Review IBM's Employee Assistance Program (EAP) which provides short-term counseling for you and your covered dependents at no cost. The EAP provides resources for issues such as grief counseling, alcoholism or substance abuse, postpartum adjustment, parenting, marital counseling, depression or stress management. The EAP can also provide resources for everyday issues, such as communicating effectively at work and home, and dealing with teenage children or aging parents.
checkbox Read the IBM Business Conduct Guidelines (BCG). Complete the mandatory online BCG course (Logon to the Integrity Interactive site using your IBM intranet address, press the link titled, "Look up my access code," enter your IBM intranet address again and your access code will be e-mailed to you. When you receive it, logon with your IBM intranet address and your access code to complete the course), and complete your mandatory BCG certification. You may want to consider forwarding your certificate or notifying your manager of your completed certification.
checkbox Review the Security and Use Standards for IBM Employees. You will be notified through your Lotus Notes e-mail to take an online course titled, "Information Security at IBM".
checkbox Learn about location services and information in your area and around the globe through SiteServ.
checkbox Understand your responsibilities towards protecting personal information by taking a 30 minute free education session at the Privacy at IBM website.
checkbox Consider changing your default home page to "My w3". To do so, register here My w3 registration.
To be done within 90 days:
checkbox With IBM CareerSmart, your personal goals and information come together to help PLAN your development, GAIN the skills and experience you need, and TRACK your progress -- both short term and long term. IBM CareerSmart is the complete suite of career programs and resources available to you for growing your career at IBM. Take a look!
checkbox Read about research, perspectives on industries in which IBM competes, and trends in technology and the marketplace using IBM Institute for Business Value.
checkbox Find information on child care, elder care, and adoption. Go to You and IBM - look under the "Life" heading then subheading "Family and Personal Services." Also, check out LifeWorks, which provides you with immediate access to information to help balance your personal and professional responsibilities.
checkbox Check out the IBM Club, and meet other IBMers! The IBM Club is a group that brings employees and retirees, as well as their families, together outside of work to participate in activities that are social, cultural or recreational. The IBM Club also makes available discounts to entertainment, leisure, and recreational venues and events.
checkbox Check out discounts and services available to IBMers through the Employee Purchase Program and Discounts for IBMers.
checkbox Check out IBM's On Demand Community for IBM volunteer opportunities/ideas and IBM Grant opportunities.

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