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Instructor ID/Password Help

All instructors have instructor ids on the system. Read below if you are not sure what your ID is.

IBM Instructors
ID: IBM Intranet ID
Password: IBM Intranet Password
Country: Your assigned country of primary instruction

Non-IBM Instructors
ID: Usually first five characters of last name and first three characters of first name ( 5+3)
Password: Same as ID (Only on first time login) *********All in UPPER-CASE********
Country: : Your assigned country of primary instruction

Example (IBM Instructor)
Name: John Doe
Instructor Type : IBMer
Password: (Intranet Password)
Country: United States

Example (Vendor Instructor)
Name: John Doedoe
Instructor Type: Vendor
Password: DOEDOJOH
Country: United States

Q & A

Q. I have forgotten my IBM Instructor ID and password.
You may reset your IBM Intranet password here (Note: You must be on the IBM Intranet to access this link)

Q. I have forgotten my Vendor Instructor ID and password.
On the login screen, there is a 'Forgot Password' feature that will email your password to the email on record

Q. I tried the instructions to figure out my ID but I still cannot login
Please send a note to with the following information

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Country
  • Combination of course and class you are scheduled to teach.

Q. I have general problems accessing the URL from the IBM Network.
Some users are experiencing problems accessing the URL while in the IBM Network. Please follow directions below:

In Internet Explorer, try replacing your proxy exclusions with these:

  • Select 'Tools'
  • 'Internet Options'
  • Click on 'Connections' Tab
  • Click on 'LAN Settings'
  • Under 'Proxy settings' click on Advanced Button
  • Add the following addresses under 'Exceptions' 10.*; 9.*;

If you are still having problems connecting, please contact 888-IBM-HELP and they can open a ticket. At that time, our network team can look for network connection errors.

Q. I am having problems filling out the survey
Please send screenshots and description of the problem to You should receive a recognition of receipt within 48 hrs.