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  • - Building the Untethered Nation

    CoverBuilding the Untethered Nation:
    A Strategic Guide to Communities on Wireless Technology and Broadband Infrastructure," from the Center for Digital Government.

  • - Assessing and Improving Capitol Hill Web Sites

    CoverCongress Online Project

    This report from the Congress Online Project is a comprehensive review of all House and Senate personal office, committee, and leadership Web sites. Includes the five building blocks for a successful Web site, common mistakes offices make, and identifies the Congress Online Gold and Silver Mouse Award winning sites.

  • - Citizen Interaction in E-Government Initiatives

    CoverAre we there yet?

    Kim Patrick Kobza of Neighborhood America discusses the American public's desire for improved communications with Government.

  • - Enhancing security and privacy with biometrics

    CoverBecause biometrics-based authentication offers several advantages over other authentication methods, there has been a significant surge in the use of biometrics for user authentication in recent years. It is important that such biometrics-based authentication systems be designed to withstand attacks when employed in security-critical applications, especially in unattended remote applications such as e-commerce. In this paper we outline the inherent strengths of biometrics-based authentication, identify the weak links in systems employing biometrics-based authentication, and present new solutions for eliminating some of these weak links. Although, for illustration purposes, fingerprint authentication is used throughout, our analysis extends to other biometrics-based methods.

  • - e-Government: The Next American Revolution

    CoverIntergovernmental Technology Leadership Consortium, Council for Excellence in Government
    Sets forth the vision, principles, and actions necessary for a breakthrough seen as comparable in impact to the invention of the printing press. It aims to make government at all levels far more accountable to the will and needs of the people and greatly boost the speed, variety, and quality of transactions between them. The big idea here is �e-the-people.�

  • - E-mail Overload in Congress: Managing a Communications Crisis

    CoverCongressional Management Foundation

    To help congressional offices improve online communications, this report highlights the best Hill practices for managing constituent email.

  • - Turning the Corner on the Information Highway

    CoverCongress Online Project

    This report is meant to assist congressional offices in developing effective Web sites. It is the result of two years of research by the Congress Online Project.

  • - The Blogging Bandwagon

    CoverIs there a better way to engage your constituents?

    Kim Patrick Kobza of Neighborhood America discusses how Blogs are being used to reach voters.

  • - Understanding the Impact of Government Investments on Operational Efficiency and Organizational Effectiveness

    CoverRobert H. Smith School of Business

    IBM and the University of Maryland are conducting a study on the impact of government IT investments on operational efficiency and organizational effectiveness. Many governments are facing major budget shortfalls. This study explores approaches to IT investments that increase revenue collection, reduce costs, or avoid costs. The era of blind investment is over. Program funding now requires detailed return on investment calculations that link investments to measurable outcomes. Combining primary (i.e., web-based survey and interviews) and secondary research with previous work by IBM on performance metrics, this study will show the statistical relationship between common investment areas (e.g. CRM, ERP, knowledge mgmt, portals, etc.) and Operational Efficiency and Organizational Effectiveness. The estimated project completion date is February, 2003.


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