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  • - Working Outside the Box: A Study of the Growing Momentum in Telework

    A must-read guide to implementing successful telework projects in government.

  • - Feeling the Pain

    Consider what commuting would be like if nearly half of the other drivers on the road during the morning or evening rush hours were stressed, angry, or sleep deprived � or all three?

  • - Cinderella Cities

    If the year were 1920 and this conversation was about how to become an industrial-age-city, the essence would be the same. Reinvent your city for the times.

  • - e-Democracy: Putting Down Global Roots

    As governments achieve more sophisticated levels of e-government, strategy should include progression to more sophisticated levels of e-democracy within and beyond national borders

  • - e-Government: A Go-to-Market Strategy

    Five years ago, the term "electronic government" was not in our vocabulary.Today, "e-government" has become a battle cry for digital age governments around the world.

  • - e-Government Goes Wireless: From Palm to Shining Palm

    Just when you thought you could sit back, relax, and let e-gov roll its way onto shore, the next big swell has already formed out there on the Internet high seas. Wireless. Need some proof?

  • - Lessons From Around the World

    Until leaders are willing to inspire fundamental reform, e-government will remain unfulfilled -- an elusive concept.

  • - Mapping the Government Genome
  • - Quest for Electronic Government: A Defining Vision

    This paper incorporates advice from research, literature searches, innovative practices from around the world, emerging strategies and future indicators and trends.

  • - Seven E-Government Leadership Milestones

    As electronic government comes of age around the world, leadership remains at the core of success, beginning with the definition of e-government itself.


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