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  • - Harvard Case Study on Leadership for the New Tough Times

    Leadership for the New Tough Times : Priorities for IT-enabled Government Innovation

  • - Harvard Case Study on Stockholm Congestion Charging

    Stockholm Congestion Charging

  • - Southwest One: A Case Study in Innovative Collaboration.

    Learn how three UK government entities undertook unprecedented collaboration to address common problems.

  • - The Greening of Government

    A Study of How Governments Define the Green Agenda

  • - St. Louis Area Regional Response System (STARRS)

    Learn how the St. Louis region manages this first-of-its kind disaster planning, rapid response, emergency operations, and patient tracking across two states, more than 100 police and fire departments and 55 hospitals.

  • - Harvard Case Study on Service Canada

    See how Canada launched its largest single e-government reform initiative nationwide.

  • - Harvard Case Study on Finnish Defence Forces

    Harvard's Finnish Defence Forces - NCO case study examines the role of SOA in coalition operations.

  • - Harvard Case Study on OneCleveland

    Harvard's OneCleveland case study explores a public/private cross-boundary economic development innovation to build an ultra-broadband infrastructure.

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