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  • - Building a Digital Community: A Leadership Guidebook

    CoverA product of the e-Communities Task Force, provides communities with a strategy for utilizing the Internet and communications technologies to improve quality of life and economic vitality.

  • - Building the Virtual State: Information Technology and Institutional Change

    CoverBy Jane Fountain

    The book explains how the American public sector must evolve and adapt to exploit the possibilities of digital governance fully and fairly.

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  • - Delivering the Vision: Public Services for the Information Society and the Knowledge Economy

    CoverBy Eileen M.Milner (Editor), Janet Caldow is one of the six contributing authors worldwide.

    Delivering the Vision explores the way in which public service 'visions' have developed globally and how successful they have been in contributing to major social and economic change. Contributions focus both on those factors critical to success and on reasons for failure, but a common theme to emerge across all contributions is the requirement for a clear political vision, commitment and leadership if the shift from traditional forms of social and economic organization to high-value, knowledge-intensive economies is to be safely negotiated.

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  • - Innovations in E-Government: Governors and Mayors Speak-Out
  • - On demand government: Continuing the e-government journey

    CoverLearn how to use IBM technologies to better serve your clients with insights provided by IBM government experts.


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