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Game Grid

While more than 100 Massive Multi-player On-Line Games (MMOGs) are currently in development in the industry, most of these MMOGs have failed to some degree. Many game developers do not have the resources required to develop an infrastructure necessary for hosting a large amount of clients for a MMOG's efficiently. The unexpected failures of the MMOG's are mainly due to scalability, customer service, and testing issues.

The Extreme Blue project team put together students of top talent to conduct the GameGrid development project. The Extreme Blue interns took grid computing, a way to enlist numerous heterogeneous machines to work on a multipart problem, to new heights. They developed an online game technology platform using IBM's OptimalGrid by adapting the open-source version of ID Software's Quake 2 first-person shooter and scaling it from a single server environment to a MMOG distributed environment.

GameGrid exposes IBM's on demand expertise to the gaming industry by displaying the testing proficiency and customer services solutions offered by IBM Global Services. GameGrid also provides the online games industry with a cost effective infrastructure solution on demand. This platform helped IBM Digital Media enter the Online Game Hosting Service market.

After working with the Extreme Blue team, Sandra Myers, Global Business Development Executive of IBM Global Services Emerging Markets, said, "Working with the interns was exciting! They immediately grasped both the technical and business concepts and challenges and were masterful in delivering tangible results. Demonstrating the results to customers is opening up new possibilities in terms of delivering games via new architectures and technologies. This is where the rubber meets the road."