Cool projects


The Solutions Experience Lab (SEL) is a powerful pre-sale tool for IBM. The reason is because the SEL offers live customer tours that expose potential customers to IBM's end-to-end solutions in real-world settings with immersively compelling demonstrations.

However, the SEL had a problem. What if customers could not come to their location to take one of these live tours? The solution that the SEL staff created, before this Extreme Blue project, was to conduct remote tours via live camera. Unfortunately, these remote tours lacked the immersive experience associated with being present in the physical SEL, and scheduling conflicts arose when large time zone differences were present. Therefore, the SEL challenged the exSEL Extreme Blue team to develop a better way to bring the SEL to the customer.

The exSEL team responded by producing a highly interactive Rich Internet Application that now allows potential customers to achieve the experience of a physical tour, accessible at any time and from anywhere. Using exSEL, customers can now interact with a virtual model of the lab, where they can work directly with the SEL's powerful array of demonstrations. The customer no longer has to travel to the SEL to get a complete understanding of IBM solutions.

Now, thanks to the exSEL team, IBM has a marketing tool that can bring the SEL directly to your computer.