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"These are the brightest minds working on the hardest problems that will change the future of information technology." - Scott Winters, project mentor

Three Cambridge interns

The Extreme Blue™ internship program consists of innovative project teams comprised of three technical team members and one business member per project. Each summer, we run more than 50 projects spread across labs in the US, Canada, Europe, China, and India.

IBM technical and business mentors participate on each team to serve as guides and are among the foremost experts in their field. While your work will focus primarily on a single project during this program, you will have access to the diverse body of expertise and experience of all project mentors—as well as the large staff of specialists and advisors.

With multiple projects per lab, part of the fun of Extreme Blue is the chance to meet and collaborate with interns and mentors from other project teams. The friendships that form may last a lifetime.

"It's definitely challenging, but the work is pretty amazing. In comparison, talking to some of my classmates, this is a lot more challenging, a lot more meaningful in the sense that we're working on real business issues here. We're not sitting around waiting on people to give us work. We're working on real projects and real challenges, and we're also getting a lot of exposure to some of the top people in the tech industry."

Alan Pentz, Extreme Blue Alumnus, MBA McCombs School of Business, University of Texas at Austin

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