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For regular full-time and part-time employees in the U.S., IBM offers a competitive time off program that includes vacation, paid holidays and personal choice days. Vacation time is based on years of service, and the mix of paid holidays and personal choice days varies based on your business unit or local site.

Long-term supplemental employees may be eligible for paid time off, in addition to nationally observed holidays and those holidays recognized by the work location.

All IBM regular full-time employees receive at least three weeks of paid vacation and are eligible for four weeks after 10 years of service. Those on flexible work schedules or other alternative work arrangements earn vacation based on hours worked per week and years of service.

Subject to business needs, you can take vacation any time during the year in weeks, days or half-days. You must use your vacation in the year you earn it, and you do not have the option of choosing cash payment in lieu of vacation.

Long-term supplemental employees are eligible for up to 10 days of paid time off per calendar year. The number of days of paid time off is prorated based on the number of full months worked during the calendar year.

Paid holidays
In the U.S., IBM employees receive 12 paid holidays each year — including six national holidays and six additional holidays which vary by location based on operating requirements or local custom.

In 2009, IBM will observe the following national holidays:

Up to five additional paid holidays may be designated by your local site. Undesignated days are considered personal choice days, which you can take any time during the year, subject to business needs.

Holidays can't be carried over into the next year, and you do not receive pay for unused holidays, although some employees who are required to work on scheduled holidays may be eligible for extra pay or substitute time off.

Supplemental employees are paid for holidays that fall on a regular workday, but do not receive paid personal choice days.