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Comparing medical options

Depending on your location, as an IBM employee you may choose from among several medical options, including the IBM PPO (preferred provider organization), IBM PPO Plus, IBM High-Deductible PPO with Health Savings Account, IBM Exclusive Provider Organization (EPO), and one or more health maintenance organizations (HMOs), if they are available in your area.

The medical options comparison chart provides a high-level summary of the coverage and provisions available under each of the medical options IBM offers, including prescription drug coverage and mental health/substance abuse benefits. If you have a specific question about coverage for a particular procedure or condition, you may call the health plan directly, or contact the IBM Employee Services Center at 800-796-9876. Support specialists are available weekdays from 8:30 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. Eastern time on business days (excluding holidays recognized by the New York Stock Exchange).

When you enroll in your health benefits on NetBenefits, you'll see a personalized list of your medical options and costs, along with health plan detail sheets which provide additional information on each of the plans available to you.