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Other benefits and services

In addition to its competitive array of health care, income protection, retirement and time off benefits, IBM offers a range of other programs to support employee needs.

Employee Assistance Program
IBM's Employee Assistance Program (EAP), administered by OptumHealth Behavioral Solutions by United Behavioral Health, provides information, support and counseling to IBMers and their eligible family members. Through the EAP, you may receive up to eight face-to-face counseling sessions each year for each situation at no cost to you. Support and resources are available to help you deal with "the blues," premarital or marital counseling, bereavement and a wide range of other issues.

Work-Life family resource program
To help employees balance personal and professional responsibilities, IBM offers Lifeworks, a free resource and referral program to help employees organize time, find child care, plan an adoption, plan budgets, adjust to changes at work, obtain elder care referral services and more.

Special Care for Children Assistance Plan
The Special Care for Children Assistance Plan (SCCAP) provides financial assistance for children with a mental and/or physical disability, or those with a developmental or learning disorder. Treatment and services which may be eligible for coverage under SCCAP include evaluation and testing outside the scope of medical or dental coverage, special education facilities, academic remediation and special devices. Each case is individually reviewed to determine eligibility for assistance.

Adoption Assistance Plan
The Adoption Assistance Plan provides financial assistance toward expenses you may incur when adopting a child. You are eligible for this benefit from your first day of employment. The plan covers 80 percent of eligible expenses up to a maximum of $2,500 per adoption per family. Eligible expenses include: Placement, adoption agency and legal fees, and maternity fees for the child's birth mother.

Transitional Medical Program/COBRA
The Transitional Medical Program (TMP) provides for continuation of health care coverage to IBM employees and their dependents who lose coverage due to termination, divorce, death, leave of absence without benefits and certain other circumstances. TMP satisfies the requirements of the Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reduction Act of 1985, also known as COBRA.