Announcement Letter Number ZG82-0218 dated February 16, 1982
Europe Middle East Africa - Last Revised on February 22, 1982

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The  5324 Computer is a system unit for the IBM System/23. It has
been  designed  specifically  to  enhance  operator  comfort  and
convenience  by  providing for a flexible physical arrangement of
the  keyboard,  display,  and  processor  units  to  meet varying
workstation requirements and includes height and tilt adjustments
to satisfy individual operator preferences.
There are three units basic to the 5324 Computer:
o   The  5324  Computer is a compact floor standing unit designed
    for convenience of use in an office environment. It is 660 mm
    high  so  that  it  may  be located under or adjacent to most
    desks  or tables. It contains the processor logic and memory,
    power  supply, integrated diskettes (optional), and space for
    optional features.
o   The  Display  Module is a compact desktop unit containing the
    1920  character  display screen in a mounting that allows for
    easy  vertical  and  tilt  adjustments  by  the operator. The
    Display  Module  is  cable connected to the 5324 Computer and
    has  a  small  base  allowing  positioning  flexibility for a
    variety of workstation requirements.
o   The Keyboard Module has a keyboard with a familiar typewriter
    like  layout plus a numeric pad mounted in an adjustable base
    which  provides  a  palm  rest  and  space above the keys for
    keyboard  aids.   The  adjustments  on  the  base  allow  the
    keyboard   angle   to   be  modified  to  suit  the  operator
    preference.  This  unit  is  also cable connected to the 5324
    Computer  for  maximum  flexibility  in  positioning  at  the
The  5324  Computer  also  has all of the functions features, and
support of the previously announced System/23 processors.
o   Dual  Workstation/Shared  File  architecture  for  growth and
    operating flexibility.
o   Functionally enhanced BASIC language.
o   Low cost printers providing speed and print quality options.
o   Flexible  communications  facility for either Asynchronous or
    Binary Synchronous communications.
o   Word Processing hardware and licensed program which provide a
    high function text and DP/WP merge processing capability.
o   Business  accounting  functions applicable to wide variety of
o   Utilizes accounting terminology and information flow familiar
    to non-programmer accounting personnel.
o   Uniform   file  definitions  simplify  application  additions
    including BRADS III and Word Processing.
o   Built-in auditability and control characteristics.
o   BRADS  III  provides  the  non-programmer a powerful tool for
    customizing applications or reports.
Customer Support Highlights:
o   Friendly,  multi-color  documentation  written for first time
o   Self-teaching   "Learning"   manuals   and  machine  exercise
    diskettes which encourage customer self-sufficiency.
o   Customer  Support Function diskettes to simplify start up and
o   5110/5120  BASIC  application program conversion to System/23
    simplified by licensed program.
The  System/23 is comprised of the following components which can
be combined:
o   IBM   5324   Computer-integrated  diskette  capability,  1920
    character  display (24 x 80), main storage, secondary storage
    attachment,   communication   feature,   additional   printer
    attachment and integral interpretive language (BASIC).
o   5241/5242 Printers-80/160 CPS matrix printed output; the 5242
    Model  2  has  the  additional  capability  for  40  CPS high
    density, high quality matrix printing.
o   5246  Diskette Unit contains up to two drives of 1.1 MB each.
    Models  021 and 022 can be attached to two 5324 Computers for
    file-sharing capability.
The  5246 Diskette Unit provides for optional additional capacity
storage  for  data and programs and provides for dual workstation
5324  Computer  configurations.   Each 5246 may have two diskette
drives with up to a total of 2.2 megabytes capacity.
5241 AND 5242 PRINTERS:
Each  5324  Computer may attach up to two of the new 5241 or 5242
table  top  impact  matrix printers in any combination. The first
printer  attachment is standard and the second printer attachment
is an optional feature. Either attachment may be used with a 5241
or  5242  Printer.  The  5241  provides  printing  speeds  of  80
characters  per  second  and the 5242 provides 160 characters per
second.  In addition, the 5242 Model 2 provides the capability of
quality  printing  at  40  cps. Quality print provides additional
matrix  dots  per character and is suitable for applications such
as letter writing which require typewriter-like quality.
Plant  shipments  of the Data Processing Models (1XX) of the 5324
will  begin  in  April,  1982.  Deliveries  of  the Data and Word
Processing Models (4XX) begin in June, 1982.
Shipping  dates  will  be assigned sequentially. Orders involving
multiple  units  are  subject  to  an  extension  of schedules. A
published  delivery  schedule  will  be  established, and initial
schedules will be assigned within 45 days of initial order entry.
MES  orders for field installation of features and model upgrades
will   be   accepted  immediately.  Shipping  schedules  will  be
acknowledged  within  30 days of receipt of the MES in the plant.
First customer shipment of the MES will begin 60 days after first
customer shipment of the feature(s) or model being ordered.
All model upgrades are field installable.
Responsibility  for  the  protection of data from unauthorized or
accidental modification, destruction, or disclosure lies with the
customer. However, the System/23, in conjunction with programming
support,  offers  built-in characteristics to assist the customer
in  achieving  a  level  of  protection appropriate to his needs.
These characteristics include:
o   Language  facilities  to prevent inadvertent modifications of
    data and programs.
o   Customer  Support Functions provide the means to achieve file
o   Programming  techniques  are available which prevent critical
    data from appearing on the CRT screen or the printer.
o   Removable diskette media (for storage in a secure area).
o   Station  Address  and Terminal Identification is provided for
    systems which operate in certain communications environments.
o   Block  checking  is  performed  on  all  data  transmitted or
    received over BSC communications channels.
o   Modem disconnect safeguards are provided.
Additional  guidance  and  consideration  concerning  the  user's

approach  to  data  security  may  be  obtained  in  several  IBM
publications,  such  as  Considerations  of  Data  Security  in a
Computer  Environment,  G620-2169  and  IBM  Data Security Study,
G320-1370 through G320-1376.
The  International  Order  Request  Option  is  available for the
For all local prices, contact your IBM Marketing Representative.
A  Pilot  Test  Plan  is  available  under the "Agreement for IBM
Machine Service - Pilot Test Plan":
   Duration base test period:               3 months
   Maximum number of possible extensions,
    1 Purchase Option/Pilot Test Plan:      70%
The  5324  Computer will be considered a Category A Machine under
the Volume Purchase Amendment.
Per Call:        2
Machine Group:   D
Warranty:        B
Customer Setup:
The  IBM  System/23 has been designed with ease of customer setup
and  relocation  in  mind. Step-by-step instructions, packaged in
the  shipping  container,  will enable the customer to set up and
check  out  his  equipment  immediately  upon  arrival without CE
The  following  English  language publications are available from
Copenhagen.   Country   Literature   Coordinators   can   provide
appropriate form numbers for the various translated versions.
Introducing System/23                   GA34-0106
System/23 Setup Instructions            SA34-0186*
Operator Reference                      SA34-0108*
BASIC Language Reference Manual         SA34-0109
Quick Reference                         SA34-0110
Learning to Use System/23               SA34-0134*
System/23 Messages                      SA34-0141*
Customer Support Functions              SA34-0175, 0176*
Learning System/23 BASIC                SA34-0120**
Keyboard Aid                            SX34-0051*
*  Included with 5324 ship group.
** Includes SA34-0121 through SA34-0127 and a binder. Manuals may
   be ordered separately.