IBM OS/2 2.1, Developer's Toolkit for OS/2 2.1, IBM OS/2 Online Book Collection

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IBM Announcement Letter No. ZP93-0295 dated May 18, 1993.

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  • Abstract
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  • Description
  • Windows 3.1 Applications Support
  • The Workplace Shell
  • 32-Bit Display Device Drivers
  • Support for New Printers
  • 32-Bit Graphics Engine
  • 32-Bit Multimedia Support
  • Enhancements for Mobile Computers
  • Enhanced CD-ROM Drive Support
  • Other OS/2 2.1 Enhancements
  • BiDirectional Language Offerings
  • OS/2 Online Book Collection
  • Developers Toolkit for OS/2 2.1
  • Publications
  • Technical Information
  • Specified Operating Environment
  • Planning Information
  • Packaging
  • Security, Auditability and Control
  • Professional & Technical Services
  • Charges, Terms & Conditions for COU Program Package
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  • Terms and Conditions
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  • IBM Announcement Letter No. ZP93-0295 dated May 18, 1993.

    See final section for details of availability and limitations.


    IBM OS/2 2.1, Developer's Toolkit for OS/2 2.1, IBM OS/2 Online Book Collection

    Program Number

    Order Type     Program
    Number         Name
    5604-467       OS/2 2.1 3.5-inch diskettes
    5604-467       OS/2 2.1 CD-ROM (with install diskettes)
    5604-467       OS/2 2.1 Upgrade from OS/2 2.0
                   (Available through September 30, 1993 only)
    5604-478       Developer's Toolkit for OS/2 2.1, 3.5-inch
                     diskettes plus CD-ROM
    5604-478       Developer's Toolkit for OS/2 2.1, 3.5-inch
                     diskettes plus CD-ROM, Upgrade

    Program Number(s) for DUA(s)

    5775-BE6 IBM OS/2 2.1 DUA
    5775-BE6 IBM OS/2 2.1 DUA - Upgrade from IBM OS/2 2.0
             (Available through September 30, 1993 only)


    If you are not using OS/2, now is the time to start!

    Very attractively priced offers of this latest award-winning release of OS/2 will be made available during the next few months. There will be special pricing for new users of OS/2 2.1, regardless of which operating system they currently use. And, there will be special pricing for those OS/2 2.0 customers who upgrade to OS/2 2.1. All of these specially priced offers on OS/2 2.1 will end on or before September 30th so you better act fast!

    OS/2 2.1 fulfills IBM's stated intent to deliver an enhanced OS/2 32-bit operating system. It includes support for Windows 3.1 applications, a new 32-bit graphics engine, 256-color XGA and Super Video Graphics Adapter (SVGA) device drivers, support for high speed printers and popular CD-ROM drives.

    OS/2 2.1 is enabled to support the emerging technologies of mobile computers, pen based systems and multimedia. Multimedia Presentation Manager/2 (MMPM/2) is included with this OS/2 offering and adds enhanced audio, basic image and software motion video playback capabilities for users of OS/2.

    The Developer's Toolkit for OS/2 2.1 contains bindings, tools, sample programs and documentation to assist the OS/2 software developer. It includes the Multimedia Presentation Manager Toolkit/2 (MMPMTK/2) which allows developers to take advantage of MMPM/2 function.

    The IBM OS/2 Online Book Collection contains over 100 softcopy manuals delivered on a CD-ROM with the IBM Library Reader.



    OS/2 2.1 provides all the benefits of OS/2 2.0 and goes further by delivering industry-standard device support, compliance with industry standards, enhanced standing as a premier client, and enhanced support for OS/2, DOS, and Windows programs, now updated t o include Windows 3.1 and multimedia programs. All these new features are delivered on top of a stable, mature platform that has been "fit and finished" over time and in direct response to customer needs. Two widespread beta tests of OS/2 2.1 provided customer and software developer feedback into the development process.

    As the number of industry awards continues to multiply, and as customers, the press, consultants, and industry analysts generate new praise for OS/2, it is clear that the market is ready for OS/2 2.1 NOW..

    Windows 3.1 Applications Support

    The OS/2 2.1 product provides a single environment from which the broadest range of PC applications -- OS/2, DOS, and Windows -- can be used and displayed simultaneously. Under OS/2 2.1, users now can run Windows 3.1 standard-mode applications, including Windows multimedia applications, and major enhanced-mode applications (ie., Mathematica and OmniPage Professional) not requiring a specific type of device driver called a VxD. Performance is comparable to that of native Windows 3.1. Windows programs also benefit from the inherent protection provided by OS/2.

    Other enhancements in WIN-OS/2 include:

    If users choose to install WIN-OS/2, they also have the option of installing this portion of the OS/2 2.1 code on a drive other than the default drive. Since WIN-OS2 enabling requires about 8MB of space on the hard disk, this feature provides flexibility for users with limited disk space.

    WIN-OS/2 also has been enhanced in OS/2 2.1 to include the Windows 3.1 File Manager, the Windows 3.1 printer and display device drivers, and most Windows 3.1 accessories, including the following:

    OS/2 2.1 provides support for Windows applications having Object-Linking-and Embedding (OLE) capabilities if they are running in the same WIN-OS/2 session. (The Windows Write and Paintbrush accessories delivered with WIN-OS2 are OLE-enabled). Users with limited disk space are given the option of installing the WIN-OS2 3.1 accessories.

    The Workplace Shell

    In 1992, the availability of OS/2 2.0 set the standard for ease of use in the personal computer industry. In response to user requirements, the object-oriented Workplace Shell implemented in OS/2 2.0 has been fine-tuned even further in OS/2 2.1.

    32-Bit Display Device Drivers

    OS/2 2.1 now includes 32-bit device drivers for SVGA, 8514/A, XGA, XGA-2, and VGA display adapters. The new SVGA display device drivers support the most popular chipsets in the industry (Headland, ATI, Cirrus Logic, Trident, Tseng, Western Digital, as well as IBM). The SVGA, XGA, XGA-2, and 8514/A drivers support sessions running in the background and foreground, in full-screen and seamless modes, at resolutions of up to 1024x768, with support for up to 256 colors.

    Because of its design, OS/2 2.1 is enabled for new display device drivers to be added as they become available from IBM or third parties. IBM also is working with the manufacturers of other popular display adapters and independent software vendors to ensure that the accelerated display functions, such as those implemented on the S3 805 and 926 chipsets, are exploited under OS/2 2.1. These drivers will be distributed on bulletin board systems as they become available.

    Support for New Printers

    The OS/2 2.1 product includes support for more than 260 printers, including the newest, high-speed printers, such as the following:

    IBM has worked closely with leaders in the industry to make sure that OS/2 2.1 printer drivers are available. Installation of printer drivers is now easier to do. Users can modify the priority of jobs in the spooler in order to optimize printing performance.

    32-Bit Graphics Engine

    OS/2 2.1 delivers a 32-bit graphics engine that helps to improve the performance of 32-bit applications and display drivers. The Palette Manager, a transparent color mapping capability, and a pixel translation capability are new functions available to the application developer. Using the Palette Manager, applications have access to more than 256 colors to provide clearer and brighter images. Transparent color mapping allows one application to superimpose one image on another. Pixel translation enables high-speed color changes, shading, and image brightening.

    Under OS/2 2.1, the 64K segment limitation has been removed, and applications have access to up to 65,636 bitmap handles and up to 16,384 device context handles. These improvements result in productivity gains for application developers.

    32-Bit Multimedia Support

    Multimedia Presentation Manager/2 (MMPM/2) Version 1.1 is now a separately installed feature packaged with OS/2 2.1. MMPM/2 enhances the functionality of the OS/2 system by adding digital and CD audio and software motion video playback capabilities (without attaching additional hardware), which can be combined with traditional text and graphics.

    MMPM/2 takes advantage of the features of OS/2, including the ability to run multiple tasks concurrently, which is essential for synchronizing multiple data streams. And, the flat memory model implemented in OS/2 is key in handling multimedia data objects that can be many megabytes in size. Multimedia applications written to the Media Control Interface (MCI) specification can rely on OS/2 2.1 to manage sharing of hardware devices.

    MMPM/2 supports the RIFF WAVE, INDEO, AVI, CD/DA, and CD/XA industry-standard file formats and includes device drivers for leading audio adapters:

    Several new user interfaces are included as part of the MMPM/2 enhancement to OS/2 2.1:

    (1) Sound Blaster is the trademark of Creative Labs, Inc
    (2) ProAudio Spectrum 16 is the trademark of Media Vision, Corp
    (3) Ultimotion is the trademark of International Business
        Machines, Corp
    (4) Indeo is the trademark of Intel, Corp

    Enhancements for Mobile Computers

    OS/2 2.1 supports the Level 2.0 Personal Computer Memory Card International Association (PCMCIA) specification for credit-card-sized adapter cards, such as memory, I/O devices, modems, and LAN adapters. These adapter cards come with their own device drivers and configuration software and can be inserted or removed while the computer is powered on. OS/2 2.1 is enabled to support cards (memory, hardfiles, and communications) complying with Levels 1, 2, and 3 of the PCMCIA specification.

    OS/2 2.1 also complies with the Advanced Power Management (APM) specification, which reduces a personal computer's consumption of power and extends the life of the battery. This support is enabled automatically when OS/2 2.1 is installed on a system supporting the APM standard, and an APM object is displayed on the OS/2 Desktop.

    The implementation of a larger cursor in OS/2 2.1 than in OS/2 2.0 improves the visibility of the cursor on the screen for users of LCD displays.

    Enhanced CD-ROM Drive Support

    OS/2 2.1 now can be installed from a CD-ROM drive, which saves time and improves the ease of installing the system. If a CD-ROM drive is attached to the system, a CD-ROM object will be displayed in the Drives folder.

    OS/2 2.1 supports SCSI-based CD-ROM drives, including Sony, Toshiba, Hitachi, IBM, Pioneer, Texel, NEC in combination with the most popular SCSI-based adapter drivers (Adaptec, Future Domain, IBM, DPT). The "pluggable" design enables additional SCSI and non-SCSI drives to be installed. OS/2 2.1 supports Kodak's Photo CD technology.

    Other OS/2 2.1 Enhancements

    BiDirectional Language Offerings

    OS/2 2.1 significantly enhances the National Language support in OS/2 by integrating BiDirectional support for Arabic and Hebrew into Presentation Manager. The BiDirectional support includes fonts, keyboard languages, seamless support in the Presentation Manager classes in addition to a set of API's required for programmers to develop their own BiDirectional applications.

    OS/2 Online Book Collection

    OS/2 Online Book Collection is a collection of over 100 OS/2-based product manuals, "white papers" and product-related publications delivered on a CD-ROM. The books are organized into easy to use bookshelves with IBM Library Readers for viewing under OS/2 or DOS. The Library Readers are powerfull search and retrieval tools allowing fast, easy access to information.

    The CD-ROM also contains tools for fast transfer and storage on VM or MVS-based host computers for use with separately available BookManager READ/VM or READ/CMS program products.

    Developers Toolkit for OS/2 2.1

    These build, resource, MMPM/2 and PM tools, as well as the System Object Module (SOM) precompiler, can be integrated with IBM WorkFrame/2, and are designed specifically to enhance productivity as follows:

    Definitions of OS/2 2.1 and MMPM/2 API are provided in the C language headers and MASM include files that allow the creation of OS/2 2.0, OS/2 2.1, and MMPM/2 applications, subsystems, and device drivers.

    The sample programs included with the Developer's Toolkit for OS/2 2.1 and MMPMTK/2 demonstrate how the APIs are used, and can be used as models for the the application being developed, to help speed up the development process.

    Using the hypertext link facilities in IPF along with the online API documentation, the user can quickly find needed information. In addition, API statements can be copied directly into the user's program by "cutting and pasting" from the online documentation to the user's editor.

    Investment Protection - Application Compatibility

    OS/2 2.1 protects the customers investment in existing DOS and Windows applications by providing the capability for them to run simultaneously and seamlessly with OS/2 16 and 32-bit applications on the same display. The customer can continue to run his existing applications while upgrading to advanced 32-bit OS/2 applications.

    Growth Enablement - Advanced Technology Enabled

    OS/2 2.1 has been enhanced to support Mobile computers, Pen based systems and multimedia applications, the latest industry directions.


    The following publications are available from IBM immediately after general availability.
    To order, contact your IBM representative, IBM Authorized Dealer or your IBM Country Fulfilment/Telemarketing Organization.

                                          Order     Part
          Title                           Number    Number
    ---------------------                ---------- --------
    OS/2 2.1 Bi-Directional Manual        S71G-4114  71G4114
    OS/2 2.1 Online Book Collection       S53G-2166  53G2166
    MMPM/2 Application Prog Guide V1.1    S71G-2221  71G2221
    MMPM/2 Programming Ref V1.1           S71G-2222  71G2222
    MMPM/2 Subsystem Dev Guide V1.1       S71G-2223  71G2223

    Technical Information

    Specified Operating Environment

    Machine Requirements

    The minimum hardware configuration for OS/2 2.1 is as follows:

    IBM PS/2 (R),(1) IBM Industrial Computer, IBM PS/1 (tm),(2) IBM PS/ValuePoint (tm) (3) or selected non-IBM personal computer with a 386-SX or compatible or higher processor, 4 MB system memory and a hard disk with 20 to 40 MB free space available to the operating system depending upon installation options selected. IBM recommends 6 MB or greater system memory and an 80 MB or greater hard disk for many application scenarios.

    In addition OS/2 2.1 supports a broad range of hard disks, diskette drives, adapter and display combinations, pointing devices, printers, CD-ROM drives, optical drives and portable computers.

    The hardware configuration for the Developer's Toolkit for OS/2 2.1 is as follows:

    Installation of the MMPMTK/2 portion of the Developer's Toolkit for OS/2 2.1 and/or additional kernel debug version support (OS/2 2.0, 2.00.1 Preload, 2.00.1 Preload Backup or 2.0 Service Pak) requires an OS/2 supported CD-ROM drive. Diskette installation is unnecessary if CD-ROM installation is performed. Diskette installation will only install kernel debugger for OS/2 2.1 and non-MMPMTK/2 portions of the Developer's Toolkit for OS/2 2.1.

    (1) PS/2 is a registered trademark of IBM
    (2) PS/1 is a trademark of IBM
    (3) PS/ValuePoint is a trademark of IBM

    Programming Requirements

    Programming Requirements for the Developer's Toolkit for OS/2 2.1:

    Software building with the Developer's Toolkit for OS/2 2.1 is supported on both OS/2 2.0 (5621-077) and OS/2 2.1 (5604-467). Some function is restricted for applications running on OS/2 2.0.

    Planning Information


    The OS/2 2.1 3.5-inch media (1.44MB) product package contains:

    OS/2 2.1 3.5-inch media product package and require 5.25-inch media instead will be able to obtain 5.25-inch replacement diskettes from their IBM Country Fulfilment/Telemarketing Organization.

    The OS/2 2.1 CD-ROM product package contains both 1.2MB 5.25-inch and 1.44 3.5-inch installation diskettes, a CD-ROM and the non-media content as listed for the OS/2 2.1 3.5-inch product package.

    The OS/2 2.1 Documentation package includes the following:

    The Developer's Toolkit for OS/2 2.1 contains:

    The MMPM/2 Technical Library Version 1.1 contains the following:

    Security, Auditability and Control

    User management is responsible for evaluation, selection, and implementation of security features, administrative procedures, and appropriate controls in application systems and communication facilities.

    Professional & Technical Services

    Services providing for the efficient installation, implementation and/or integration of this product are available from IBM as either standard or customised offerings.
    Contact your Marketing Representative for the full scope of the available services.

    Charges, Terms & Conditions for COU Program Package

    Terms and Conditions

    Consult your IBM Marketing Representative for the applicable one-time charge.

    Terms and Conditions

    This program is available from IBM under the Terms and Conditions for Purchase, and is subject to the Conditions of Use contained in the program package.

    The Conditions of Use authorize the customer to use the program on only one machine at any one time.


    IBM standard warranty of media. Warranty period 3 months (or the period required by local legislation, if greater).

    Distribution and Usage Authorization

    This program is eligible for the Distribution & Usage Authorization for IBM programs. The customer may make copies upon receipt of an Authorization form which designates the program which may be copied and the quantity of copies authorized. Consult your IBM Marketing Representative for the applicable Charges, Terms and Conditions

    Program Services

    For program defect related problems, the following procedure for assistance in problem identification is applicable:

    IBM will reply in writing with information about correction, bypass or restriction with the intent to make the program perform according to its specifications, or, if there are none, to its principles of operation.

    Customer information needed when submitting a problem:

    Additional information on customer reported problems can be obtained from your remarketer/distributor or IBM.

    This service, in accordance with the Service Statement included in the program package, will be available until the Service End Date June 30, 1995.

    Announcement Countries

    All European, Middle Eastern and African Countries.

    The data in this letter is subject to the disclaimer in Letter ZS90-0112, which is available from IBM on request.

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