End of service: IBM VisualAge Smalltalk Enterprise V6

IBM United States Withdrawal Announcement 905-093
April 26, 2005


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Effective April 30, 2006, IBM will withdraw service for IBM VisualAge® Smalltalk Enterprise V6 (5724-B83).

IBM is providing a VisualAge Smalltalk Transition Strategy and Roadmap.

Effective end of service date: April 30, 2006
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Emerging technologies, architecture trends, and standards in the IT marketplace are driving the evolution of the IBM Software Group application development tool and runtime product portfolio. The VisualAge Smalltalk Transition Strategy and Roadmap helps customers preserve and build on their VisualAge Smalltalk assets by establishing bridges to the world of On Demand operating environments. The strategy and roadmap outline options, alternative approaches, and services offer:

VisualAge Smalltalk customers can discover and leverage the value of industry standards, such as the Java™ programming language, the J2EE application model, the Eclipse-based open-source application development tool framework and also the full suite of capabilities in the IBM Rational®, WebSphere®, and Lotus® tool and runtime portfolios in a form and at a rate and pace that suits their organization's technical and business requirements.

The VisualAge Smalltalk Transition Strategy and Roadmap helps customers:

The strategy provides for two options for customers:

The Accelerated Transformation option is centered on a robust and comprehensive set of solution offerings composed of roadmaps, migration automation tools, methodologies, and expertise for migrating from VisualAge Smalltalk to follow-on and replacement products and technologies.

The Staged Transformation option offers customers access to technical support for an extended period and also bridging technologies for VisualAge Smalltalk to facilitate a smooth transition, through a longer trajectory, to customers' strategic application development tool and runtime platforms.

VisualAge Smalltalk applications may continue to be developed and operated by some customers for an extended period during transition, however, and IBM recognizes the need for continuing product support. The VisualAge Smalltalk Support Extension (SE) offering and the bridging or "migration readiness" technologies are key components of the Staged Transformation option of IBM's transformation strategy for VisualAge Smalltalk.


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