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IBM Announcement Letter No. ZP94-0393 dated May 10, 1994.

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  • IBM Announcement Letter No. ZP94-0393 dated May 10, 1994.

    See final section for details of availability and limitations.


    HyperWise Version 1.0

    Program Number

    Program        Part            Program
    Number         Number          Name
    5604-579       83G7829         HyperWise Version 1.0

    Program Number for DUA

    5775-EB3 HyperWise DUA


    HyperWise is a productivity tool for application and title developers. HyperWise enables What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get (WYSIWYG) authoring of hypertext online information and application help for OS/2 and Microsoft Windows.

    With HyperWise, developers can use simple, drag-and-drop techniques to link text, audio, video and graphics. Developers can link to audio (.WAV and .MID) and video (.AVI) extension files supported in OS/2 2.1. HyperWise also enables developers to link and start other applications. Because HyperWise uses application viewports and gives ownership of those viewports to other applications, the use of new technologies and media to which developers can migrate information is almost unlimited.

    The Information Presentation Facility (IPF) for Microsoft Windows is packaged with HyperWise, so the same information compiled for OS/2 IPF is viewable on Windows. This single sourcing increases productivity and enables developers to use OS/2 for their development platform, regardless of the platform on which their applications run.

    Another benefit of HyperWise is the limited disk space it requires to store output. When HyperWise exports a readable format, it compresses text and graphics up to 80 percent.

    General Availability

    Planned General Availability Date is May, 1994.


    HyperWise Version 1.0:


    HyperWise is a productivity tool for programmers and title developers. It is a WYSIWYG editor for authoring hypertext online information and application help for OS/2 and Microsoft Windows. It improves productivity over current methods by 25 to 50 percent. Some of the code packaged with HyperWise is a runtime for Microsoft Windows 3.1, that application developers may ship with their product for no additional runtime fee.

    PRODUCTIVITY - WYSIWYG authoring of online information

    What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get authoring of online information is easier to learn and use than current methods. Simple drag and drop techniques are used for linking text, graphics, audio and video.

    GROWTH to OTHER MEDIA - Supports OS/2 2.1 video and audio formats

    Linking to audio (.WAV and .MID) and video (.AVI) files that are supported in OS/2 2.1 are available in HyperWise. Because of its use of application viewports, there is no limit to the use of new technologies and media to which the author can migrate their information.

    CROSS-PLATFORM READ - Author the file once and read in OS/2 and Microsoft Windows

    Support for reading the same file authored in HyperWise is available in this package for reading on Microsoft Windows.

    50 to 80 percent COMPRESSION - limited disk space is required to store output

    With HyperWise, exporting to the readable form, compresses text and graphics up to 80 percent.

    Product Positioning

    HyperWise is a competitive product. It incorporates linking, editing and compiling in one product while competitors require customers to purchase an editor and a linker and a compiler. The average price for the same kind of product is more than the cost of HyperWise. The ability for HyperWise to grow with the technology and media, makes it more attractive also. Customer reuse of information is a key feature. IPF on Windows engine is packaged with HyperWise, making it a product that satisfies the cross platform application and information development that is so common today.

    We want to encourage application and title developers to use OS/2 as their authoring and development platform.


    All documentation is contained in the product package. Separate publications are not available.

    Technical Information

    Specified Operating Environment

    Machine Requirements

    HyperWise requires the minimum hardware configuration for OS/2 2.1.

    Programming Requirements

    HyperWise requires OS/2 2.1 (5604-467).


    HyperWise is packaged with a runtime that allows reading the output online information on Microsoft Windows 3.1. HyperWise does not provide any additional keyboard or codepage support beyond that provided with OS/2 2.1.


    The HyperWise product is available in US English only.

    HyperWise only supports single-byte left-to-right languages.

    Planning Information

    Customer Responsibilities

    IBM Conditions of Use apply to all Dual Media packages, thus the program in a package may only be used on a single machine at any one time, even though the program may be provided in the package on two different sized media. If a customer wishes to use an IBM Conditions of Use program concurrently on more than one machine at a time, irrespective of the size of the medium, he must acquire that number of program packages equal to the number of concurrent users of the program.


    The HyperWise product package contains:

    Security, Auditability and Control

    User management is responsible for evaluation, selection and implementation of security features, administrative procedures and appropriate controls in applications and communication facilities.

    Charges, Terms & Conditions for COU Program Package


    Consult your IBM Marketing Representative for the applicable One-Time Charge.

    Terms and Conditions

    This program is available from IBM under the Terms and Conditions for Purchase, and is subject to the Conditions of Use contained in the program package.

    The Conditions of Use authorize the customer to use the program on only one machine at any one time.


    IBM standard warranty of media. Warranty period 3 months (or the period required by local legislation, if greater).

    Distribution and Usage Authorization

    This program is eligible for the Distribution & Usage Authorization for IBM programs. The customer may make copies upon receipt of an Authorization form which designates the program which may be copied and the quantity of copies authorized. Consult your IBM Marketing Representative for the applicable Charges, Terms and Conditions.

    Program Services

    Program Services not applicable.

    Customers may obtain support using the OS2DF2 forum on CompuServe or by FAXing requests to phone number (407) 443-5771 in the United States.

    Announcement Countries

    All European, Middle Eastern and African Countries.

    The data in this letter is subject to the disclaimer in Letter ZS90-0112, which is available from IBM on request.

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