Software Withdrawal: Entry Support License (ESL) Option for Mainframe Platform

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Announcement Letter No. ZP05-0443 dated September 27, 2005.

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  • Announcement Letter No. ZP05-0443 dated September 27, 2005.

    See final section for details of availability and limitations, if applicable.


    Software Withdrawal: Entry Support License (ESL) Option for Mainframe Platform

    Program number

    Currently, IBM offers many different licensing options for operating systems and middleware running on System z9, zSeries, and System/390 servers. These options have evolved over time to meet changing customer requirements and changing technologies. To simplify the software pricing structure, today, IBM is announcing the withdrawal of the Entry Support License (ESL) charge option, effective January 1, 2006.

    Effective January 1, 2006, the ESL charge option, a one-time charge, is being withdrawn from marketing. For affected products that are still generally available from IBM, applicable monthly license charge options (such as PSLC, GMLC, WLC, EWLC, GOLC, and/or zELC, as previously announced) will continue to be available (refer to the Affected Products section).

    All new System z9, and zSeries software products announced after today will not be offered with the ESL charge option.

    Existing customer product licenses with the ESL charge option, as reflected in IBM inventories as of December, 31, 2005, are not affected by this announcement. ESL, however, will not be available after December 31, 2005, for new licenses or upgrades to a newer version of an existing software product licensed with the ESL charge option.

    Effective January 1, 2006, IBM will withdraw from marketing the ESL charge option. This affects the following program products. Note: other charge options on these products remain available.

    Affected Products  

    Active Products
    5648A25  S001FGH  B0NJSC  COBOL for OS/390 & VM V2
    5648A25  S001FGJ  B3EYSC  Enterprise Workstation Feat
    5648A25  S001FGK  B0NRSC  COBOL for OS/390 & VM V2-Alt
    5648B02  S000P1N  B1J9SC  VA Gen Server
    5648MLX  S000S3V  B1G7SC  VA PL/I MLE
    5648048  S000WWD  B0ETSC  RMDS V2
    5648054  S00LRRW  B1P1SC  CICS TS for VSE/ESA
    5648063  S000W6J  B0EPSC  3746 Model 900 Feat
    5648063  S000W6K  B0CSSC  ACF/NCP V7
    5648063  S000W6L  B0ESSC  ACF/NCP V7 ALCI
    5648099  S001808  B0FUSC  DITTO/ESA FOR VSE
    5648099  S001809  B0HUSC  DITTO/ESA FOR VM
    5654A22  S00XG32  B0EPSC  C/C++ for z/VM
    5654A23  S011CMS  B0FGSC  Debug Tool for z/VM
    5654009  S000WWG  B0ADSC  ACF/SSP Version 4 VM
    5654010  S000BXS  B0ARSC  ACF/VTAM V4 VM/ESA Inter E.
    5654010  S000BXT  B0ANSC  ACF/VTAM V4 VM/ESA Cl./Serv.
    5654010  S000BXV  B0APSC  ACF/VTAM V4 VM/ESA Multidom.
    5654011  S000WW2  B0AGSC  NetView PM V2  NetWare
    5654011  S000WW3  B0AESC  NetView PM V2 VM
    5654029  S000VTC  B0AJSC  DITTO/ESA for VM
    5654033  S000BF1  B0ATSC  C FOR VM/ESA V3
    5655A26  S000J2V  B1BKSC  IODM V3.1
    5655A27  S0001KN  B1A2SC  IPFAF Folder&Workflow Appl
    5655A27  S0001KP  B1A1SC  IPFAF V3 Document Svcs API
    5655A27  S0001KS  B1A3SC  IPFAF Batch API
    5655B85  S00S52R  B1SHSC  C/C++ Productivity Tools
    5655C56  S00W274  B3YMSC  IMS V8 Transaction Manager
    5655C56  S00W275  B3V5SC  IMS V8 DB-Level Tracking
    5655C56  S00W276  B3VLSC  IMS V8 Database Manager
    5655C56  S00W277  B3WSSC  IMS V8 Extended Terminal Opt
    5655C56  S00W278  B3X3SC  IMS V8 Recov Lvl Tracking
    5655D45  S00SV8R  B2BBSC  BatchPipes(R) for OS/390
    5655F10  S00TDFD  B3AWSC  Client Attachments
    5655F10  S00TDF5  B3ABSC  MQSeries for OS/390
    5655G53  S00VXNM  B3UHSC  COBOL Full Function
    5655G53  S00VXNN  B3UWSC  COBOL Alternate Function
    5655H31  S00W183  B3TTSC  Full Function
    5655H31  S00W184  B3T5SC  Alternate Function
    5655H81  S00XLKT  B4P2SC  DB2 OLAP Server z/OS V8.1
    5655H81  S00XLKV  B4RCSC  Integration Server
    5655H81  S00XLKW  B4RNSC  Partition Option Feature
    5655IM3  S00S796  B1SRSC  Int Miner Data OS/390 V6
    5655I04  S00WWLP  B4FZSC  VA Smtlk Svr for OS/390& zOS
    5655I57  S00X3BS  B4MHSC  Enterprise Developer Server
    5655JAV  S00M5HS  B1JTSC  VA Java OS/390 V2 Run Time
    5655JAV  S00M5HT  B1JLSC  VA Java OS/390 V2 Compiler
    5655J38  S0108VK  B4YGSC  IMS V9 Database Manager
    5655J38  S0108VM  B4ZDSC  IMS V9 DB-Level Tracking
    5655J38  S0108VP  B5AASC  IMS V9 Extended Terminal Opt
    5655J38  S0108VS  B5A7SC  IMS V9 Recov Lvl Tracking
    5655J38  S0108VV  B5B4SC  IMS V9 Transaction Manager
    5655L82  S011P8R  B6YCSC  WebSphere MQ for z/OS
    5655L82  S011P8T  B6Y9SC  Client Attachment
    5655M15  S0118T7  B6ERSC  CICS TS for z/OS V3.1
    5655M18  S011CMT  B6DHSC  Debug Tool V5
    5655002  S00XJ53  B4SHSC  Document Connect Feature
    5655002  S00XJ55  B4SGSC  ASF V3 R3 Base incl Comp Ftr
    5655002  S00176F  B0AESC  ASF - Doc Composition Featur
    5655002  S00176H  B0B4SC  Appl. Supp Fac - OV Support
    5655002  S00176J  B0ADSC  IBM Appl. Support Facility
    5655002  S00176N  B0AFSC  ASF - Document Writing Featu
    5655041  S000WWF  B0BHSC  ACF/SSP Version 4 MVS
    5655056  S0007XZ  B0BBSC  BTLS MVS/ESA DFSMS
    5655064  S000W6D  B0FRSC  OE DCE AS/IMS
    5655064  S000W6F  B0FPSC  OE DCE AS/CICS
    5655064  S000W6G  B0FSSC  OE DCE AS CICS/IMS
    5655103  S001819  B0GASC  DITTO/ESA for MVS
    5655121  S000P6S  B0HDSC  C/C++ MVS/ESA V3 Alter
    5655121  S000P6T  B0HASC  C/C++ MVS/ESA V3 Full
    5664281  S000HPD  B45RSC  IBM 3270-PC File Transfer VM
    5664307  S0012V1  B232SC  SDF II for VM/SP Version 1
    5664307  S0012V2  B233SC  SDFII for VM/SP V1  MFS
    5665264  S0019ZM  B0AWSC  MVS/BDT V2 Network Job Entry
    5665264  S0019ZN  B0AUSC  MVS/BDT V2
    5665264  S0019ZP  B0AVSC  MVS/BDT V2 File-to-file func
    5665311  S001H9F  B46RSC  3270-PC File Transfer Pgm/MVS
    5665366  S00064S  B230SC  SDF II MVS
    5665366  S00064T  B231SC  Msg Format Service
    5666270  S000531  B05BSC  DISOSS DOS/VSE Version 3
    5668753  S00115H  B0A1SC  4700 Contr. Resource Mgr. V2
    5668767  S001161  B0B4SC  VS Pascal Compiler and Libra
    5668801  S0010PS  B0BHSC  GDDM Interactive Map Def V2
    5668802  S00114C  B0BKSC  GDDM-GKS Version 1
    5668805  S0010R9  B0ADSC  VS Fortran Library V2
    5668806  S0010SM  B0AESC  VS FORTRAN Comp/Lib/Debug V2
    5668812  S000R30  B0BJSC  GDDM-PGF Version 2
    5668963  S000R40  B560SC  Network Routing Facility (NRF)
    5668985  S000PXG  B263SC  Host Command Facility V2
    5675DB2  S00SN6L  B0C9SC  DB2 Warehouse Manager
    5675DB2  S00SN6M  B0DNSC  QMF for OS/390 (feat of DB2)
    5675DB2  S00SN6S  B0EFSC  QMF for Windows feat of QMF
    5675DB2  S00SN6X  B0D2SC  QMF for Windows feat of DB2
    5675DB2  S00SN65  B0B8SC  DB2 UDB for OS/390
    5675DB2  S00TZJH  B0CWSC  DB2 Net Search Extender
    5675DB2  S00VWTB  B0EVSC  QMF HPO Version 7.1.1
    5675DB2  S00WB8R  B0F8SC  QMF-Windows 7.2 Feat QMF-WfM
    5675DB2  S00WB8T  B0FVSC  QMF-Windows 7.2 Feat DB2-WfM
    5675DB2  S00WB8W  B0GMSC  QMF HPO Version 7.2 - WfM
    5675DB2  S00WB8Z  B0FFSC  QMF-OS/390 7.2 Feat DB2 -WfM
    5684026  S000R1T  B0AMSC  BookManager Build VM Edition
    5684043  S000R17  B0A2SC  ISPF Version 3 for VM/SP
    5684062  S000R2K  B0ATSC  Bookmanager Read
    5684096  S000R4W  B0BWSC  IBM VM RSCS Networking V3
    5684100  S000PPP  B0CBSC  VM/PassThrough Facility V2
    5684113  S000PSR  B0BBSC  Display Management System V2
    5684123  S000K7R  B0BESC  ISPF/PDF Version 3 for VM
    5684130  S000LKL  B0BKSC  IBM Performance Analysis Facil
    5684134  S000PMJ  B0BLSC  DFSORT/CMS Version 2
    5684137  S000PX5  B0BJSC  VM Batch Facility Version 2
    5684141  S000D17  B0B2SC  Print Services Facility/VM V2
    5684143  S0006W3  B0CKSC  IBM SearchManager/370 VM
    5684143  S0006W4  B0CLSC  IBM SearchManager/370 VM MCS
    5684157  S0008B6  B0CJSC  IBM SystemView Host Mgmt. Fa
    5684160  S000LDX  B0CMSC  IBM CallUp Version 1
    5684168  S0000N7  B0CRSC  GDDM/VM Version 3
    5684168  S0000N9  B0CSSC  REXX/VM
    5685003  S000WP9  B0AESC  X.25 SNA Network Supervis Func
    5685014  S000HM9  B0AXSC  OSI/Communication Subsys  MVS
    5685016  S000GBH  B0LDSC  SPMF
    5685016  S000GBJ  B0ADSC  NetView DM for MVS
    5685016  S000GBK  B0DESC  D&CC API
    5685046  S000ZNM  B0AZSC  OSI/FILE SERV. R1 FOR MVS
    5685101  S000RHG  B0CSSC  DisplayWrite/370 V2 MVS/CICS
    5685105  S000RPS  B0CRSC  geomanager (TM)
    5685108  S000MHK  B0CXSC  Netv File Trans Prog V2 MVS
    5686A01  S001D2P  B0DTSC  C/VSE Alt. Function Offering
    5686A01  S001D2R  B0DSSC  C/VSE Full Function Offering
    5686A04  S00RZF7  B0FMSC  TCP/IP GPS
    5686A04  S001G2B  B0EBSC  TCP/IP Base Pak
    5686A04  S001G2C  B0EJSC  TCP/IP NFS
    5686A04  S001G2D  B0ECSC  TCP/IP Application Pak
    5686A06  S00LSXZ  B0ERSC  MQSeries for VSE/ESA
    5686MLE  S000JV5  B0EMSC  VA Cobol MLE for VSE
    5686MLX  S000GV7  B0ELSC  VA PL/I MLE for VSE/ESA
    5686011  S000S4P  B0AJSC  CICS VSAM Recovery/VSE
    5686057  S000J6G  B0BPSC  GDDM/VSE Version 3
    5686064  S000WW4  B0B7SC  ACF/SSP Version 4 VSE
    5686065  S0005XB  B0CMSC  ACF/VTAM V4 VSE MultiDomain
    5686065  S0005XC  B0CSSC  ACF/VTAM V4 VM Opt Inter Ent
    5686065  S0005X6  B0CLSC  ACF/VTAM V4 VSE Clnt/Serv
    5686065  S0005X7  B0CRSC  ACF/VTAM V4 VM Opt Multidom
    5686065  S0005X8  B0CNSC  ACF/VTAM V4 VSE Inter Ent
    5686065  S0005X9  B0CPSC  ACF/VTAM V4 VM Opt Clt/Serv
    5686068  S0017WM  B0CDSC  IBM COBOL VSE/ESA
    5686068  S0017WP  B0C2SC  IBM COBOL VSE/ESA Full Funct
    5686069  S0017WD  B0CESC  IBM PL/I VSE/ESA Alt Func
    5686069  S0017WG  B0C3SC  IBM PL/I VSE/ESA Full Funct
    5688015  S00119C  B0AFSC  Publishing Systems BookMaster
    5688035  S0000VB  B0ANSC  X.25 NPSI Version 3
    5688035  S0000VB  B0APSC  X.25 NPSI Version 3
    5688035  S0000VB  B0ARSC  X.25 NPSI Version 3
    5688035  S0000VB  B0ASSC  X.25 NPSI Version 3
    5688035  S0000VB  B0ATSC  X.25 NPSI Version 3
    5688035  S0000VB  B0BTSC  X.25 NPSI Version 3
    5688087  S0011HD  B0B5SC  VS FORTRAN V2 Compiler/Libra
    5688121  S0011TM  B0BSSC  Teleprocessing Network Sim V
    5688137  S001179  B0B1SC  Optimization Subroutine Libr
    5688188  S0011N1  B0DDSC  IBM C/370 Library Version 2
    5688216  S000MKT  B0D6SC  IBM SAA AD/Cycle C/370 V1
    5688224  S000593  B0DZSC  BrowseMaster V2
    5688228  S000NSP  B0EESC  IBM APL2 Version 2
    5688229  S000BMX  B0EFSC  IBM APL2 Appl. Environment V
    5688235  S000RB1  B0ERSC  SAA AD/Cycle PL/I Alter
    5688235  S000RB3  B0M3SC  SAA AD/Cycle PL/I Full Funct
    5695013  S0002RW  B0BMSC  IBM Compiler for REXX/370
    5695014  S000DJX  B0BNSC  IBM Library for REXX/370
    5695045  S001H9B  B0A3SC  BookManager BUILD/MVS
    5695046  S000HHF  B0A9SC  Bookmanager READ/MVS
    5695070  S000H3T  B0B4SC  SearchManager/370 Srce. Code
    5695070  S000H3W  B0B3SC  IBM SearchManager/370
    5695129  S000HW3  B0B0SC  Custompac Data Collect Utility
    5695166  S000MSC  B0C0SC  DataHub Support/MVS - Tools
    5695166  S000MSD  B0CZSC  DataHub Support/MVS - Platfo
    5695167  S000MSB  B0CVSC  REXX Optional Feature
    5695167  S000MS8  B0CUSC  GDDM VERSION 3
    5696234  S00128N  B0T9SC  High Lvl Ass. VSE Only
    5696234  S00128P  B0Z8SC  High Level Ass. Toolkit VSE
    5696234  S00128R  B0CRSC  High Level Assembler
    5696234  S00128S  B0W5SC  High Level Ass. Toolkit
    5696703  S0015VR  B0N8SC  IBM DataRefresher-DEM
    5696703  S0015VS  B0N9SC  IBM DataRefresher-REM
    5696703  S0015VW  B0N7SC  IBM DataRefresh Base
    5697B82  S001FFC  B1GKSC  Tivoli NetView Enterprise
    5697B82  S001FFD  B1GMSC  Tivoli NetView Unattended
    5697B82  S001FFF  B1GLSC  Tivoli NetView Procedural
    5697B87  S001D8B  B1DMSC  IMS/ESA Workload Router V2
    5697ENV  S00WM20  B7S6SC  IBM Tivoli NetView for z/OS
    5697E93  S00T7FK  B6X8SC  CICS TS for z/OS V2
    5697F42  S00T41G  B6S6SC  REXX SQL for VM
    5697F42  S00T41J  B6S0SC  DB2 Server for VSE&VM
    5697F42  S00T41L  B6S3SC  QMF for VM/VSE
    5697F42  S00T41N  B6S4SC  QMF for Windows feat of DB2
    5697F42  S00T41P  B6S5SC  QMF for Windows feat of QMF
    5697F42  S00T41R  B6S1SC  Control Center for VM/VSE
    5697F51  S00SPMT  B6P7SC  AFP to PostScript Transform
    5697F51  S00SPMV  B6PZSC  AFP to PDF Transform
    5697F51  S00SPMW  B6RFSC  AFP to PCL Transform
    5697F51  S00TDFF  B6XHSC  Coax Printer Support Feature
    5697MQZ  S010N7T  B8FGSC  Web MQ Client Attach Feature
    5697MQZ  S010N7W  B8EKSC  IBM Web MQ Ext Sec Ed z/OS
    5735XXB  S0011TJ  B517SC  Emulation Program Version 1
    5735XX7  S0011HL  B276SC  Network Terminal Option V1
    5740RG1  S0006H4  B525SC  OS/VS RPG II Compiler V1
    5740XXH  S0011WS  B0AASC  RACF V1 - VM only
    5740XXH  S0011WT  B301SC  RACF V1 - MVS and MVS + VM
    5746RG1  S000KVJ  B354SC  DOS/VS RPG II
    5746SM3  S0001RX  B0AHSC  IBM DFSORT/VSE V3
    5746XE7  S000BNV  B345SC  VSE/Access Control - Log.& Rep
    5746XXT  S000S2K  B319SC  SDF/CICS Screen Definition Fac
    5746XX1  S0005FK  B409SC  DL/I Data Language
    5748XXE  S0011BL  B327SC  DLF Document Library Facility
    5799GKY  S00TN86  B9DDSC  MQS for OS/390 - Base
    5799GXN  S0109CW  BAF9SC  AFP API Base
    5799HAQ  S011V7M  BCD6SC  V7R3/R4 Component Offering
    Withdrawn Products
    5621004  S0000CP  B0AHSC  AD/Cycle - Inte. Reason. Shell
    5622005  S00004F  B0AJSC  SAA ImagePlus ODM/2
    5622267  S0015R9  B0KXSC  DataPropagator Rel. Apply/MV
    5639I45  S00S9F7  B2F8SC  SecureWay Host Publisher
    5640OLP  S00S7TN  B0AASC  OLAP V1.1 OS/390
    5640OLP  S00S9BX  B0ABSC  Partition Opt Feature
    5645DB2  S00SR24  B0M1SC  DB2 Forms Buy CD/ROM
    5645DB2  S00VWVP  B0SYSC  QMF for OS/390 Version 7
    5645DB2  S00VWVT  B0TASC  QMF for Win V7 (Feat of DB2)
    5645DB2  S00VWVW  B0TNSC  QMF for Win V7 (Feat of QMF)
    5645DB2  S00VWVZ  B0T1SC  QMF HPO Version 7
    5645DB2  S00V5XB  B0SJSC  Net Search Extender
    5645DB2  S00087F  B0G0SC  DB2 PM Buy
    5645DB2  S00087G  B0JKSC  QMF HPO Buy
    5645DB2  S00087H  B0HGSC  DB2 Administration Tool Buy
    5645DB2  S00087J  B0JDSC  QMF for Windows-No QMF Lic.
    5645DB2  S00087K  B0JSSC  DB2 DProp Apply Buy
    5645DB2  S00087L  B0HVSC  DB2 DProp Capture Buy
    5645DB2  S00087M  B0H7SC  QMF for Windows w/QMF Lic
    5645DB2  S00087N  B0GHSC  DB2 UDB for OS/390
    5645DB2  S00087P  B0H1SC  QMF for OS/390
    5645DB2  S00087R  B0HNSC  DB2 Buffer Pool Tool Buy
    5645001  S0012PM  B0ACSC  OS/390 BDT SNA NJE
    5645001  S0012PN  B0AXSC  OS/390 DFSMS DSS + HSM
    5645001  S0012PP  B0APSC  OS/390 Security Server
    5645001  S0012PR  B0AGSC  OS/390 DFSMS DSS + RMM + HSM
    5645001  S0012PS  B0AKSC  OS/390 SOMobjects ADE
    5645001  S0012PT  B0ATSC  OS/390 HLA Toolkit
    5645001  S0012PV  B0AFSC  OS/390 IBM C/C++ with Debug
    5645001  S0012PW  B0AZSC  OS/390 C/C++ without Debug
    5645001  S0012PX  B0AVSC  OS/390 DFSMS DSS + RMM
    5645001  S0012PZ  B0AMSC  OS/390 TCP/IP IMS Sockets
    5645001  S0012RB  B0GASC  OS/390 IP Printway/Netspool
    5645001  S0012RC  B0ALSC  OS/390 TCP/IP CICS Sockets
    5645001  S0012RD  B0EESC  OS/390 DFSORT
    5645001  S0012RF  B0AASC  OS/390 Base
    5645001  S0012RG  B0AHSC  OS/390 GDDM REXX
    5645001  S0012R0  B0EJSC  OS/390 GDDM PGF
    5645001  S0012R1  B0ABSC  OS/390 BDT File to File
    5645001  S0012R2  B0AWSC  OS/390 DFSMS RMM
    5645001  S0012R3  B0ANSC  OS/390 RMF
    5645001  S0012R4  B0ENSC  OS/390 SDSF
    5645001  S0012R5  B0AJSC  OS/390 JES3
    5645001  S0012R6  B0D2SC  OS/390 Alternate Base
    5645001  S0012R7  B0ADSC  OS/390 BookManager Build
    5645001  S0012R8  B0AYSC  OS/390 DFSMS DSS
    5645001  S0012R9  B0ARSC  OS/390 VisualLift ADE
    5645004  S0006SX  B0EASC  Network Management for MVS
    5645005  S000V5N  B0D6SC  System Automation for OS/390
    5645006  S00SNWR  B0PTSC  SA OS/390 V2
    5647A01  S001G8D  B0AASC  OS/390 V2 Base
    5647A01  S001G8F  B0DKSC  OS/390 V2 DFSORT
    5647A01  S001G8G  B0B4SC  OS/390 V2 RMF
    5647A01  S001G8H  B0A1SC  OS/390 V2 Alternate Base
    5647A01  S001G8J  B0EVSC  OS/390 V2 Print Server
    5647A01  S001G8K  B0D4SC  OS/390 V2 IP Printw/Netspool
    5647A01  S001G8L  B0BKSC  OS/390 V2 GDDM REXX
    5647A01  S001G8M  B0C2SC  OS/390 V2 DFSMS DSS+HSM
    5647A01  S001G8N  B0AJSC  OS/390 V2 BDT SNA NJE
    5647A01  S001G8P  B0DYSC  OS/390 V2 SDSF
    5647A01  S001G8R  B0CGSC  OS/390 V2 VisualLift ADE
    5647A01  S001G8S  B0CNSC  OS/390 V2 HLA Toolkit
    5647A01  S001G8T  B0BSSC  OS/390 V2 JES3
    5647A01  S001G8V  B0DDSC  OS/390 V2 DFSMS DSS
    5647A01  S001G8W  B0BYSC  OS/390 V2 SOM ADE
    5647A01  S001G8X  B0A7SC  OS/390 V2 IBM C/C++ w/Debug
    5647A01  S001G8Z  B0CPSC  OS/390 V2 DFSMS DSS+RMM+HSM
    5647A01  S001G90  B0ANSC  OS/390 V2 BookManager Build
    5647A01  S001G91  B0BDSC  OS/390 V2 C/C+ without Debug
    5647A01  S001G92  B0AESC  OS/390 V2 BDT File to File
    5647A01  S001G93  B0CASC  OS/390 V2 Security Server
    5647A01  S001G94  B0CWSC  OS/390 V2 DSS+RMM
    5647A01  S001G96  B0DSSC  OS/390 V2 GDDM PGF
    5647A01  S001G97  B0C8SC  OS/390 V2 DFSMS RMM
    5648A12  S001CLX  B0M6SC  IBM RAMAC SnapShot V1
    5648A70  S00MTTG  B1TBSC  QMF for Windows
    5648A70  S00MTTH  B1S8SC  Control Center for VSE & VM
    5648A70  S00MTTL  B1S9SC  RXSQL VM
    5648A70  S00MTTN  B1S6SC  DB2 Server for VSE & VM
    5648A70  S00MTTS  B1TDSC  DB2 Connect
    5648MLE  S000VTM  B1G6SC  VA COBOL MLE
    5648001  S000MNK  B0B2SC  CADAM Exchange Feature
    5648001  S000MNN  B0B1SC  IGES Processor V3 'Base'
    5648001  S000MNR  B0B3SC  DXF Option
    5648018  S000FFP  B0A1SC  App Sys (AS) Client V3
    5648018  S000FFR  B0A3SC  Info Center/Enhanced Feature
    5648018  S000FFS  B0A0SC  Server
    5648018  S000FFV  B0A2SC  Bus Tools V3
    5648020  S001770  B0BASC  ADSTAR Dist Stor Mgr Server
    5648026  S000007  B0BESC  Datahub Support/2 Tools
    5648026  S000008  B0BDSC  Datahub Support/2 Platform
    5648031  S0016PG  B0BFSC  WS Interactive Test Tool V2
    5648038  S000DJL  B0BBSC  Software License Monitor
    5648039  S0002RK  B0GHSC   LAN File Services/ESA
    5648061  S000N4R  B0BGSC  Query Management Facility V3
    5648061  S000N4S  B0NCSC  QMF for Windows V3 feature
    5648077  S000XKF  B0EVSC  NTuneMON Version 1
    5648078  S0015P3  B0FKSC  VisualGen Host Services
    5648089  S000XLV  B0EWSC  NTuneNCP Version 1
    5648092  S0008ZF  B0G2SC  IBM AS V4 IC/E
    5648092  S0008ZG  B0G0SC  IBM AS V4 Client
    5648092  S0008ZH  B0GZSC  Application System V4 Server
    5648092  S0008ZJ  B0G1SC  IBM AS V4 Business Tools
    5648109  S001812  B0FTSC  VisualLift for MVS, VSE & VM
    5648129  S00027M  B0HESC  CLIO/S V2 Fast Transfer
    5648129  S00027N  B0HFSC  CLIO/S V2 Tape Server
    5648142  S000C57  B1CYSC  Tivoli Service Desk - OS/390
    5648158  S001FGT  B0PKSC  RXSQL
    5648158  S001FGV  B0PJSC  DB2 Server for VSE & VM V5
    5648158  S001FGW  B0PMSC  Control Center
    5654A17  S00TH5G  B0DJSC  TCP/IP Base Feature for VM
    5654A17  S00TH5H  B0DHSC  CMS Utilities Feature
    5654A17  S00TH5J  B0DKSC  TCP/IP NFS Feature for VM
    5654A17  S00TH5K  B0DGSC  z/VM Version 3 Base
    5654MLE  S000CP8  B0BMSC  VA COBOL MLE
    5654025  S00187H  B0AKSC  APPC APPL. SUITES FOR VM/ESA
    5654030  S0017XC  B0BHSC  TCP/IP NFS
    5654030  S0017XF  B0ALSC  Shells & Utilities
    5654030  S0017XL  B0BGSC  TCP/IP Base for VM/ESA
    5654030  S0017XP  B0AHSC  VM/ESA V2
    5654030  S0017XS  B0AMSC  CMS Utilities
    5655ADS  S00TB40  B3BESC  S/390 Appl Dev Soln V2
    5655A14  S000056  B0WGSC  IMS/ESA BTS Version 2
    5655A17  S001C6P  B0UASC  IBM SmartBatch for OS/390
    5655A18  S001F54  B0YMSC  DI/MVS V2 Host Product Code
    5655A19  S001DC1  B0YNSC  DI/MVS-CICS V2 Host Product
    5655A20  S001FCH  B0YFSC  BM BookServer for WWW MVS
    5655A21  S001CTX  B0UWSC  IMS/ESA ADF Tool Pak for MVS
    5655A22  S001H9G  B0ZZSC  DPROPR Apply for MVS
    5655A23  S001FVF  B0Z0SC  DPROPR Capture for MVS
    5655A29  S001CJX  B0WASC  Communications Server MVS
    5655A31  S000SW2  B1B3SC  DB2 Row Archive Manager
    5655A38  S00149W  B0YTSC  VA/ST Server Enablement
    5655A39  S001FH6  B0YZSC  VA/ST Server for MVS
    5655A68  S0006L1  B1APSC  IMS Recovery Saver
    5655A95  S00NB8L  B1K5SC  MQSERIES FOR OS/390 V.2.1
    5655A96  S00NB9F  B1LKSC  MQSeries Workflow OS/390
    5655B01  S00TBGB  B2MDSC  IMS V7 Transaction Manager
    5655B01  S00TBG6  B2LXSC  IMS V7 Extended Terminal Opt
    5655B01  S00TBG7  B2LESC  IMS V7 Database Manager
    5655B01  S00TBG8  B2L5SC  IMS V7 RSR RC Level Tracking
    5655B01  S00TBG9  B2LNSC  IMS V7 RSR DB Level Tracking
    5655B22  S00S8F4  B1TMSC  VA PL/I for OS/390 Alt Funct
    5655B22  S00S8F5  B1TDSC  VA PL/I for OS/390 Ful Funct
    5655B34  S00PMTG  B1PUSC  IBM CallPath/CICS for OS/390
    5655B34  S00PMTW  B1P1SC  IBM CallPath CallCoordinator
    5655B54  S00NX69  B1LUSC  REXX for CICS
    5655B86  S00RXVG  B1RJSC  Lotus Domino for S/390
    5655B97  S00SDP4  B1Z4SC  ATC Composite Offering
    5655B97  S00S8S5  B2ACSC  ATC DA
    5655B97  S00S8S6  B1ZMSC  ATC ARTT
    5655B97  S00S8S7  B1ZWSC  ATC Base CA/SAA
    5655B97  S00S8S8  B2ALSC  ATC UTA
    5655C57  S00SKJM  B2A0SC  Payment Gateway for OS/390
    5655DB2  S00MVJ2  B1KNSC  QMF Win V6 F/C of DB2 V5
    5655DB2  S00MVJ4  B1KGSC  QMF Win V6 w Host QMF prereq
    5655DB2  S001FJ7  B0WNSC  IBM DB2 for OS/390 Version 5
    5655DB2  S001FJ8  B0W9SC  DB2 V5 Performance Monitor
    5655D52  S00T54J  B2BUSC  Admin Tool
    5655HAL  S0017LP  B0F4SC  IBM TCP/IP V3 for MVS
    5655HAL  S0017LR  B0F6SC  IMS Socket
    5655HAL  S0017LV  B0F5SC  CICS socket
    5655H32  S00X8FN  B4KKSC  Debug Tool for z/OS & OS/390
    5655IM2  S00KSJ0  B1DMSC  Intell Miner Data for Os/390
    5655J65  S00XVB1  B4P1SC  Infoprint XT Extender
    5655J66  S00XJ1V  B4M9SC  Infoprint XML Extender
    5655L24  S0109LN  B5C5SC  Debug Tool V4
    5655MTX  S00MV5S  B1KVSC  IBM Int Miner Text OS/390
    5655OLP  S00TKBW  B3K4SC  Partition Opt Feature
    5655OLP  S00TKBX  B3K2SC  OLAP V7.1 OS/390
    5655OLP  S00TKBZ  B3K3SC  Integration Server
    5655SWT  S00L58S  B1DXSC  StorWatch DFSMShsm Monitor
    5655007  S000TFB  B0JSSC  NetView V3 Unattended
    5655007  S000TFC  B0JRSC  NetView V3 Procedural
    5655007  S000TFD  B0JPSC  NetViev V3 Enterprise
    5655018  S00151M  B0GXSC  CICS ONC RPC
    5655018  S00151N  B0CJSC  CICS/ESA V4
    5655038  S000PF5  B0BDSC  IMS/ESA Message Requeuer V2
    5655039  S000WKR  B0AGSC  MERVA CICS MVS/ESA V3
    5655040  S0001R9  B0AWSC  MERVA IMS  MVS/ESA V3
    5655042  S0014ZJ  B0DCSC  ISPF VERSION 4 FOR MVS
    5655043  S00135C  B0B6SC  Netview Perf Mon
    5655043  S00135D  B0E6SC  NRDC
    5655044  S00075B  B0BGSC  NetWare
    5655044  S00075C  B0BFSC  LAN NetWork Manager - LNM
    5655044  S00075D  B0F7SC  Internet Protocol - IP
    5655044  S000759  B0BESC  Topology Manager (Common)
    5655047  S000SFT  B0B9SC  DB2 Performance Monitor V3
    5655057  S000BP4  B0BCSC  BTLS
    5655065  S0014ZS  B0DRSC  IBM BatchPipes(TM)/MVS
    5655065  S0014ZS  B0HGSC  IBM BatchPipes(TM)/MVS
    5655067  S0015MM  B0B3SC  IBM ReDiscovery/MVS
    5655068  S0014XR  B0D5SC  OE Shell/Util
    5655068  S0014XT  B0D6SC  OE Debug V5
    5655068  S0014XV  B0D4SC  MVS/ESA SP-JES2 Version 5
    5655069  S00151B  B0EFSC  OpenEdition Debugger Feature
    5655069  S00151C  B0EDSC  MVS/ESA SP - JES3 Version 5
    5655069  S00151D  B0EESC  OpenE Shell and utilities
    5655072  S000L7F  B0CVSC  Object Server for MVS/ESA
    5655076  S0015PG  B0E2SC  DataPropagator Rel Capture/MVS
    5655084  S0007MV  B0DFSC  RMF V5
    5655085  S00162B  B0E5SC  IMS COMPRESSION - EXTENDED
    5655087  S000MM1  B0FNSC  REXX Runtime CICS/ESA
    5655091  S001885  B0GKSC  APPC APPL. SUITES FOR MVS/ESA
    5655095  S00090M  B0FCSC  Sysplex Operations Mgr OPCA
    5655095  S00090N  B0FASC  Sysplex Operations Mgr CICS
    5655095  S00090P  B0FBSC  Sysplex Operations Mgr IMS
    5655095  S00090S  B0E9SC  Sysplex Operations Mgr MVS/E
    5655102  S001850  B0GLSC  DB2 Performance Monitor V4
    5655109  S0011LZ  B0GUSC  IMS/ESA DEDB Fast Recovery
    5655136  S001CDT  B1AVSC  IMS Message Requeuer
    5655147  S001CVJ  B0LRSC  CICS TS for OS/390
    5655158  S001CFN  B0M2SC  IMS/ESA V6 RC Level Tracking
    5655158  S001CFP  B0MYSC  IMS/ESA V6 Database Manager
    5655158  S001CFR  B0M0SC  IMS/ESA V6 Ext Terminal Opt
    5655158  S001CFS  B0M1SC  IMS/ESA V6 DB Level Tracking
    5655158  S001CFT  B0MZSC  IMS/ESA V6 Transaction Mgr
    5655161  S001D60  B0V3SC  Intelligent Miner for OS/390
    5658995  S00081M  B0AASC  Inspect for C/370 and PL/I V1
    5660299  S0010ZP  B0ABSC  DPPX/370 COBOL Preprocessor
    5660299  S0010ZR  B0ACSC  DPPX/370 COBOL II MVS Prepro
    5664191  S000WCM  B41ZSC  VMMAP VM Monitor Analysis V1
    5664200  S000CWR  B0BVSC  PCLKF
    5664200  S000CWS  B0BJSC  GDDM/VM V2
    5664280  S0007SZ  B0CHSC  Remote Programming Interface
    5664280  S0007T0  B85WSC  ACF/VTAM V3 FOR VM/SP
    5664289  S0002K0  B0CLSC  NCPMON
    5664318  S000FCM  B0BKSC  VM/IPF Version 2
    5664322  S00073T  B0A4SC  Information/Management V3 VM
    5664323  S000FNN  B0A5SC  Information/System V3 VM
    5664327  S000N2V  B0BHSC  IBM CMS Serv/Reqst.Host Dist
    5664336  S000407  B0BFSC  GDDM-REXX
    5664363  S00088W  B0BZSC  Image Handling Fac. V2 VM/CMS
    5664391  S000G76  B0B5SC  IBM ESDE & ESCE/VM
    5664392  S000JNG  B0B6SC  IBM Expert Sys. Cons. Env./VM
    5665DB2  S0010N6  B0CBSC  DATABASE 2 (DB2) Version 2
    5665XA3  S0001XC  B0CCSC  MVS/DFP Data Facility Prod V3
    5665279  S0008TV  B577SC  BTAM/SP
    5665288  S000J19  B524SC  MVS/OCCF
    5665289  S000FXZ  B0CNSC  OSI Remote Prog Interface
    5665289  S000FZ0  B94WSC  VTAM V3 for MVS/XA
    5665290  S00009P  B04BSC  DISOSS/370 MVS V3
    5665314  S000PXL  B88WSC  ACF/TCAM V3
    5665327  S00056M  B80ZSC  Data Facility DS Serv DFDSS V2
    5665329  S000GB4  B44RSC  DFHSM Version 2
    5665333  S0010N7  B80SSC  NetView Performance Mon. (NP
    5665338  S00041J  B92WSC  ACF/SSP V3 For MVS
    5665338  S00041L  B0CTSC  NCPMON
    5665345  S000735  B0ACSC  SNA Application Monitor(SAMON)
    5665346  S0007V5  B0A8SC  Personal Services/TSO
    5665348  S000HLC  B151SC  IMS Applic Dev Facility II V2
    5665355  S00001Z  B0AKSC  CICSPARS/MVS
    5665356  S000K7M  B0BLSC  PCLKF
    5665356  S000K7N  B0BASC  GDDM/MVS Version 2
    5665393  S0000WK  B0CJSC  IBM INFOREM III
    5665394  S0007BF  B0CKSC  IBM INFOREM III Allocation
    5665396  S000WR3  B0ATSC  TSO/E Servers-Requesters
    5665397  S0002BN  B0CUSC  Cap Planner Feature
    5665397  S0002BR  B0CPSC  Network Reporter Feature
    5665397  S0002BS  B0A9SC  SLR 3.3
    5665408  S0007RH  B0CDSC  IMS/ESA Database Mgr V3
    5665408  S0007RJ  B0CESC  Surveyor Feature
    5665409  S000DHC  B0CFSC  IMS/ESA Transaction Mgr V3
    5665461  S0002K9  B0CLSC  Repository Manager/MVS
    5665488  S000WW0  B0BRSC  SDSF/MVS
    5665948  S000CF5  B66LSC  IBM BASIC/MVS
    5666292  S000HJR  B74MSC  QMF/VSE
    5666313  S0005F1  B96WSC  ACF/VTAM V3  VSE
    5666313  S0005F4  B0ACSC  X.21 SH/MPS
    5666313  S0005F6  B0AFSC  X.25
    5666318  S000CLW  B02YSC  IBM Personal Services/370 VSE
    5666322  S0002VW  B93WSC  ACF/SSP V3  VSE
    5666328  S0001TB  B0AESC  GDDM/VSE Version 2
    5666328  S0001T9  B0AYSC  GDDM/VSE PCLKF Version 2
    5666329  S00059K  B0ARSC  CICSPARS/VSE
    5666363  S00041M  B0AZSC  Open System Intercon Feature
    5666363  S00041N  B0AMSC  ACF/VTAM V3 For VSE/ESA
    5668717  S001141  B0B3SC  VS Pascal V1 Library
    5668719  S001140  B0B8SC  X.25 NPSI Version 2
    5668738  S0010V8  B0CDSC  ACF/NCP V5
    5668738  S0010V8  B0CESC  ACF/NCP V5
    5668738  S0010V8  B0CFSC  ACF/NCP V5
    5668738  S0010V8  B0CGSC  ACF/NCP V5
    5668738  S0010V8  B0CHSC  ACF/NCP V5
    5668738  S0010V8  B0CLSC  ACF/NCP V5
    5668739  S000PXS  B0CKSC  IBM MPSX/370 V2 MIP
    5668739  S000PXT  B0CJSC  IBM MPSX/370 Version 2
    5668757  S000R4N  B0BPSC  NC PostProcessor Generator
    5668788  S0010SB  B0A4SC  Data Extract V2.5
    5668788  S0010SC  B0A5SC  General Data Extract Feature
    5668788  S0010S9  B0A6SC  Relational Data Extract Feat
    5668808  S000R1X  B0BGSC  Appl Prototype Environment V2
    5668813  S0008SK  B0BRSC  MVS Feature
    5668813  S0008SN  B0BMSC  CSP/AD V3
    5668814  S000SZ4  B0BNSC  CSP/AE Version 3 Base
    5668814  S000SZ4  B0CXSC  CSP/AE Version 3 Base
    5668814  S000SZ5  B0BSSC  CSP/AE Version 3 MVS.
    5668864  S0006KB  B0ABSC  FORTRAN Lang Conversion Pgm
    5668865  S000RBB  B66XSC  IBM Data Communication Service
    5668896  S0006HX  B86LSC  Appl. Prototype Environment
    5668909  S0000WN  B0B5SC  OS PL/I Comp, Lib and Test V
    5668910  S0004JL  B0B6SC  OS PL/I Comp and Lib V2
    5668911  S000R48  B0B7SC  OS PL/I Library Version 2
    5668948  S000R4Z  B09ASC  Batch Terminal Simulator (BTS)
    5668949  S000PT1  B08BSC  SMP/E
    5668951  S0010RZ  B10NSC  Non-SNA Interconnection
    5668958  S000PWK  B71PSC  VS COBOL II Comp Lib and Debug
    5668978  S000R2X  B371SC  Graphics Access Method GAM/SP
    5668989  S000R1L  B0BZSC  4700 Host Support HSX
    5668989  S000R1M  B253SC  4700 Host Support
    5668996  S000LXL  B19CSC  IBM BASIC/VM Version 1
    5684001  S000NBP  B0ADSC  NetView Performance Monitor VM
    5684007  S000R33  B0AFSC  PCLKF
    5684007  S000R34  B0AESC  GDDM/VMXA Version 2
    5684017  S0002J0  B0ACSC  NetView DM for VM/SP V1
    5684025  S000P25  B0AKSC  SGML Translator (DCF)
    5684028  S000R4H  B0AXSC  NetView Access Services V1 VM
    5684048  S000R6F  B0BNSC  NetV. File Trans Prog (FTP)
    5684052  S000R3Z  B0ALSC  ACF/VTAM Version 3 for VM/9370
    5684057  S000GBV  B0APSC  IBM Communications System / VM
    5684059  S000GB3  B0ASSC  IBM Host Link/VM
    5684073  S000R5D  B0A3SC  VM Performance Reporting Fac
    5684084  S000N1L  B0CVSC  OV/VM/ESA Calendar Feat
    5684084  S000N1T  B0A6SC  OfficeVision/VM
    5684091  S000R3K  B0BFSC  DisplayWrite/370 V2 under VM
    5684095  S000R25  B0BPSC  ACF/VTAM V3 for VM/ESA
    5684095  S000R26  B0BRSC  OSI
    5684111  S000PZX  B0BUSC  NetView V2 VM Distributed Sys
    5684111  S000PZZ  B0BTSC  NetView V2 VM Central System
    5684112  S000G6Z  B0BHSC  VM/ESA
    5684112  S000G70  B0BSSC  Utility Feat
    5684136  S000D8T  B0BGSC  IBM SQL Master/VM Version 1
    5684139  S000PLR  B0B1SC  IBM ONDS - VM X.400 Feature
    5684142  S0006H0  B0CHSC  LAN Resource Ext. and Serv. VM
    5684164  S00096V  B0CTSC  IBM ECFORMS/VM Version 2
    5685DB2  S0012K1  B0DNSC  IBM DATABASE 2 (DB2) V3
    5685005  S000VCH  B0AFSC  X.25 SNA Interconnection V1
    5685010  S0011CW  B0AWSC  Delivery Environment
    5685010  S0011CZ  B0AVSC  Development Feature
    5685012  S000HS3  B0DFSC  IMS/ESA DB V4
    5685012  S000HS4  B0DGSC  Surveyor Feature V4
    5685013  S000GT4  B0DHSC  IMS/ESA TM V4
    5685013  S000GT5  B0DJSC  Extended Terminal Option
    5685025  S000BB5  B0ANSC  TSO/E Version 2
    5685029  S000S6B  B0APSC  Resource Measurement Facil RMF
    5685035  S000ZSD  B0AGSC  X.25 SNA Interconnection V2
    5685035  S000ZSD  B0AHSC  X.25 SNA Interconnection V2
    5685035  S000ZSD  B0AJSC  X.25 SNA Interconnection V2
    5685035  S000ZSD  B0AKSC  X.25 SNA Interconnection V2
    5685035  S000ZSD  B0ALSC  X.25 SNA Interconnection V2
    5685035  S000ZSD  B0BNSC  X.25 SNA Interconnection V2
    5685036  S000ZR3  B0BJSC  IBM DataInterchange/MVS
    5685037  S0006KC  B0A5SC  3890/XP MVS Supp - Macr & Test
    5685051  S000BMK  B0CZSC  Integr Cryptogr Serv Fac/MVS
    5685083  S000RFR  B0KYSC  CICS/ESA V3 ONC RPC
    5685083  S000RFS  B0BRSC  CICS/ESA V3
    5685085  S0002C8  B0B7SC  ACF/VTAM V3 for MVS/ESA
    5685085  S0002C9  B0DLSC  ANYNET/MVS - MPTF
    5685093  S0019XJ  B0CNSC  IMS SysUtil/DBT V2 Un/Reload
    5685093  S0019XK  B0CJSC  IMS Sys Util/DBT V2 VSAMZAP
    5685093  S0019XL  B0CGSC  IMS SysUtil/DB Tools V2 HSSR
    5685093  S0019XM  B0CPSC  IMS Sys Util/DB Tools V2 SDO
    5685093  S0019XN  B0VPSC  IMS Sys Util/DB Tools V2 ICE
    5685093  S0019XP  B0CLSC  IMS Util/DBT V2 DEDB Ptr Ckr
    5685093  S0019XR  B0CMSC  IMS Util/DBT V2 DEDB Tuning
    5685093  S0019XS  B0D0SC  IMS/DBT V2 Fast ACBGEN
    5685093  S0019XT  B0CESC  IMS SysUtil/DB Tools V2 Base
    5685093  S0019XV  B0CKSC  IMS Sys Util/DB Tools V2 FRR
    5685093  S0019XW  B0CFSC  IMS Sys Util/DB Tools V2 SMU
    5685093  S0019XX  B0CHSC  IMS Sys Util/DB Tools V2 LMU
    5685093  S0019XZ  B0VWSC  IMS Sys Util/DB Tools V2 FPR
    5685098  S000MRS  B0BYSC  Graphics Resource Monitor
    5685106  S000RJF  B0BTSC  OfficeVision/MVS
    5685106  S000RJ5  B0BUSC  Document Writing Feature
    5685106  S000RJ7  B0BXSC  Application Connectivity
    5685106  S000RJ9  B0BVSC  Document Composition Feature
    5685107  S000ZX6  B0CTSC  DisplayWrite/370 V2 MVS/TSO
    5685111  S00075V  B0DYSC  APPN Topology & Accounting
    5685111  S00075X  B0KWSC  NetView V2 NGMF Client/Srvr
    5685111  S00076C  B0DZSC  APPN Accounting Only
    5685111  S00076G  B0KXSC  NetView V2 NGMF Client
    5685111  S000761  B0C1SC  Distributed System Option
    5685111  S000765  B0C0SC  CSO
    5685124  S000CWP  B0CYSC  Data Propagator MVS/ESA
    5685138  S000TBD  B0C7SC  NetV V2 MVS/XA - Distr Sys Opt
    5685138  S000TBH  B0C6SC  NetV V2 MVS/XA - Centr Sys Opt
    5685151  S0019FK  B0GXSC  IMS Automation
    5685151  S0019FL  B0E8SC  CICS Automation
    5685151  S0019FM  B0CVSC  AOC/MVS
    5685151  S0019FN  B0GYSC  OPC Automation
    5686A05  S00LVZL  B0EPSC  Top Secret VSE/ESA
    5686013  S000SF0  B0AYSC  NetView FTP Version 1 for VSE
    5686018  S0000JM  B0ALSC  CICS/DDM VSE
    5686022  S000S4V  B0ARSC  DisplayWrite/370 V2 VSE/CICS
    5686026  S000RR0  B0AUSC  Report Controller Feature
    5686026  S000RR2  B0ATSC  CICS/VSE Version 2
    5686028  S000WS0  B0AZSC  VSE/SP Unique Code Version 5
    5686032  S000002  B0A0SC  VSE/AF Version 5
    5686033  S000SLX  B0A1SC  VSE/Power V5
    5686034  S000HRM  B0A2SC  VSE/Fast Copy Version 2
    5686036  S000T66  B0A3SC  VSE/ICCF Version 3
    5686037  S000TC2  B0A4SC  VSE/VSAM V2 for VM
    5686037  S000TC3  B0A6SC  Backup & Restore
    5686037  S000TC4  B0A5SC  Space Management
    5686038  S000SC0  B0AWSC  NetView V2 VSE - Dist.Sys.opt.
    5686038  S000SC1  B0AVSC  NetView V2 VSE - Cent.Sys.opt.
    5686041  S000RH0  B0ASSC  VSE/DSNX Version 2
    5686048  S000ZXF  B0BKSC  IBM CallPath CICS/VSE
    5686055  S000SBW  B0BNSC  NetView V2 VSE/ESA - Dis.Sy.
    5686055  S000SBX  B0BMSC  NetView V2 VSE/ESA - Cen.Sy.
    5686058  S000R66  B0BRSC  REXX/VSE
    5686066  S000BT9  B0CBSC  VSE Central Functions
    5686067  S0017WJ  B0CCSC  LE/VSE
    5686072  S0013VD  B0CTSC  ALERT FOR VSE
    5686075  S000CKR  B0CJSC  ASF V3 VSE Document Comp
    5686075  S000CKS  B0CKSC  ASF V3 VSE Document Writing
    5686075  S000CKT  B0CFSC  ASF V3 for VSE
    5686079  S0004GC  B0CUSC  ALERT FOR CICS-VSE
    5686081  S0017JW  B0CVSC  VSE/VSAM for VM
    5686094  S000FL0  B0C1SC  IBM LE 1.4.0 for VSE
    5688008  S000NNG  B0CZSC  Escon manager
    5688021  S000T6J  B0AESC  AFP Bar Code / OCR Fonts
    5688022  S000SFN  B0BESC  IBM VS COBOL II Library Only
    5688023  S0003KB  B0BFSC  COBOL II Compiler and Library
    5688029  S000NWK  B0AXSC  Numerical Control Toolkit v1
    5688030  S0000SB  B0AZSC  NCPG--Execution Library
    5688036  S0011DM  B0B7SC  DevelopMate V1
    5688041  S0005D4  B0B2SC  IBM FAWN for MVS/SP and VM
    5688047  S000MX5  B0AYSC  IGES Processor Version 2
    5688047  S000MX6  B0A0SC  IGES Processor V2 CADAM Exch.
    5688052  S000808  B0EWSC  Productivity Features
    5688052  S000809  B0BASC  DITTO for VSE and VM V3
    5688092  S000DTB  B0A9SC  ISPC Version 2
    5688093  S0003C1  B0CGSC  GDDM/graPHIGS Progr Interf
    5688103  S000CKG  B0CUSC  RXSQL Feature
    5688103  S000CKH  B0EPSC  DataHub Support/VM
    5688103  S000CKJ  B0CTSC  SQL/DS V3
    5688103  S000CKK  B0DMSC  VMDSS Feature
    5688103  S000CKL  B0NCSC  SQL/DS V3 Data Restore
    5688132  S000C51  B0CNSC  CSFI
    5688139  S000ZVX  B0CVSC  Target System Control Facility
    5688150  S00118S  B0B8SC  CSP/370 Runtime Services
    5688168  S0011DS  B0ELSC  IBM SAA dpAccounting Manag/MVS
    5688168  S0011DW  B0EMSC  dpAM Collect Feature
    5688168  S0011DX  B0KUSC  dpAM Report Manager for OS/2
    5688169  S00001C  B0C5SC  GDQF Version 2
    5688169  S00001F  B0C7SC  GDQF Version 2 CATIA Viewing
    5688169  S000019  B0C6SC  GDQF Version 2 CADAM Viewing
    5688170  S0011CC  B0CHSC  AD/Cycle - TIRS Runtime/370
    5688171  S0011V9  B0CLSC  TIRS Builder/370
    5688187  S0005PL  B0DCSC  IBM C/370 Compiler Version 2
    5688194  S000GVN  B0D7SC  IBM SAA AD/Cycle CDE/370
    5688195  S0003L1  B0D2SC  IBM SAA CSP/2RS V1
    5688195  S0003L1  B0EUSC  IBM SAA CSP/2RS V1
    5688197  S001206  B0M8SC  AD/Cycle COBOL/370 Full Func
    5688197  S001208  B0EHSC  AD/Cycle COBOL/370 ALT. Off.
    5688198  S000M3R  B0D3SC  Language Environment/370
    5688205  S000FXC  B0D0SC  IBM SAA CSP/2 AD V1
    5688205  S000FXC  B0EVSC  IBM SAA CSP/2 AD V1
    5688206  S000292  B0D4SC  IBM SAA CSP/Runtime V2
    5688218  S000K7F  B0D5SC  IBM SAA CSP/370 AD
    5688226  S000LLR  B0EJSC  ESSL Vector and Scalar/370 V
    5688231  S00075H  B0EGSC  Airlines Control Interconn
    5688231  S00075J  B0D8SC  ACF/NCP V6
    5688231  S00075J  B0D9SC  ACF/NCP V6
    5688231  S00075J  B0EASC  ACF/NCP V6
    5688231  S00075J  B0EBSC  ACF/NCP V6
    5688231  S00075J  B0ECSC  ACF/NCP V6
    5688231  S00075J  B0EDSC  ACF/NCP V6
    5695DB2  S00184N  B0LASC  DB2 for MVS/ESA V4
    5695DF1  S0013VJ  B0CGSC  RMM
    5695DF1  S0013VL  B0DJSC  Alt Offering 4-DFSMS DFP RMM
    5695DF1  S0013VP  B0H8SC  Network File System
    5695DF1  S0013VS  B0DGSC  Alt Offering 2-DFSMS DFP/DSS
    5695DF1  S0013VT  B0DHSC  Alt Off 3-DFSMS DFP/DSS HSM
    5695DF1  S0013VW  B0LFSC  Optimizer V1
    5695DF1  S0013VX  B0CHSC  DFP
    5695DF1  S0013W1  B0DKSC  Alt Off 5-DFSMS DFP/DSS RMM
    5695DF1  S0013W2  B0CESC  DSS
    5695DF1  S0013W5  B0DFSC  Alt Offering 1-DFSMS DFP
    5695DF1  S0013W6  B0CFSC  HSM
    5695007  S000VJN  B0S6SC  Tracker Agent OS/2 & Win NT
    5695007  S000VJP  B0KNSC  Agent & Enabler for OS/400
    5695007  S000VJW  B0AGSC  OPC/ESA Controller
    5695007  S000VK2  B0KSSC  Agent & Enabler for AIX
    5695007  S000VK6  B0AFSC  OPC/ESA Tracker
    5695010  S000G4T  B0BKSC  IBM CICS VSAM Recov MVS/ESA
    5695036  S000Z0V  B0D7SC  NetView Access Services V2 M
    5695039  S0014Z9  B0FNSC  RACF
    5695041  S000DMT  B0BFSC  IBM SAA ImagePlus FolderAPI
    5695041  S000DMX  B0BESC  IBM SAA ImagePlus FAF API V2
    5695041  S000DN0  B0CYSC  IBM SAA IPFAF - Batch API
    5695041  S000DN2  B0ALSC  IBM SAA ImagePlus FAF V2 Wor
    5695042  S000D0G  B0AHSC  IBM SAA ImagePlus ODM V2
    5695043  S000DX7  B0ARSC  Open Network Distr. Serv.
    5695044  S001H9D  B0CTSC  First Failure Supp Techn/MVS
    5695047  S000JSR  B0C1SC  OpenEdition Shell/Utilities
    5695047  S000JST  B0ACSC  MVS/ESA SP-JES2 Version 4
    5695047  S000JSV  B0C3SC  OpenEdition Debugger
    5695048  S0007GK  B0C2SC  OpenEdition Shell/Utilities
    5695048  S0007GM  B0C4SC  OpenEdition Debugger
    5695048  S0007GN  B0AESC  MVS/ESA SP JES3 Version 4
    5695056  S000KMT  B0BRSC  IBM AD/Cycle DICT SERV/MVS
    5695057  S000CP5  B0BXSC  AOEXPERT/MVS
    5695061  S000RP1  B0A4SC  CICS Application Migration AID
    5695064  S000LMR  B0BLSC  CICS Automation Option/MVS PO
    5695072  S0006MC  B0BCSC  ImagePlus Object Index App
    5695076  S0009LB  B0BASC  IBM DataInterchange/MVS-CICS
    5695077  S000B61  B0BBSC  IBM DB2 Auto Util Generator
    5695080  S000NX4  B0A5SC  Item Access Facility MVS/ESA
    5695081  S000XKK  B0EASC  CICSPlex SM/ESA - Region
    5695081  S000XKP  B0ZRSC  CICSPLEX SM/ESA - Capacity
    5695083  S000KKS  B0CBSC  IBM CPCC CICS/MVS Inbound
    5695083  S000KKT  B0CCSC  IBM CPCC CICS/MVS Outbound
    5695086  S000T7W  B0DDSC  DFRMM for MVS/DFP Version 3
    5695089  S000BHF  B0A8SC  IBM CallPath CICS/MVS
    5695100  S00062V  B0BZSC  MVS/DITTO Utility Version 2
    5695101  S00NX48  B1A7SC  Tivoli PR Acnt Wkst Option
    5695101  S00T01B  B1EZSC  TDS Tivoli PR Accounting
    5695101  S0007LX  B0FMSC  Perf Reporter Capacity P
    5695101  S0007MB  B0C9SC  Perf Rep Rep Dialog/2 feat
    5695101  S0007MF  B0C7SC  TDS Perf Reporter / MVS Base
    5695101  S0007MH  B0DBSC  TDS Perf Reporter Network PF
    5695101  S0007M0  B0DASC  TDS Perf Rep CICS Perf
    5695101  S0007M3  B0C8SC  TDS Perf Rep Sys Perf
    5695101  S0007M4  B0FKSC  TDS Perf Rep AS/400 Sys Perf
    5695101  S0007M5  B0DCSC  TDS Perf Reporter IMS Perf
    5695101  S0007M6  B0FLSC  TDS Perf Rep WKST Perf
    5695101  S0007M7  B0ZYSC  Perf Reporter ACNT Feature
    5695105  S0009ZB  B0B1SC  SAA AD/Cycle FastRef/2
    5695117  S000F3J  B0D8SC  AnyNet Feature
    5695117  S000F3K  B0CRSC  ACF/VTAM V4 for MVS/ESA
    5695123  S000MJ0  B0BYSC  IBM LANRES/MVS
    5695134  S000H00  B0DLSC  CDF/MVS- Communication Featu
    5695134  S000H03  B0CXSC  CDF/MVS Obj Acc Method MVS/ESA
    5695134  S000H05  B0B6SC  IBM Common Data Facility/MVS
    5695137  S000PX3  B0TUSC  Client Attachment Feature
    5695137  S000PX4  B0C5SC  MQSeries MVS/ESA
    5695168  S000KXH  B0CJSC  IBM Network Queuing System/MVS
    5695169  S0003DB  B0CWSC  NetView AutoBridge
    5695171  S001FF8  B0EBSC  Info/Management V6 for MVS/ESA
    5695176  S00150D  B0GGSC  IMS/ESA V5 Transaction Mgr.
    5695176  S00150F  B0LXSC  IMS/ESA V5 RSR-RLT
    5695176  S00150G  B0GESC  IMS/ESA V5 Database Manager
    5695176  S00150H  B0GHSC  IMS/ESA V5 Ext. Terminal Opt
    5695176  S00150J  B0GKSC  IMS/ESA V5 DB Level Tracking
    5695176  S00150K  B0GFSC  IMS/ESA V5 Surveyor Feature
    5695178  S001502  B0HFSC  IBM AON/MVS LAN Feature
    5695178  S001503  B0HDSC  IBM AON/MVS Base
    5695178  S001504  B0HESC  IBM AON/MVS SNA Feature
    5695178  S001505  B0HGSC  IBM AON/MVS TCP/IP Feature
    5696309  S000PMC  B0C3SC  SAA AD/C Prolog Ext. Subsy.MVS
    5696309  S000PMD  B0C1SC  SAA AD/C Prolog EXT.TSO/CMS
    5696309  S000PM9  B0C0SC  IBM SAA AD/Cycle Prolog/MVS&VM
    5696583  S0011CG  B0H1SC  NetView Remote Oper. Mgr. MVS
    5696705  S0015VL  B0NVSC  Asynchronous Selector Featur
    5696705  S0015VM  B0NXSC  Asynchronous Receiver Featur
    5696705  S0015VN  B0NYSC  Synch. Feature
    5696705  S0015VP  B0NWSC  Utilities Feature
    5696737  S0015P9  B0NHSC  IBM COBOL SF MVS/VM V3
    5696822  S00184V  B0SNSC  SOMObjects for MVS, Runtime
    5696822  S00184W  B0SUSC  SOMObjects for MVS, Compiler
    5697ADM  S00LK93  B3X6SC  UAD Base
    5697A05  S001CLM  B0ZFSC  Ad-Hoc Reporter
    5697A06  S00147T  B0ZKSC  Partition DB
    5697B88  S001CW1  B1HFSC  DB2/VSE VT
    5697B89  S001FWD  B1YHSC  IMS Performance Analyzer
    5697B92  S0019X0  B2CLSC  DBICF Version 6
    5697C32  S001G34  B1L4SC  Net.Commerce for OS/390
    5697C33  S001H2H  B1RESC  IMS IB
    5697C60  S000RRF  B3G9SC  Payment Gateway OS/390
    5697C62  S0007RV  B3HFSC  CommercePOINT eTill OS/390
    5697DPM  S00T53T  B6PNSC  Base TDP for Lotus Domino
    5697DRS  S00T3SJ  B6PRSC  Base Tivoli Dis Rec Mgr
    5697D13  S00MKVT  B4B1SC  IMS Parallel Reorganization
    5697D14  S00RZ0H  B5S9SC  IMS DRC Facility
    5697D15  S00KT9J  B3RZSC  IMS DB Control Suite
    5697D16  S001H9H  B2ANSC  DB2 Buffer Pool Tool
    5697D27  S000KNN  B2CUSC  QMF for Windows
    5697D30  S000FGW  B3SHSC  Manager for MQSeries
    5697D68  S00MTSB  B4CZSC  ETO Support
    5697D69  S00MTS4  B4CTSC  IMS DST
    5697D85  S00LVZM  B3ZESC  IMS Partition DB
    5697D87  S0005C6  B3R9SC  IMS/ESA DBRC Security Tool
    5697E07  S00ML20  B4DASC  Millenium Runtime
    5697E32  S00MKVS  B4CBSC  IMS Parallel Change Accum
    5697F02  S00SR5K  B6NYSC  IMS Performance Analyzer
    5697F09  S00NP1R  B4RNSC  DB2 Forms for OS/390
    5697F16  S00PC5J  B4VBSC  DB2 Forms for VM and VSE
    5697F18  S00SNFX  B6M7SC  Program Restart Facility
    5697F44  S00RZF0  B5U1SC  DB2 High Performance Unload
    5697F45  S00PX9H  B4XKSC  MQSeries Integrator OS/390
    5697G16  S00SWDK  B6PFSC  DB2 Forms for OS/390 V2
    5697ILD  S00WMRW  B7T1SC  Base TDP for Lotus Domino
    5697ISM  S00WNXH  B7T3SC  Base and Client Connections
    5697OPC  S001FDV  B1F7SC  OPC Controller Comm + Lang
    5697OPC  S001FDW  B1GDSC  OPC Agent & Enabler
    5697OPC  S001FDX  B1F1SC  OPC 2.3 Tracker
    5697SCM  S00LK62  B3YESC  Security Management Base
    5697SD9  S00VLL9  B7FNSC  Tivoli Info Mgmt for z/OS
    5697TS9  S00T4LT  B6PXSC  Base and Managed System LAN
    5697TS9  S00VWNB  B7FZSC  Tiv Stg Mngr - base server
    5697WSZ  S00W0CT  B7H0SC  TWS for z/OS Agent
    5697WSZ  S00W0CV  B7HMSC  TWS Engine + Lang
    5697WSZ  S00W0CW  B7JCSC  TWS for z/OS END2END Enabler
    5697074  S000TD9  B0K8SC  IMS/ESA Workload Router
    5697235  S000D90  B0HBSC  IBM Data Compression VM/ESA
    5697236  S000W55  B0HXSC  3270 ASCII Appl Access VM
    5697236  S000W56  B0HWSC  3270 ASCII Appl Access MVS
    5706028  S0008KX  B0CGSC  IBM 4753 NSP MVS Support Prog
    5706236  S00055F  B0CASC  PROLOG for 370 Runtime Env V1
    5706236  S00055G  B0CBSC  PROLOG for 370 Develop Env V
    5706254  S00066F  B0EWSC  HPO Manager
    5706254  S00066G  B0GLSC  QMF for Windows
    5706254  S00066H  B0EXSC  HPO Complete
    5706254  S00066J  B0EVSC  HPO Compiler
    5706254  S00066K  B0DLSC  QMF MVS Version 3
    5706255  S000N30  B0DYSC  IBM Query Mgmt. Fac. VM V3
    5706255  S000N32  B0GDSC  QMF for Windows V3 feature
    5713AGL  S000L0F  B0FHSC  Lotus 1-2-3/M Version 1
    5734F11  S000GV9  B0AASC  Check Process.Contr.Sys.
    5734LM5  S000X67  B379SC  OS PL/I Transient Library
    5735FAL  S000B2H  B0ACSC  Source Code
    5735FAL  S000B2L  B0ABSC  Network File System
    5735FAL  S000B2N  B0AASC  IBM TCP/IP Version 2 for VM
    5735RC3  S0011T1  B874SC  ACF/TCAM MNSF V2
    5735RC3  S0011T3  B271SC  ACF/TCAM V2
    5736LM4  S00121R  B357SC  DOS/VS PL/I Resident Library
    5736LM5  S00118B  B358SC  PL/I Transient Library
    5736PL1  S000749  B356SC  PL/I Optimizing Compiler
    5736PL3  S00119D  B355SC  PL/I Optimizing Compiler/Lib
    5740AM4  S0011G2  B726SC  Interpers Version 1
    5740M53  S0008H2  B90ZSC  Auto Prog Tool-Advanced Contou
    5740SM1  S0018F9  B292SC  DFSORT Version 1
    5740XC5  S001234  B878SC  DMS/CICS Appl Generation Feat
    5740XC5  S001235  B294SC  DMS/CICS/VS Version 1
    5740XXF  S0011F3  B32XSC  DB/DC Data Dict. File Gen. V1
    5740XXF  S0011F4  B300SC  DB/DC Data Dict. Version 1
    5740XY5  S0011T0  B310SC  Cryptographic Subsystem
    5746CB1  S000LVB  B353SC  DOS/VS COBOL Compiler Library
    5746RC5  S000LMG  B341SC  BTAM-ES Extended Support
    5746SM2  S0003Z7  B349SC  DOS/VS Sort/Merge V2
    5746XC5  S000B3J  B364SC  VSE/OCCF
    5748FO3  S001971  B322SC  Fortran VS Compiler & Librar
    5748LM3  S00041S  B323SC  VS FORTRAN Library
    5748RC1  S0009Z3  B388SC  VM/Pass-Through Facility
    5748XE4  S000RNG  B387SC  VM/370 Directory Maintenance
    5748XX9  S0011KR  B0AGSC  DCF Script Formula Formatter
    5748XX9  S0011KZ  B422SC  DCF Doc Composition Facility
    5748XX9  S0011L1  B0ABSC  DCF Office Document
    5756051  S000F0V  B0BHSC  NetView V2 VM Cent Sys Opt
    5756051  S000F0Z  B0BJSC  NetView V2 VM Dist Sys Opt
    5756265  S0004GD  B0E5SC  IBM Autom Netw Operations/MVS
    5785GCF  S000298  B0BASC  X.400 DISOSS CONNECTION
    5785GCL  S00003N  B0B9SC  VTAM Protocol Conv. Appl. VPCA
    5787MVS  S000XF3  B0AJSC  MVS Migration System
    5796PNA  S0006G7  B86PSC  VM/370 Real Time Monitor
    5798CPR  S0005MR  B781SC  Generalized Perform Analys Rep
    5798DFH  S000KKG  B87PSC  Fortran Util.
    5798DLL  S000DV8  B036SC  Data Base Edit Facility CMS
    5798DMY  S000ZFM  B97NSC  VM File Storage Facility
    5798DWD  S0012TJ  B0AXSC  VM Real Time Moni / Sys Fac
    5798DYR  S0010D8  B0BNSC  COBOL Report Writer Precompile
    5798DZX  S000MM6  B0BPSC  COBOL Report Writer Runtime Li
    5798FAP  S0007SW  B0B2SC  DBRAD/VM
    5798FBB  S000LPK  B0CDSC  PROFS Retention Mgmt System
    5799DAS  S00V987  B7VYSC  Datacenter Automation Suite
    5799DNM  S00SS1P  B7V6SC  Datacenter Network Mgt Suite
    5799EPA  S000HH8  B0WSSC  Software Profile Mngt Facility
    5799FFJ  S001022  B1CESC  RODM Tool Support
    5799GBA  S0003CC  B3V3SC  IMS/ESA Yr2000-TR Manager
    5799GBA  S0003CD  B3WKSC  IMS/ESA Yr2000 - ETO
    5799GBA  S0003CF  B3T5SC  IMS/ESA Yr2000-DataBase Mgr
    5799GKX  S00TWLC  B9E0SC  TPF Oper Server for Win2000
    5799GPR  S00W7R3  B9UASC  Business Transaction Broker
    5799GWB  S00XSNC  BACZSC  DI for MVS for 390
    5799GWH  S00XSNB  BAC2SC  DI for MVS/CICS for 390

    NOTE: If a product was previously offered with the ESL pricing option but is not listed in this announcement, the ESL pricing option is also withdrawn for that product notwithstanding the fact that it is not identified in this announcement.

    The IBM charge options specified in this announcement will be withdrawn from marketing. Orders for these charge options will not be accepted after the stated effective date of withdrawal. Normal marketing activities and educational support will not be available unless previous agreement exists between the customer and IBM.

    Customers with these programs acquired with these charge options installed or on order, will continue to receive program service in accordance with the applicable IBM agreement.

    Replacement product information

    None. Program Services is uneffected by this announcement.

    Announcement countries

    All European, Middle Eastern and African Countries.

    The data in this letter is subject to the disclaimer in Letter ZS90-0112, which is available from the same IBM announcement letters database.

    This announcement is provided for your information only. For additional information, please contact your IBM Representative or IBM Business Partner as appropriate.

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