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IBM Announcement Letter No. ZP95-0222 dated October 03, 1995.

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  • IBM Announcement Letter No. ZP95-0222 dated October 03, 1995.

    See final section for details of availability and limitations, if applicable.


    IBM HyperWise Version 2.0

    Program Number

    Order Type     Part            Program
    Number         Number          Name
    5604-723       59H1008         HyperWise Version 2.0
    5604-723       59H1010         HyperWise Version 2.0 Upgrade
                                     from HyperWise Version 1.0


    HyperWise is a productivity tool for application and title developers. HyperWise enables What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get (WYSIWYG) authoring of hypertext online information and application help for OS/2(R) and Microsoft** Windows(1).

    With HyperWise, developers can use simple drag-and-drop techniques to link text, audio, video and graphics. Developers can link to audio (.WAV and .MID), video (.AVI), and animation (.FLC and .FLI) extension files supported in WARP.

    HyperWise Version 2.0, a replacement for Version 1.0, provides more editing features, enhances developer support for moving Windows help to OS/2, and supports WorldWide Web browsers on Internet. HyperWise 2.0 also helps you save time and resources -- author text once and read it on OS/2, Windows 3.1, and the Internet. Additional features of HyperWise 2.0 also make it easy for education specialists to create interactive tutorials for OS/2 applications.

    The Information Presentation Facility (IPF) for Microsoft Windows is still packaged with HyperWise 2.0, so the same information compiled for OS/2 IPF is viewable on Windows. This single sourcing increases productivity and enables developers to use OS/2 for their development platform, regardless of the platform on which their applications run.

    HyperWise 2.0 continues to require only limited disk space to store output. When HyperWise exports a readable format, it compresses text and graphics up to 80 percent.

    Trademark information:

    General Availability

    Planned General Availability Date is October, 1995.

    IBM's current intentions and plans stated in this announcement are subject to review. Announcement of any product will be based upon IBM's business and technical judgement.


    HyperWise Version 2.0


    Statement of Intent

    In the next major release of HyperWise, IBM intends to support development using Arabic, Hebrew and Greek languages.

    Product Positioning

    HyperWise 2.0 is a competitive product. It incorporates linking, editing and compiling in one product, while competitors require customers to purchase an editor, a linker, and a compiler. The average price for a comparable set of competitive products is more than the cost of HyperWise 2.0. The capability for HyperWise to grow with technology and media, also makes it more attractive than other products.

    Customer reuse of information is a key feature of HyperWise. IPF on Windows engine is packaged with HyperWise, making HyperWise a product that satisfies the cross-platform application and information development that is so common today. Application and title developers are encouraged to use OS/2 as their authoring and development platform.


    All product publications are supplied with the product. There are no separately orderable publications.

    Technical Information

    Specified Operating Environment

    Hardware Requirements

    HyperWise requires the minimum hardware configuration for OS/2 WARP:

    Software Requirements

    HyperWise requires OS/2 WARP as the operating system on the personal computer.

    IBM Program Numbers for reference are:


    HyperWise is packaged with a runtime that allows reading the output online information on Windows 3.1.


    The HyperWise product is available only in U.S. English. HyperWise supports only single-byte, left-to-right languages.

    HyperWise does not provide any additional keyboard or code page support beyond what is provided on OS/2 WARP.

    Planning Information


    Security, Auditability and Control

    User management is responsible for evaluation, selection, and implementation of security features, administrative procedures, and appropriate controls in application systems and communication facilities.

    Ordering Information

    Contact ISMS Direct Services for ordering information.

    Existing Customers of HyperWise Version(s) 1.0 Program Number 5604-579, HyperWise DUA Version(s) 1.0 Program Number 5775-EB3, can obtain the upgrade to HyperWise Version 2.0 by ordering the following codes:

    Part Number ¬Program Number ¬Upgrade to
    59H1010 ¬5604-723 ¬HyperWise V2
    59H1011 ¬5604-723 ¬HyperWise V2 1-use pack
    Customers should contact ISMS Direct Services for ordering information.

    Charges, Terms & Conditions for IPLA Program Package

    Contact Contact ISMS Direct Services for the following applicable charges:

    Terms and Conditions

    This Licensed Program is subject to the provisions of the IBM International Program License Agreement, a copy of which is contained in the program package.

    The terms of the International Program License Agreement allow use on only one machine at any one time for each license granted.

    License Information

    This section should be read in conjunction with the following two sections on Warranty and Program Services.

    These are the additional terms referred to in the International Program License Agreement (IPLA).

    This License is for HyperWise Version 2.0.

    Your Proof of Entitlement document from IBM will identify the feature purchased.


    IBM warrants that the Program will conform at the date of shipment to the current Specifications, provided that the Program is properly used in the specified operating environment.

    If the Customer believes there is a defect in a Program such that it does not meet its Specifications, the Customer must notify IBM while Program Services are available for the Program.

    IBM standard warranty of media. Warranty period 3 months (or the period required by local legislation, if greater).

    Program Services

    Program Services - NOT AVAILABLE

    Installation and technical support (Levels 1 and 2) is provided by submitting requests on an electronic forum and receiving responses directly from IBM developers. Access to the HyperWise forum will be available to US and non-US subscribers. FAX number 1-407-443-5771 (in the United States) will also be available to US and non-US customers. The statement of service, included in the package describes these services.

    Educational Allowance

    Educational Allowance applies.

    Education Software Allowance Program applies.

    Announcement Countries

    All European, Middle Eastern and African Countries.

    The data in this letter is subject to the disclaimer in Letter ZS90-0112, which is available from IBM on request.

    Please note this is an international announcement letter. If applicable you should also refer to your local country complementary document to check for country specific information.

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