Announcement Letter Number 183-030 dated March 8, 1983
US - Last Revised on March 8, 1983

Brief Description of Announcement, Charges, and Availability

Customer Letter Section

          IBM announces three new models of the IBM Personal Computer
5150 System Unit, Models X14, X64, and X74. These new models are the
equivalent of Models 14, 64, and 74, respectively, but do not have
their own keyboard.  They are for use with the IBM 3270 Personal
Computer Attachment, also being announced today. When integrated into
the 3270 system, the 3278 keyboard and display are used with the
Personal Computer system unit. Orders can be accepted by marketing
representatives or the National Marketing Center by phone.
          For additional information, see IBM Product Announcement
dated March 8, 1983 for the IBM 3270 Personal Computer Attachment.
.     Identical to Personal Computer system units, but without
.     Intended for use as part of the IBM 3270 Personal Computer
      attachment with the IBM 3278 display.
.     The IBM 3278 attachment option is installed using one of the
      available slots.
          Data security: The IBM Personal Computer can be used and
managed so as to limit the risk of unintended modification,
destruction, or disclosure of sensitive data. The customer is
responsible for the selection, implementation, and adequacy of
appropriate measures.  The customer is also responsible for the
accuracy and integrity of results.
          Customer responsibilities: The customer is responsible for
unpacking and installing all options in the Personal Computer,
including the IBM Personal Computer 3278 attachment adapter.
          Terms and conditions
          Warranty period: Three months.
          Maintenance: For the IBM Personal Computer System Unit with
the 3278 attachment adapter, warranty, maintenance, and time and
material service are available as follows:
.     Carry-in System Unit Repair is available at the IBM
      service/exchange centers.
.     Mail-in System Unit Repair is available at the IBM National
      Support Center.
.     On-site System Unit Repair is available from the Field
      Engineering Division when primary use is with an FE serviced
      host system, or from the Customer Service Division when the
      primary use is with a CSD serviced system. On-site service is
      provided under the terms and conditions of the on-site service
      offering for the IBM Personal Computer.
          Time and materials service: Available only from the IBM
National Support Center.
          Self service: In addition to the IBM service offerings, the
customer may purchase the Hardware Maintenance and Service package,
which will enable the customer to isolate a problem to an
under-the-cover field replaceable unit (FRU).
          VPA: A customer may order up to five systems for pilot unde
the volume procurement plan (VPA).  All pilot systems will be shipped
at the same time. The customer will be charged the unit price for
these pilot systems. The customer will have four months from shipment
of the pilot systems to sign a volume procurement amendment for any
additional quantity. If the customer elects to do this, the pilot
system quantity will be included in the additional quantities to
determine the volume procurement discount percent to be applied to th
additional quantities, but no reduction in price will apply to the
pilot systems quantity.
          Discount schedule: See Notice to IBM Customers entitled IBM
Personal Computer volume discount schedules and educational allowance
improved, dated March 8, 1983.
          Testing allowance: None.
          Education allowance: See Product Announcement on VPA and
educational allowance dated March 8, 1983.
          For more information on the IBM Personal Computer,  contact
your IBM marketing representative or call the IBM National Marketing
Center at the following toll-free numbers:
In New York State                     (800) 942-1918
In Continental United States but      (800) 431-2670
      outside of New York State
In Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto         (914) 696-6840
      Rico (call collect)
          Write to the IBM Corporation, National Marketing Center,
1133 Westchester Avenue, White Plains, New York 10607.
          See hard copy for chart.