o 5669-198 IBM Personal Application System
o 5669-200 IBM Personal Application System (Development)


Announcement Letter Number ZP88-0410 dated October 18, 1988
Europe Middle East Africa - Last Revised on March 28, 1989

Brief Description of Announcement, Charges, and Availability

Customer Letter Section

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*  IBM PROGRAMMING INFORMATION                   OCTOBER 1988   *
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o 5669-198 IBM Personal Application System
o 5669-200 IBM Personal Application System (Development)
o 5669-202 IBM Personal Application System (Statistics)
o 5775-RCA Authorisation to Copy
IBM Personal Application System
o 5775-RCA Authorisation to Copy
IBM Personal Application System (Development)
o 5775-RCA Authorisation to Copy
IBM Personal Application System (Statistics)
Personal  Application  System (Personal AS) is IBM's new Decision
Support product for the OS/2 environment. Personal AS is a member
of  the  Application  System  (AS)  family  of  Decision  Support
software  products.  It  provides  many  of the facilities of the
mainframe AS  product,  and  is  specifically  designed  for  the
personal  computing environment, with emphasis on ease of use for
the end-user.
Personal AS is  offered  as  a  base  product  and  two  optional
products, Personal AS (Statistics) and Personal AS (Development).
The  base  product  is  a  prerequisite  for  the  Statistics and
Development products.
Part Number        Description
-----------        -----------
07F9412            English Personal AS
07F9459            English Personal AS (Development)
07F9449            English Personal AS (Statistics)
07F9448            ATC Personal AS
07F9477            ATC Personal AS (Development)
07F9458            ATC Personal AS (Statistics)
07F9478            French Personal AS                             @
44F4729            French ATC Personal AS                         @
07F9479            German Personal AS                             @
44F4648            German Personal AS (Statistics)                @
44F4730            German ATC Personal AS                         @
44F4736            German ATC Personal AS (Statistics)            @
44F4813            Italian Personal AS                            @
44F4649            Italian Personal AS (Statistics)               @
44F4731            Italian ATC Personal AS                        @
44F4737            Italian ATC Personal AS (Statistics)           @
07F9481            Spanish Personal AS                            @
44F4650            Spanish Personal AS (Statistics)               @
44F4732            Spanish ATC Personal AS                        @
44F4738            Spanish ATC Personal AS (Statistics)           @
44F4814            Dutch Personal AS                              @
44F4733            Dutch ATC Personal AS                          @
Personal AS Base (Italian, Spanish, Dutch) - April 1989           @
Personal AS Base (German) - May 1989                              @
Personal AS Base (French) - June 1989                             @
Personal AS Statistics (Italian, Spanish) - April 1989            @
Personal AS Statistics (German) - May 1989                        @
o Integrated Decision Support System for the OS/2 environment
o Ease of Use features for Business Professionals and Managers
o   Base   product   provides  Reporting  and  Business  Graphics
o Optional Statistics product
o Optional Application Development product
o Import/Export of DIF (R), Host IXF,  and  dBASE  III  (R)  data
o Import/Export of AS data tables (see Programming Requirements)
o  Import/Export  of  SQL/DS  and  DB2  data  tables  via AS (see
Programming Requirements)
Lotus 1-2-3 and  DIF  are  registered  trademarks  of  the  Lotus
Development  Corporation.  dBASE III is a registered trademark of
Ashton Tate.
Personal  Application  System  is  a  decision  support  software
product for the PC/AT, PC/XT286 and PS/2 Models 50, 60, 70 and 80
running  under OS/2 Standard Edition or OS/2 Extended Edition. It
provides a wide range of integrated functions  with  emphasis  on
ease of use. Personal AS is packaged as a base product which will
meet  the decision support needs of many users, plus two optional
products for Statistics and  Application  Development.  The  base
product is a prerequisite for the other two products.
All  information  is  presented  within a user-friendly "desktop"
setting by the use of display windows.  Functions  and  data  are
selected  by  the  user  from pull-down menus. Two levels of Help
text are provided, so that the product is easy to learn  and  use
for  even  the  least  experienced  user  of  computer systems. A
tutorial, a Help Map and a Glossary supply further help  to  both
the new and experienced user.
Personal  AS  is  complementary  to  the mainframe AS product. It
provides many of the facilities of AS, and supports the  exchange
of  data  tables  with  AS  via  Import/Export  (see  Programming
Requirements Section), so that the end-user now has a  choice  of
whether to perform his work on the mainframe or on an intelligent
workstation (IWS).
Personal AS will be of interest to end-users who are attracted by
its ease of use features, but do not require all the functions of
the  mainframe  AS  product.  It  will  also  be  of  interest to
standalone IWS users who have a  requirement  for  an  integrated
decision support software package.
Personal  AS runs under OS/2, which has been chosen by IBM as the
Systems Application Architecture (SAA) operating system  for  the
personal  computing  environment.  Personal AS Version 1.0 is the
base on which future SAA  enhancements  in  Personal  Application
System will be built.
Functions provided in the Personal AS base product include;
o Detail and Summary Reporting
o Business Graphics (Charts)
o Import/Export
o Multiple active applications
o Data view and change facilities
o Data dictionary
o Data selection by column
o Data selection by row (based on individual column values)
o Joining of two tables to create new table
o Union of up to six tables to create new table
o Creation of computed columns in a table
The  user can create detail and summary reports. Many options are
provided for  customising  the  reports  to  the  precise  format
required. In addition, use of the desktop facilities and the data
dictionary items provide powerful tools for report design. Detail
reports present selected columns from a table. These reports show
the  data serially, generally in a columnar format, with headings
at the top of each column. The user  can  define  the  format  in
which  the  data  is  presented.  Summary reporting allows column
values to be analyzed and accumulated into a summary table.  This
table  may  have  one  or two dimensions, and may be presented in
either dimension.
The aim of Business Graphics is to  allow  the  user  to  produce
business  charts  from  his  own  data  as easily and flexibly as

possible.  The  user  selects  from  a  wide  range  of  options,
depending  on  the type of chart required, with sensible defaults
provided. A range of business charts are provided:
o Line plots
o Scatter diagrams
o Surface charts
o Bar charts (histograms)
o Pie charts
o Mixed charts
Personal  AS  supports a number of interchange file formats which
allow data to be imported from and  exported  to  other  software
products, both IBM and non-IBM.
o  Data  Interchange  Format (DIF) provides exchange of data with
LOTUS 1-2-3 and other PC and PS/2 products.
o Data Base Format (DBF) provides exchange  of  data  with  dBASE
o ASCII files can be imported and exported.
o  Host  Integration  Exchange  Format (Host IXF) is supported to
provide data import and export capability between Personal AS and
mainframe applications.
o Host AS format is provided for import and export of data tables
between  Personal  AS  and  the  mainframe  AS  product.     (See
Programming Requirements Section for details of the prerequisites
for  this  format). This format is also used to import and export
SQL/DS and DB2 data tables.
The optional Statistics product provides a comprehensive  set  of
statistical  and forecasting techniques. Many of the analyses are
valuable for the user who is not a statistical expert, especially
the descriptive analyses and the quality control applications.  A
route  map is provided to help the user to select the appropriate
analysis. This will be of particular value to the new  user.  The
primary categories of analysis include
o Descriptive (Elementary, Basic and Advanced)
o Correlation (Matrix, Auto, Cross and Covariance)
o Regression
o Time Series
o Tests
o Distributions
o Statistical Quality Control Charts
The  optional  Application Development product provides the tools
and environment in which additional decision support applications
may be developed and delivered. Because they are  created  within
the Personal AS environment, customer-developed applications will
look  the  same  as  the  underlying  product,  with  windows and
"point-and-shoot" operation, and will allow integrated  operation
with  the  base  functions.  The  Application Development product
contains  a  set  of  tools  -  panel  creation/edit,  help  text
definition,   statement   editor,   and  the  Application  System
Language. These tools will allow a data  processing  professional
or a highly-experienced end user to create extensions to Personal
AS to increase end-users' decision support capability.
It  is  IBM's intent to provide National Language Support for the
following languages: French, German, Dutch, Italian, and Spanish.
Part numbers and ordering details for all the translated versions
will  be  provided  in  1st  Quarter  1989,  at  which  time  the
availability date of each language version will be announced.
The  following publications are shipped as documentation with the
products as follows:
o Installing and Maintaining Personal Application System
o Learning  Personal  Application  System  (Personal  Application
System product only)
o   Developing  Applications  with  Personal  Application  System
(Personal Application System (Development) product only)
Additional copies are not available.
The following additional publications can  be  ordered  from  SPC
Copenhagen from October 18th 1988:
Title                                     Form Number
-----                                     -----------
Personal AS General Information Manual    G511-1103
Personal AS for the DP Manager            G511-1101
Personal AS for the Executive Manager     G511-1102
Personal AS Foil Presentation             GV11-6325
Minimum  requirements  for  Personal  AS  Version  1.0  and  OS/2
Standard Edition Version 1.0 are as follows:
o IBM PC/AT, PC/XT286, or PS/2 Model 50, 60, 70 or 80
o Memory of 3 Mbytes
o Disk - hardfile of 20 MB
o High capacity diskette drive
o IBM PC/AT, PC/XT286 - EGA (256K) with  5154  Color  Display  or
PS/2 Display Adapter with 8512, 8513 or 8514 Color Display
o IBM PS/2 - VGA or 8514/A with 8512, 8513 or 8514 Color Display
Minimum  requirements  for  Personal  AS  Version  1.0  and  OS/2
Extended Edition Version 1.0 are as follows:
o IBM PC/AT, or PS/2 Model 50, 60, 70 or 80
o Memory of 5 MB
o Disk - hardfile of 30 MB
o High capacity diskette drive
o IBM PC/AT - EGA with 5154 Color Display or PS/2 Display Adapter
with 8512, 8513 or 8514 Color Display
o IBM PS/2 - VGA or 8514/A with 8512, 8513 or 8514 Color Display
The amount of disk space occupied by Personal AS Version  1.0  is
as follows:
o Base Product - approximately 5 MB
o Statistics option - approximately 1 MB
o Development option - approximately 2.5 MB
Optional Hardware includes:
o Mouse - Highly Recommended
o  Math  Co-Processor  support - 80287 or 80387 Math Co-Processor
(as appropriate) - Recommended
o Plotters - IBM models 6180, 7371, 7372
o Printers
- IBM Graphics Printer 5152
- IBM Proprinter 4201
- IBM Quietwriter III 5202
OS/2  Standard Edition or OS/2 Extended Edition is a prerequisite
for Personal AS Version 1.0.
OS/2 Extended Edition Version 1.0  and  PTF  Number  UL31723  (VM
environment)  or  PTF  UL33464 (MVS environment) for AS Version 1
Release 5.1 are required to support the import and export of data
tables between Personal AS Version 1.0 and AS Version  1  Release
5.1.  These  PTFs  can be requested by all registered users of AS
Version 1 Release 5.1 from their IBM Support Location,  and  will
be  available  on  October 18, 1988.  The basic operating systems
required are VM/SP Release 4 (5664-167), or TSO/E Release 3 (with
MVS/XA feature) (5665-285)  and  MVS/SP  Version  2  Release  1.2
Additional  memory  above  the minimum requirements given in this
document will improve performance.
A Math Co-Processor will improve the performance of most Personal
AS operations, particularly the performance of applications using
the Charts facility.
Customers are recommended to carefully review all system, memory,
and fixed disk requirements with an IBM  representative,  an  IBM
Authorised Dealer, or any other IBM-approved supplier.
IBM Conditions of Use also apply to Dual Media packages; thus the
program  in a package may only be used on a single machine at any
one time, even though the program may be provided in the  package
on  two different sized media. If a customer wishes to use an IBM
Conditions of Use program concurrently on more than  one  machine
at  a  time,  irrespective  of  the  size  of the medium, he must
acquire that number of program packages equal to  the  number  of
concurrent users of the program.
IBM  Personal  Application  System  Version  1.0  base product is
distributed in one package with the following materials:
o IBM Conditions of Use booklet
o Program diskettes - Five 3.5 inch diskettes and five 5.25  inch
o Installing and Maintaining Personal AS
o Learning Personal AS manual
IBM  Personal  AS  (Statistics) Version 1.0 is distributed in one
package with the following materials:
o IBM Conditions of Use booklet
o A set of 3.5 inch diskettes and 5.25 diskettes                  @
o Installing and Maintaining Personal AS
IBM Personal AS (Development) Version 1.0 is distributed  in  one
package with the following materials:
o IBM Conditions of Use booklet
o  Program  diskettes  - Two 3.5 inch diskettes and two 5.25 inch
o Installing and Maintaining Personal AS
o Developing Applications with Personal AS

Personal AS uses the security and auditability features  of  OS/2
and the PC or PS/2.
User  management  is  responsible  for evaluation, selection, and
implementation of security features,  administrative  procedures,
and appropriate controls in application systems and communication
Consult your IBM Marketing Representative.
Consult  your  IBM  Marketing  Representative  for the applicable
One-Time Charge.
This program is  available  from  IBM  under  the  Agreement  for
Purchase of IBM Products, and is subject to the Conditions of Use
contained in the program package.
The  Conditions  of Use authorise the customer to use the program
on only one machine at any one time.
Volume  discount  discount  is   available   under   the   Volume
Procurement Amendment for Machines and Program. This program will
be included into Category A of Exhibit 8 (COU-0).
The program is eligible for the Customer Fulfillment Option.
Educational Allowance is available. Academic Use Allowance is not
available for this program.
IBM  standard warranty of media. Warranty period 3 months (or the
period required by local legislation, if greater).
Assistance with  defect  related  queries  will  be  provided  to
registered  Customer  Technical  Support Locations (CTSLs) by the
country specified technical support group. Such service  will  be
in  accordance with the Service Statement included in the program
package, and will be available until the Service End Date:        @
31st March 1990 (English)                                         @
30th September 1990 (French, German, Italian, Spanish, Dutch).    @
The  customer  should  establish  a  Customer  Technical  Support
Location (CTSL) to act as the focal point for end-user assistance
within  the  customer's  organisation.  The CTSL will also be the
contact point to IBM for technical queries.
This program is  eligible  for  the  Authorisation  to  Copy  IBM
Conditions   of   Use   programs.   Consult  your  IBM  Marketing
Representative for the applicable Charges Terms and Conditions.
*****   END OF DOCUMENT   *****