Hardware withdrawal: InfoPrint Color 1567 printer and features

United States Withdrawal Announcement 907-136
July 3, 2007


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Effective September 7, 2007, InfoPrint® Solutions Company, a Ricoh-IBM joint venture, will withdraw the InfoPrint Color 1567 printer from marketing.

Effective March 7, 2008, InfoPrint Solutions Company will withdraw the InfoPrint Color 1567 features from marketing.

Effective July 11, 2008, only post-warranty ServicePacs will be available for this product. All other ServicePacs will be withdrawn.

Machine       Feature Part
type    Model number  number  Description
4935    n01           39V0008 InfoPrint Color 1567 n NA (LV)
                      39V0230 550-Sheet Drawer
                      39V0231 550-Sheet Banner Media Tray
                      39V0247 2x550-Sheet Drawer with Base
                      39V0248 Duplex Unit
                      39V0251 Printer Cabinet
                      39V0252 Printer Base
                      39V0253 Finisher Stand
                      39V0324 Card for IPDS(TM) and SCS/TNe
                      39V0323 Bar Code Card
                      39V0325 Description Card
                      39V0232 High Capacity Feeder
                      39V0249 Staple/Punch Finisher (3 hole)


Machine                                          Electronic
type      Model    Description                   Part Number
4935      All      SVCPAC PTR 2YR IOR 9X5/ND     41C6052
4935      All      SVCPAC PTR 3YR IOR 9X5/ND     41C6053
4935      All      SVCPAC PTR 1YR IOR 24X7/SD    41C6054
4935      All      SVCPAC PTR 2YR IOR 24X7/SD    41C6055
4935      All      SVCPAC PTR 3YR IOR 24X7/SD    41C6056
4935      All      SPACMA PTR 2YR IOR 9X5/ND     41C6057
4935      All      SPACMA PTR 2YR IOR 24X7/SD    41C6058

Replacement product information

                      Machine                        Machine
Withdrawn product     type     Replacement product   type
InfoPrint Color 1567  4935     InfoPrint Color 1767  4960

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