Software Withdrawal: IBM Printing Systems Company Software and Fonts -- Replacements Available

Withdrawal Announcement
September 16, 1997
Announcement Letter Number: 997-230


Effective December 16, 1997, IBM will withdraw from marketing the following programs licensed under the IBM Customer Agreement:

Some of the products in the following list may not have been announced in all geographies, or may have been previously withdrawn in some geographies.

Description                                            Number

Sonora Sans Serif 5669-162 Pi and Specials 5669-169 ITC Avant Gard Gothic 5771-AAA Monotype Baskerville 5771-AAB Monotype Century Schoolbook 5771-AAE Helvetica 5771-AAK Optima 5771-AAL Palatino 5771-AAN ITC Souvenir 5771-AAQ Monotype Times New Roman 5771-AAR Universe 5771-AAT Typewriter Pi Specials 5771-AAW Typographic Fonts for 4250 5771-ACA Typographic Fonts for 4250 5771-ACB Typographic Fonts for 4250 5771-ACY ITC Avant Garde Gothic 5771-ADL ITC Souvenir 5771-ADQ Monotype Garamond 5771-AFK Print Management Facility/VM Version 1 5664-310 Print Svc. Access Facility (PSAF)/VM 5664-312 Font Library Svc. Facility Version 1 Release 1 5668-890

Some of the IBM products being withdrawn from marketing through this announcement are not year 2000 ready. These products are being withdrawn to implement IBM's previously announced plans to offer only Year 2000 Ready IBM products by year end 1997. Customers are encouraged to migrate to Year 2000 Ready products to help ready their systems. IBM's recommended Year 2000 Ready replacement product for non-ready products that are being withdrawn is noted, as applicable, in the text of the announcement. Further information about IBM and the Year 2000 is available at IBM's website at:

Replacement Product Information: The fonts and font programs are replaced by the IBM AFP (TM) Font Collection International Fonts and Programs, program number 5648-113, announced in Software Announcement

%+%Start_Letter_Link%+%<296-060> 296-060, dated March 5, 1996. Fonts for the 4250 Printer are withdrawn without replacement; service and supplies for the 4250 have previously been withdrawn.


      AFP is a trademark of International Business Machines
      Corporation in the United States or other countries or both.
      Other company, product, and service names may be trademarks or
      service marks of others.


This announcement is provided for your information only. For additional information, contact your IBM representative, call 800-IBM-4YOU, or visit the IBM home page at: %+%Start_URL%+%

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