Software withdrawal: IBM i5/OS V5R3 and selected IBM System i programs and features — Replacements available

IBM United States Withdrawal Announcement 907-022
February 6, 2007


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Effective January 4, 2008, IBM will withdraw from marketing i5/OS™ V5R3 and selected programs and features licensed under the IBM International Program License Agreement and listed in the Product withdrawals section.

Replacement product information: i5/OS V5R4 is the follow-on release to i5/OS V5R3.

Refer to Software Announcements:

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Product withdrawals

Withdrawal effective January 4, 2008

Programs and associated features: The following programs and their associated features will be withdrawn:

Program                                          Program
number        Program/Feature name               version
5722-RD1      IBM Content Manager OnDemand        5.2.0
               for iSeries(TM)(1)
5722-VI1      IBM Content Manager for iSeries(1)  5.1.0
This product continues to be available through the Passport Advantage® channel for use with i5/OS V5R4.

The following i5/OS V5R3 related programs and their associated features will be withdrawn:

Program                                         Program
number        Program/Feature name              version
5722-AC3      IBM Cryptographic Access Provider  5.3.0
               128-bit for iSeries
5722-CE3      IBM iSeries Client Encryption      5.3.0
5733-LQP      Lotus(R) QuickPlace(R)             3.0.0
5733-RD1      IBM Content Manager OnDemand       5.3.0
               for iSeries
5733-SC1      IBM Portable Utilities for i5/OS   5.3.0
5769-VG1      IBM VisualAge(R) Generator Server  4.4.0
               for AS/400(R)
5722-WE1      IBM Web Enablement for iSeries     5.3.0

Features of selected programs: The following i5/OS V5R3 related features of the indicated programs will be withdrawn. Only the features are withdrawn. The programs remain available.

Program                                         Feature
number        Feature name                      number
5722-BR1      V5R3 BRMS                          5829
5722-BR1      V5R3 Network                       5921
5722-BR1      V5R3 Advanced                      5922
5722-CM1      V5R3 Communications Utility        5829
5733-CO2      P05 ePoE Registration              2005
5733-CO2      P10 ePoE Registration              2010
5733-CO2      P20 ePoE Registration              2020
5733-CO2      P30 ePoE Registration              2030
5733-CO2      P40 ePoE Registration              2040
5733-CO2      P50 ePoE Registration              2050
5733-CO2      P60 ePoE Registration              2060
5733-CO2      P20 ePoE Registration              2900
5733-CO2      P50 ePoE Registration              2901
5733-CO2      Connect for iSeries 2.0 CD Media   5809
5733-CY1      V5R3 Supply Media                  5809
5722-DE1      V5R3 DB2(R) Universal DB Extenders 5829
5722-DFH      V5R3 CICS(R) Transaction Server    5829
5722-JS1      V5R3 Advanced Job Scheduler        5829
5722-MG1      V5R3 Managed System Services       5829
5722-PD1      P05 Basic OTC APD                  0231
5722-PD1      P10 Basic OTC APD                  0232
5722-PD1      P20 Basic OTC APD                  0233
5722-PD1      P30 Basic OTC APD                  0234
5722-PD1      P40 Basic OTC APD                  0235
5722-PD1      P50 Basic OTC APD                  0236
5722-PD1      Upg P05 BOTC APD (from V3)         0252
5722-PD1      Upg P10 BOTC APD (from V3)         0253
5722-PD1      Upg P20 BOTC APD (from V3)         0254
5722-PD1      Upg P30 BOTC APD (from V3)         0255
5722-PD1      Upg P40 BOTC APD (from V3)         0256
5722-PD1      Upg P05 BOTC APD (from V4)         0257
5722-PD1      Upg P10 BOTC APD (from V4)         0258
5722-PD1      Upg P20 BOTC APD (from V4)         0259
5722-PD1      Upg P30 BOTC APD (from V4)         0260
5722-PD1      Upg P40 BOTC APD (from V4)         0261
5722-PD1      Upg P50 BOTC APD (from V4)         0262
5722-PD1      P60 Basic OTC APDa                 1248
5722-PD1      P05 ePoE Registration              2005
5722-PD1      P10 ePoE Registration              2010
5722-PD1      P20 ePoE Registration              2020
5722-PD1      P30 ePoE Registration              2030
5722-PD1      P40 ePoE Registration              2040
5722-PD1      P50 ePoE Registration              2050
5722-PD1      P60 ePoE Registration              2060
5722-PD1      English U/L SBCS Primary           2924
5722-PD1      English U/C DBCS Primary           2938
5722-PD1      English U/C SBCS Primary           2950
5722-PD1      English U/L DBCS Primary           2984
5722-PD1      Expedite -- Customer Expense       3446
5722-PD1      Do Not Ship Pubs                   3470
5722-PD1      Do Not Ship Media                  3471
5722-PD1      CD-ROM V5R1/R2                     5809
5722-PT1      V5R3 Performance Tools Base        5829
5722-PT1      V5R3 Manager option                5921
5722-PT1      V5R3 Agent option                  5922
5722-QU1      V5R3 Query for iSeries             5829
5722-SM1      V5R3 System Manager                5829
5722-SS1      Java(TM) Development Kit 5.0       2689
5722-SS1      V5R3M0 i5/OS RS 530-10             2692
5722-SS1      Portuguese V5R3                    5722
5722-SS1      Dutch V5R3                         5723
5722-SS1      English U/L SBCS V5R3              5724
5722-SS1      Finnish V5R3                       5725
5722-SS1      Danish V5R3                        5726
5722-SS1      French V5R3                        5728
5722-SS1      German V5R3                        5729
5722-SS1      Spanish Secondary V5R3             5731
5722-SS1      Italian V5R3                       5732
5722-SS1      English U/C DBCS V5R3              5738
5722-SS1      Japanese DBCS V5R3                 5762
5722-SS1      Belgian Dutch V5R3                 5763
5722-SS1      Belgian French V5R3                5766
5722-SS1      Canadian French V5R3               5781
5722-SS1      English U/L DBCS V5R3              5784
5722-SS1      Korean DBCS V5R3                   5786
5722-SS1      Trad Chinese DBCS V5R3             5787
5722-SS1      Simp Chinese DBCS V5R3             5789
5722-SS1      V5R3 OS/400(R)                     5829
5722-SS1      V5R3M0 Machine Code                5830
5722-SS1      V5R3M5 Machine Code                5835
5722-SS1      V5R3 HA Journal                    5920
5722-SS1      V5R3 M&S Extend                    5921
5722-SS1      V5R3 OptiConnect                   5922
5722-SS1      V5R3 DB2 Symm Multi                5923
5722-SS1      V5R3 DB2 Multisystem               5924
5722-SS1      V5R3 PSF 1-55 IPM                  5926
5722-SS1      V5R3 PSF 1-100 IPM                 5927
5722-SS1      V5R3 PSF Anyspeed                  5928
5722-SS1      V5R3 HA Switchable                 5929
5722-SS1      V5R3 Setup and Operations CD       7020
5722-SS1      V5R3 Keyed Media Backup            8003
5722-SS1      V5R3 SW Inst & Bckup/Rec Pubs      8004
5722-SS1      Dutch Multiprimary                 8123
5722-SS1      English U/L SBCS Primary           8124
5722-SS1      Danish Multiprimary                8126
5722-SS1      French Multiprimary                8128
5722-SS1      German Multiprimary                8129
5722-SS1      Spanish Multiprimary               8131
5722-SS1      Italian Multiprimary               8132
5722-SS1      Swedish Multiprimary               8137
5722-SS1      English U/C DBCS Primary           8138
5722-SS1      German MNCS Primary                8139
5722-SS1      Japanese Multiprimary              8162
5722-SS1      English U/L DBCS Primary           8184
5722-SS1      Korean Multiprimary                8186
5722-SS1      Trad Chinese Primary               8187
5722-ST1      V5R3 Query Manager and SQL Dev Kit 5829
5722-WDS      V5R3 WebSphere Development Studio  5829
5733-WSE      V5R3 Workplace Services Express    5809
5722-XW1      V5R3 iSeries Access Refresh        2648
5722-XW1      V5R3 iSeries Access -- User based  5729
5722-XW1      V5R3 iSeries Access -- Proc based  5829

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Reference information

Technical support: Refer to the Software Support Web site for product support information

As applicable, technical support remains available for the withdrawn programs. The end of support for these products will be announced a minimum of 12 months before the termination.

Business Partner information

If you are a Direct Reseller - System Reseller acquiring products from IBM, you may link directly to Business Partner information for this announcement. A PartnerWorld ID and password are required (use IBM ID).

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i5/OS and iSeries are trademarks of International Business Machines Corporation in the United States or other countries or both.
Passport Advantage, QuickPlace, Lotus, VisualAge, AS/400, WebSphere, DB2, CICS, and OS/400 are registered trademarks of International Business Machines Corporation in the United States or other countries or both.
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