Software withdrawal and withdrawal from support: QMF for Windows for IBM eServer iSeries V7.2 — Replacements available

IBM United States Withdrawal Announcement 904-040
March 9, 2004

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Effective September 30, 2004, IBM will withdraw from marketing Query Management Facility (QMF™) for Windows™ for iSeries™ V7.2 (5697-G24), licensed under the IBM International Program License Agreement.

Effective September 30, 2005, IBM will withdraw support for this program.

Refer to the Feature withdrawals section for more information.

Replacement product information: This program is replaced by DB2® Query Management Facility Distributed Edition V8.1 (5724-E86)., For details, refer to Software Announcement 204-028 , dated March 2, 2004.
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Feature withdrawals

The group-to-group upgrade features are not affected by this announcement and remain available to iSeries customers:

Group-to-group upgrades                      number
Upgrade from P05 to P10                      0007
Upgrade from P05 to P20                      0008
Upgrade from P05 to P30                      0009
Upgrade from P05 to P40                      0010
Upgrade from P05 to P50                      0011
Upgrade from P10 to P20                      0012
Upgrade from P10 to P30                      0013
Upgrade from P10 to P40                      0014
Upgrade from P10 to P50                      0015
Upgrade from P20 to P30                      0016
Upgrade from P20 to P40                      0017
Upgrade from P20 to P50                      0018
Upgrade from P30 to P40                      0019
Upgrade from P30 to P50                      0020
Upgrade from P40 to P50                      0021
Upgrade from P05 to P60                      0023
Upgrade from P10 to P60                      0024
Upgrade from P20 to P60                      0025
Upgrade from P40 to P60                      0026
Upgrade from P50 to P60                      0027
Upgrade from P30 to P60                      0028

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Reference information

Technical support: The question submission function under IBMLink™ Ask Questions — Support for this program will be withdrawn by September 30, 2005. The IBMLink ServiceLink library of answered questions and other technical information for this program remains available.

Refer to the Software Support Web site for product support information

Technical support is available.


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