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Withdrawal Announcement 903-146
July 29, 2003

Software withdrawal: IBM OS/400 V5R1 and selected eServer iSeries and AS/400 programs — Replacements available

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IBM withdraws from marketing selected OS/400® features.

Effective November 21, 2003, IBM will withdraw from marketing OS/400 V5R1, V5R1 features, and associated V5R1 programs licensed under the IBM International Program License Agreement.

For a list of selected programs being withdrawn refer to the Withdrawn programs section.

For a list of selected features being withdrawn refer to the Withdrawn features section.

On or after the effective dates of withdrawal, you can no longer order these programs from IBM or an IBM Authorized Dealer.

Replacement product information: OS/400 V5R2 is the follow-on release to OS/400 V5R1.

Refer to Software Announcements:

Withdrawn program             Replacement program
iSeries(TM) Client            iSeries Client
 Encryption (56-bit)           Encryption (128-bit)
 (5722-CE2)                    (5722-CE3)

Refer to Software Announcement 202-132 , dated June 4, 2002.

Withdrawn program             Replacement program
DB2(R) DataPropagator(TM)     DB2 DataPropagator
 for iSeries V7.1              for iSeries V8.1
 (5769-DP3)                    (5722-DP4)

Refer to Software Announcement 202-125 , dated June 4, 2002.

Withdrawn programs

Effective November 21, 2003

The iSeries Client Encryption (56-bit) (5722-CE2) will be withdrawn.

The DB2 DataPropagator for iSeries V7.1 (5769-DP3) is withdrawn for new sales only. The group-to-group features remain available to support hardware upgrades.

The software preload features for the withdrawn programs are withdrawn from machine type/model 5372-IS5. Refer to Hardware Announcement 903-145 , dated July 29, 2003.

Withdrawn features

Effective July 29, 2003

The following features of 5722-SS1 (OS/400) are withdrawn. Only the features are withdrawn. Otherwise, 5722-SS1 remains available.

Description                    Number
V5R1 PTF Cumulative Support    1951
V5R2 PTF Cumulative Support    1952

The PTF Cumulative Package for V5R1 and the PTF Cumulative Package for V5R2 should now be ordered from Corrective Service.

Refer to:

Effective November 21, 2003

The following V5R1 features of the indicated programs are withdrawn. Only the features are withdrawn. Otherwise, the programs remain available.

                                              Program   Feature
Description                                   Number    Number
Supply Feature Cryptographic Access Provider  5722-AC3  5809
 128-Bit iSeries
Supply Feature IPDS(TM)                       5722-AP1  5901
Supply Feature Network Function Feature       5722-BR1  5901
Supply Feature Client Encrypt 128-Bit         5722-CE3  5809
 for AS/400(R)
Supply Feature Crypto Support for iSeries     5722-CR1  5809
Supply Feature System/38 Utilities            5722-DB1  5809
 for iSeries
Supply Feature CICS(R) Transaction Server     5722-DFH  5809
 for iSeries
Supply Feature Bus Graphics Utility           5722-DS1  5809
 for AS/400
Supply Feature Facsimile Support for iSeries  5798-FAX  5809
Supply Feature Managed Sys Svcs for iSeries   5722-MG1  5809
Supply Feature System Manager for iSeries     5722-SM1  5809
License Internal Code Refresh                 5722-SS1  2690
Portuguese Secondary                                    5522
Dutch Secondary                                         5523
English U/L SBCS Secondary                              5524
Finnish Secondary                                       5525
Danish Secondary                                        5526
French Secondary                                        5528
German Secondary                                        5529
                                              Program   Feature
Description                                   Number    Number
Spanish Secondary                                       5531
Italian Secondary                                       5532
Norwegian Secondary                                     5533
Swedish Secondary                                       5537
Japanese DBCS Secondary                                 5562
Belgian Dutch Secondary                                 5563
Belgian French Secondary                                5566
Canadian French Secondary                               5581
Korean DBCS Secondary                                   5586
Traditional Chinese DBCS Secondary                      5587
Simplified Chinese DBCS Secondary                       5589
Supply Feature OS/400 Base                              5809
Supply Feature Media and Storage                        5901
Supply Feature OptiConnect                              5902
Supply Feature DB2 Symmetric                            5903
Supply Feature DB2 Multisystem                          5904
Supply Feature Portable Applic.                         5905
 Solutions Env.
Supply Feature PSF/400 1-45 IPM                         5906
Supply Feature PSF/400 1-100 IPM                        5907
Supply Feature PSF/400 Any Speed                        5908
Set Up and Operations CD                                7010
OS/400 and Keyed Media Backup CD                        8000
OS/400 Tips and Tools                                   8136
Supply Feature Application Development        5722-WDS  5901
Supply Feature Application Dictionary                   5902
Refresh 5722-XW1                              5722-XW1  2645
Supply Feature iSeries Client Access                    5709
 Family User

The following features of 5769-DP3 are withdrawn.

Description                                             Number
PG P05 Upgr OTC F/V3 DP1                                1919
PG P10 Upgr OTC F/V3 DP1                                1920
PG P20 Upgr OTC F/V3 DP1                                1921
PG P30 Upgr OTC F/V3 DP1                                1922
PG P40 Upgr OTC F/V3 DP1                                1923
PG P05 Basic OTC                                        1924
PG P10 Basic OTC                                        1925
PG P20 Basic OTC                                        1926
PG P30 Basic OTC                                        1927
PG P40 Basic OTC                                        1928
PG P50 Basic OTC                                        1929
Preload Software Product                                3434
LPAR Registration Feature                               3441
Do Not Ship Pubs or Media                               3444
Customer Expedite                                       3446
Ship Media Only                                         3470
Ship Documentation Only                                 3471

Technical support: The question submission function under IBMLink™ Ask Questions — Support for these programs will be withdrawn by the effective date of withdrawal. The IBMLink ServiceLink library of answered questions and other technical information for this program remains available.

Refer to the SLA Web site for information on Program Services end date:


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