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Withdrawal Announcement 903-089
May 13, 2003

Software Withdrawal: IBM Mobile Connect V3.0

 ENUS903-089.PDF (6KB)


Effective August 13, 2003, IBM will withdraw from marketing the following program licensed under the IBM International Program License Agreement (IPLA).

Description                       Number
IBM Mobile Connect V3
 LIC/SW MAINT 1 ANNIV             D51GWLL
 SW MAINT RNWL                    E00E8LL
 SW MAINT AFT LIC                 D51GYLL
Automatic Synchronization
 for Mobile Connect V3
  LIC/SW MAINT 1 ANNIV            D51GTLL
  SW MAINT RNWL                   E00E7LL
  SW MAINT AFT LIC                D51GVLL
Automatic Synchronization
 and Automatic Delivery
 for Mobile Connect V3
  LIC/SW MAINT 1 ANNIV            D51GQLL
  SW MAINT RNWL                   E00E5LL
  SW MAINT AFT LIC                D51GSLL
Media Packs:
IBM Mobile Connect V3 (English)   BK01NNA
Automatic Synchronization         BK01PNA
 for Mobile Connect V3
Automatic Synchronization         BK01QNA
 and Automatic Delivery
 for Mobile Connect V3

On or after August 13, 2003, you can no longer obtain this program directly from IBM. You can obtain this program on an as-available basis through IBM authorized remarketers.

Replacement Product Information: None

Reference Information

To review the original announcement of IBM Mobile Connect V3, refer to Software Announcement 202-166 , dated July 9, 2002.

For additional information about Mobile Connect V3 and other pervasive products, contact an IBM Pervasive Computing representative or authorized Business Partner, or visit the Pervasive Computing Division Web site at:

Program Services for IBM Mobile Connect V3 remain available until December 31, 2003.

Refer to the Software License Agreement (SLA) Web site for information about the Program Services end date:

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