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Withdrawal Announcement 902-281
December 10, 2002

Software Withdrawal and Service Discontinuance: IBM MERVA ESA V4.1 Windows NT Components — Replacement Available

 ENUS902-281.PDF (7KB)


Effective March 10, 2003, IBM will withdraw from marketing the following programs licensed under the IBM Customer Agreement. Effective December 31, 2003, program services will be discontinued.

On or after March 10, 2003, you can no longer order these products directly from IBM or an IBM Authorized Distributor.

                        Version  Program   Basic  Basic  Annual
Program Name            Release  Number    MLC    OTC    Support
MERVA ESA Components
 Connection/NT          4.1      5648-B30
 MERVA Import/Export    4.1      5648-B30
MERVA USE and Branch
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 Tier 1                 4.1      5648-B30  0056   0064   0068
 Tier 2                 4.1      5648-B30  0057   0065   0069
 Tier 3                 4.1      5648-B30  0058   0066   0070
MERVA USE and Branch
 Tier 1                 4.1      5648-B30
 Tier 2                 4.1      5648-B30
 Tier 3                 4.1      5648-B30

Replacement Product Information: IBM MERVA ESA Components V4.2 replaces IBM MERVA ESA Components V4.1. The new components of IBM MERVA ESA Components V4.2 are listed below:

Withdrawn Program          Replacement Program          Number
V4.1 Components:           V4.2 Components:
Connection/NT              Connection/2000              5648-B30
MIE/NT                     MIE/2000                     5648-B30
USE and Branch/NT          USE and Branch/2000          5648-B30
USE and Branch             No Replacement               5648-B30
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For additional information on IBM MERVA ESA Components V4.2, refer to Software Announcement 202-341 , dated December 10, 2002.

Program Services

Program services for the following IBM MERVA ESA V4.1 Windows NT® Components remain available until December 31, 2003:

  • MERVA Connection
  • MERVA Import/Export
  • MERVA USE and Branch

Refer to the SLA Web site for additional information on Program Services End Date:


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