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Withdrawal Announcement 902-229
October 8, 2002

Software Withdrawal: IBM Host Access Client Package for iSeries, V2.0 — Replacement Available

 ENUS902-229.PDF (6KB)


Effective January 8, 2003, IBM will withdraw from marketing the following program and media pack licensed under the IBM International Program License Agreement.

Build to Plan (Using Part Numbers)

Program Name                                           Number
Host Access Client Package for                         29P4291
 iSeries(TM), V2.0 Program Package
Host Access Client Package for                         BM004ML
 iSeries, V2.0 Media Pack CD-ROM

Build to Order (Using Program Numbers)

Program Name                                           Number
Host Access Client Package for                         5733-A61
 iSeries, V2.0 Multilingual

On or after January 8, 2003, you can no longer obtain this program directly from IBM. You can obtain this program on an as-available basis through IBM authorized remarketers.

Replacement Product Information

Withdrawn Program                  Replacement Program
Host Access Client Package         Host Access Client Package
 for iSeries, V2.0                  for iSeries, V3.0 (5733-A78)

For additional information, refer to Software Announcement 202-241 , dated September 24, 2002.

Technical Support: Refer to the Technical Support section.

Technical Support

The question submission function under IBMLink™ Ask Questions — Support for this program will be withdrawn by January 8, 2003. The IBMLink ServiceLink library of answered questions and other technical information for this program remains available.

Program Services for Host Access Client Package for iSeries, V2.0 remain available until September 28, 2003.


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