IBM System Storage DR550 V4.5 solution offers simplified management and ordering

IBM United States Solutions Announcement 708-001
February 12, 2008


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At a glance

The System Storage DR550 is an award-winning, industry-proven information retention solution. In general, DR550:

  • Provides a preconfigured, integrated information retention solution
  • Offers a broad suite of software features for policy- and event-based data management
  • Provides optional encryption for data on its physical disk and attached storage devices (for example, tape)
  • Offers automatic provisioning, migration, expiration, and archiving capabilities
  • Provides the ability to use advanced WORM tape to store or back up data objects
  • Provides a high-availability option designed to avoid single points of failure
  • Provides optional synchronous and asynchronous data replication between local and remote sites

The DR550 V4.5 hardware now comes in a new packaging designed to offer improved ordering, service, and support.

For details on the new models, refer to Hardware Announcement 108-128 , dated February 12, 2008.
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System Storage™ DR550 is designed to provide a secure, scalable, and cost-effective information retention solution designed for medium and large enterprises which supports archiving of a broad range of information including files, e-mail, digital images, databases, applications, and instant messages. DR550 offers non-rewritable, non-erasable storage controls to help prevent deletion or alteration of data stored on the system. Supported by many IBM and non-IBM enterprise content-management applications, archiving with the System Storage DR550 can help companies:

  • Address regulatory and non-regulatory data retention requirements
  • Address their data growth challenges by retaining inactive business critical data in a cost-effective, secure repository
  • Manage data throughout its life cycle, supporting data retention, data security, and end-of-life destruction
  • Reduce the cost of storing data over the long term through the usage of multiple low-cost storage tiers (disk, tape, optical)
  • Increase operational efficiency

Flexible storage tiering for cost-effective long-term information retention: One of the differentiating features of DR550 is its capability to support tiers of storage within an archive. DR550 is designed to allow users to take advantage of a broad storage mix (disk, tape, and optical media).

Security and protection through data encryption and data shredding options: DR550 provides data encryption options (128-bit AES or 56-bit DES technology) to help companies protect their data when transmitted over the network, or saved to disk or tape.

Data shredding is the explicit overwrite of deleted data to make it difficult to discover and reconstruct that data later. System Storage Archive Manager supports data shredding in DR550 SSAM disk storage pools. You can perform shredding of sensitive data either automatically or manually when the data is deleted to make it more difficult to discover or reconstruct the data afterwards.

Integrated data migration: Because data outlives media, enterprises must be concerned about the migration of data from older to newer media technology. DR550 is designed to support data migration capabilities to move data from disk to tape and from generation to generation while maintaining data immutability.

Scalability: DR550 offers a scalable archiving repository of up to 168 TB of physical disk storage capacity, and additional external tape or optical storage to petabytes of storage per system.

The new and improved DR550 solutions are offered in a new packaging that allows for simplified ordering, service, and support.

DR550 supports the following optional systems:

  • IBM System Storage DR550 File System Gateway
  • IBM Tape Systems, including IBM TS1120 and LTO4 tape drives

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Key prerequisites

Orders for the System Storage DR550 V4.5 models must be configured using the eConfigurator (ECFGSSG) to ensure accurate and complete order entry.
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Planned availability date

February 29, 2008

Solution offering identifier: 5465-022 (DR550 V4.5)
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System Storage DR550 V4.5 can help companies address regulatory and compliance requirements by supporting affordable, policy-based storage capability for medium and large enterprises.

System Storage DR550 V4.5 contains preinstalled features with customization options to help provide additional data protection. The hardware is configured with preloaded software components to ease installation.

Services are also available if you prefer the installation to be performed by IBM Business Partners or IBM Global Services.

System Storage DR550 software and hardware configuration

The DR550 offering consists of the following major software and hardware components:


  • System Storage Archive Manager
  • System Storage DR550 File System Gateway software


  • System Storage DR550 Models DR1 and DR2

For additional details on the DR550 hardware and software configuration, refer to the Ordering information section.

Data retention

Data that is kept for extended periods of time poses a challenge for many organizations. Known as retention-managed data, it is most often stored in archives and repositories. As organizations address their needs to comply with corporate governance and federal and local regulations, they may need to keep necessary documents and records available for defined periods of time or indefinitely. Overall, the management and control of retention-managed data can be a significant challenge when taking into account other factors such as cost, latency, bandwidth, integration, security, privacy, and life expectancy.

System Storage DR550 can help medium and large businesses address the growing challenge of managing and protecting retention-managed data and other critical information assets with operational efficiency.

DR550 is designed to provide advanced storage management capabilities

Well-suited for archiving a broad range of electronic-based records, including e-mail, digital images, database applications, instant messages, account records, contracts or insurance claim documents, and other types of storage records, DR550 is designed to provide advanced storage management technology to enable the management and enforcement of data-retention policies. The DR550's policy-based archive data-retention capabilities support non-erasable, non-rewritable object storage.

File System Gateway

The System Storage DR550 File System Gateway enables many additional content-management applications to access the DR550 by adding NFS and CIFS network file access. Previously, only content-management applications that support the System Storage Archive Manager Application Program Interface (SSAM API) were able to access the DR550. The File System Gateway takes files that are sent using network file protocols and associates these files with a System Storage Archive Manager management policy. This is done by using customer-configurable path and file naming pattern matching rules. The File System Gateway sends these files with their associated policies to the DR550 using the SSAM application program interface. Files are retrieved using the same name and directory as they were stored under.

The File System Gateway can assign a minimum retention period to files. After this period, files are maintained until deleted by explicit action by the content management application.

Both the SSAM API and the NFS and CIFS network file protocols are supported concurrently by the DR550. This means that multiple content management applications can access the same DR550 using any combination of the SSAM API and the NFS and CIFS network file protocols.

New System Storage Archive Manager V5.5

The DR550 now supports the System Storage Archive Manager V5.5, which includes support for encryption on LT04 tape drives. The encryption support allows SSAM to provide encryption key management independent of the application with no impact to application performance.

Industry-leading data-retention features

DR550 brings a number of advanced capabilities to the data-retention marketplace. These are designed to:

  • Enable management of data that has no explicit retention period, for example employee (as long as employed) and customer (as long as account is open) data, through an event-based records management feature. It is also an excellent feature for documents that have a specific retention period that can be terminated early (for example, mortgages once paid off or financial time deposits), or for those documents that may have no specific retention period (for example, insurance policies). It can help protect these records from deletion until a specific event occurs.
  • Allow a designated object or group of objects to be protected against the normal end of life (policy expiration) process by using a deletion hold management feature. This can be very useful in the event that a record or set of records needs to be retained for legal, audit, or other reasons.
  • Enable data management on multiple tiers of storage (for example, disk, tape, and optical) using a tiered storage-management feature to provide a more cost-effective solution.
  • Help protect data by preventing explicit data deletion before retention criteria expiration.
  • Enforce data-protection policies to maintain the data in non-erasable and non-rewritable formats.
  • Support data encryption by the System Storage Archive Manager client, providing encryption in flight and on the DR550 disk or tape systems.
  • Permit users to automatically archive files from their workstations or file servers, and to retrieve archived copies of files to their local workstations or file servers through an archive client.

Disaster recovery protection

DR550 can also help protect customer data during disasters. System Storage DR550 provides support for Metro Mirror and Global Mirror. These features are designed to allow two synchronous or asynchronous copies of data to be maintained on DR550s in separate locations. DR550 provides the capability to use advanced WORM tape libraries to cost-effectively store copies of the data objects and the DR550 database to help support recovery in the event of a failure or the need to relocate to an alternate facility.

DR550 is designed to offer enterprise-class reliability, scalability, and performance

Operating in conjunction with a content-management application, DR550 can help manage data centrally through a single interface to support storage allocation and address application demands. DR550 is designed to bring many enterprise-class reliability, scalability, and performance features to open-systems and mainframe environments. They also feature many redundant hardware elements.

Technology for an on demand era

In an era in which businesses are integrating processes across the enterprise, DR550 can help clients become on demand businesses. By using a central, secure archive for valuable data, businesses can respond with improved flexibility and speed to customer demands, market opportunities, or competitive threats. DR550 integration, support of open standards, and automatic data retention capabilities can help clients become better positioned to address the on demand requirements of storing, retrieving, managing, sharing, and securing business information.

Optional IBM Global Services offerings for DR550

IBM Global Services can assist clients in developing and implementing strategies for storing, retrieving, managing, sharing, and securing retention-managed content data on demand. These strategies help companies address critical issues such as financial and regulatory reporting and compliance.

Other optional services include:

  • IBM Implementation Services offering for IBM System Storage DR550
  • MES Services via an Equipment Modification Contract for Hardware
  • IBM offerings that include implementation services and onsite software and firmware upgrades (may require a special bid in some countries)
  • Three-year maintenance upgrades
  • Implementation Services for Mirroring via TotalStorage® DS4000™ Family Enhanced Remote Mirror Services

Warranty and maintenance

Warranty and maintenance services for IBM System Storage DR550 hardware and software can be upgraded to include same-day, 24x7, four-hour response for a term of three years. For additional information, contact your IBM representative or IBM Business Partner.

Accessibility by people with disabilities

A U.S. Section 508 Voluntary Product Accessibility Template (VPAT) containing details on the products' accessibility compliance can be requested via IBM's Web site at

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Reference information

For further information on:

  • IBM System Storage Archive Manager, refer to Software Announcement 205-210 , dated September 6, 2005, and Software Announcement 207-010 , dated January 23, 2007.
  • IBM System Storage DR550 File System Gateway software, refer to Software Announcement 207-091 , dated April 24, 2007.
  • IBM Implementation Services for System Storage Data Retention, refer to Services Announcement 605-027 , dated July 26, 2005.

Business Partner information

If you are a Direct Reseller - System Reseller acquiring products from IBM, you may link directly to Business Partner information for this announcement. A PartnerWorld ID and password are required (use IBM ID).

BP Attachment for Announcement Letter 708-001


System Storage and DS4000 are trademarks of International Business Machines Corporation in the United States or other countries or both.
TotalStorage is a registered trademark of International Business Machines Corporation in the United States or other countries or both.
Other company, product, and service names may be trademarks or service marks of others.

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System Storage DR550 Web site

For additional information on IBM System Storage DR550, visit

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Ordering information

The following is a listing of the hardware machine types and models, and software products contained in the DR550 solution. Orders for the IBM System Storage™ DR550 V4.5 models must be configured using the eConfigurator (ECFGSSG) to ensure accurate and complete order entry.

DR550 components
2233-DR1  System Storage DR550 Model DR1
2233-DR2  System Storage DR550 Model DR2
5608-ARM  System Storage Archive Manager(1)
5608-AR2  System Storage Archive Mgr Reg/Ren: 1 Yr(1)
5608-AR3  System Storage Archive Mgr Reg: 3 Yr(1)
5639-DR1  System Storage DR550 File System Gateway software
5639-RR1  System Storage DR550 File System Gateway Reg/Ren: 1 Yr
5639-RR3  System Storage DR550 File System Gateway Reg: 3 Yr
(1) These are separate products, but are required for DR550 to

Orders for the DR550 that include DR550 File System Gateway (feature number 4101) must also include the corequisite DR550 File System Gateway software (product 5639-DR1). This must be done on a one-for-one basis, where each unit of machine type 2233 feature number 4101 ordered requires one unit of product 5639-DR1 software ordered.


System Storage is a trademark of International Business Machines Corporation in the United States or other countries or both.
Other company, product, and service names may be trademarks or service marks of others.

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