Announcement Letter Number 291-283 dated June 18, 1991
US - Last Revised on June 18, 1991

Brief Description of Announcement, Charges, and Availability

AIX (R) NetView (R) Service Point Version 1 allows the AIX and UNIX
(1) environments to exchange network management information with
NetView, enabling centralized NetView network management for non-SNA
devices.  As a gateway to NetView, AIX NetView Service Point operates
in a screenless environment on an IBM RISC System/6000 (TM).
       AIX NetView Service Point contains the Distributed Application
Support workstation feature which may be downloaded to a remote
machine; allowing AIX NetView Service Point applications to operate
on distributed platforms.
       Planned Availability Date:  July 26, 1991.
 (R) Registered trademark of International Business Machines
 (1) Trademark of UNIX System Laboratories Inc.
 (TM) Trademark of International Business Machines Corporation.

Customer Letter Section

o   Enhances system management by providing centralized network
    management to non-SNA devices and management systems within an
    SNA network
o   Provides the Distributed Application Support workstation feature
    -   Utilizes AIX and UNIX's existing connectivity hardware and
        software to communicate with remote machines
    -   Allows up to 10 applications to exist on a remote machine,
        eliminating the cost of additional machines
o   Improves network support personnel productivity by improving
    information, via management capabilities, to non-SNA portions of
    the network
o   Enables growth and migration in a heterogeneous network by
    allowing centralized management as another step towards total
    management integration
o   Includes national language support for 8-bit ASCII.
AIX NetView Service Point provides a function-rich gateway to NetView
for centralized management of non-SNA network elements.  It operates
on the RISC System/6000 family of POWERstations and POWERservers
running AIX and selected other equipment manufacturer (OEM) machines
running UNIX.
       AIX NetView Service Point enhances system management by:
o   Co-existing and inter-operating with management applications
    running on other systems in a heterogeneous network
o   Allowing network element management systems (NEMs), being built
    on an AIX or UNIX workstation, and NEMs already available on this
    operating system to use AIX NetView Service Point in their native
o   Assisting in translating the network elements' unique alarm and
    command language to a generic SNA format, and transporting it
    over an SSCP-PU session to and from NetView
o   Providing distributed application support, allowing
    element-specific applications to run on a remote workstation for
    administrative (security) or logistical (geographical) reasons
o   Providing the capability of managing networks through local
    element managers or centrally, with NetView
o   Complementing existing IBM network-management capabilities by
    providing management capabilities to non-SNA devices in an AIX or
    UNIX environment.
       In addition to providing the Distributed Application Support
workstation feature for centralized NetView management of remote
element-management systems or devices, AIX NetView Service Point
provides an automation capability which:
o   Can increase reliability
o   Provides a programmable interface in the AIX/UNIX native
o   Can reduce the number of remote on-site personnel required to
    manage local systems.
AIX NetView Service Point helps to protect the customer's investment
o   Providing a way of accessing the non-SNA portions of a network
    and allowing integration of the SNA and non-SNA heterogeneous
    network management information
o   Allowing NEMs running on the RISC System/6000 and OEM UNIX
    platforms to utilize their existing machines to exchange network
    management information with NetView
o   Protecting the investment in the SNA backbone by enabling access,
    via the established network, to a non-SNA management system or
o   Offering the Distributed Application Support workstation feature
    which allows applications to reside on remote machines and which
    utilizes existing network connections to communicate with the
    base AIX NetView Service Point
o   Avoiding the additional cost of the prerequisite communications
    interface machines and programs needed for NetView connectivity
    by utilizing AIX NetView Service Point's Distributed Application
    Support workstation feature.
AIX NetView Service Point helps improve support personnel
productivity by eliminating the need for multiple element-management
systems.  Element-management information may be funneled to NetView,
alleviating the need for support personnel to learn multiple user
interfaces, monitor multiple management systems, and navigate
multiple environments.  With AIX NetView Service Point:
o   Element-management alarm information is transformed into generic
    alert format and transported to NetView; an operator may view
    alarm information from  multiple heterogeneous environments in a
    standard format, and respond accordingly
o   Common operations services, such as RunCmd may be used to perform
    remote problem determination and resolution
o   Automation is facilitated through the common operations services
o   File transfer capability to CICS/DDM enables bulk data to be sent
    to the host for central processing and utilization (host file
    transfer capability is available only on the RISC System/6000).
Managing non-SNA elements from a central site helps a customer
integrate all resources in the network into a single
network-management strategy.  AIX NetView Service Point in the AIX
and UNIX environments, and NetView/PC in the OS/2 (R) and DOS
environments expand the scope of NetView into the non-SNA
environment; allowing a customer to provide central access in a step
toward central management of the total network.
       With AIX NetView Service Point's capabilities and the RISC
System/6000's power, multiple applications may be supported in a
single workstation; allowing large future growth potential as
network-management requirements expand.
       The Distributed Application Support workstation feature
provides growth enablement by allowing applications to exist on
remote machines.  Customers may conveniently add applications,
without impacting the base system's performance or resources.
 (R) Registered trademark of International Business Machines
       Availability is planned for July 26, 1991.
MACHINE REQUIREMENTS:  AIX NetView Service Point runs on the RISC
System/6000 POWERstations and POWERservers and Sun SPARCstation and
SPARCserver (2) The machine requirements for each platform are, as
 (2) Trademark of SUN Microsystems, Inc.
AIX NetView Service Point is dependent upon the AIX Version 3.1.5 for
RISC System/6000 (5756-030) and requires:
o   10 megabytes (minimum) of fixed disk storage
o   8M bytes of RAM, in addition to that for any prerequisite
    licensed programs (that is, AIX Version 3.1 for RISC System/6000
    and AIX System Network Architecture Services/6000)
       Information on RAM and fixed disk storage requirements for AIX
Version 3.1.5 for RISC System/6000 and its related licensed programs
is available in the IBM RISC System/6000 General Information and
Planning Information Kit (GK2T-0237).
       For host connectivity, one or more of the communication
adapters supported by AIX System Network Architecture Services/6000,
such as:
o   IBM Token-Ring High-Performance Network Adapter (feature number
    2970) (part number 30F2985), and appropriate cables for IBM
    Token-Ring LAN attachment
o   IBM 4-Port Multiprotocol Communications Controller (feature
    number 2700) (part number 30F8813) and 4-Port Multiprotocol
    Interface Cable (feature number 2705) (part number 41F0464), and
    appropriate cables for modem attachment (to establish an SDLC
    connection to an IBM System/370 (TM) or a supported peer
o   IBM X.25 Interface Co-Processor/2 (feature number 2960) (part
    number 22F9375), and appropriate cables for X.25 packet switching
    network attachment
       One or more of the following for distributed application
support or down-stream communications:
o   Ethernet High-Performance LAN Adapter (feature number 2980) (part
    number 30F8926), and appropriate cables for an Ethernet Version 2
    or IEEE 802.3 LAN attachment (for TCP/IP or SNA network support)
o   IBM X.25 Interface Co-Processor/2 (feature number 2960) (part

    number 22F9375), and appropriate cables for X.25 packet switching
    network attachment (for TCP/IP or SNA network support)
o   Any of the following IBM Asynchronous Adapters and appropriate
    cables for TCP/IP network support:
    -   8-Port Asynchronous Adapter, EIA-232, 422A or MIL-STD 188
    -   16-Port Asynchronous Adapter, EIA-232 or EIA-422A
    -   64-Port Asynchronous Controller.
 (TM) Trademark of International Business Machines Corporation.
AIX NetView Service Point is supported on selected Sun SPARCstations;
for example, SPARCstation 2, running SunOS (3) Version 4.1, and
o   9 megabytes (minimum) of disk storage
o   8M bytes of RAM, in addition to that required by the SunOS
    operating system and other installed programming products.
 (3) Trademark of Sun Microsystems, Incorporated.
       One or more of the following communication adapters for host
o   Four Port Bridgeway S-bus Communication Interface Adapter (high
    speed -- up to 56kbps)* (part number IS02404)
o   Four Port Bridgeway S-bus Communication Interface Adapter (low
    speed -- up to 19.2kbps)* (part number IS02404)
o   Eight Port Bridgeway S-bus Communication Interface Adapter (high
    speed -- up to 56kbps)* (part number IS03508)
o   Eight Port Bridgeway S-bus Communication Interface Adapter (low
    speed -- up to 19.2kbps)* (part number IS02408)
*  Requires appropriate cables for attachment to an SDLC connection
   to an IBM System/370.
NOTE: Adapter boards are purchased from Bridgeway Corporation:
    8585 154th Ave NE.
    Redmond, WA  98052
    (206) 881-4270
o   AIX Version 3.1.5 for RISC System/6000 (5756-030) or
o   AIX System Network Architecture Services/6000 Version 1.1
    (5601-287) or higher.
o   Sun Operating System SunOS Version 4.1 or higher to be installed
    on the Sun SPARCstation
o   Bridgeway SNA Communication Services for AIX NetView Service
    Point communication with NetView (contains device drivers,
    applications, configuration files).
One of the following for transmitting alerts and COS commands:
o   NetView for MVS/XA and MVS/ESA (TM) (5665-362) (MVS/ESA supported
    in compatibility mode)
o   NetView for MVS/ESA (5685-152)
o   NetView for MVS/370 (5665-361)
o   NetView for VM/SP with or without HPO and VM/XA (TM) (5664-204)
    (VM/XA supported in 370 mode)
o   NetView for VSE (5666-343)
One of the following for host file transfer:
o   CICS/Distributed Data Management Licensed Program (5665-463)
o   CICS/Distributed Data Management Licensed Program (VSE)
NOTE:  Host file transfer does not work in the VM environment, since
CICS/DDM is not available in the VM environment.
 (TM) Trademark of International Business Machines Corporation.
LIMITATIONS:  A limitation exists between AIX Network Management/6000
and AIX NetView Service Point, where an architected restriction will
not allow them to share the SSCP session.  AIX NetView Service Point
and the Alert Manager subcomponent of NM/6000 configured as a
collection point cannot operate, concurrently, in the same machine.
supports multiple users who may have a number of concurrent sessions.
The following can affect performance:
o   Number of concurrent users and sessions
o   Types of tasks
o   Available installed memory
o   Amount of disk space allocated for paging
o   Network loading
o   RAS and/or trace activity.
PACKAGING:  AIX NetView Service Point is shipped either on 1/4-inch
tape cartridge, 8mm tape cartridge, or 3.5-inch diskettes, and
includes AIX NetView Service Point Planning, Installation, and
       AIX NetView Service Point uses the security and auditability
features of the AIX Version 3.1.5 for RISC System/6000.
       User management is responsible for evaluation, selection, and
implementation of security features, administrative procedures, and
appropriate controls in application systems and communication
Orders for new licenses will be accepted now.
       Unless a later date is specified, orders entered before
July 26, 1991, will be scheduled for shipment August 2, 1991.  Orders
entered after the availability date will be scheduled for the week
following order entry.
BASIC LICENSE:  To order a basic license, specify the program number
and feature number 9001 for asset registration.  Specify feature
number 4090 for a one-time charge.  Specify the feature number 3501
for the Workstation Master.  The Workstation Master may not be used
until the workstation feature for a one-time charge is ordered.  Also
specify the feature number of the desired medium.
WORKSTATION FEATURE:  To order the Workstation feature for remote
application support, specify the program number, feature number 9998
for asset registration, feature number 4091 for one-time charge, and
the desired quantity (a maximum of 99 may be ordered, but technical
restrictions allow 10 only to operate at one time).
BASIC MACHINE-READABLE MATERIAL:  To order, select the feature
numbers of the desired host and workstation master distribution
ENVIRONMENT           8MM         1/4-INCH      3.5-INCH
RISC System/6000      5873        5874          5875
Sun                   5883        5884          5885
       To suppress initial shipment of machine-readable materials and
publications, and for serial number assignment only, use initial
order suppress feature number 3444.
UNLICENSED DOCUMENTATION:  A memo, and one copy of the Installation,
Operation and Programming Guide (SC31-6120) is supplied,
automatically, with the basic machine-readable material.
       Additional copies of unlicensed publications will be
available, for a fee, immediately after product availability.  These
copies may be ordered from your IBM marketing representative, through
the system library subscription service (SLSS) or by direct order.
       Subsequent updates (technical newsletters or revisions between
releases) to the publications shipped with AIX NetView Service Point
will be distributed to the user of record for as long as a license
for this program remains in effect.  A separate publication order or
subscription is not needed.
LICENSING:  AIX NetView Service Point is licensed under the terms of
the IBM Customer Agreement.
license is required for each designated machine on which the licensed
program materials will be used.
EDUCATIONAL ALLOWANCE:  15%.  This educational allowance is
applicable toward eligible license charges and is available to
qualifying institutions in accordance with the Educational Allowance
Attachment.  The educational allowance may not be added to any other
discount or allowance.
VOLUME DISCOUNT:  Not applicable.
Yes.  This licensed program will be available with source licensed
program material for some modules designated as RESTRICTED MATERIALS
OF IBM.  In addition, some modules will be available without source
licensed program materials.  These modules will be available in
object code.
TESTING PERIOD:  Two months.
WORKSTATION FEATURE:  Two-month testing also applies to the first
order of a workstation feature.
PROGRAM SERVICES:  Central service, including the IBM Support Center,
will be available until discontinued by IBM upon six months' written
                                       ONE-TIME CHARGE
AIX NetView Service Point                    $3,150
Workstation Feature                           3,150
ONE-TIME CHARGE:  Customers who pay a one-time charge for a licensed
program receive enhancements and future releases, if any, at no
additional charge.  Significant new function may be offered as an
optional feature and charged for separately.  If a replacement
program is announced and the customer elects to license the
replacement program for a one-time charge and replace the prior
program, an upgrade charge may apply.
DISTRIBUTED FEATURE ONE-TIME CHARGE:  Customers who pay a one-time
charge for additional distributed features may copy machine-readable
program material and documentation.  One copy may be made for each
additional distributed feature ordered.

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