Preview: IBM XL C, XL C/C++, and XL Fortran compilers for AIX and for Linux plan to support the POWER7 processor architecture

IBM United States Software Announcement 210-038
February 9, 2010

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Preview of IBM® XL C, XL C/C++ and XL Fortran compilers for AIX® and Linux®:

  • Planned support for the new POWER7 processor
  • Planned continued compiler enhancements for improving application code performance
  • Planned ongoing adherence to programming language standards and industry specifications
  • Premium service and support

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IBM XL family of compilers for AIX and for Linux (XL C, XL C/C++, and XL Fortran) plan to implement support for the latest POWER7 processor architecture. Release after release, these compilers continue to help improve application performance and capability, exploiting architectural enhancements made available through the advancement of the Power® technology.

IBM XL compilers are designed to optimize and tune your applications for execution on IBM Power platforms, to help you unleash the full power of your IT investment, create and maintain critical business and scientific applications, maximize application performance, and improve developer productivity. The performance gain from years of compiler optimization experience is seen in the continuous release-to-release compiler improvements that support the POWER4™ processor, through to the POWER5™ and POWER6™ processors. With the planned support of the latest POWER7 processor chip, IBM will have advanced a more than 20 year investment in the XL compilers for Power series and PowerPC® series architectures.

Over the course of releases, the IBM XL family of compilers has invested in new functions, enhancements, and standards conformance to provide you with the tools needed to develop and maintain applications to meet critical business needs. IBM has a long history of delivering innovative, high-quality compiler products to the marketplace. With the planned support for the POWER7 processors combined with premium service, IBM XL compilers are designed to provide you with the performance and support needed for optimizing critical business and scientific applications on the latest technology.

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Program Number         Program Name
(current compilers)    (current compilers)
5724-U80               XL C for AIX
5724-U81               XL C/C++ for AIX
5724-U82               XL Fortran for AIX
5724-U83               XL C/C++ for Linux
5724-U84               XL Fortran for Linux

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