IBM Solution Compliance in a Regulated Environment V6.1.1 adds multilingual support

IBM United States Software Announcement 209-206
June 23, 2009

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To order, contact your IBM® representative, an IBM Business Partner, or the Americas Call Centers at 800-IBM-CALL.

Reference: YE001

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IBM SCORE V6.1.1 adds multilingual language support for French, German, Italian, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, Japanese, Korean, Dutch, Simplified and Traditional Chinese translations.

V6.1.1 enhancements:

  • Windows® 2008 Server support - Note that Windows 2008 Server requires an upgrade.
  • Multi-select Workflow initiation - Send multiple documents on workflows in a single action. Users can select multiple documents and fill out a single workflow template and get all selected documents launched into workflows to the selected participants.
  • Allows adding users to running workflow - Workflow initiators or business administrators can add users to a current phase in a running workflow.

For details about IBM SCORE V6.1, refer to Software Announcement 209-073, dated March 24, 2009.

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Key prerequisites
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Refer to the Technical information section for details.

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Planned availability dates
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June 26, 2009: Electronic software delivery

July 3, 2009: Media and documentation

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Section 508 of the U.S. Rehabilitation Act

Solution for Compliance in Regulated Environment is capable as of July 3, 2009 , when used in accordance with IBM's associated documentation, of satisfying the applicable requirements of Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act, provided that any assistive technology used with the product properly interoperates with it. A U.S. Section 508 Voluntary Product Accessibility Template (VPAT), containing details on the products accessibility compliance, can be requested on the following Web site

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Program number
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Program    VRM                          Program name
5724-K83   6.1.1                        IBM Solution for
                                        Compliance in a Regulated

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Offering Information
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Product information is available via the Offering Information Web site

Also, visit the Passport Advantage® Web site

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No publications are shipped with this product.

The IBM Publications Center

The Publications Center is a worldwide central repository for IBM product publications and marketing material with a catalog of 70,000 items. Extensive search facilities are provided. Payment options for orders are via credit card (in the U.S.) or customer number for 20 countries. A large number of publications are available online in various file formats, and they can all be downloaded by all countries.

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Technical information
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Specified operating environment

Hardware requirements

The exact configuration you need to support your environment, with satisfactory response time, will vary depending on the size of the objects you are working with. Individual display response times vary depending on workstation speed, memory, size of objects, and network and server workload. You should consult your IBM representative to determine the recommended hardware configurations and software requirements for your utilization of the IBM SCORE solution.

Software requirements

IBM SCORE includes several IBM software products as defined in the packaging section but requires certain third-party (or vendor) products from ISI, Adobe®, and Documentum depending on the configuration that is implemented. IBM SCORE can be installed with either IBM Content Manager or Documentum Content Server as the repository but not both at the same time.

The program's specifications and specified operating environment information may be found in documentation accompanying the program, if available, such as a README file, or other information published by IBM, such as an announcement letter. Documentation and other program content may be supplied only in the English language.

Planning information


IBM SCORE V6.1.1 now uses the following components and includes them in the IBM SCORE package for usage with IBM SCORE:

  • IBM Content Manager V8.4.1
  • IBM DB2® Enterprise Server Edition V9.1
  • IBM Tivoli® Directory Server V6.1
  • IBM WebSphere® Application Server Network Deployment V6.1
  • IBM WebSphere Portal Server V6.1.0.1
  • IBM WebSphere Process Server V6.2

Security, auditability, and control

IBM Solution for Compliance in a Regulated Environment uses the security and auditability features of the host hardware or software.

The customer is responsible for evaluation, selection, and implementation of security features, administrative procedures, and appropriate controls in application systems and communication facilities.

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Software Services
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IBM Software Services has the breadth, depth, and reach to manage your services needs. You can leverage the deep technical skills of our lab-based, software services team and the business consulting, project management, and infrastructure expertise of our IBM Global Services team. Also, we extend our IBM Software Services reach through IBM Business Partners to provide an extensive portfolio of capabilities. Together, we provide the global reach, intellectual capital, industry insight, and technology leadership to support a wide range of critical business needs.

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Ordering information
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This product is only available via Passport Advantage. It is not available as shrinkwrap.

Product information

Licensed function title             Product group   Product
IBM Solution for Compliance in a    Content         Solution for
Regulated Environment               Manager         Compliance in
                                                    a Regulated
Program name                          PID        Charge unit
                                      number     description
IBM Solution for Compliance in a      5724-K83   PA Per
Regulated Environment                            Authorized User

Charge metrics definitions

Authorized User

Authorized User is the unit of measure by which this program is licensed. An Authorized User is an individual (named or unnamed) within or outside of your enterprise. The program may be installed on one or more computers or servers and accessed by the number of users authorized by the Proof of Entitlement (PoE). You must have an entitlement for each Authorized User accessing the program or any program component in any manner directly or indirectly (for example, via a multiplexing program, device, or application server) through any means.

Passport Advantage program licenses

Solution for Compliance in Regulated Environment

Part description                                         Part
IBM Solution for Compliance in a Regulated Environment
Solution for Compliance in Reg Environmt Auth Us Annual  E01QELL
 SW S&S Rnwl
Solution for Compliance in Reg Environmt Auth Us Lic +   D54VVLL
 SW S&S 12 Mo
Solution for Compliance in Reg Environmt Auth Us SW S&S  D54VWLL
 Reinstate 12 Mo

Passport Advantage supply

Program name/description                                 Part
IBM Solution for Compliance in a Regulated Environment   BF03TML
 (SCORE) V6.1.1 ML MP

Passport Advantage customer: Media pack entitlement details

Customers with active maintenance or subscription for the products listed are entitled to receive the corresponding media pack.


Entitled maintenance        Media packs description     Part
offerings description                                   number
Solution for Compliance in  IBM Solution for            BF03TML
a Regulated Environment     Compliance in a Regulated
Auth Usr                    Environment (SCORE) V6.1.1
                            ML MP
Withdrawal of previous Passport Advantage part numbers

Effective July 23, 2009,IBM will withdraw from marketing the following products licensed under the IBM International Program License Agreement. A replacement product and availability date is listed if one is available.

Withdrawn products            Replacement products
Part     Product name         Part    Product name         Avail.
no.                           no.                          date
5724-K83 Solution for
          Compliance in
          Environmen V6.1.0
BF03XEN  IBM Solution for     BF03TML IBM Solution for     07/03/09
          Compliance in a              Compliance in a
          Regulated                    Regulated
          Environment V6.1 MP          Environment (SCORE)
          EN                           V6.1.1 ML MP

Orders for these part numbers will not be accepted after the stated effective date of withdrawal, nor will normal marketing activities or educational support be available unless previous agreement exists between the customer and IBM.

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Terms and conditions
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The information provided in this announcement letter is for reference and convenience purposes only. The terms and conditions that govern any transaction with IBM are contained in the applicable contract documents such as the IBM International Program License Agreement, IBM International Passport Advantage Agreement, and the IBM Agreement for Acquisition of Software Maintenance.


IBM International Program License Agreement including the License Information document and Proof of Entitlement (PoE) govern your use of the Program. PoEs are required for all authorized use.

Part number products only, offered outside of Passport Advantage, where applicable, are license only and do not include Software Maintenance.

License Information form number
Program name                              Program    Form number
Solution for Compliance in Regulated      5724-K83   L-GFUR-7RBQ3C

The program's License Information will be available for review on the IBM Software License Agreement Web site
Limited warranty applies


Money-back guarantee

If for any reason you are dissatisfied with the program and you are the original licensee, you may obtain a refund of the amount you paid for it, if within 30 days of your invoice date you return the program and its PoE to the party from whom you obtained it. If you downloaded the program, you may contact the party from whom you acquired it for instructions on how to obtain the refund.

For programs acquired under the IBM International Passport Advantage Agreement, this term applies only to your first acquisition of the program.

Authorization for use on home/portable computer

The program may be stored on the primary machine and another machine, provided that the program is not in active use on both machines at the same time. You may not copy and use this program on another computer without paying additional license fees.

Solution for Compliance in Regulated Environment:  No
International Passport Agreement
Volume orders (IVO)


Passport Advantage applies

Yes, and through the Passport Advantage Web site at

This product is only available via Passport Advantage. It is not available as shrinkwrap.

Other terms
IBM Operational Support Services - SoftwareXcel


System i Software Maintenance applies


Educational allowance available

Not applicable.

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For additional information and current prices, contact your local IBM representative.

Passport Advantage

For Passport Advantage information and charges, contact your IBM representative or authorized IBM Business Partner. Additional information is also available at

Business Partner information

If you are an IBM Business Partner -- Distributor for Workstation Software acquiring products from IBM, you may link to Passport Advantage Online for resellers where you can obtain Business Partner pricing information. An IBM ID and password are required.

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Order now
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To order, contact your local IBM representative or your IBM Business Partner.

To identify your local IBM Business Partner or IBM representative, call 800-IBM-4YOU (426-4968). For more information, contact the Americas Call Centers.

Phone:     800-IBM-CALL (426-2255)
Fax:       800-2IBM-FAX (242-6329)
For IBM representative:
For IBM Business Partner:
Mail:      IBM Americas Call Centers
           IBM CALL, 6th Floor
           105 Moatfield Drive
           North York, Ontario
           Canada  M3B 3R1
Reference: YE001

The Americas Call Centers, our national direct marketing organization, can add your name to the mailing list for catalogs of IBM products.

Note: Shipments will begin after the planned availability date.


IBM, Passport Advantage, DB2, Tivoli and WebSphere are registered trademarks of IBM Corporation in the United States, other countries, or both.

Windows is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation in the United States, other countries, or both.

Adobe is a registered trademark of Adobe Systems Incorporated in the United States, and/or other countries.

Other company, product, and service names may be trademarks or service marks of others.

Terms of use

IBM products and services which are announced and available in your country can be ordered under the applicable standard agreements, terms, conditions, and prices in effect at the time. IBM reserves the right to modify or withdraw this announcement at any time without notice. This announcement is provided for your information only. Additional terms of use are located at:

For the most current information regarding IBM products, consult your IBM representative or reseller, or visit the IBM worldwide contacts page


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