IBM Tivoli Contract Compliance Manager V3.7 helps manage software costs

IBM United States Software Announcement 205-187
August 9, 2005


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At a glance

IBM Tivoli Contract Compliance Manager V3.7 provides help in supporting:

  • A flexible, robust contract management system
  • Contract negotiation leverage
  • Contract compliance
  • Invoice verification
  • Budget preparation and maintenance
  • Disaster recovery

For ordering, contact:

Your IBM representative, an IBM Business Partner, or IBM Americas Call Centers at 800-IBM-CALL (Reference: SE001).
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IBM Tivoli® Contract Compliance Manager, a contract management system, efficiently manages IT agreements. With IBM Tivoli Contract Compliance Manager, you can perform contract management tasks such as management of unique agreements, license compliance assurance, preparation and maintenance of budgets, tracking of invoice payments, control of password allocation, and timely reminders of important dates. IBM Tivoli Contract Compliance Manager's highly customizable data fields and intuitive user interface enables users to create and view the contract information they need for the specific tasks they need to accomplish.

IBM Tivoli Contract Compliance Manager has been added to the Tivoli software portfolio as a result of the recent purchase of Isogon Corporation by IBM. This product is now offered in accordance with IBM terms, pricing, and fulfillment practices. Customers on maintenance for Isogon's Vista will be offered the opportunity to migrate their entitlements to the IBM offering being announced.
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Key prerequisites

For details, refer to the Hardware requirements and Software requirements sections.

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Planned availability date

August 12, 2005

  • Electronic software delivery
  • Media and documentation

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IBM Tivoli Contract Compliance Manager enables the negotiation of better contracts through timely notifications, scanned contract reviews, and key terms and conditions comparisons. With IBM Tivoli Contract Compliance Manager, you can quickly identify potential contract compliance violations by viewing scope clauses and usage rights terms.

With the ability to store contract information and scanned contracts, IBM Tivoli Contract Compliance Manager provides an essential backup for lost original contract. Contracts and invoices can be compared to verify invoice accuracy. IBM Tivoli Contract Compliance Manager's flexible data fields enables organizations to create and maintain budgets that are unique to their environment.

Migration information

Over time, you will be contacted by IBM to migrate your use entitlements from the current portfolio to the replacement product. The table which follows provides a mapping. You must be current on maintenance to be eligible for migrations; if you are not current you will have to pay a get-current or maintenance reinstatement fee.

The conversion is for the same capacity as currently licensed when converted to the pricing metric announced for the replacement offering (for example, server or capacity units to processors). Initial migration quotes will be generated using standard ratios, although you will be migrated to ensure that you are entitled to use the software on the same systems that you are currently managing by adjusting the processor quantities where required.

Current offering              Replacement offering
Isogon Vista                  IBM Tivoli Contract
                               Compliance Manager

Reference information

The Isogon acquisition has entitled software (ESW) offerings that are also being announced as available through IBM pricing, terms, and fulfillment.

Refer to Software Announcement 205-185 , dated August 9, 2005.


Tivoli is a registered trademark of International Business Machines Corporation in the United States or other countries or both.
Other company, product, and service names may be trademarks or service marks of others.

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Offering Information

Product information is available via the Offering Information Web site

Also, visit the Passport Advantage® Web site

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No publications are shipped with this product.

The IBM Publications Center

The Publications Center is a worldwide central repository for IBM product publications and marketing material with a catalog of 70,000 items. Extensive search facilities are provided. Payment options for orders are via credit card (in the U.S.) or customer number for 50 countries. A large number of publications are available online in various file formats, and they can all be downloaded by all countries free of charge.

The IBM Publications Notification System (PNS)

PNS enables subscribers to set up profiles of interest by order number/product number. PNS subscribers automatically receive e-mail notifications of all new publications defined in their profiles. These may then be ordered/downloaded from the Publications Center.

The PNS site is available in English and Canadian French.
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Technical information

Specified operating environment

Hardware requirements

The managing server requires the following hardware platform:

  • Intel™ Pentium™ 3 processor 2 GHz, or higher
  • 1 GB RAM
  • 2 GB free disk space

The client machine requires the following hardware:

  • Intel Pentium 3 processor 1 GHz, or higher
  • 512 MB RAM
  • 1 GB free disk space

Software requirements

The server requires one of the following operating systems:

  • Windows™ Server 2000 with SQL Server 2000
  • Windows Server 2003 with SQL Server 2000

The client requires one of the following operating systems:

  • Windows 2000 Professional
  • Windows XP Professional

Limitations: IBM Tivoli® Contract Compliance Manager product is available only in U.S. English.

Planning information

Software Maintenance, previously referred to as Software Subscription and Technical Support, is included in the Passport Advantage Agreement. Installation and technical support is provided by the Software Maintenance offering of the IBM International Passport Advantage Agreement. This fee service enhances customer productivity, with voice and electronic access into IBM support organizations.


IBM Tivoli License Manager for Contact Compliance V3.7 is distributed with:

  • International Program License Agreement (Z125-3301)
  • License Information document
  • Memo to users with key information
  • CD-ROM media
  • Publications (refer to the Publications section)

Security, auditability, and control

IBM Tivoli Contract Compliance Manager uses the security and auditability features of the operating system software.

The customer is responsible for evaluation, selection, and implementation of security features, administrative procedures, and appropriate controls in application systems and communication facilities.

IBM Tivoli Enhanced Value-Based Pricing terminology

IBM Tivoli Enhanced Value-Based Pricing: IBM Tivoli software products are priced using IBM Tivoli's Enhanced Value-Based Pricing. The Enhanced Value-Based Pricing system is based upon the IBM Tivoli Environment-Managed Licensing Model, which uses a managed-environment approach — whereby price is determined by what is managed rather than the number and type of product components installed.

For example, all servers monitored with IBM Tivoli's monitoring product (IBM Tivoli Monitoring) require entitlements sufficient for those servers. Other IBM Tivoli products may manage clients, client devices, agents, network nodes, users, or other items, and are licensed and priced accordingly.

Unlike typical systems management licensing models that require entitlements of specific software components to specific systems, the IBM Tivoli Environment-Managed Licensing Model provides the customer flexibility to deploy its IBM Tivoli software products within its environment in a manner that can address and respond to the customer's evolving architecture. That is, as the architecture of a customer's environment changes, the customer's implementation of IBM Tivoli software can be altered, as needed, without affecting the customer's license requirements (as long as the customer does not exceed its entitlements to the software).

Under Enhanced Value-Based Pricing, licensing and pricing of server-oriented applications are determined based upon the server's use in the customer's environment. Typically, such applications are licensed and priced in a manner that corresponds to each installed and activated processor of the server managed by the IBM Tivoli application to help correlate price to value while offering a simple solution.

Where a server is physically partitioned, this approach is modified. This partitioning technique is the approach used with systems that have either multiple cards or multiple frames, each of which can be configured independently. For servers capable of physical partitioning (for example, IBM eServer pSeries® Scalable POWERparallel® Systems servers, Sun Ultra servers, and HP Superdome servers), an entitlement is required for each processor in the physical partition being managed by the IBM Tivoli application. For example, assume that a server has 24 processors installed in aggregate. If this server is not partitioned, entitlements are required for all 24 processors. If, however, it is physically partitioned into three partitions each containing eight processors, and Tivoli products were managing only one of the three partitions, then entitlements would be required for the eight processors on the physical partition managed by the IBM Tivoli application.

For servers with virtual or logical partitions, entitlements are required for all installed and activated processors on the server. For each IBM Tivoli application managing a clustered environment, licensing is based on the cumulative number of installed and activated processors on each server in the cluster for each IBM Tivoli application managing the cluster. Where the cluster includes physically partitioned servers, the considerations described above, concerning physically partitioned servers, apply as well.

Enhanced Value-Based Pricing recognizes the convergence of RISC/UNIX® and Microsoft™ Windows/Intel technologies, in order to simplify the customer's licensing requirements, and to provide a smoother, more scalable model. Pricing and licensing does not differentiate between non-zSeries® server platforms or operating systems. For some products, this platform neutrality extends to zSeries and other host servers as well.

IBM Tivoli Enhanced Value-Based Pricing terminology definitions

Client device or client

A client device is a computer system that requests the execution of a set of commands, procedures, or applications from another computer system that is typically referred to as a server. Multiple client devices may share access to a common server. A client device generally has some processing capability or is programmable to allow a user to do work. Examples include, but are not limited to, notebook computers, desktop computers, desk side computers, technical workstations, appliances, personal digital assistants, automated teller machines, point-of-sale terminals, tills and cash registers, and kiosks.

Millions of Service Units (MSU)

An MSU is defined as millions of Central Processing Unit (CPU) service units per hour; the measure of capacity used to describe the computing power of the hardware processors on which S/390® or zSeries software runs. Processor MSU values are determined by the hardware vendor, IBM, or Software Compatible Vendors (SCVs).

For more detailed information about PSLC pricing, go to

Network node or node

Network nodes include routers, switches, hubs, and bridges that contain a network management agent. A single network node may contain any number of interfaces or ports.


A server's resources (CPU, memory, I/O, interconnects and buses) may be divided according to the needs of the applications running on the server. This partitioning can be implemented with physical boundaries (Physical Partitions) or logical boundaries (Logical Partitions).

Physical Partitions are defined by a collection of processors dedicated to a workload and can be used with systems that have either multiple cards or multiple frames, each of which can be configured independently. In this method, the partitions are divided along hardware boundaries and processors, and the I/O boards, memory, and interconnects are not shared.

Logical Partitions are defined by software rather than hardware and allocate a pool of processing resources to a collection of workloads. These partitions, while separated by software boundaries, share hardware components and run in one or more physical partitions.


A port is the physical connection between a device and the network.


A processor is a functional unit in a computer that interprets and executes instructions. A processor consists of at least an instruction control unit and an arithmetic and logic unit.


A server is a computer system that executes requested procedures, commands, or applications to one or more clients and/or other devices over a network. Examples include, but are not limited to, file servers, print servers, mail servers, database servers, application servers, and Web servers.

Standby or backup systems

For programs running or resident on backup machines, IBM defines three types of situations: cold, warm, and hot. In the cold and warm situations, a separate entitlement for the copy on the backup machine is normally not required and typically no additional charge applies. In a hot backup situation, the customer needs to acquire another license or entitlements sufficient for that server. All programs running in backup mode must be solely under the customer's control, even if they are running at another enterprise's location.

As a practice, the following are definitions and allowable actions concerning the copy of the program used for backup purposes.


A copy of the program may reside, for backup purposes, on a machine as long as the program is not started. There is no additional charge for this copy.


A copy of the program may reside for backup purposes on a machine and is started, but is idling, and is not doing any work of any kind. There is no additional charge for this copy.


A copy of the program may reside for backup purposes on a machine, is started, and is doing work. The customer must acquire a license or entitlements for this copy and there will generally be an additional charge.

Doing work, includes, for example, production, development, program maintenance, and testing. It also could include other activities such as mirroring of transactions, updating of files, synchronization of programs, data or other resources (for example, active linking with another machine, program, database, or other resource, and so on), or any activity or configurations that would allow an active hot switch or other synchronized switch over between programs, databases, or other resources to occur.

In the case of a program or system configuration that is designed to support a high availability environment by using various techniques (for example, duplexing, mirroring of files or transactions, maintaining a "heartbeat", active linking with another machine, program, database, or other resource, and so on), the program is considered to be doing work in the hot situation and a license or entitlement must be purchased.

Value Units

A Value Unit is a metric used to compute license quantities, is program specific, and is typically only used on products managing zSeries systems.

Product Web site

A complete list of products and licensing documents is available at

Passport Advantage: Through the Passport Advantage Agreement, customers may receive discounted pricing based on their total volume of eligible products, across all IBM brands, acquired worldwide. The volume is measured by determining the total "Passport Advantage points value" of the applicable acquisitions. Passport Advantage points are only used for calculating the entitled Passport Advantage discount.

To determine the required Tivoli product configuration under Passport Advantage, the Tivoli Enhanced Value-Based Pricing Model applies. The customer's environment is evaluated on a per-product basis.

Use the following two-step process to determine the total Passport Advantage points value:

  1. Analyze the customer environment to determine the number of Tivoli Management Points or other charge unit for a product. The quantity of each product's part numbers to be ordered is determined by that analysis.
  2. Order the Passport Advantage part numbers. A Passport Advantage point value, which is the same worldwide for a specific part number regardless of where the order is placed, is assigned to each Tivoli product part number. The Passport Advantage point value for the applicable part number, multiplied by the quantity for that part number, will determine the Passport Advantage points for that Tivoli product part number. The sum of these Passport Advantage points determines the Passport Advantage point value of the applicable Tivoli product authorizations which then may be aggregated with the point value of other applicable Passport Advantage product acquisitions to determine the total Passport Advantage points value.

The discounted pricing available through Passport Advantage is expressed in the form of Suggested Volume Prices (SVPs), which vary depending on the SVP level. Each SVP level is assigned a minimum total Passport Advantage point value, which must be achieved, in order to qualify for that SVP level.

Media packs and documentation packs do not carry Passport Advantage points and are not eligible for SVP discounting.

For additional information on Passport Advantage, refer to the following Web site

The following Passport Advantage part number categories may be orderable:

  • License and Software Maintenance 12 Months — this is the product authorization with maintenance to the first anniversary date.
  • Annual Software Maintenance Renewal — this is the maintenance renewal for one anniversary that applies when a customer renews their existing coverage period prior to the anniversary date at which it expires.
  • Software Maintenance Reinstatement 12 Months — this is for customers who have allowed their Software Maintenance to expire, and later wish to reinstate their Software Maintenance.
  • Media packs — these are the physical media, such as CD-ROMs, that deliver the product's code.
  • Documentation packs — these contain printed documentation such as the User's Guide and Release Notes.
  • Custom Build Registration — this is used with products that have an IBM zSeries component. Ordering this part number results in a process to enable the customer to receive the zSeries code via the z/OS® Customized Offerings packaging techniques, that is, ServerPac, SystemPac®, or the Custom Build Product Delivery Option (CBPDO).

Pricing examples

IBM Tivoli Contract Compliance Manager: The application or managing server (where the IBM Tivoli Contract Compliance Manager server code is running) is the server to which the per-processor licensing applies and is an exception to the Environment-Managed model.

The customer wants to manage its IT contracts from one of its servers. The customer performs contract management tasks from one of its two-way servers.

                            Quantity in             Processor
                            customer                entitlements
Managing system             environment             required
2-way (managing             1                       2
Total Processor                                     2

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Ordering information

This product is only available via Passport Advantage. It is not available as shrinkwrap.

Product information

function title            Product group         Product category
IBM Tivoli Contract       Configurations        Tivoli Contract
 Compliance Manager        and Operations        Compliance
 Program name              PID number            Manager Charge
                                                 unit description
IBM Tivoli Contract       5724-M25              Processors
 Compliance Manager

Charge metrics definitions


In Full Capacity charging — PoEs must be acquired for all activated processors (available for use) that are on the server where the program or a component of the program is run.

  1. If there are program components included in the offering whose function is not to be included in the charge metric, these must be listed in the program-unique terms of the license information.
  2. IBM defines a physical processor in a computer as a functional unit that interprets and executes instructions. A physical processor consists of at least an instruction control unit and one or more arithmetic and logic units.
  3. Multi-core technology allows two or more processors (commonly called cores) to be active on a single silicon chip. Unless otherwise announced, with multi-core technology, IBM considers each core to be a physical processor. For example, in a dual-core chip, there are two physical processors residing on the single silicon chip.
  4. In the zSeries Integrated Facility for Linux™ (IFL) environment, each IFL engine is considered a single physical processor.
  5. Threading, a technique which makes a single processor seem to perform as two or more, does not affect the count of physical processors.
  6. Where blade technology is employed, each blade is considered a separate server and charging is based upon the total number of processors on the blade on which the program is run.

Passport Advantage customer: Media pack entitlement details

Customers with active maintenance or subscription for the products listed are entitled to receive the corresponding media pack.

Tivoli Contract Compliance Manager V3.7.0

offerings                 Media packs                    Part
description               description                    number
Tivoli Contract           Tiv Contract Comp Mgr          BJ0FUNA
 Compliance                English U.S. Windows
 Manager Per               2000, Windows XP
 Processor                 CD-ROM Digital Disk
                           -- ISO 9660 Standard

New licensees: Orders for new licenses will be accepted now.

Shipment will begin on the planned availability date.

Basic license Ordering information for Passport Advantage

Passport Advantage allows you to have a common anniversary date for Software Maintenance renewals, which can simplify management and budgeting for eligible new versions and releases (and related technical support) for your covered products. The anniversary date, established at the start of your Passport Advantage Agreement, will remain unchanged while your Passport Advantage Agreement remains in effect. New software purchases will initially include twelve full months of maintenance coverage. Maintenance in the second year (the first year of renewal) can be prorated to be coterminous with your common anniversary date. Thereafter, all Software Maintenance will renew at the common anniversary date and include 12 full months of maintenance.

Refer to the IBM International Passport Advantage Agreement and to the IBM Software Maintenance Handbook for specific terms relating to, and a more complete description of, technical support provided through Software Maintenance.

The quantity to be specified for the Passport Advantage part numbers in the following table is per processor. To order for Passport Advantage, specify the desired part number and quantity.

Passport Advantage program licenses

Tivoli Contract Compliance Manager

Part description                                         number
IBM Tivoli Contract Compliance Manager
IBM Tivoli Contract Compliance                           E01UELL
IBM Tivoli Contract Compliance Manager                   D5576LL
IBM Tivoli Contract Compliance                           D5575LL
 Manger Proc LIC+SW MAINT 12 MO

To order a media pack for Passport Advantage, specify the part number in the desired quantity from the following table:

Description                                              number
IBM Tivoli Contract Compliance                           BJ0FUNA
 Manager, V3.7, Win, U.S. Eng MP

Tivoli Contract Compliance Manager is also available via Web download from Passport Advantage.
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Terms and conditions

This product is only available via Passport Advantage. It is not available as shrinkwrap.

Licensing: IBM International Program License Agreement. Proofs of Entitlement (PoE) are required for all authorized use.

Part number products only, offered outside of Passport Advantage, where applicable, are license only and do not include Software Maintenance.

This software license includes Software Maintenance, previously referred to as Software Subscription and Technical Support.

License information form number

Program name                   number              Form number
Tivoli Contract                5724-M25            L-NSTL-6DV7SC
 Compliance Manager

Limited warranty applies: Yes

Warranty: This program has warranty for a minimum of one year from acquisition from IBM or authorized IBM Business Partner. The warranty provided to the customer, for at least one year from acquisition, is access to databases (read Web sites) for program information and FAQs, including any known fixes to defects, which the customer can download or obtain otherwise and install at leisure.

Program technical support: Technical support of a program product will be available for a minimum of three years from the general availability date, as long as your Software Maintenance is in effect. This technical support allows you to obtain assistance (via telephone or electronic means) from IBM for product-specific, task-oriented questions regarding the installation and operation of the program product. Software Maintenance also provides you with access to updates, releases, and versions of the program. Customers will be notified, via announcement letter, of discontinuance of support with 12 months' notice. If you require additional technical support from IBM, including an extension of support beyond the discontinuance date, contact your IBM representative or IBM Business Partner. This extension may be available for a fee.

Money-back guarantee: If for any reason you are dissatisfied with the program and you are the original licensee, return it within 30 days from the invoice date, to the party (either IBM or its reseller) from whom you acquired it, for a refund.

  • For programs acquired under the IBM International Passport Advantage offering, this term applies only to your first acquisition of the program.

Copy and use on home/portable computer: No

Volume orders (IVO): No

Passport Advantage applies

Yes, and through the Passport Advantage Web site at

Usage restriction: Yes. Usage is limited to the number of processors licensed.

Software Maintenance applies: Yes

Software Maintenance, previously referred to as Software Subscription and Technical Support, is included in the Passport Advantage Agreement. Installation and technical support is provided by the Software Maintenance offering of the IBM International Passport Advantage Agreement. This fee service enhances customer productivity, with voice and electronic access into IBM support organizations.

IBM includes one year of Software Maintenance with the initial license acquisition of each program acquired. The initial period of Software Maintenance can be extended by the purchase of a renewal option that is available.

While your Software Maintenance is in effect, IBM provides you assistance for your routine, short duration installation and usage (how-to) questions, and code-related questions. IBM provides assistance via telephone and, if available, electronic access, only to your information systems (IS) technical support personnel during the normal business hours (published prime shift hours) of your IBM support center. (This assistance is not available to your end users.) IBM provides Severity 1 assistance 24 hours a day, every day of the year. For additional details, consult your IBM Software Support Guide at

Software Maintenance does not include assistance for the design and development of applications, your use of programs in other than their specified operating environment, or failures caused by products for which IBM is not responsible under this agreement.

For more information about the Passport Advantage Agreement, visit the Passport Advantage Web site at

iSeries™ Software Maintenance applies: No

Educational allowance available: Not applicable
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IBM Electronic Services

IBM Global Services has transformed its delivery of hardware and software support services to put you on the road to higher systems availability. IBM Electronic Services is a Web-enabled solution that provides you with an exclusive, no additional charge enhancement to the service and support on the IBM eServer. You should benefit from greater system availability due to faster problem resolution and preemptive monitoring. IBM Electronic Services is comprised of two separate but complementary elements: IBM Electronic Services news page and IBM Electronic Service Agent™.

IBM Electronic Services news page provides you with a single Internet entry point that replaces the multiple entry points traditionally used by customers to access IBM Internet services and support. The news page enables you to gain easier access to IBM resources for assistance in resolving technical problems.

The IBM Electronic Service Agent is no additional charge software that resides on your IBM eServer system. It is designed to proactively monitor events and transmit system inventory information to IBM on a periodic, customer-defined timetable. The IBM Electronic Service Agent tracks system inventory, hardware error logs, and performance information. If the server is under a current IBM maintenance service agreement or within the IBM warranty period, the Service Agent automatically reports hardware problems to IBM. Early knowledge about potential problems enables IBM to provide proactive service that maintains higher system availability and performance. In addition, information collected through the Service Agent will be made available to IBM service support representatives when they are helping answer your questions or diagnosing problems.

To learn how IBM Electronic Services can work for you, visit

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Information on charges is available at

Select "United States" and then link #2 for Access to Purchase/Upgrade tools page (Non-service link applications).

Passport Advantage

For Passport Advantage information and charges, contact your IBM representative or authorized IBM Business Partner. Additional information is also available at

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Order now

To order, contact the Americas Call Centers, your local IBM representative, or your IBM Business Partner.

To identify your local IBM representative or IBM Business Partner, call 800-IBM-4YOU (426-4968).

 Phone:     800-IBM-CALL (426-2255)
 Fax:       800-2IBM-FAX (242-6329)
 Mail:      IBM Americas Call Centers
            Dept:  IBM CALL, 11th Floor
            105 Moatfield Drive
            North York, Ontario
            Canada M3B 3R1
 Reference: SE001

The Americas Call Centers, our national direct marketing organization, can add your name to the mailing list for catalogs of IBM products.

Note: Shipments will begin after the planned availability date.


iSeries, Electronic Service Agent, and IBMLink are trademarks of International Business Machines Corporation in the United States or other countries or both.
Passport Advantage, Tivoli, POWERparallel, pSeries, zSeries, S/390, eServer, z/OS, and SystemPac are registered trademarks of International Business Machines Corporation in the United States or other countries or both.
Intel and Pentium are trademarks of Intel Corporation.
Windows and Microsoft are trademarks of Microsoft Corporation.
UNIX is a registered trademark of the Open Company in the United States and other countries.
Linux is a trademark of Linus Torvalds in the United States, other countries or both
Other company, product, and service names may be trademarks or service marks of others.

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