IBM Tivoli Output Manager for z/OS V2.1 delivers enhanced report management and distribution for the z/OS enterprise

IBM United States Software Announcement 204-022
February 24, 2004

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(Corrected on March 17, 2004)

Two paragraphs added to the Software requirements section.

At a glance

IBM Tivoli Output Manager for z/OS V2.1:

  • Provides convenient online access to the z/OS-based reports that are specifically needed
  • Maximizes printing convenience and helps reduce printing costs
  • Delivers a Web-based report viewer and archive viewer
  • Helps identify and highlight exception conditions
  • Helps track and audit data distribution to maintain better security

For ordering, contact:

Your IBM representative, an IBM Business Partner, or IBM Americas Call Centers at 800-IBM-CALL (Reference: LE001).
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IBM Output Manager for z/OS® is renamed to IBM Tivoli® Output Manager for z/OS. V2.1 of IBM Tivoli Output Manager for z/OS replaces V1.1 of IBM Output Manager for z/OS.

IBM Tivoli Output Manager for z/OS V2.1 captures enterprise data from existing z/OS applications, distributes it online, makes outputs easily available to business decision makers, and helps track data distribution and usage for auditing and planning purposes.

IBM Tivoli Output Manager for z/OS V2.1 automates report distribution, helping you:

  • Collect and manage historical report data and attributes
  • Transform data into customized reports
  • Perform both online and batch printing jobs
  • Quickly respond to current business trends and make strategic decisions
New in V2.1
  • Web-based report viewer
  • Archive viewer
  • Recall of hierarchical storage manager (HSM) migrated reports
  • Catalog synchronization
  • Internal and external security functionality
  • Exception processing

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Key prerequisites

Refer to the Software requirements section.

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Planned availability date

March 12, 2004
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IBM Tivoli Output Manager for z/OS V2.1 is designed for the enterprise looking to extend the value of their existing strategic investments in IBM z/OS computing platforms. By taking advantage of the strategic strengths and manageability of z/OS, and through its robust security features, IBM Tivoli Output Manager for z/OS V2.1 helps you more easily meet escalating demands for additional, better information within the z/OS environment. It can be an affordable choice for any enterprise that uses one of IBM's most scalable computing platforms for its data management.

IBM Tivoli Output Manager for z/OS V2.1 provides many z/OS application output management capabilities in a single tool in place of the multiple z/OS-based tools or facilities that you may have previously required. IBM Tivoli Output Manager V2.1 helps you:

  • Access reports via a Web browser
  • Quickly identify which reports are to be captured
  • Recall third-party archived and HSM migrated reports
  • Designate named recipients via distribution lists
  • Easily divide and distribute data outputs appropriately with rules-based management
  • Increase efficiency and convenience when utilizing online and batch printing

New features of V2.1

Web-based report viewer: This function allows you to view IBM Tivoli Output Manager for z/OS V2.1 archived system output (SYSOUT) and custom reports using a Web browser, such as Microsoft™ Internet Explorer.

Archive viewer: This function provides a conversion process to register Computer Associates' View archived reports in the IBM Tivoli Output Manager for z/OS V2.1 archive table. This conversion process allows you to access Computer Associates' View archived reports through the IBM Tivoli Output Manager for z/OS V2.1 interface.

Banner pages: This function allows you to provide additional information with your printed reports.

Recall of HSM migrated reports: A batch recall process for HSM migrated data sets allows you to recall HSM migrated data sets for use with IBM Tivoli Output Manager for z/OS V2.1.

Catalog synchronization: The catalog synchronization process allows you to keep IBM Tivoli Output Manager for z/OS V2.1 archive report tables in sync with the z/OS catalog.

User messages: User messages allow administrators to set four categories of messages: system, administrator, auditor, and user. The message category corresponds to the class of user to which the message is to be displayed.

Internal and external security functionality: IBM Tivoli Output Manager for z/OS V2.1 implements security on both internal and external levels. External security allows you to manage and secure IBM Tivoli Output Manager for z/OS V2.1 resources by leveraging existing Resource Access Control Facility (RACF®) security via the Security Authorization Facility (SAF) router interface. Internal security allows you to categorize users into three groups (users, administrators, and auditors), and is designed to provide each user group with the appropriate access to product functionality. IBM Tivoli Output Manager for z/OS V2.1 also deals with security at the archive data set level. By leveraging the RACF security definitions already in place in your environment, you can establish the level of access to IBM Tivoli Output Manager for z/OS V2.1 archive data sets appropriate for each user.

Exception processing: This function examines Job Entry System (JES) data sets during standard output capture to help identify and highlight exceptional conditions.

Subselector rules: Subselector rules allow report administrators to assign different attributes to SYSOUT selected by the same selector. This can enable the specification of different retention periods for captured reports at a more granular level. The fields specified in the selector definition are passed to JES via the Spool Application Programming Interface (SAPI). JES returns SYSOUT to IBM Tivoli Output Manager for z/OS V2.1 one SYSOUT at a time. Whenever IBM Tivoli Output Manager for z/OS V2.1 is ready to create a new archive for a SYSOUT data set, the subselector rules, if any, are searched. If a match is found, then any control field that was specified is used instead of the control field from the selector.

Enhancements from V1.1 to V2.1

Copy/cut/paste commands: Copy, cut, and paste commands are available on some of IBM Tivoli Output Manager for z/OS's detail-level panels. These commands allow you to copy/cut information from existing detail-level and paste information from the clipboard into new panels where you can edit the information as needed.

Activate command: The activate command now allows report administrators to activate the current policy from within the IBM Tivoli Output Manager for z/OS V2.1 dialog.

Print confirmation: When requesting a print or reprint, a report confirmation dialog will now be displayed. This allows you to confirm what is to be printed prior to it being printed. Preferences can be set to turn off the confirmation.

Layout assistance tools: IBM Tivoli Output Manager for z/OS V2.1 ships a tool that can be used to facilitate the creation of layout information. By assigning this tool a PF key when using Interactive System Productivity Facility (ISPF) view or edit, you can place the cursor on the field in a report and press the PF key, and a message is produced showing the row and column number of that field.

Report requeuing capability: IBM Tivoli Output Manager for z/OS V2.1 allows you to specify the output class and destination to requeue output for normal error and line limit dispositions.

Section 508 of the U.S. Rehabilitation Act

IBM Tivoli Output Manager for z/OS V2.1 is capable as of February 24, 2004, when used in accordance with IBM's associated documentation, of satisfying the applicable requirements of Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act, provided that any assistive technology used with the product properly interoperates with it.

Value Unit based pricing

Value Unit based pricing will help to align the prices of these products to the principle of the PSLC pricing curve which provides for a lower price per MSU (millions of service units per hour) for larger capacities.

There is also a price benefit when customers grow their capacity. Additional capacity will based on the number of Value Units (MSUs) the customer has already installed. For example, additional capacity will not be priced starting at the base with a higher price per unit but on the capacity that is already installed.

Note that Value Units of a given product cannot be exchanged, interchanged, or aggregated with Value Units of another product.

IPLA and Subscription and Support considerations

IPLA licenses can be transferred from one machine to another within, but not limited to, an enterprise. The customer may aggregate the capacity for all the processors the product is operated on to achieve a more economic price. This will result in a single Proof of Entitlement. It is the customer's responsibility to manage the distribution of Value Units within the limits of the entitlement of the product license.

Subscription and Support must cover the same capacity as the product license entitlement. Subscription and Support will be available in the country in which the agreement is made.
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Product positioning

IBM Tivoli Output Manager for z/OS V2.1 can be an ideal product for z/OS users who need to manage output distribution, helping ease the pain of everyday report management tasks. Specifically, IBM Tivoli Output Manager for z/OS V2.1 may be of interest to z/OS users who have a need to:

  • Move to an IBM solution from alternative vendor products, such as Computer Associates' View, Deliver, or Dispatch
  • Use a single, integrated product solution versus alternative vendor solutions that may require multiple product offerings
  • Customize reports for end-user needs
  • Capture, track, and manage report data as well as the conditions under which those reports were generated


Perform is a trademark of International Business Machines Corporation in the United States or other countries or both.
z/OS, Tivoli, and RACF are registered trademarks of International Business Machines Corporation in the United States or other countries or both.
Microsoft is a trademark of Microsoft Corporation.
Other company, product, and service names may be trademarks or service marks of others.

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Education support

Training is available, or will be available, for many IBM Tivoli® products. Education is offered through IBM Learning Services and through IBM Tivoli Software Authorized Training Providers.

For current information on IBM Tivoli software education, visit the IBM Tivoli Software Education Web page at

or call 888-746-3331.

Current schedule information for IBM Tivoli training is available on the Tivoli Software Education Schedules page at

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Offering information

Product information will be available on day of announcement through the Offering Information Web site at

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The publication IBM Tivoli Output Manager for z/OS® V2.1 Program Directory is supplied with the basic machine-readable material.

The publications listed below can be downloaded from the following Web site after the planned availability date

  • IBM Tivoli Output Manager for z/OS V2.1 User's Guide
  • IBM Tivoli Output Manager for z/OS V2.1 Easy Reference for End Users

The IBM Publications Center

The Publications Center is a worldwide central repository for IBM product publications and marketing material with a catalog of 70,000 items. Extensive search facilities are provided. Payment options for orders are via credit card (in the U.S.) or customer number for 50 countries. A large number of publications are available online in various file formats, and they can all be downloaded by all countries free of charge.

The IBM Publications Notification System

The Publications Notification System (PNS) enables subscribers to set up profiles of interest by order number or product number. PNS subscribers automatically receive notifications by e-mail of all new publications defined in their profiles. These may then be downloaded via the Publications Center. The site is available in English and Canadian French.
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Technical information

Specified operating environment

Hardware requirements

IBM Tivoli Output Manager for z/OS V2.1 will run on any hardware capable of running z/OS or OS/390®.

Software requirements

IBM Tivoli Output Manager for z/OS V2.1 can be used on any supported release of z/OS (5694-A01) or OS/390 (5647-A01).

Other requirements include:

  • Any supported version of TSO/E
  • ISPF Version 4, or later
  • DB2 Version 6.1, or later

The Web-based Report Viewer requires an IBM HTTP server and one of the following:

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.0, or later
  • Netscape Navigator 6.0, or later

Limitations: There is no double byte character set (DBCS) support for IBM Tivoli Output Manager for z/OS V2.1.

Planning information

Customer responsibilities: It is recommended that you contact the IBM Software Migration Project Office for assistance with installation and customization of IBM Tivoli Output Manager for z/OS V2.1. Visit Web site

Direct customer support: Installation and technical support is provided through RETAIN®

For technical support or assistance, go to

or contact your IBM representative for additional assistance.


IBM Tivoli Output Manager for z/OS V2.1 is distributed with:

  • International Program License Agreement (Z125-3301)
  • License Information document
  • 3480 tape

Security, auditability, and control

IBM Tivoli Output Manager for z/OS V2.1 uses the security and auditability features of the operating system software.

The customer is responsible for evaluation, selection, and implementation of security features, administrative procedures, and appropriate controls in application systems and communication facilities.
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Ordering information

The product in this announcement has one charge unit — Value Unit.

Value Unit Exhibit VUE007

                 MSUs               MSUs               Value
                 minimum            maximum            Units/MSU
Base               1                  3                1.00
Tier A             4                 45                0.45
Tier B            46                175                0.36
Tier C           176                315                0.27
Tier D           316                  +                0.20

Value Units for non MSU-based S/390® processors

Hardware                         machine
MP3000 H30                        6
MP3000 H50                        8
MP3000 H70                       12
ESL Models                        2

Translation from MSUs to Value Units

                             MSUs                         MSU
Base                           1-3                        1.00
Tier A                         4-45                       0.45
Tier B                        46-175                      0.36
Tier C                       176-315                      0.27
Tier D                       316+                         0.20

Ordering example

The total number of Value Units is calculated according to the following example.

Quantity                         number
1 Value Unit                     4111
250 Value Units                  4112

If the customer has installed 1,500 MSUs, the applicable Value would be:

Translation from MSUs to Value Units

                                   Units/                 Value
             MSUs         *        MSU           =        Units
Base             3        *        1.00          =          3.00
Tier A          42        *         .45          =         18.90
Tier B         130        *         .36          =         46.80
Tier C         140        *         .27          =         37.80
Tier D       1,185        *         .20          =        237.00
Total        1,500                                        343.50

When calculating the total number of Value Units, the sum is to be rounded up to the next integer.

Example: In the above ordering example, for the product running on a machine with 1,500 MSUs requiring 344 Value Units, order feature number 4111, quantity 94, and feature number 4112, quantity 1.

Ordering z/OS through the Internet: ShopzSeries provides an easy way to plan and order your z/OS ServerPac or CBPDO. It will analyze your current installation, determine the correct product migration, and present your new configuration based on z/OS. Additional products can also be added to your order (including determination of whether all product requisites are satisfied). ShopzSeries is available in the U.S. and several countries in Europe. In countries where ShopzSeries is not available yet, please contact your IBM representative (or Business Partner) to handle your order via the traditional IBM ordering process. For more details and availability, visit the ShopzSeries Web site at

Value Units for IBM 9672 processors will be based upon the full capacity of these systems. This is applicable to all S/390-based systems that are measured on MSU capacity. Information on MSU capacities can be found in the IBM System/370™, System/390® and zSeries® Machine Exhibit, Z125-3901.

Value Units for IBM eServer® zSeries will be based upon full MSU capacity as defined in the Machine Exhibits.

There will be a tool available that provides support for transforming the MSU-based capacities of S/390 systems to new Value Units by calculating the applicable number of Value Units for a given number of MSUs.

Basic license: To order, specify the program number, feature number 9001 for asset registration, and the one-time charge (OTC) feature number. Also specify the feature number of the desired distribution medium.

To suppress shipment of media, select the license-only option in CFSW.

IBM Tivoli Output Manager for z/OS V2.1 is eligible for On/Off Capacity on Demand (OOCoD). To order OOCoD, specify the OTC feature number for MSU Day Authorizations. For more information on OOCoD, refer to Software Announcement 203-202 , dated August 12, 2003.

                                          OTC      Medium
                                Program   feature  feature
Description                     number    number   number  Medium
IBM Tivoli Output Manager       5698-A26           5802    3480 tape
 for z/OS V2.1
  1 Value Unit                            4111
250 Value Units                           4112
MSU Day Authorizations:
Per 1 On/Off Capacity on Demand           4113
 Temporary Use Charge
Per 250 On/Off Capacity on Demand         4114
 Temporary Use Charge

Subscription and Support

To receive voice technical support via telephone during normal business hours, and future releases and versions at no additional charge, you must order Subscription and Support. The capacity of Subscription and Support (Value Units) must be the same as the capacity ordered for the product licenses.

To order, specify the support program number and feature number 9001 for asset registration. Also, specify the desired charge and medium feature numbers.

IBM is providing Subscription and Support for this product via a separately purchased offering under the terms of the IBM International Agreement for Acquisition of Support (IAAS). This offering:

  • Includes and extends the support services provided in the base support to include technical support via telephone during normal business hours.
  • Entitles customers to future releases and versions at no additional charge. Note that customers are not entitled to new products.

Once Subscription and Support is ordered, the charges will renew automatically annually unless cancelled by the customer.

To decline Subscription and Support, specify the program number and the Decline (no-charge) feature number listed below.

                                         charge  Medium
                                Program  feature feature
Description                     number   number  number  Medium
IBM Tivoli Output Manager for   5698-S58         6323    Hardcopy Pub
 for z/OS One Year Subscription
 and Support
  1 Value Unit                           4123
250 Value Units                          4124
Decline (no charge)                      4115
Per MSU Registration (no                 4118
Per 250 MSU Registration (no             4119

Single version charging: To elect single version charging, the customer must notify and identify to IBM the prior program and replacement program and the machine the programs are operating on.

Customization options: Select the appropriate feature numbers to customize your order with delivery options desired. These features can be specified on the initial or MES orders.

Example: If publications are not desired for the initial order, specify feature number 3470 to ship media only. For future updates, specify feature number 3480 to ship media updates only. If, in the future, publication updates are required, order an MES to remove feature number 3480; then, the publications will ship with the next release of the program.

Description                                         number
Initial shipments
Serial Number Only (suppresses shipment             3444
 of media and documentation)
Ship Media Only (suppresses initial                 3470
 shipment of documentation)
Ship Documentation Only (suppresses                 3471
 initial shipment of media)
Description                                         number
Update shipments
Ship Media Updates Only (suppresses                 3480
 update shipment of documentation)
Ship Documentation Only (suppresses                 3481
 update shipment of media)
Suppress Updates (suppresses update                 3482
 shipment of media and documentation)
Description                                         number
Expedite shipments
Local IBM Office Expedite                           3445
 (for IBM use only)
Customer Expedite Process Charge                    3446
 ($30 charge for each product)

Expedite shipments will be processed to receive 72-hour delivery from the time IBM Software Delivery and Fulfillment (SDF) receives the order. SDF will then ship the order via overnight air transportation.

Customized offerings

Product media is shipped only via Customized Offerings (for example, CBPDO, ServerPac, Systempac®). Noncustomized items (CDs, diskettes, source media, media kits) will continue to be shipped via the standalone product.
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Terms and conditions

Licensing: IBM International Program License Agreement. Proofs of Entitlement (PoE) are required for all authorized use.

This product is licensed under the IBM Program License Agreement (IPLA), the associated Agreement for Acquisition of Support, and the Addendum for Support, Z125-6883, which provides for support with ongoing access to releases and versions of the program. This program has a one-time license charge for use of the program and an annual renewable charge for the enhanced support that includes telephone assistance (voice support for defects during normal business hours) as well as access to updates, releases, and versions of the program as long as support is in effect. S/390 and zSeries IBM Operational Support Services — SoftwareXcel is an option for those customers who desire added services.

Limited warranty applies: Yes

Warranty: This program has warranty for a minimum of one year from acquisition from IBM or a Business Partner. The warranty provided to the customer, for at least one year from acquisition, is access to databases (read Web sites) for program information and FAQs, including any known fixes to defects, which customers can download or obtain otherwise and install at their leisure.

Program support: Subscription and Support includes telephone assistance (voice support for defects during normal business hours) as well as access to updates, releases, and versions of the program as long as support is in effect. The customer will be notified of discontinuance of support with 12 months' notice.

Money-back guarantee: If for any reason you are dissatisfied with the program, return it within 30 days from the invoice date to the party (either IBM or its reseller) from whom you acquired it for a refund. This applies only to your first acquisition of the program.

Copy and use on home/portable computer: No

Volume orders (IVO): No

Passport Advantage® applies: No

Usage restriction: Yes. Usage is restricted to the quantity of Value Units licensed.

Software Maintenance applies: No

IBM Operational Support Services — SoftwareXcel: Yes

AIX®/UNIX® Upgrade Protection applies: No

Entitled Upgrade for current AIX/UNIX Upgrade Protection licensees: No

iSeries™ Software Subscription applies: No

Variable charges apply: No

Educational allowance available: Yes, a 15% education allowance applies to qualified education institution customers.

On/Off Capacity on Demand: To be eligible for On/Off Capacity on Demand, customers must be enabled for temporary capacity on the corresponding hardware, and the required contract — Z125-6611, Attachment for Customer Initiated Upgrade and IBM eServer On/Off Capacity on Demand — must be signed prior to use.
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IBM Electronic Services

IBM Global Services has transformed its delivery of hardware and software support services to put you on the road to higher systems availability. IBM Electronic Services is a Web-enabled solution that provides you with an exclusive, no-additional-charge enhancement to the service and support on the IBM eServer. You should benefit from greater system availability due to faster problem resolution and pre-emptive monitoring. IBM Electronic Services is comprised of two separate, but complementary, elements: IBM Electronic Services news page and IBM Electronic Service Agent™.

IBM Electronic Services news page provides you with a single Internet entry point that replaces the multiple entry points traditionally used by customers to access IBM Internet services and support. The news page enables you to gain easier access to IBM resources for assistance in resolving technical problems.

The IBM Electronic Service Agent is no-additional-charge software that resides on your IBM eServer system. It is designed to proactively monitor events and transmit system inventory information to IBM on a periodic customer-defined timetable. The IBM Electronic Service Agent tracks system inventory, hardware error logs, and performance information. If the server is under a current IBM maintenance service agreement or within the IBM warranty period, the Service Agent automatically reports hardware problems to IBM. Early knowledge about potential problems enables IBM to provide proactive service that maintains higher system availability and performance. In addition, information collected through the Service Agent will be made available to IBM service support representatives when they are helping answer your questions or diagnosing problems.

To learn how IBM Electronic Services can work for you, visit

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The prices provided in this announcement are suggested retail prices for the U.S. only and are provided for your information only. Dealer prices may vary, and prices may also vary by country. Prices are subject to change without notice. For additional information and current prices, contact your local IBM representative.

                                   Program   feature
Description                        number    number    OTC
IBM Tivoli Output Manager for      5698-A26
 z/OS V2.1
  1 Value Unit                               4111      $  2,300
250 Value Units                              4112       575,000
MSU Day Authorizations:
Per 1 On/Off Capacity on Demand              4113             5
 Temporary Use Charge
Per 250 On/Off Capacity on Demand            4114         1,250
 Temporary Use Charge

                                   Program   feature   Annual
Description                        number    number    charge
IBM Tivoli Output Manager for      5698-S58
 z/OS One Year Subscription
 and Support
  1 Value Unit                               4123      $   345
250 Value Units                              4124       86,250

Global Financing

IBM Global Financing offers competitive financing to credit-qualified customers to assist them in acquiring IT solutions. Our offerings include financing for IT acquisition, including hardware, software, and services, from both IBM and other manufacturers or vendors. Offerings (for all customer segments: small, medium, and large enterprise), rates, terms, and availability can vary by country. Contact your local IBM Global Financing organization or visit the Web at

IBM Global Financing offerings are provided through IBM Credit LLC in the United States and other IBM subsidiaries and divisions worldwide to qualified commercial and government customers. Rates are based on a customer's credit rating, financing terms, offering type, equipment type, and options, and may vary by country. Other restrictions may apply. Rates and offerings are subject to change, extension or withdrawal without notice.

Financing offering/capabilities: IBM Global Financing makes it easier for you to acquire the technology that you need, faster. As you implement complex business solutions such as e-business transformation, enterprise resource planning, supply chain management, business intelligence, and customer relationship management, finance offerings from IBM Global Financing can help you control expenses, match cash flow to business benefits, and conserve cash for other strategic investments. For more information, visit Web site

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Order now

To order, contact the Americas Call Centers, your local IBM representative, or your IBM Business Partner.

To identify your local IBM representative or IBM Business Partner, call 800-IBM-4YOU (426-4968).

 Phone:     800-IBM-CALL (426-2255)
 Fax:       800-2IBM-FAX (242-6329)
 Mail:      IBM Americas Call Centers
            Dept:  IBM CALL, 6th Floor
            105 Moatfield Drive
            North York, Ontario
            Canada M3B 3R1
 Reference: LE001

The Americas Call Centers, our national direct marketing organization, can add your name to the mailing list for catalogs of IBM products.

Note: Shipments will begin after the planned availability date.


System/370, iSeries, and Electronic Service Agent are trademarks of International Business Machines Corporation in the United States or other countries or both.
Tivoli, z/OS, OS/390, RETAIN, S/390, Requisite, System/390, zSeries, eServer, Systempac, Passport Advantage, and AIX are registered trademarks of International Business Machines Corporation in the United States or other countries or both.
UNIX is a registered trademark of the Open Company in the United States and other countries.
Other company, product, and service names may be trademarks or service marks of others.

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