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Software Announcement 201-107
April 17, 2001

Tivoli Application Performance Management V2.0 Measures Application Performance at the Desktop

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At a Glance

This new version of Tivoli APM (V2.0) provides:

  • A client capture capability, to measure real end-user response times in Internet Explorer 5.0 and 5.5, and Netscape Navigator 4.7
  • A real-time browser GUI to display the measured response time
  • Support for the Windows™ 95 Endpoint

For ordering, contact:

Your IBM representative, an IBM Business Partner, or IBM Americas Call Centers at 800-IBM-CALL (Reference: YE001).


Tivoli® Application Performance Management (Tivoli APM) V2.0 measures application performance and availability using three different techniques: client capture, application instrumentation, and transaction simulation. Customers can choose the techniques that best fit their mix of applications.

All three measurement techniques use a single agent to measure the response time at the end user, at the application server, or at the database server. As well as measuring the response time, Tivoli APM can report who is using the application, and how much and whether end users' transactions are completing successfully.

Tivoli APM can help you:

  • Measure and improve the service you provide to your end users
  • Target your investment in IT resources to optimize end-user service

Key Prerequisites

Tivoli Framework V3.6.4, V3.6.5, or V3.7, and later.

Planned Availability Date

April 27, 2001


New capabilities in Tivoli Application Performance Management (Tivoli APM) V2.0 include:

Client capture for Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator: The Tivoli APM agent can silently watch these applications on an end user's desktop. When the user clicks on a link, or types in a URL, Tivoli APM will start a timer. When the URL finishes loading, Tivoli APM will stop the timer, and record the response time. No modification of the browser code is required.

Real-time browser GUI: This will display recently collected response time data directly from the Tivoli APM Endpoints. It will provide a real-time view of performance, complementing the Tivoli Decision Support Guide. This Support Guide will continue to provide sophisticated historical reporting capabilities.

Windows 95 Endpoint: Tivoli APM V2.0 will be able to measure response times for user transactions on Windows 95 using client capture or application instrumentation.

Tivoli APM V2.0 does not ship the Mercury Interactive toolkits that were included in Tivoli APM V1. Instead, Tivoli APM V2.0 provides an interface to run Mercury scripts, using Mercury's own products.

Accessibility by People with Disabilities

For software offerings:

The following features support use by people with disabilities:

  • Operation by keyboard alone (mouse optional)
  • Optional font enlargement and high-contrast display settings

Euro Currency

This program is not impacted by euro currency.

Reference Information

  • Refer to Software Announcement 299-334 , dated November 9, 1999
  • Refer to Software Announcement 200-017 , dated February 15, 2000
  • Refer to Software Announcement 200-100 , dated April 25, 2000


Windows is a trademark of Microsoft Corporation.
Tivoli is a registered trademark of International Business Machines Corporation or Tivoli Systems Inc. in the United States or other countries or both.
Other company, product, and service names may be trademarks or service marks of others.

Education Support

Training is available for most Tivoli® products. Education is offered through IBM Education and Training, and through Tivoli Systems. Worldwide information about education offerings is available on the IBM Education and Training home page on the Internet at:

For current information on Tivoli Systems education, call 512-436-8000, or visit the Tivoli Systems home page on the Internet at:

Offering Information

Product information will be available on day of announcement through Offering Information (OITOOL) at:


No publications are shipped with this program.

Tivoli APM V2.0 publications will be available through Internet at:

Technical Information

Specified Operating Environment

Hardware Requirements

All systems require 10 MB of free disk space. This space requirement is in addition to the space requirements for the management platform.

Relational database disk space usage will vary with the amount of data stored.

All endpoint systems require 10 MB of free disk space. Each endpoint has the following general memory requirements depending on the number of applications:

  • The Windows™ agent requires 5 MB
  • The UNIX® agent requires 2 MB
  • Client Capture and Simulation running together on Windows require 2 MB to 5 MB depending on the types of collection

TAPM V2.0 Servers and Gateways require the following hard disk space:

  • Windows NT™ requires 15 MB
  • Windows NT GUI requires 54 MB
  • The UNIX requires 15 MB

TAPM V2.0 Servers and Gateways have the following memory requirements:

  • Windows NT requires 4 MB
  • UNIX requires 2 MB

Memory needs may grow depending on activity. These are typical requirements.

Software Requirements

Tivoli Products:

  • Tivoli Management Framework 3.6.4, 3.6.5, or 3.7 (required)
  • Tivoli Distributed Monitoring 3.6 or 3.6.1 (optional, for alerting)
  • Tivoli Enterprise Console® 3.6, 3.6.1, 3.6.2, or 3.7 (optional for event processing)

Mercury Products (optional, used for transaction simulation) LoadRunner (VUGen) 6.5 or later

Supported Platforms:

  • RS/6000® series with AIX® 4.2.1, 4.3.x (32-bit version)
  • HP 9000/700 and 800 series with HP-UX 10.20 and 11.x (32-bit version)
  • Sun SPARC series with Solaris 2.6, 2.7, 2.8 (32-bit version)
  • IBM-compatible workstations running Microsoft™ Windows NT 4.0 SP4, 5, 6. Windows NT includes Workstation, Server and Enterprise editions. NT SP4 requires a Y2K patch
  • IBM-compatible running Microsoft Windows 2000
  • IBM-compatible running Microsoft Windows 95
  • IBM-compatible running Microsoft Windows 98

The Tivoli APM V2.0 components are supported on the above platforms as detailed in the table below:

                    AIX  Solaris  HP-UX  Win-NT  W2K   Win-98  Win-95
Server              Yes  Yes      Yes    Yes     Yes*
Gateway             Yes  Yes      Yes    Yes     Yes*
Endpoint            Yes  Yes             Yes     Yes   Yes     Yes
Simulation I/F                           Yes     Yes   Yes
Client Capture                           Yes     Yes   Yes     Yes
Application         Yes  Yes             Yes     Yes   Yes     Yes
Instrumentation                          Yes
 (ARM) Web server

Windows 2000 server and gateway are supported for Framework 3.7 only.

Supported Databases

  • DB2® 5.2, 6.1
  • Oracle 8.0.x, 8.1.x
  • Sybase 11.9.x, 12.x
  • MS SQL 6.5 SP5, 7.0 SP1® only on Windows NT
  • Informix 7.3, 9.1, 9.2

The databases client/server versions are those supported by Framework RIM 3.6.4, 3.6.5, and 3.7.

Limitations: The Web GUI for Tivoli APM V2.0 does not support Netscape V6.0.

Planning Information

Packaging: Tivoli APM V2.0 is distributed with:

  • International Program License Agreement (Z125-3301)
  • License Information document (LC23-4474)
  • One CD-ROM

Security, Auditability, and Control

Tivoli APM V2.0 uses the security and auditability features of the operating system software and Tivoli Management Framework.

The customer is responsible for evaluation, selection, and implementation of security features, administrative procedures, and appropriate controls in application systems and communication facilities.

Ordering Information

Current Licensees: Current licensees will receive instructions on how to order this update.

If additional Tivoli Management Points are required for this product, also specify the one-time charge (OTC) feature number for Tivoli Management Points for server in the quantity desired.

End of Support

Tivoli support for 5697-APM V1.1 and 5698-APM V1.1 of Tivoli Application Performance Management will be discontinued April 27, 2002.

Tivoli Application Performance Management Version 1, Software Announcement 299-334 , dated November 9, 1999, was originally announced as program number 5697-APM. Please note that all orders for 5697-APM and 5698-APM will be fulfilled with 5698-APM V2.0.

Terms and Conditions

Agreement: IBM International Program License Agreement (IPLA), IBM International Agreement for Acquisition of Programs and Support (IIAAPS) and the IBM Attachment for Support, IBM Agreement for Acquisition of Support (IAAS), IBM Addendum for Support for Tivoli Systems Products under Value-Based Pricing, and an Order Form.

Transferable: Applies except when Support is in effect

Limited Warranty Applies: Yes

Guarantee: Two months

Getting Started Period: Not applicable

Usage Restriction: Yes. Usage is limited to the quantity of Tivoli Management Points acquired for a OTC.

Educational Allowance Available: Yes, to qualified educational institutional customers

Percentage: 15%

Volume Orders: Not applicable

Upgrade Protection Applies: Covered as long as Support remains in effect

Licensed Program Materials Availability: Object Code only

Entitled Upgrade for Current Upgrade Protection Licensees: As announced for each program

Tivoli Support

Support Center                Yes
 applies:                     Access is available through the
                               Tivoli Support Center,
                               800-TIVOLI8 (848-6548)
Availability:                 The first year of Tivoli Support is
                               available at no additional charge.
                              The first year starts when the
                               product is shipped to the customer.
                              Subsequent years of Tivoli Support
                               are available for a fee as part of
                               the IAAS, IIAAPS, or any equivalent
Available until               Twelve months after written notice
 the product                   of product discontinuance, (that is,
 is discontinued:              end-of-life (EOL))
Applicable for:               The current release
                              The immediate previous release level
                               for 12 months after the general
                               availability of the current release
APAR Mailing                  Tivoli Systems Inc.
 Address:                     9442 Capital of Texas Highway
                              Austin, TX  78759
                              Attention:  Product Development

IBM Operational Support Services — Support Line: No

Product Web Site: A complete list of products, terminology definitions, and licensing documents are available at the following Web site:


Customer Financing: IBM Global Financing offers attractive financing to credit-qualified commercial and government customers and Business Partners in more than 40 countries around the world. IBM Global Financing is provided by the IBM Credit Corporation in the United States. Offerings, rates, terms, and availability may vary by country. Contact your local IBM Global Financing organization. Country organizations are listed on the Web at:

Order Now

 Use Priority/Reference Code: YE001
 Phone:     800-IBM-CALL
 Fax:       800-2IBM-FAX
 Mail:      IBM Atlanta Sales Center
            Dept. YE001
            P.O. Box 2690
            Atlanta, GA  30301-2690

You can also contact your local IBM Business Partner or IBM representative. To identify them, call 800-IBM-4YOU.

Note: Shipments will begin after the planned availability date.

Charges are unaffected by this announcement.


AIX, RS/6000, DB2, and SP1 are registered trademarks of International Business Machines Corporation in the United States or other countries or both.
Windows, Windows NT, and Microsoft are trademarks of Microsoft Corporation.
UNIX is a registered trademark is a registered trademark of the Open Company in the United States and other countries.
Tivoli and Tivoli Enterprise Console are registered trademarks of International Business Machines Corporation or Tivoli Systems Inc. in the United States or other countries or both.
Other company, product, and service names may be trademarks or service marks of others.

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