Hardware withdrawal: IBM N series N6060 (2858 Model A22) and N6070 (2858 Model A21) -- Replacements available

IBM Asia Pacific Withdrawal Announcement WG11-0014
May 9, 2011

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Effective August 12, 2011, IBM® will withdraw from marketing the following products. As of the effective date of withdrawal, these products can no longer be ordered directly from IBM.

For new orders, the customer requested arrival date (CRAD) can be no later than September 9, 2011.

You can obtain these products on an as-available basis from IBM Business Partners.

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Withdrawn products
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                                 Machine               Feature
Description                      type     Model        number

Withdrawn effective August 12, 2011
N6070 Model A21                  2858     A21
N6060 Model A22                  2858     A22
Op Mgr Store Resource Mgmt       2858     A10, A11     8257
                                          A12, A20
                                          A21, A22
                                          C10, C20
                                          C21, E11
                                 2859     A10, A11
                                          A20, A21
                                 2862     A10, A20
                                 2863     A10, A20
                                 2864     A10, A20
                                          G10, G20
                                 2865     A10, A20
                                          G10, G20
                                 2866     A10, A11
                                          A20, A21
                                          G10, G11
                                          G20, G21
                                 2867     A10, A11
                                          A20, A21
                                          G10, G11
                                          G20, G21
                                 2868     A10, A20
                                          G10, G20
                                 2869     A10, A20
                                          G10, G20
                                 2870     581, 582
                                          583, 584
                                          585, 586
                                          58A, 58B
                                          58C, 58D
                                          591, 592
                                          593, 594
                                          621, 622
                                          631, 632
                                          641, 642
                                          645, 646
                                          651, 652
                                          655, 656
                                          661, 662
                                          663, 664
                                          665, 666
                                          667, 668
                                          671, 672
                                          673, 674
                                          675, 676
                                          677, 678
                                          681, 682
                                          685, 686
                                          691, 692
                                          695, 696

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Replacement product information
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                   Replacement        Machine/model
Withdrawn product  product            feature

N6060 Model A22    N6270 Model C22    2858/C22
N6070 Model A21    N6270 Model E22    2858/E22
Op Mgr Store       None
 Resource Mgmt

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Direct customer support
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The question submission function under IBMLink™ Ask Questions -- Support for this product will be withdrawn on December 31, 2011. The IBMLink ServiceLink library of answered questions and other technical information for the product remains available.

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AP distribution
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Country/region               Announced
 ASEAN*                      Yes
 India/South Asia**          Yes
 Australia                   Yes
 People's Republic of China  Yes
 Hong Kong S.A.R of the PRC  Yes
 Macao S.A.R of the PRC      Yes
 Taiwan                      Yes
 Korea                       Yes
 New Zealand                 Yes
Japan IOT
 Japan                       Yes
 * Brunei Darussalam, Indonesia, Cambodia, Lao People's
   Democratic  Republic, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore,
   Thailand, and Vietnam
 **Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Sri Lanka, Maldives, Nepal,
   and Afghanistan

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