Service withdrawal and end of support: Select IBM Security products

IBM Europe, Middle East, and Africa Withdrawal Announcement ZS12-0104
November 13, 2012

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On the dates listed in the Description section below, IBM® will withdraw selected IBM software from marketing or support, as indicated. New orders or registrations will no longer be accepted after the marketing withdrawal date below.

Note: Not all these services may have been available in your area.

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Marketing withdrawal and end of support

Marketing withdrawal date: February 28, 2013

Description                                   part number

Proventia Desktop Integrated Client License -
 00001 - 00024 Instances                      DTPI-1-PB
 00025 - 00049 Instances                      DTPI-25-PB
 00050 - 00099 Instances                      DTPI-50-PB
 00100 - 00199 Instances                      DTPI-100-PB
 00200 - 00499 Instances                      DTPI-200-PB
 00500 - 00999 Instances                      DTPI-500-PB
 01000 - 04999 Instances                      DTPI-1000-PB
 05000 - 09999 Instances                      DTPI-5000-PB
 10000 - 19999 Instances                      DTPI-10K-PB
 20000 or more Instances                      DTPI-20K-PB

The above Proventia® Desktop Integrated Client licenses are replaced by IBM Security Host Protection for Desktops V2.2.2 as follows:

Description                                   part number

IBM Security Host Protection for Desktops     D0UZVLL
 per Client Device Lic + SW S&S 12 Mo

End of support date: February 28, 2014

Withdrawn software description                number

Software Maintenance - Proventia Desktop      DTPI-1-PB-M
Software Maintenance - Proventia Desktop      DTPI-25-PB-M
Software Maintenance - Proventia Desktop      DTPI-50-PB-M
Software Maintenance - Proventia Desktop      DTPI-100-PB-M
Software Maintenance - Proventia Desktop      DTPI-200-PB-M
Software Maintenance - Proventia Desktop      DTPI-500-PB-M
Software Maintenance - Proventia Desktop      DTPI-1000-PB-M
Software Maintenance - Proventia Desktop      DTPI-5000-PB-M
Software Maintenance - Proventia Desktop      DTPI-10K-PB-M
Software Maintenance - Proventia Desktop      DTPI-20K-PB-M

No renewals will be accepted on the above part numbers after the withdrawal from marketing date. All customers will be migrated to the part number mentioned below, at their renewal date or prior to the end of support date, which ever comes first.

The above Software Maintenance - Proventia Desktop licenses are replaced by IBM Security Host Protection for Desktops V2.2.2 as follows:

Description                                   part number

IBM Security Host Protection for Desktops     E0F2PLL
 per Client Device Annual SW S&S Rnwl

Refer to IBM Announcement ZP12-0053, dated November 13, 2012 .

Marketing withdrawal date: February 28, 2013

End of support date: February 28, 2014

Description                                   number

Proventia Desktop - Integrated Client Antivirus License -
 00001 - 00024 Instances                      DTPAV1-S-M
 00025 - 00049 Instances                      DTPAV25-S-M
 00050 - 00099 Instances                      DTPAV50-S-M
 00100 - 00199 Instances                      DTPAV100-S-M
 00200 - 00499 Instances                      DTPAV200-S-M
 00500 - 00999 Instances                      DTPAV500-S-M
 01000 - 04999 Instances                      DTPAV1000-S-M
 05000 - 09999 Instances                      DTPAV5000-S-M
 10000 - 19999 Instances                      DTPAV10K-S-M
 20000 or more Instances                      DTPAV20K-S-M

There is no replacement part number for the above Proventia Desktop Integrated Client Antivirus licenses. They cannot be renewed, as this is an IBM Subscription license only, and no new license sales will be accepted after the withdrawal from marketing date.

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Announcement countries
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Europe NE countries  Availability date
Austria              November 13, 2012
Denmark              November 13, 2012
Finland              November 13, 2012
Germany              November 13, 2012
Ireland              November 13, 2012
Norway               November 13, 2012
Switzerland          November 13, 2012
Sweden               November 13, 2012
United Kingdom *     November 13, 2012
* UK mainland only
Europe SW countries  Availability date
Belgium              November 13, 2012
France **            November 13, 2012
Greece               November 13, 2012
Israel               November 13, 2012
Italy                November 13, 2012
Luxembourg           November 13, 2012
Netherlands          November 13, 2012
Portugal             November 13, 2012
Spain                November 13, 2012
** Except overseas territories
CEEMEA countries     Availability date
Bulgaria             November 13, 2012
Croatia              November 13, 2012
Czech Republic       November 13, 2012
Hungary              November 13, 2012
Poland               November 13, 2012
Romania              November 13, 2012
Russia               November 13, 2012
Slovakia             November 13, 2012
Slovenia             November 13, 2012
South Africa         November 13, 2012
Turkey               November 13, 2012

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