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IBM Infoprint 1532 base model (MT 4536) provides cost-effective workgroup printing

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Announcement Letter No. ZG05-0756 dated November 29, 2005.

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  • Font support
  • Media-handling features
  • Accessibility by people with disabilities
  • Product number
  • Supplemental information

  • Publications
  • Services
  • Integrated Technology Services
  • Technical information
  • Specified operating environment
  • Planning information
  • Pallet Quantity
  • Security, auditability and control
  • IBM Integrated Technology Services (IBM Global Services)
  • Terms and conditions
  • Maintenance offering
  • Pricing
  • Announcement countries

  • Announcement Letter No. ZG05-0756 dated November 29, 2005.

    See final section for details of availability and limitations, if applicable.


    IBM Infoprint 1532 base model (MT 4536) provides cost-effective workgroup printing


    IBM is updating its Infoprint 1532 printers with a new base model which is the lowest priced Infoprint 1532 printer. The Infoprint 1532 network model was previously announced.

    The printer is a 35 page per minute (ppm) (1) monochrome laser printer. It is ideal for small and medium businesses and delivers fast print speeds, flexible connectivity, and extensive input and output options to enable a scalable solutions. The printer provides 1200 x 1200 dots-per-inch dpi resolution for crisp text and high-quality graphics.

    A number of media options can be installed to offer additional sources of input. Combinations of the 250-sheet drawer, 500-sheet drawer, 2000-sheet drawer, and multiple optional drawers are supported simultaneously. The 250-sheet duplex unit offers two-sided printing for the Infoprint 1532. An Output Expander, High Capacity Output Stacker, and StapleSmart Finisher provide flexibility and a scalable solution in the future.

    The Infoprint 1532 can adapt easily to existing infrastructures with the 802.11 Wireless feature and will use the optional wireless feature to reduce installation cost by avoiding the expense of new Ethernet cabling. Add this new model with a wireless card to handle peak workloads, without waiting to reconfigure cables. Preserve architecture or work around areas that are difficult or impossible to cable.

    Print PDF documents quickly and easily with the convenient USB Direct Port. Once a flash memory device (thumb drive) is inserted in the front of the printer, a list of PDF files and directories is displayed. Navigational arrows are used to traverse the list/directory tree. The user can easily select the file, choose the number of copies to be printed, and submit the file for printing. Viruses are not a concern because the execution of files does not take place on the memory device. The files are read and printed - no writing to the printer.

    The Infoprint 1532 is provided with printer management utilities. MarkVision Professional is a cross-platform print management solution that enables administrators to proactively monitor and manage network devices via a Web browser.

    (1) Exact print speed varies depending on document complexity, system
        configuration, software applications, driver, and printer status.

    At a glance

    The Infoprint 1532 printer provides:

    • Base and network models

    • Productivity and performance on your network

    • A high-function, easy-to-use operator interface

    • Quick Integration of advanced applications with standard ImageQuick

    • A convenient USB Direct Port for PDF printing

    • Extensive input and output options to enable a scalable solution

    • Enhanced security features, including secure wireless networking

    • A cross-platform print management solution

    Planned Availability Date: December 9, 2005


    The Infoprint 1532 is a monochrome printer, ideal for small and medium businesses, and supports up to A4/Letter-size media at up to 35 pages per minute (ppm). The base model comes with 64 MB of memory, a 100-sheet auxiliary tray, and one 250-sheet drawer. Standard input capacity is 350 sheets and standard output capacity is 250 sheets. The 1532 has a maximum input capacity of 3,850 sheets and a maximum output capacity of 2,750 sheets.

    High-performance controller

    The Infoprint 1532 controller features a 400 MHz processor. It comes with PostScript 3 and PCL 6 emulation, PDF V1.5 as standard data streams and a PPDS migration tool.

    • Memory

      The controller has one slot for memory DIMMs, two slots for flash memory cards or application solution cards, and one slot for internal network adapters, local adapters, or hard drives.

      The base model comes with 64 MB of memory soldered onboard and can support a maximum of 576 MB of memory. A 20+ GB hard disk with adapter feature is available.

      Flash memory up to 64 MB is supported using the flash memory cards. Flash memory cards can be installed in either flash memory slot, but the controller supports only one flash memory card.

    • Printer system attachment interfaces

      The base model comes with an IEEE 1284 Parallel interface with a type B connector, and a Universal Serial Bus (USB) interface as standard.

    Usage rates

    The maximum monthly usage is 200,000 impressions. IBM does not recommend printing to the monthly maximum on a consistent basis.

    Print quality

    The resolutions of the Infoprint 1532 are:

    • 1200 x 1200 dpi (at half speed)

    • 2400 Image Quality

    • 1200 Image Quality

    • 600 x 600 dpi

    The Toner Darkness setting offers 10 user-selectable settings to balance print darkness and toner savings. The higher the setting, the darker the print. Within the range of print darkness settings, up to 50% toner savings can be realized. The factory default setting is 8.

    Font support

    The Infoprint 1532 printer resident fonts include support for the following:

    Emulation      Number of scalable fonts   Number of bitmapped fonts
    ------------   ------------------------   -------------------------
    PCL 6                     89                          2
    PostScript 3             158                          0
    PPDS                      39                          5

    Media-handling features

    The Infoprint 1532 supports the following media-handling options:

    • 250-Sheet Drawer

    • 500-Sheet Drawer

    • 2,000-Sheet Drawer

    • 500-Sheet Tray

    • 250-Sheet Duplex Unit

    • Envelope Feeder

    • Output Expander

    • High Capacity Output Stacker

    • 5-bin Mailbox

    • StapleSmart Finisher

    Operator panel

    The operator panel is a four-line 160 x 64 mm APA (all points addressable) display, supporting four lines with 20 characters per line. This provides easy navigation and usability is improved with simple-to-use, large, bold icons on the buttons. Reliability and serviceability are enhanced with "show me" screens and "tell me more" screens.


    MarkVision Messenger enhances administrators' quality for service and improves end-user productivity and satisfaction by providing real-time notification of printer conditions. It facilitates automated responses to these conditions before they become critical and disruptive to user productivity.

    Several standard and optional features are provided that improve or enhance the security of the device. Using the latest version of MarkVision Professional, administrators can configure and manage devices by using authenticated and encrypted network communications.

    Using Confidential Print, a user may assign a PIN to a print job, and have the printer hold that job until the user physically arrives and enters the correct PIN. This will prevent another user from taking the printed output from the output bin.

    These devices also support "printing lockout." This feature is especially useful in preventing printing after normal business hours.


    The Infoprint 1532 supports the following features:

                       number  Description
                       ------- ------------------------------
                       39V0213 250-Sheet Drawer
                       39V0214 500-Sheet Drawer
                       39V0317 500-Sheet Tray
                       39V0216 2,000-Sheet Drawer (A4)
                       39V0218 250-Sheet Duplex Unit
                       39V0219 Envelope Feeder
                       39V0220 Output Expander
                       39V0221 5-Bin Mailbox
                       39V0222 High-Capacity Output Stacker
                       39V0223 StapleSmart Finisher
                       75P6986 128 MB Memory DIMM
                       75P6987 256 MB Memory DIMM
                       75P6988 512 MB Memory DIMM
                       75P6989 32 MB Flash Memory
                       75P6990 64 MB Flash Memory
                       39V0229 20+GB Hard Disk with Adapter
                       39V0224 Card for IPDS & SCS/TNe
                       39V0227 Bar Code Card
                       39V0228 Decryption Card
                       39V0212 Coax/Twinax Adapter for SCS
                       39V0326 Serial Interface Card
                       39V0327 Parallel 1284-B Interface Card
                       75P6992 Ethernet 1000BaseTX
                       28P1836 Token-Ring-3 Port
                       28P1839 Ethernet 10/100BaseTX-1 Port
                       28P1840 Ethernet 10/100BaseTX-3 Port
                       75P6858 802.11g Wireless to Ethernet
                       75P6856 802.11g Wireless to USB (UK/Ireland)
                       75P6855 802.11g Wireless to USB (Rest of Europe)
                       28P1871 10 ft. Parallel Cable
                       28P1875 2-meter USB Cable
                       53P7950 Printer Stand with Cabinet
                       53P7951 Printer Stand
                       53P7952 Low Profile Printer Stand
                       75P4806 Printer Base

    Accessibility by people with disabilities

    For hardware offerings:

    The following features support use by people with disabilities:

    • Controls and latches are operable with one hand and minimal dexterity.
    • Keys are discernible by touch without activating them.
    • The display, controls, latches, and levers are accessible to someone in a wheel chair.
    • Color is used as an enhancement for conveying information, and as an additional method of distinguishing between buttons, controls, and latches.

    Product number

    Mach       Feature Part
    Type Model Number  Number  Description                    UPC
    ---- ----- ------- ------- ------------------------------ ---------------
    Czech, Slovak, Hungary, Greece
    4536  002          39V0888 Infoprint 1532 (HV)            0-00435-85221-2
    4536  002          39V0890 Infoprint 1532 (HV)            0-00435-85223-6
    Algeria, Tunisia, Burkina-Faso, Central African Republic, Congo,
    Equatorial Guinea, Gambia, Ivory Coast, Mauritania, Senegal,
    French Guayana, Martinique, Madagascar, Mayottes, Seychelles, Tahiti,
    Wallis & Futuna, Morocco, Benin, Cameroon, Chad, Djibouti, Gabon,
    Guinea, Mali, Togo, Guadeloupe, Comoros, Mauritius, La Reunion,
    New Caledonia, Saint Pierre et Miquelon, Niger,
    Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, Oman, Yemen, Cyprus, Lebanon, Egypt, Jordan,
    Pakistan, UAE (Abu-Dhabi / Dubai / Sharjah
    / Ras-Al-Kaimah / Fujeirah / Umm-Al-Qwain / Ajman),
    Albania, Bosnia, Bulgaria, Croatia, Slovenia, Macedonia, Yugoslavia,
    (Serbia 1 Montenegro), Romania, Iceland
    4536  002          39V0892 Infoprint 1532 (HV)            0-00435-85225-0
    Sweden, Norway, Finland
    4536  002          39V0894 Infoprint 1532 (HV)            0-00435-85227-4
    France, Austria, Belgium, Germany, Netherlands
    4536  002          39V0896 Infoprint 1532 (HV)            0-00435-85229-8
    4536  002          39V0898 Infoprint 1532 (HV)            0-00435-85231-1
    4536  002          39V0900 Infoprint 1532 (HV)            0-00435-85233-5
    UK, Ireland
    4536  002          39V0902 Infoprint 1532 (HV)            0-00435-85235-9
    Belarus, Chechenya, Moldavia, Estonia, Armenia, Azerbaijan,
    Uzbekistan, Ukraine, Lettonnia, Lithuania, Georgia, Tajikistan,
    Kirghizistan, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyz Republic, Moldova, Latvia,
    Russia, Poland, Turkey
    4536  002          39V0904 Infoprint 1532 (HV)            0-00435-85237-3
    Saudi Arabia
    4536  001          39V0906 Infoprint 1532 (LV)            0-00435-85239-7
    South Africa
    4536  002          39V0908 Infoprint 1532 (HV)            0-00435-85241-0
    Spain, Portugal
    4536  002          39V0910 Infoprint 1532 (HV)            0-00435-85243-4
    4536  002          39V0912 Infoprint 1532 (HV)            0-00435-85245-8

    Supplemental information


    Refer to Hardware Announce letter Product Announcement letter ZG05-0734 dated October 25, 2005 dated June 28, 2005 for publication information on the Infoprint 1532.


    Integrated Technology Services

    IBM services include business consulting, outsourcing, hosting services, applications, and other technology management.

    These services help you learn about, plan, install, manage, or optimize your IT infrastructure to be an On Demand Business. They can help you integrate your high-speed networks, storage systems, application servers, wireless protocols, and an array of platforms, middleware, and communications software for IBM and many non-IBM offerings. IBM is your one-stop shop for IT support needs.

    For details on available services, contact your IBM representative or visit


    For details on available IBM Business Continuity and Recovery Services, contact your IBM representative or visit


    For details on education offerings related to specific products, visit


    Select your country, and then select the product as the category.

    Technical information

    Specified operating environment

    Physical specifications 


                  Width           Depth            Height        Weight (1)
    Base     ---------------  ---------------  ---------------  ------------
    printer     421.0 mm         498.0 mm         345.0 mm        17.0 kg
                (16.6 in)        (19.6 in)       (13.6 in)       (38.0 lb)
    (1) Weights for low voltage and high voltage modes are the same.

    Recommended clearances

                Left          Right       Front        Back          Top
    Base     ------------ ------------ ----------- ------------- ------------
    printer    304.8 mm     304.8 mm     508.0 mm    304.8 mm      137.2 cm

    Operating environment 

    Operating environment
      Temperature:                            16 to 32 C (60 to 90 F)
      Relative humidity:                      8 to 80%
      Altitude:                               3,048 meters (10,000 ft)
    Storage and shipping (packed)
      Temperature (degrees):                  -40 to 43 C (-40 to 110 F)
      Relative humidity:                      5% to 95%
      Altitude:                               10,300 meters (34,000 ft)
    Storage and shipping (unpacked)
      Temperature (degrees):                  0 to 40 C (32 to 104 F)
      Relative humidity:                      5% to 80%

    Electrical specifications

    Low voltage models 

    • 100 - 127 V ac at 50 to 60 Hz nominal

    • 90 - 137 V ac extreme

    High voltage models 

    • 220 - 240 V ac at 50/60 Hz nominal

    • 190 - 259 V ac extreme

    Power consumption

    Printing states                    1532 n
    ------------------------------    ---------
    120 Volts
     Power Saver mode on               20 watts
     Standby Mode                      90 watts
     Continuous printing              675 watts
     Maximum current while printing   7.2 amps
    220 Volts
     Power Saver mode on               20 watts
     Standby Mode                      90 watts
     Continuous printing              675 watts
     Maximum current while printing   3.4 amps


    • Using a 220 V ac to 110 V ac power converter with the low voltage model is not recommended.

    • All models are ENERGY STAR compliant.


    All measurements were made in accordance with ISO 7779 and reported in conformance with ISO 9296.

    Network model

                             Sound           Sound
    Mode                  Pressure dBA     Power Bels
    ------------------   --------------   ------------
    Idle (Standby)           30 dBA         4.0 Bels
    Simplex Printing         53 dBA         6.7 Bels
    Duplex Printing          55 dBA

    Planning information

    Cable orders 

    Attachment cables are not provided with the printer and must be provided or purchased by the customer. They are the responsibility of the customer and are not covered by product warranty or post-warranty services.

    The Parallel printer cable features are recommended when attaching the printer to a Parallel port.

    The Universal Serial Bus (USB) cable feature is recommended when attaching the printer to a USB port.


    Product               Description                               of Boxes
    -------               -----------                               --------
    35 PPM                Low-volt printer with 64 MB memory,          1
    Printer               6K print cartridge,
    (Model 001/x01)       Setup Guide, Safety Information Sheet,
                          Safety Stability Sheet, Warranty Sheet,
                          Publication CD, Drivers and Utilities CD,
                          Supplies Use and Return Flyer, and power cord
    35 PPM                High-volt printer with 64 MB memory,         1
    Printer               6K print cartridge,
    (Model 002/x02)       Setup Guide, Safety Information Sheet,
                          Safety Stability Sheet, Warranty Sheet,
                          Publication CD, Drivers and Utilities CD,
                          Supplies Use and Return Flyer, and power cord


    No supplies are required with the machine order. Infoprint 1532 is shipped with a 6,000-impressions(1) print cartridge. Replacement 6,000- and 21,000-impressions print cartridges are available. It is the customer's responsibility to order and maintain an adequate inventory of toner cartridges.

    IBM customers have come to expect high-quality supplies with competitive prices. IBM now offers a second option for purchasing supplies. Our program offers you an opportunity to obtain toner cartridges that are even more competitively priced than before.

    Through the IBM Printer Supplies Return Program, you may obtain a specially priced toner cartridge in exchange for your agreement to return your empty toner cartridges back to IBM for recycling. To make it even easier, you receive postage-paid return labels to cover toner return costs.

    If you decide that you would rather not return the toner cartridge to IBM for recycling, you will have the option to purchase a standard toner cartridge at regular prices.

    This program may not be available in all countries.

    (1) Average yield is based on comparative testing (assumes 5% print
    coverage) and is offered for planning purposes only, not a guarantee
    of minimum life.


    The following replacement supplies are available for Infoprint 1532:

    Description                             Models number  Apx. avg. yield(1)
    --------------------------------------- ------ ------- ------------------
    Toner Cartridge                          All   75P6958  6,000 impressions
    IBM Return Program Toner Cartridge       All   75P6959  6,000 impressions
    High Yield Toner Cartridge               All   75P6960 21,000 impressions
    IBM Return Prog. High Yield Toner Cart.  All   75P6961 21,000 impressions
           (1) Approximate yield has been established with an
               average coverage of 5%. An "impression" is defined
               as one printed side of a sheet. A duplex sheet would
               consist of two impressions.

    The approximate average yields are not a warranty or guarantee of minimum life, and are provided to assist in initial supplies planning. Actual usage should be used to establish the supply's life in the end user's application. Many factors (for example, print coverage per page, machine settings, paper type and size, and environmental conditions) can affect supply life.

    Maintenance supplies   

    The following maintenance supplies are available for Infoprint 1532: 5

    Description               Models  Part number Approximate average yield
    ----------------------- --------- ----------- -------------------------
    Maintenance Kit LV (1)     All      40X0100      300,000 impressions
    Maintenance Kit HV (1)     All      40X0101      300,000 impressions
    Fuser Unit LV              All      40X0116      300,000 impressions
    Fuser Unit HV              All      40X0117      300,000 impressions
    Charge Roll Kit            All      40X0127      300,000 impressions
    Transfer Roll Kit          All      40X0130      300,000 impressions
         (1) Includes fuser unit, transfer roll, charge roll, pick roll.
             Significant use of heavy paper stock may impact fuser life.

    The above items for Infoprint 1532 are considered supplies and, as such, are not available from IBM service or included in the warranty or maintenance service agreement.

    These maintenance supplies are not customer installable. IBM will install them if the printer is under warranty or a maintenance agreement. Otherwise, the customer will be charged a maintenance fee for the installation.

    Supply warranties are only for defects in materials and workmanship at the time of shipment and installation. They are not for print count life or normal wear and tear, nor for any print count minimum. Contact your place of purchase for warranty return instructions.

    IBM is committed to environmentally conscious programs for printer supplies. A collection program for used printer cartridges has been established and return instructions are included in the supply item packaging, with free return shipping.

    To call IBM Supplies Fulfillment Operations (ISFO) at PFS, contact 31-43-350 2756 (within the Netherlands call: 043-350 2756). Toll -free numbers to ISFO have been established in the following countries:

             Belgium      0800-71950
             Denmark      800-15534
             Finland      08001-13112
             France       0800-905871
             Italy        800-878349
             Germany      800-1818005
             Norway       800 11389
             Spain        900-983131
             Sweden       0207-94270
             UK           0800-968679

    Pallet Quantity

    The pallet quantity for Infoprint 1532 is 8 printers per pallet.

    Security, auditability and control

    This product uses the security and auditability features of the host hardware, host software, and application software.

    The customer is responsible for evaluation, selection, and implementation of security features, administrative procedures, and appropriate controls in application systems and communications facilities.

    IBM Integrated Technology Services (IBM Global Services)

    Please contact your IBM Representative for the list of selected services available in your country, either as standard or customized offerings for the efficient installation, implementation and/or integration of this product.

    Terms and conditions

    Volume orders: Contact your IBM representative.

    Maintenance offering


    Warranty period  Twelve months except for Turkey which is 24 months.

    Warranty Service

    • Technical support during warranty period

    • IBM On-Site Repair (IOR) 9 x 5, next business day

    Warranty service upgrades

    • IOR 24 x 7, same day

    Post-warranty service

    • IBM IOE 9 x 5, Monday through Friday, excluding holidays, next-business-day response

    • IOR 24 x 7, same day


    The following Electronic ServicePac (Epac) for the Infoprint 1532 (4536 all models) are available:

    Pac       Epac
    number    number     SPac offering
    ------    -------    ----------------
    PR286     41W9653    1 YR 24x7 SBD
    PR287     41W9654    2 YR 9x5 NBD
    PR288     41W9655    2 YR 24x7 SBD
    PR289     41W9656    3 YR 9x5 NBD
    PR290     41W9657    3 YR 24x7 SBD
    PR291     41W9658    1 YR 9x5 NBD PW
    PR292     41W9659    1 YR 24x7 SBD PW

    Maintenance processing:  Low end

    Period of maintenance service:  9 x 5

    Hourly service class:  One

    Usage plan machine  No

    Field installable features  Yes

    Model conversions  No

    Machine installation 

    Customer Setup, customers are responsible for installation according to the instructions IBM provides with the Machine.

    Graduated program license charges apply  No This product does not contain Licensed Internal Code or Licensed Machine Code.


    For all local charges, contact your IBM Representative.

    Announcement countries

    All European, Middle Eastern and African Countries.

    The data in this letter is subject to the disclaimer in Letter ZS90-0112, which is available from the same IBM announcement letters database.

    This announcement is provided for your information only. For additional information, please contact your IBM Representative or IBM Business Partner as appropriate.

    ************ End of Document ************

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