Software Withdrawal: Selected IBM Basic and DSLO Licensing Options for S/390 MVS and OS/390

Withdrawal Announcement
September 29, 1998
Announcement Letter Number: 998-295

Table of Contents:


Currently, IBM offers many different licensing options for MVS (TM), OS/390 (R), and other software products on the platform. These options have evolved over time to meet changing customer requirements and changing technologies. Effective January 1, 2000, IBM will withdraw a number of older price options for MVS and OS/390 products to significantly reduce the analysis and billing complexities faced by customers and IBM when license changes are made or new licenses are ordered. These products are listed in the Withdrawn Products section.

Effective January 1, 2000, the Graduated Monthly License Charge (GMLC), Monthly License Charge (flat MLC), Distributed System License Option (DSLO), Multiple Operating System -- PR/SM (TM) charge options (MOSP), Primary License Charge (PLC) / Annual License Charge (ALC), and Indexed Monthly License charges (IMLC) are being withdrawn from marketing for all S/390 (R) brand products that have Parallel Sysplex (R) License Charges (PSLC). These products with charge options (S/390 brand products in a MVS or OS/390 environment) are listed in the Withdrawn Products section. Effective January 1, 2000, these products can only be ordered with a Parallel Sysplex License Charge (PSLC) or S/390 Usage Pricing (if available). Therefore, customers will not be required to have coupling capable hardware on these products after January 1, 2000, to be licensed for PSLC. The requirements for aggregated PSLC pricing remain unchanged by this announcement. Customers must continue to meet the qualification criteria defined in the Exhibit for Parallel Sysplex License Charges (Z125-5206) in order to be eligible for aggregated PSLC pricing. In addition, all new S/390 brand software products, running in a MVS or OS/390 environment, announced after today will only be available with a PSLC or S/390 Usage Pricing (if available). Software products running in VM and VSE environments are not affected by this announcement.

Customers who have licenses using these withdrawn price options on December 31, 1999, will retain their existing group charges on those licenses until they select an alternative price option (that is, PSLC, S/390 Usage Pricing). Any machine (capacity) change that results in a different monthly charge will continue to be eligible for group upgrades or downgrades.

In a similar announcement, effective January 1, 1999, IBM will withdraw One-Time Charge (OTC) and Graduated One-Time Charge (GOTC) options on all S/390 brand products that have a monthly charge option. Refer to Software Announcement 998-294 dated September 29, 1998


This announcement is provided for your information only. For additional information, contact your IBM representative, call 800-IBM-4YOU, or visit the IBM home page at:


Description                                               Number

DPROPR Apply for MVS 5622-267 OS/390 V1 5645-001 System Automation for OS/390 5645-005 OS/390 V2 5647-A01 IBM RAMAC (R) SnapShot V1 5648-A12 RMDS Version 2 5648-048 CLIO/S 5648-129 TME 10 (TM) INFO/Management 5648-142 NaviQuest for MVS 5655-ACS Batch Terminal Simulator 5655-A14 IBM SmartBatch for OS/390 5655-A17 IBM BookServer for WWW MVS 5655-A20 DPROPR Apply for MVS 5655-A22 DPROPR Capture for MVS 5655-A23 IODM V3.1 5655-A26 IPFAF Version 3.1 5655-A27 Communications Server MVS 5655-A29 ADSM for MVS V3 5655-A30 DB2 (R) Row Archive Manager 5655-A31 IMS (TM) Recovery Saver 5655-A68 VA Smalltalk Svr for OS/390 5655-B14 DB2 for OS/390 5655-DB2 TCP/IP V3 for MVS 5655-HAL DFSMS (TM) Optimizer 5655-OPT Appl Support Fac V3 for MVS 5655-002 NetView (R) for MVS/ESA (TM) 5655-007 CICS/ESA (R) V4 5655-018 ACF/SSP Version 4 MVS 5655-041 ISPF Version 4 for MVS 5655-042 Tivoli Netview PM V2 5655-043 OE DCE Application Support 5655-064 MVS/ESA SP (TM)-JES2 V5 5655-068 MVS/ESA SP - JES3 Version 5 5655-069 DPROPR Capture for MVS 5655-076 RMF (TM) V5 5655-084 DB2 PM V4 5655-102 DITTO/ESA for MVS 5655-103 C/C++ for MVS/ESA V3 5655-121 MultiSystem Manager V2 5655-126 FlowMark (R) for MVS/ESA 5655-129 IMS Message Requeuer 5655-136 IMS/ESA (R) V6 5655-158 Intelligent Miner (TM) for OS/390 5655-161 MVS/Bulk Data Transfer V2 5665-264 DISOSS/370 V3 5665-290 ACF/SSP for MVS 5665-338 SDF II MVS 5665-366 Repository Manager/MVS 5665-461 Appl Dev Prog Support - ADPS 5665-479 Appl Dev Prog Supp - ADPS/P 5665-480 SDSF V1 5665-488 SMP/E 5668-949 DATABASE 2 (TM) Version 3 5685-DB2 OSI/CS R1.1 For MVS 5685-014 NetView DM for MVS 5685-016 TSO/E V2 5685-025 OSI/FS For MVS 5685-046 IMS Data Base Tools 5685-093 DisplayWrite (R)/370 MVS/CICS (R) 5685-101 OfficeVision/MVS (TM) 5685-106 NetView FTP V2 for MVS 5685-108 CSP Runtime Services V2 5688-206 CSP/370 Appl Devel V4 5688-218 DB2 Admin 5688-515 Database 2 for MVS/ESA 5695-DB2 DFSMS/MVS (R) 5695-DF1 CICSVR MVS/ESA V2 5695-010 NetView/Access MVS version 2 5695-036 RACF (R) V2 5695-039 Product Description Number

IBM IPFAF V2 5695-041 SAA ImagePlus (R) ODM V2 5695-042 BookManager (R) Build/MVS 5695-045 BookManager Read/MVS 5695-046 Dictionary Services 5695-056 ALCS V2 5695-068 SearchManager/370 5695-070 DB2 Auto Utility Generator 5695-077 Item Access Facility MVS/ESA 5695-080 CallPath (R) Call Coordntr 5695-083 CallPath CICS/MVS (TM) 5695-089 EPDM 5695-101 VTAM (R) V4 for MVS/ESA 5695-117 MQM MVS/ESA 5695-137 DataHub (R) Support/MVS 5695-166 GDDM (R) Version 3 5695-167 Information Management 5695-171 IMS/ESA V5 5695-176 AON/MVS 5695-178 DataPropagator (TM) NonRelational 5696-705 SOMobjects (TM) 5696-822 Tivoli User Admin for OS/390 5697-ADM Ad-Hoc Reporting Tool 5697-A05 Partition DB 5697-A06 TME 10 NetView for OS/390 5697-B82 Workload Router 5697-B87 IMS Performance Analyzer 5697-B89 DBICF 5697-B92 Net.Commerce for OS/390 5697-C32 IMS IB 5697-C33 CommercePOINT (TM) Gateway OS/390 5697-C60 CommercePOINT eTill OS/390 5697-C62 IMS Data Base Control Suite 5697-D15 DB2 Buffer Pool Tool 5697-D16 QMF (TM) for Windows (TM) 5697-D27 Manager for MQSeries (R) OS/390 5697-D30 Net.Commerce for OS/390 V3 5697-D32 IMS/ESA DBRC Secure Tool 5697-D87 Tivoli OPC V2R2M0 5697-OPC Tivoli Security Management 5697-SCM for OS/390 QMF for MVS 5706-254 IMS/VS/DB 5740-XX2 VS/APL 5748-AP1


The Parallel Sysplex License Charges-Single Machine Environment (G121-1001) Information Bulletin will be updated as a result of this announcement:


      MVS, PR/SM, IMS, DFSMS, MVS/ESA, SP, RMF, Intelligent Miner,
      DATABASE 2, OfficeVision/MVS, CallPath CICS/MVS,
      DataPropagator, SOMobjects, CommercePOINT, and QMF are
      trademarks of International Business Machines Corporation in
      the United States or other countries or both.
      OS/390, Parallel Sysplex, S/390, RAMAC, DB2, NetView, CICS/ESA,
      FlowMark, IMS/ESA, DisplayWrite, CICS, DFSMS/MVS, RACF,
      ImagePlus, BookManager, CallPath, VTAM, DataHub, GDDM, and
      MQSeries are registered trademarks of International Business
      Machines Corporation in the United States or other countries or
      Windows is a trademark of Microsoft Corporation.
      TME 10 is a trademark of Tivoli Systems, Inc.  in the United
      States or other countries or both.
      Other company, product, and service names may be trademarks or
      service marks of others.

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