Software Withdrawal: One-Time Charge (OTC/GOTC) Option for S/390

Withdrawal Announcement
September 29, 1998
Announcement Letter Number: 998-294

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Currently, IBM offers many different licensing options for VM, VSE, MVS (TM), OS/390 (R), and other software products on the platform. These options have evolved over time to meet changing customer requirements and changing technologies. To simplify the S/390 (R) brand software pricing structure, today, IBM is announcing the withdrawal of the One-Time Charge (OTC) price options, effective January 1, 1999.

Effective January 1, 1999, the OTC price option and Graduated One-Time Charge (GOTC) price option are being withdrawn from marketing for all S/390 brand software products that have a monthly charge (PSLC, GMLC, MLC, MOSP, IMLC) option, listed in the Withdrawn Products section.

The Entry Support License (ESL) license option will continue to be available for qualifying machines (P390, R390, Integrated Servers). All new S/390 Brand software products announced after today will not be offered with an OTC price option, unless the product will only be marketed as OTC.

OTC licenses on December 31, 1998, will remain OTC. OTC, however, will not be available after December 31, 1998, for new licenses or upgrades to a newer version. Any machine (capacity) upgrades that today result in OTC group upgrade charges will continue to be eligible for group upgrade charges (GOTC).


This announcement is provided for your information only. For additional information, contact your IBM representative, call 800-IBM-4YOU, or visit the IBM home page at:


Description                                               Number

MERVA/2 V3 5622-122 MERVA/2 PREMIUM Support/2 V3 5622-127 DPROPR Apply for MVS 5622-267 OS/390 V1 5645-001 System Automation for OS/390 5645-005 OS/390 V2 5647-A01 RAMAC (R) SnapShot V1 5648-A12 COBOL for OS/390 and VM V2 5648-A25 VA Gen Server MVS,VSE, and VM 5648-B02 Lan File Services/ESA 5648-039 RMDS Version 2 5648-048 QMF (TM) for VSE 5648-061 ACF/NCP V7 5648-063 NTuneMon V1R2 5648-077 VisualGen (R) Host Services 5648-078 NTuneNCP V1 5648-089 AS V4 5648-092 DITTO/ESA for VSE 5648-099 VisualLift (R) 1.1.2 5648-109 CLIO/S 5648-129 NTuneMON V2 5648-141 TME 10 (TM) INFO/Management 5648-142 DB2 (R) Server for VSE and VM V5 5648-158 ADSM for VM 5654-A02 IBM RAMAC SnapShot VM/ESA (R) 5654-A03 ACF/SSP V4 VM/ESA 5654-009 ACF/VTAM (R) V4 for VM/ESA 5654-010 NPM V2 VM 5654-011 TIF VM/SP (TM) 5654-014 Info Facility for VM/ESA 5654-015 APPC Appl Suite -- VM/ESA 5654-025 DITTO/ESA for VM 5654-029 VM/ESA Version 2 5654-030 C VM/ESA V3 5654-033 NaviQuest for MVS 5655-ACS ImagePlus (R) Obj Svr V2 5655-A01 ImagePlus MVS Lib Server 5655-A02 Batch Terminal Simulator 5655-A14 IBM SmartBatch for OS/390 5655-A17 DI/MVS V2 5655-A18 DI/MVS-CICS (R) V2 5655-A19 IBM BookServer for WWW MVS 5655-A20 ADF Tool Pak 5655-A21 DPROPR Apply for MVS 5655-A22 DPROPR Capture for MVS 5655-A23 AFP (TM) Toolbox for MVS 5655-A25 IODM V3.1 5655-A26 IPFAF Version 3.1 5655-A27 Communications Server MVS 5655-A29 ADSM for MVS 5655-A30 DB2 Row Archive Manager 5655-A31 VA/ST Server Enablement 5655-A38 VA/ST Server for MVS 5655-A39 IMS (TM) Recovery Saver 5655-A68 Network Data Couplers 5655-A99 VA Smalltalk Svr for OS/390 5655-B14 DB2 for OS/390 5655-DB2 TCP/IP V3 for MVS 5655-HAL DFSMS (TM) Optimizer 5655-OPT Appl Support Fac V3 for MVS 5655-002 NetView (R) for MVS/ESA (TM) 5655-007 CICS/ESA (R) V4 5655-018 ACF/SSP Version 4 MVS 5655-041 ISPF Version 4 for MVS 5655-042 Tivoli Netview PM V2 5655-043 TIF-The Information Facility 5655-055 BTLS for MVS/DFSMS 5655-056 Basic Tape Library Support 5655-057

Program Description Number

OE DCE Application Support 5655-064 MVS/ESA SP-JES2 V5 5655-068 MVS/ESA SP -- JES3 Version 5 5655-069 DPROPR Capture for MVS 5655-076 RMF (TM) V5 5655-084 IMS Compression -- Extended 5655-085 APPC Appl Suite MVS/ESA 5655-091 DB2 PM V4 5655-102 DITTO/ESA for MVS 5655-103 Fast Recover 5655-109 ADSM for MVS 5655-119 C/C++ for MVS/ESA V3 5655-121 MultiSystem Manager V2 5655-126 FlowMark (R) for MVS/ESA 5655-129 IMS Message Requeuer 5655-136 CICS/ESA V5 5655-147 IMS/ESA (R) V6 5655-158 Intelligent Miner (TM) for OS/390 5655-161 ACF/VTAM V3 for VM/SP 5664-280 SDF II VM/SP 5664-307 VTAM (R) V3 OSI RPI FOR MVS/XA (TM) 5665-289 DISOSS/370 V3 5665-290 Print Management Facility/MVS 5665-307 ACF/SSP For MVS 5665-338 Print Serv Access Fac/MVS 5665-340 IMSADF II 5665-348 Netview Access Services MVS 5665-365 SDF II MVS 5665-366 Repository Manager/MVS 5665-461 CICS/DDM 5665-463 Appl Dev Prog Support -- ADPS 5665-479 Appl Dev Prog Supp -- ADPS/P 5665-480 Netview FTP MVS Base 5665-487 SDSF V1 5665-488 ACF/SSP V3 for VSE 5666-322 ACF/VTAM V3 For VSE/ESA 5666-363 VS PASCAL Library 5668-717 X.25 NCP Pack Switch Intf V2 5668-719 GDDM (R)-IVU V1 5668-723 ACF/NCP V5 5668-738 MPSX/370 Version 2 5668-739 VS Pascal Compiler and Library 5668-767 GDDM-IMD Version 2 5668-801 GDDM-GKS 5668-802 VS FORTRAN Version 2 Library 5668-805 VS FORTRAN Version 2 C/L/I 5668-806 Appl Prototype Environ Ver 2 5668-808 GDDM-PGF Version 2 5668-812 COPICS Capacity Req Planning 5668-829 ACF/NCP Version 4 5668-854 Appl Prototype Environment 5668-896 OS PL/I Comp, Lib and ITF V2 5668-909 OS PL/I Compiler and Lib Ver 5668-910 OS PL/I Library Version 2 5668-911 RM4700 AMG for IBM FC System 5668-934 SMP/E 5668-949 NRF Release 9 5668-963 ISPF V3 for VM/SP 5684-043 Performance Report Facility 5684-073 OV/VM 5684-084 ACF/VTAM V3 for VM/ESA 5684-095 RSCS V3 5684-096 VM/Pass-Through Facility V2 5684-100 DMS/CMS V2 5684-113 ISPF/PDF V3 for VM 5684-123 Performance Analysis Facilit 5684-130 DFSORT (TM)/CMS V2 5684-134

Program Description Number

SQL Master (TM) for VSE and VM 5684-136 PSF/VM 5684-141 LANRES/VM 5684-142 IBM Search Manager/370 (VM) 5684-143 Host Mgmt Fac/VM 5684-157 Callup/VM 5684-160 GDDM/VM 5684-168 DATABASE 2 (TM) Version 3 5685-DB2 X.25 SNA NSF 5685-003 X.25 SNA Interconnection V1 5685-005 OSI/CS R1.1 for MVS 5685-014 NetView DM for MVS 5685-016 TSO/E V2 5685-025 X.25 SNA Interconnection UT1 5685-035 NETDA Version 2 5685-045 OSI/FS for MVS 5685-046 VTAM MVS/ESA V3R4.2 5685-085 IMS Data Base Tools 5685-093 DisplayWrite (R)/370 MVS/CICS 5685-101 geoManager (R) 5685-105 OfficeVision/MVS (TM) 5685-106 NetView FTP V2 for MVS 5685-108 C/VSE 5686-A01 TCP/IP for VSE 5686-A04 CICSVR/VSE 5686-011 CICS/DDM (VSE) 5686-018 DisplayWrite/370 Version 2 5686-022 CICS/VSE (R) Version 2 5686-026 VSE/ESA DWF R2.0 5686-028 VSE/Advanced Functions V5 5686-032 VSE/POWER Version 5 5686-033 VSE/Fast Copy 5686-034 VSE/ICCF V3 5686-036 VSE/VSAM V2 5686-037 PSF/VSE Version 2 5686-040 VSE/DSNX V2 5686-041 NetView Version 2 -- VSE/ESA 5686-055 GDDM/VSE Version 3 5686-057 IBM REXX/VSE 5686-058 ACF/SSP Version 4 VSE 5686-064 ACF/VTAM V4R2 for VSE/ESA 5686-065 VSE Central Functions V6 5686-066 COBOL/VSE 5686-068 PL/I VSE 5686-069 ADSM for VSE/ESA 5686-073 ASF V3 for VSE 5686-075 VSE/VSAM for VM 5686-081 IBM LE 1.4.0 for VSE 5686-094 BookMaster (R) 5688-015 X.25 NPSI Version 3 5688-035 GPG Version 2 5688-050 DITTO for VSE and VM V3 5688-052 VS FORTRAN Version 2 C/L 5688-087 SQL/DS (TM) V3 5688-103 TPNS Version 3 5688-121 CSFI 5688-132 OSL for MVS/VM 5688-137 PPFA/370 5688-190 OGL/370 5688-191 CODE/370 5688-194 COBOL for MVS and VM 5688-197 Lang Env for MVS and VM 5688-198 CSP Runtime Services V2 5688-206 AD/Cycle (R) C/370 (TM) 5688-216 CSP/370 Appl Devel V4 5688-218 ESSL/370 V2 5688-226 APL2 (R) Version 2 5688-228 APL2 Appl Environment V2 5688-229 ACF/NCP V6 5688-231 PL/I MVS and VM 5688-235

Program Description Number

DB2 Admin 5688-515 Database 2 for MVS/ESA 5695-DB2 DFSMS/MVS (R) 5695-DF1 CICSVR MVS/ESA V2 5695-010 REXX Compiler 5695-013 REXX Library 5695-014 NetView/Access MVS Version 2 5695-036 RACF (R) V2 5695-039 PSF/MVS V2 5695-040 Dictionary Services 5695-056 SearchManager/370 5695-070 DB2 Auto Utility Generator 5695-077 Item Access Facility MVS/ESA 5695-080 CICSPlex (R) SM 5695-081 CallPath (R) Call Coordntr 5695-083 CallPath CICS/MVS (TM) 5695-089 EPDM 5695-101 VTAM V4 for MVS/ESA 5695-117 Net Prob and Change Appl MVS 5695-120 MQM MVS/ESA 5695-137 DataHub (R) Support/MVS 5695-166 GDDM Version 3 5695-167 Information Management 5695-171 IMS/ESA V5 5695-176 AON/MVS 5695-178 High Level Assembler 5696-234 DataRefresher 5696-703 DataPropagator (TM) NonRelational 5696-705 IBM COBOL SF MVS/VM V3 5696-737 SOMobjects (TM) 5696-822 Tivoli User Admin fOR OS/390 5697-ADM Ad-Hoc Reporting Tool 5697-A05 Partition DB 5697-A06 TME 10 NetView for OS/390 5697-B82 TME 10 GEM 5697-B83 Workload Router 5697-B87 DB2/VSE VT 5697-B88 IMS Performance Analyzer 5697-B89 DBICF 5697-B92 Net.Commerce for OS/390 5697-C32 IMS IB 5697-C33 CommercePOINT (TM) Gateway OS/390 5697-C60 CommercePOINT eTill OS/390 5697-C62 OPTI-AUDIT 5697-C85 IMS DB Control Suite 5697-D15 DB2 Buffer Pool Tool 5697-D16 QMF for Windows (TM) 5697-D27 Manager for MQSeries (R) OS/390 5697-D30 Net.Commerce for OS/390 V3 5697-D32 IMS/ESA DBRC Secure Tool 5697-D87 Tivoli OPC V2R2M0 5697-OPC Tivoli Security Management for OS/390 5697-SCM HCM 5697-119 VM Compression Program 5697-235 3270 ASCII Appl Access 5697-236 COPICS Online Routing II 5706-115 QMF for MVS 5706-254 QMF for VM 5706-255 Requirements Planning 5734-M51 TCP/IP V2 for VM 5735-FAL Emulation Program 5735-XXB NTO 5735-XX7 DFSORT 5740-SM1 DMS/CICS/VS-OS 5740-XC5 PROJACS -- OS/VS 5740-XP1 OS/VS DB/DC Data Dictionary 5740-XXF RACF Version 1 for VM 5740-XXH

Program Description Number

IMS/VS/DB 5740-XX2 Prog Cryptographic Facility 5740-XY5 BTAM-ES for DOS/VSE 5746-RC5 DOS/VS RPG II Compiler 5746-RG1 DFSORT/VSE 5746-SM3 DMS/CICS/VS-DOS 5746-XC4 VSE/OCCF 5746-XC5 VSE/Access Control Log and Rpt 5746-XE7 Screen Def Facility/CICS 5746-XXT DL/I DOS/VS 5746-XX1 VS/APL 5748-AP1 VS FORTRAN Compiler/Library 5748-FO3 IBM DirMaint for VM/ESA 5748-XE4 DCF 5748-XX9 NetView V2 for VM/ESA 5756-051 APT/WS for AIX (R) V2 5765-496 AFP Simplified Chinese Font 5771-AEK AFP Thai Font for MVS/VM/VSE 5771-AEN AFP Korean Font 5771-AFW AFP Japanese Font 5771-AFX CCCA 5785-ABJ JES/328X Print Facility V2 5785-BAC JES/328x 5785-BAZ CCCA/VSE 5785-CCC Mult App Single Screem-Mass 5785-EDH DISOSS/CICS Supt Wksta Print 5785-EDT COPICS BILL BATCH UTILITIES 5785-GBC COPICS INVENTORY ACCT II 5785-GBE DOBIS/Leuven V2 MVS 5787-DBB MQSeries for VSE/ESA 5787-ECX DLS-E V3 5787-EDJ DOS/SMU 5796-PKF IBM Realtime Monitor VM/ESA 5798-DWD TIF VM_V2 5798-DYF


      MVS, QMF, SP, AFP, IMS, DFSMS, MVS/ESA, RMF, Intelligent Miner,
      MVS/XA, DFSORT, SQL Master, DATABASE 2, OfficeVision/MVS,
      SQL/DS, C/370, CallPath CICS/MVS, DataPropagator, SOMobjects,
      and CommercePOINT are trademarks of International Business
      Machines Corporation in the United States or other countries or
      OS/390, S/390, RAMAC, VisualGen, VisualLift, DB2, VM/ESA,
      ACF/VTAM, ImagePlus, CICS, NetView, CICS/ESA, FlowMark,
      IMS/ESA, VTAM, GDDM, DisplayWrite, geoManager, CICS/VSE,
      BookMaster, AD/Cycle, APL2, DFSMS/MVS, RACF, CICSPlex,
      CallPath, DataHub, MQSeries, and AIX are registered trademarks
      of International Business Machines Corporation in the United
      States or other countries or both.
      Windows is a trademark of Microsoft Corporation.
      TME 10 is a trademark of Tivoli Systems, Inc.  in the United
      States or other countries or both.
      Other company, product, and service names may be trademarks or
      service marks of others.

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