Hardware withdrawal: IBM Virtualization Engine TS7520 Model CV6 and select features — Replacements available

IBM United States Withdrawal Announcement 908-095
May 13, 2008


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On the effective withdrawal date, IBM will withdraw from marketing the following:

Effective June 30, 2008:

  • IBM Virtualization Engine™ TS7520 Model CV6 and select features:
    • Intel® Xeon Processor 7020 (#3452)
    • Memory Upgrade (#3460)
    • VE Preload — AAS (5697-N65) (#9302)
    • VE Preload — AAS (5697-N66) (#9303)
    • Plant Install 3954-CV6 (#9326)
    • Field Merge 3954-CV6 (#9327)
    • No Factory Cables (#9700)
  • IBM Virtualization Engine TS7520 Model SV6 select features:
    • Enable 1st SX6 (#7401)
    • Enable 4th SX6 (#7402)
  • Machine type 3952 Model F05 select features:
    • Plant Install 3954-CV6 (#5728)
    • Field Install 3954-CV6 (#5729)
    • TS7520 Limited Edition Unit (#7319)

Effective August 30, 2008:

  • IBM Virtualization Engine TS7520 Models SV6 and SX6 feature:
    • 8 TB SATA Storage (#7111)

Effective December 30, 2008:

  • Machine type 3952 Model F05 feature:
    • Eight Port Switch Expansion (#1908)

On or after the effective dates of withdrawal, you can no longer order these products directly from IBM. You can obtain the product on an as-available basis through IBM Business Partners.

                                   Machine           Feature
Description                        type      Model   number
IBM System Storage(TM) Tape Frame features:
Eight Port Switch Expansion        3952      F05     1908
Plant Install 3954-CV6             3952      F05     5728
Field Install 3954-CV6             3952      F05     5729
TS7520 Limited Edition Unit        3952      F05     7319
IBM Virtualization Engine TS7520   3954      CV6
Intel Xeon Processor 7020          3954      CV6     3452
Memory Upgrade                     3954      CV6     3460
VE Preload - AAS (5697-N65)        3954      CV6     9302
VE Preload - AAS (5697-N66)        3954      CV6     9303
Plant Install 3954-CV6             3954      CV6     9326
Field Merge 3954-CV6               3954      CV6     9327
No Factory Cables                  3954      CV6     9700
IBM Virtualization Engine TS7520 Model features:
Enable 1st SX6                     3955      SV6     7401
Enable 4th SX6                     3955      SV6     7402
8 TB SATA Storage                  3955      SV6,    7111

Replacement product information

Features for machine type 3952 Model F05:

Withdrawn product               Replacement product
Eight Port Switch Expansion     Enable Addl 8 FC Switch Port
 (#1908)                         (#1911)
Plant Install 3954-CV6 (#5728)  Plant Install 3955-SV6 (#5738)
Field Install 3954-CV6 (#5729)  Field Install 3955-SV6 (#5739)
TS7520 Limited Edition Unit     None

Machine type 3954 Model CV6:

Withdrawn product                  Replacement product
IBM Virtualization Engine          IBM Virtualization Engine
 TS7510 Machine Type 3954           TS7510 Machine Type 3954
 Model CV6                          Model CV7
Features for machine type 3954 Model CV6:
Intel Xeon Processor 7020 (#3452)  There are no replacements
Memory Upgrade (#3460)              for these features on
VE Preload -- AAS (5697-N65)        machine type 3954 Model
 (#9302)                            CV6; comparable features
VE Preload -- AAS (5697-N66)        are available on machine
 (#9303)                            type 3954, Model CV7.
Plant Install 3954-CV6 (#9326)
Field Merge 3954-CV6 (#9327)
No Factory Cables (#9700)

Features for machine type 3954 Models SV6 and SX6:

Withdrawn product                 Replacement product
8 TB SATA Storage (#7111)         12 TB SATA Storage (#7112)
                                  16 TB SATA Storage Drawer

Features for machine type 3955 Model SV6:

Withdrawn product                 Replacement product
Enable 1st SX6 (#7401)            None
Enable 4th SX6 (#7402)            None

For more information, refer to the following announcements:

  • Hardware Withdrawal 908-008 , dated January 22, 2008, IBM Virtualization Engine TS7510 Model SV5, CV5 and select features
  • Hardware Announcement 107-236 , dated April 24, 2007, IBM Virtualization Engine TS7520 speeds data backup and recovery for open and enterprise systems
  • Hardware Announcement 107-232 , dated April 24, 2007, The IBM 3952 Tape Frame Model F05 contains the components of the IBM Virtualization Engine TS7520
  • Hardware Announcement 107-235 , dated April 24, 2007, IBM Virtualization Engine TS7500 Series for Tape supports the 3955 Model SV6 and SX6 Cache
  • Hardware Withdrawal 907-091 , dated April 24, 2007, Selected IBM Virtualization Engine models and features
  • Software Withdrawal 907-092 , dated April 24, 2007, IBM Virtualization Engine TS7510 Software V1

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