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Withdrawal Announcement 903-203
October 14, 2003

Software withdrawal: IBM VisualAge Pacbase V3.0 features — Replacement available

 ENUS903-203.PDF (16KB)


Effective January 9, 2004, IBM will withdraw from marketing VisualAge® Pacbase V3.0 features listed in the Feature withdrawals section, licensed under the IBM Customer Agreement (ICA).

Replacement product information

Withdrawn features      Replacement program            number
Refer to the            VisualAge Pacbase V3.5         5655-F37
Feature withdrawals

For additional information on migration principles, refer to VisualAge Pacbase V3.5 Software Announcement 203-003 , dated January 14, 2003.

Feature withdrawals

Program name                                      number
VisualAge Pacbase V3                              5655-F37

Description                                       number
Basic machine-readable
Repository MVS(TM)/CICS(R) 3480 Cartridge         6345
Repository IBM MVS/CICS DAT 4mm                   6351
Repository MVS/IMS(TM) 3480 Cartridge             6346
Repository IBM MVS/IMS DAT 4mm                    6347
Repository AIX(R)                                 6339
Repository Bull Escala AIX                        6299
Repository Compaq TRU64 UNIX(R)                   6309
Repository HP-UX                                  6349
Repository Linux                                  6333
Repository Sun Solaris                            6337
Repository Windows NT(TM)                         6341
Repository Windows(TM) 2000                       6335
Pacdesign Standard                                6271
Pacdesign IFW                                     6380
Rational Rose(R) Interface                        6246
Build facility
Developer workbench                               6399
OS e-business target                              0025/0026
OS e-business target Bull escala AIX              6253
OS e-business target Bull GCOS7                   6255
OS e-business target Bull GCOS8                   6296
OS e-business target Compaq AlphaOpen VMS         6381
OS e-business target Compaq NonStop Himalaya      6378
OS e-business target Compaq NonStop Integrity     6386
OS e-business target Compaq TRU64 UNIX            6392
OS e-business target Compaq VAX VMS               6388
OS e-business target HP-UX                        6379
OS e-business target AIX                          6394
OS e-business target IBM MVS                      6387
OS e-business target NUMA-Q(R) DYNIX(R)           6382
OS e-business target OS/400(R)                    6389
OS e-business target IBM VSE                      6383
OS e-business target Linux                        6393
OS e-business target Sun Solaris                  6384
OS e-business target Unisys 2200 Series           6390
OS e-business target Unisys A series              6377
OS e-business target Windows NT                   6385
OS e-business target Windows 2000                 6391
DB e-business target                              0059/0060
DB e-business target Adabas                       6440
DB e-business target Allbase-SQL                  6439
DB e-business target DB2(R)                       6433
DB e-business target DL/1                         6436
DB e-business target DMS II                       6435
DB e-business target IDMS                         6445
DB e-business target IDS2                         6441
DB e-business target Interel/RFM                  6432
DB e-business target NonStop-SQL                  6443
DB e-business target Oracle                       6437
DB e-business target RDMS                         6444
DB e-business target SQL/DS(TM)                   6434
DB e-business target SQL/Server                   6438
DB e-business target Sybase                       6442
Description                                       number
TP e-business target                              0061/0062
TP e-business target CICS                         6457
TP e-business target DM6-TP                       6454
TP e-business target DMIV-TP                      6453
TP e-business target DTF/DFC                      6458
TP e-business target HVTIP MCB                    6450
TP e-business target IMS                          6449
TP e-business target MCP/COMS                     6451
TP e-business target Native                       6460
TP e-business target Pathway                      6455
TP e-business target TDS                          6463
TP e-business target TIP DPS                      6459
TP e-business target TP8                          6461
TP e-business target TPMS                         6452
TP e-business target XL                           6462
Middleware target                                 0021/0022
Middleware target COMS                            6401
Middleware target CPI-C                           6364
Middleware target ECI                             6366
Middleware target EXCI                            6373
Middleware target MQSeries(R)                     6368
Middleware target OSS NonStop Tuxedo              6370
Middleware target OSS TCP-IP                      6372
Middleware target TCIS                            6365
Middleware target TCP-IP                          6367
Middleware target Tuxedo                          6371
Client target                                     0001/0002
Client target COM/DCOM                            6334
Client target Java(TM)                            6354
OS Batch target                                   0023/0024
OS Batch target Bull escala AIX                   6257
OS Batch target GCOS6                             6286
OS Batch target GCOS7                             6267
OS Batch target GCOS8                             6248
OS Batch target Compaq AlphaOpen VMS              6369
OS Batch target NonStop Himalaya                  6289
OS Batch target NonStop Integrity                 6293
OS Batch target TRU64 UNIX                        6263
OS Batch target VAX VMS                           6278
OS Batch target HP-UX                             6281
OS Batch target HP-MPE                            6425
OS Batch target AIX                               6274
OS Batch target MVS                               6426
OS Batch target Numa-Q Dynix                      6284
OS Batch target OS/400                            6261
OS Batch target OS/2(R)                           6272
OS Batch target VSE                               6269
OS Batch target VME                               6276
OS Batch target Linux                             6265
OS Batch target Sun Solaris                       6259
OS Batch target Unisys 2200 Series                6247
OS Batch target Unisys A Series                   6251
OS Batch target Windows NT                        6288
OS Batch target Windows 2000                      6298
Description                                       number
DB Batch target                                   0005/0006
DB Batch target Adabas                            6238
DB Batch target Allbase-SQL                       6237
DB Batch target AS400 Physical File               6363
DB Batch target Clio/Socrate                      6359
DB Batch target DB2                               6362
DB Batch target DDL Tandem                        6361
DB Batch target DL/1                              6360
DB Batch target DMIV-TP                           6420
DB Batch target DMS                               6424
DB Batch target DMS II                            6421
DB Batch target IDMS                              6422
DB Batch target IDS2                              6423
DB Batch target Informix(TM)                      6321
DB Batch target Ingres                            6245
DB Batch target Interel/RFM                       6324
DB Batch target NonStop-SQL                       6320
DB Batch target Oracle                            6323
DB Batch target RDMS                              6327
DB Batch target SQL/DS                            6322
DB Batch target SQL/Server                        6326
DB Batch target Sybase                            6325
DB Batch target Turbo-Image                       6419
TP Monitor target                                 0057/0058
TP Monitor target CICS                            6338
TP Monitor target DM6-TP                          6350
TP Monitor target DMIV-TP                         6357
TP Monitor target DTF/DFC                         6356
TP Monitor target HVTIP MCB                       6340
TP Monitor target IMS                             6330
TP Monitor target MCP/COMS                        6336
TP Monitor target Native                          6342
TP Monitor target Pathway                         6331
TP Monitor target TDS                             6348
TP Monitor target TIP DPS                         6332
TP Monitor target TP8                             6343
TP Monitor target TPMS                            6358
TP Monitor target XL                              6344
Pacbase Web connection                            0033/0034
CPIC-C                                            6275
ECI                                               6279
MQSeries                                          6277
OSS TCP-IP                                        6268
TCIS                                              6273
TCP-IP                                            6283
Bull Escala AIX                                   6260
Compaq NonStop Integrity                          6262
Compaq TRU64 UNIX                                 6285
HP-UX                                             6318
AIX                                               6295
MVS/CICS -- Cartridge                             6287
MVS/CICS -- DAT                                   6316
MVS/IMS -- Cartridge                              6297
MVS/IMS -- DAT                                    6308
VSE/CICS                                          6307
Linux                                             6292
Sun Solaris                                       6319
Windows NT                                        6317
Windows 2000                                      6294
Description                                       number
Bull Escala AIX                                   6418
Compaq NonStop Integrity                          6415
Compaq TRU64 UNIX                                 6412
HP-UX                                             6414
AIX                                               6410
MVS/CICS -- Cartridge                             6411
MVS/CICS -- DAT                                   6406
MVS/IMS -- Cartridge                              6407
MVS/IMS -- DAT                                    6409
Linux                                             6403
Sun Solaris                                       6404
Windows NT                                        6402
Windows 2000                                      6405
Additional configuration management interface
ClearCase(R)                                      6239
Endevor                                           6408
Security Interface
RACF(R)                                           6315
Top secret                                        6353
Other modules
DSMS Access Facility                              6395 0009/0010
DSMS Update Facility                              6400 0011/0012
Extensibility                                     6397
In-Depth Extractor                                6398
Journal Statistics                                6396
Pacbase Access facility                           6375
Pacbase Update Facility                           6376
PacImpact                                         6256
PacTransfer                                       6252
Pacbase Quality Control                           6374
Quality Control Extensibility                     6249 0045/0045
Rename and Move Entity                            6258
Sub-Network Comparison                            6328
Existing customers
Text User Interface Terminal                      6456

Summary: All of the supply features of VisualAge Pacbase V3.0 are withdrawn except BULL GCOS7 and BULL GCOS8 REPOSITORY PLATFORMS, BULL GCOS7 and BULL GCOS8 PACTABLES, BULL GCOS7 and BULL GCOS8 DSMS.

Only some billing features are withdrawn.

Program services: Program Services for those withdrawn features remain available.

For information on Program Services end date, refer to the Software License Agreement Web site:


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VisualAge, CICS, AIX, Rational Rose, NUMA-Q, OS/400, DB2, MQSeries, OS/2, ClearCase, and RACF are registered trademarks of International Business Machines Corporation in the United States or other countries or both.
Windows NT and Windows are trademarks of Microsoft Corporation.
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