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Services Announcement
March 25, 1997
Announcement Letter Number: 697-004

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At a Glance

Selected services available worldwide, including:

  • SmoothStart Services

  • Migration Services

  • Additional Site Services


IBM Global Services announces the worldwide availability of selected site services. These services offer consistent worldwide function and allow you to create the level of support you need, when you need it, whether you have a single system or multiple systems networked together.

In order to make it easier for you to choose the right solution for your business, IBM is consolidating its offerings into marketplace defined categories that will be consistent worldwide. This significantly reduces the total number of offerings and at the same time continues to provide you with the same level of variety and support that you enjoy today.

Our goal in defining each category is to avoid product or organizational specific offerings and to move towards offerings which are more recognizable by our customers.

Intended Customers

AIX (R), AS/400 (R), and S/390 (R) customers requiring on-site assistance

Planned Availability Dates

March 25, 1997, with the following exceptions:

  • April 25, 1997 -- IBM SmoothStart Service for S/390 Open Server
  • April 30, 1997 -- IBM Migration Service for RAMAC Array Products
  • Second quarter 1997 -- IBM Help Desk Integration Services

This announcement is provided for your information only. For additional information, contact your IBM representative or call 800-IBM-4YOU.


Product Services

Hardware/Software Planning

IBM ProjectWatch Service for RS/6000 SP: IBM ProjectWatch Service for RS/6000 SP can provide a single point of contact for technical project management from the initial planning through successful application production for an SP System. IBM will provide a technical project manager to assist you with project planning, management and delivery of the infrastructure services, so as to meet agreed project goals. ProjectWatch is to be performed for the contracted number of days, over a time period as agreed between the customer and IBM.

In addition to the SmoothStart Service for RS/6000 SP or Migration Service for RS/6000 SP, tailored services may be utilized to meet customer needs.

Hardware/Software Installation

IBM SmoothStart Services: SmoothStart Services is an on-site implementation and training startup service designed to accelerate your productive use of your IBM solution. These services may be for IBM or non-IBM hardware/software or just software. SmoothStart Services normally include installation of the software, hardware (where needed), configuration, operational customization and integration where multiple components are involved.

When you leverage IBM's SmoothStart services with your solution, you are not only getting the most complete solution, but you are also freeing up your time to spend on more profitable business. All of IBM's SmoothStart services will consistently deliver the following options to you.

Project Management

This activity provides you a high level project schedule including key dates for detailed planning, installation dates, testing and production dates. IBM manages the detailed Installation Plan. The overall responsibility for the success of the SmoothStart service resides with IBM and through this activity, IBM assures the project success.

Installation Planning

IBM has developed a methodology for efficient installation. A key part of the methodology is a template plan that the services provider, through their experience, can fit to your unique requirements. The Installation Planning activity uses this template plan and develops a customized plan for this installation. This is done in an Installation Planning meeting which covers the Installation Plan detail, explains your and IBM's activities, sets up milestones and explains the Installation Completion Checklist.

Hardware Installation and Configuration

This is an optional activity and may include installation of terminals and printers, and running of installation verification programs.

Software Installation

This includes installation and running of installation verification programs. Software Configuration

Through use of pre-tested configuration methodologies, IBM is able to configure the software quickly to exactly your operational and application needs. This includes onsite items such as defining users, mating the new system to existing systems, and other items that cannot be done more efficiently at a central location or plant of manufacture.

SmoothStart Installation Record

IBM will develop a SmoothStart Installation Record that provides a complete documentation of the system and customization. The SmoothStart Installation Record is designed to provide efficient access to the information you need to use and modify the system.

Basic Training

Training in operation and use of the product is essential for completion of the SmoothStart service. Practical, hands-on training is provided during the installation. When the product installation is complete, you have the experience necessary to use it.

IBM SmoothStart Services have been added for the following products and are available worldwide:

  • RS/6000 SP -- To assist you in the rapid delivery of business benefits, this service is part of a comprehensive SP structured services framework for system planning, configuration, installation, technical project management, and delivery of an operational SP system.

  • S/390 Open Server -- An architected framework for smooth product installation. It will provide Network Commerce capability, reduced computing costs, manageable databases, and security to customers.
The following previously announced IBM SmoothStart Services are available worldwide:

IBM SmoothStart Service for:

  • AS/400
  • AS/400 Operating System -- Year 2000 Enabled
  • Internet Connection for AS/400
  • Internet Connection Secure Server for AIX
  • 8235-I40 DIALs Switch

Hardware/Software Migration

IBM Migration Services

IBM Migration Services are a complementary set of migration and training services designed to accelerate productive use of your IBM solution. Optimized for efficiency of on-site and remotely centralized delivery, these services may be for IBM or non-IBM supported hardware or software. The exact delivery varies by services. With IBM Migration Services, you can minimize the resources needed to upgrade your system while increasing system availability. IBM Migration Services provide a wide range of activities designed to provide you with a fully operational system, while affording you the flexibility to add optional services as a part of the migration service engagement. All of IBM's Migration services will deliver the following activities to you:

Project Management

This activity provides you a high level project schedule including key dates for planning, installation, testing, and cutover. IBM manages the detailed installation plan. The overall responsibility for the success of the Migration Services resides with IBM, and through this activity, IBM assures the project's success.

Migration Preparedness Review

IBM will perform a systematic readiness evaluation of the migration to ensure the required hardware and software are available. Typical items considered are:

  • Required products are identified , installed, and tested.
  • Necessary migration (single use) tools are staged for installation.
  • Hardware and software are configured correctly.
  • Documentation on existing operational procedures is identified.
Data Migration

IBM will lead you through a step by step methodology for migrating existing customer data to the target system. The data is made operationally ready for system production.

Application Migration

Existing and/or replacement applications are migrated to the target system and the new applications are tested to ensure functional equivalence when compared with the source system.

Operations Migration

Fully operational status of the migration target system requires operational procedure customization beyond the scope of a SmoothStart service. Additional documentation and training are provided to cover areas such as:

  • Data and application migration procedures for additional migration after the IBM service is complete.
  • Different operational procedures for applications on the new platform and/or the new subsystem.
Migration Validation

IBM will lead you through the development and execution of a validation test to ensure that the applications and data of the target system are functionally equivalent to that of the source system.

Migration Record

IBM provides you complete documentation on the services performed and easy access to the information you need.

Basic Training

Training in operation and use of the IBM products is essential. Training takes place during the service engagement and may consist of presentations and hands-on experience.

System Backup (optional)

In most cases, backup is an important operational item. The appropriate system availability service can establish the backup/recovery methodology and perform the backup and recovery tasks.

SmoothStart Service (optional)

Migration to a new platform or major subsystem, in most cases, includes the initial installation, configuration, and operational customization of the target software. This can be accomplished by including the appropriate SmoothStart service as a part of the migration services engagement.

The following previously announced IBM Migration services are available worldwide:

  • IBM Migration Services for RAMAC Array Products
  • IBM AS/400 System Transition Services
IBM Migration services have been added for RS/6000 SP and is available worldwide.

Systems Management Services

Help Desk

IBM Help Desk Integration Services: IBM Help Desk Integration Services consists of both integration and remote support services in support of help desk automation software. The initial version of IBM Help Desk Integration Services supports IBM's help desk automation software, IBM Help Desk Program for Multiplatforms. IBM intends to expand these services to support additional automation software programs as the market requires.

For a listing of the availability of IBM Help Desk Integration Services, by country, contact your IBM representative.

Site and Connectivity Services

Site and Relocation Services

IBM will plan, design and implement the environmental aspects of new and existing I/T and associated facilities, including air-conditioning, power supply and protection, wiring and cabling physical layout, and data center design and construction. In addition, IBM will provide planning management, and deployment services supporting the client's relocation of I/T systems, including moving services, systems discontinuance, rearrangement, installation and testing, as well as site readiness at the new facility.

IBM Relocation Services: IBM Relocation Services provide an economical, reliable, and risk-free solution for moving or consolidating customer's data centers, offices, and information technology equipment, with experts to help minimize the downtime risk and expense, whether the customer is moving across he hall or across the country.

IBM Relocation Services provide the customer a single point of contact for experts in logistics, engineering, and project management. IBM experts specialize in handling mainframes and midrange systems, PCs, peripherals, and environmental equipment.

Service features include discontinuance/re-installation, relocate, rearrangement, physical planning and selected OEM equipment. In some geographies mover services are also available.

Connectivity Services

IBM will help identify system interoperability and connectivity requirements and migrate, plan an design client's network, including analysis of existing networks, protocols, wiring configurations, cabling standards and more. In addition, IBM will help create design specifications and provide cabling infrastructure evaluation, coordination of installation activities, and physical installation including active components.

IBM Connectivity Design and Implementation Services: IBM Connectivity Design and Implementation Services provides activities from consultancy, logical design, physical design and implementation services to complete integration of networking hardware and software. Customers with any size of communications network or Intranet requirement with a need to handle data, text, image and voice can benefit from this comprehensive range of connectivity services.

Power Protection Services

IBM's Power Protection Services provides a full line of multi-vendor products geared to address customers electrical and mechanical environmental protection needs, ranging from the needs of a single workstation to an entire data processing facility. IBM's Power Protection Services is your single source for environmental equipment and accessories, whether it be uninterruptible power supplies (UPSs), engine generators, computer room air conditioners, surge suppressors, or power conditioners. IBM's Power Protection Services makes it possible for IBM to order, procure, install, project manage, and warrant (for up to five years) all the equipment needed to meet your customer's computer environment needs.


All services listed in this announcement are highly customizable. For pricing information or additional information regarding any service, contact your IBM representative or call Express Services Marketing at 800-IBM-4YOU (426-4968). Trademarks

      RAMAC, MVS/ESA, MVS/DFP, RS/6000, and SP are trademarks of
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      AIX, AS/400, S/390, OS/400, and PowerPC are registered
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