IBM MQSeries for VSE/ESA Version 2 Release 1 Enhancements

Software Announcement
September 29, 1998
Announcement Letter Number: 298-374

Table of Contents:

(Corrected on December 8, 1998)

Corrected TCP/IP bullet under Connectivity in the Software Requirements section.

At a Glance

MQSeries for VSE/ESA, V2R1 is now a Version 2 member of the MQSeries family, the enhanced features include:

  • TCP/IP support in addition to SNA LU6.2 support

  • Now a server product supporting remote clients increasing the number of platforms that can communicate with MQSeries for VSE/ESA.

  • Improved cross platform compatibility -- Larger messages support, Message Priority support, Non-persistent message support

  • Performance improvements -- larger batch size

  • Additional programming languages -- PL/I and C support in addition to COBOL support

  • Improved API support -- additional options available, Confirm on Arrival/Confirm on Deletion/Get by MsgID/Get by Correlid/MQPSET

  • Easier administration -- automated procedure for queue file reorganization, improved communications

  • Improved flexibility -- User-defined code page support

  • Improved serviceability
For ordering, contact:
  Your IBM representative, an IBM
  Business Partner, or IBM North America
  Sales Centers at
    800-IBM-CALL  Reference: LE010


MQSeries (R) Family

IBM has introduced a new framework of products based on MQSeries which aims to address integration from a business as well as an information technology (IT) perspective. The new product family means having information systems that support the way you work, that fit in with your business processes and workflow, and that deliver real business advantage.

The family of Business Integration solutions, based around IBM's award-winning MQSeries software, consists of:

MQSeries, the undisputed leader in Message-Oriented Middleware. The base MQSeries product connects any application, or system, to any other, totally reliably. You can begin to think of applications like building blocks that can be connected in any way you like.

MQSeries Integrator, powerful message brokering that centralizes knowledge of the enterprise (like business rules and application data formats) in a central hub. It makes it much quicker and simpler to distribute data relating to business events, and connect applications to build new business.

MQSeries Workflow, aligns and integrates your organization's resources and capabilities with your business strategies, accelerating process flow, cutting costs, eliminating errors, and improving workgroup productivity. Workflow supports Business Process Reengineering: use it to design, refine, document, and control your processes, while you can focus on the work at hand.

MQSeries for VSE/ESA, Version 2 Release 1 has been developed in conjunction with the VSE/ESA operating system owners, implementing enhanced MQSeries functionality to better align VSE/ESA with the other MQSeries family products.

MQSeries for VSE/ESA, Version 2 Release 1, participates with other MQSeries family members because of the heterogeneous nature of the family. This family characteristic of heterogeneous connectivity enables it to also participate with MQSeries Integration and MQSeries Workflow capabilities.

Version 2.1 enhancements include features to improve communications and compatibility with other MQSeries platforms. MQSeries clients and additional programming languages are also added.

Intended Customers

Customers who want to:

  • Expand their MQSeries V2.0 environment to include VSE/ESA
  • Connect multivendor heterogeneous environments
  • Overcome availability and synchronization problems of systems and applications
  • Use Message Brokering facilities
  • Integrate their business

Key Prerequisites

Hardware -- Any S/370 (TM) or S390 running the required level of VSE/ESA

Software -- VSE/ESA, Version 2 Release 3, or later V2.x with:

  • ACF/VTAM (R) for VSE/ESA, Version 4 Release 2, or
  • TCP/IP for VSE/ESA, Version 1 Release 3 with PTFs
  • Language Environment for VSE/ESA, Version 1 Release 4 Runtime library with COBOL, C or PLI/I
  • CICS/VSE (R), Version 2 Release 3, or later V2.x

Planned Availability Date

October 16, 1998


This announcement is provided for your information only. For additional information, contact your IBM representative, call 800-IBM-4YOU, or visit the IBM home page at:


MQSeries for VSE/ESA, Version 2 Release 1

This version has been developed in conjunction with the VSE/ESA operating system owners, implementing enhanced MQSeries functionality to better align VSE/ESA with the other MQSeries family products.

The enhancements include:

  • TCP/IP support in addition to SNA LU6.2 support.

  • Client support -- MQSeries for VSE/ESA now acts as a server product, supporting clients.

    Note: There is not an MQSeries for VSE/ESA client available.

  • Non-persistent messages are now supported in addition to persistent messages.

  • Report messages -- These messages give information about other messages (for example, confirm on arrival).

  • Improved API Support -- more options are available. For example, MsgId/Correlid is now supported on MQPUT and MQGET, MQPSET support.

  • Larger messages -- MQSeries for VSE/ESA now supports messages up to 4 Mb instead of the previous limit of 30000 bytes.

  • Message priority -- Message priorities can now be assigned by the sending application.

  • Reusable file storage system -- There is an automated procedure for queue file reorganization now. The operator is no longer required to close MQ (TM) queues and VSAM files to recover file space.

  • Large batch size -- There is no longer a limit on the transmit batch size. It has become a user-specified option.

  • PL/I and C support in addition to COBOL support.

  • Code page support now a user-definable item.

  • Improved Communication Error Handling for sender and receiver channel agents (MCAs).


IBM's industry-leading MQSeries messaging software is the best solution to the business need of enabling different IT systems to work together to achieve competitive advantage. Information flows through the enterprise, with delivery assured even after temporary network or system failures. MQSeries gets information systems Working Together (R) with the total flexibility demanded by companies operating in today's dynamic commercial marketplaces.

MQSeries makes it easier and simpler to develop and integrate the new generation of e-business applications. That not only speeds their development but also reduces the expense of providing reliable access over the Internet to core business data, transaction systems, and enterprise resources. MQSeries eliminates worries about the complexity of application-to-application connectivity across the company. Applications can be developed in isolation while MQSeries sets the standard for application connectivity across the company. It reduces the cost and time needed to make applications available to the business. Message delivery is assured even across temporary network or system failures. That minimizes downtime and maximizes productivity thereby increasing revenues from your business operations.

MQSeries Integrator

MQSeries Integrator software enables integration of applications and systems into robust, flexible, and scalable information networks. Based on MQSeries messaging and queuing capabilities, MQSeries Integrator features intelligent message routing that directs data according to conditions set by the business, and message formatting. This enables applications to exchange information. Its GUI allows users to perform integration tasks quickly and easily. Pre-configured templates for major packaged applications and e-business extensions will also be available. An initial version, MQIntegrator, is generally available now from New Era of Networks (NASDAQ: NEON) and is marketed jointly by IBM. This product will be enhanced to support international customers and will be manufactured and supplied under IBM terms and conditions worldwide. IBM will continue to add Business Integration capabilities to MQSeries Integrator and provide an infrastructure for IBM partners to offer additional functionality.

MQSeries Workflow

MQSeries Workflow is a workflow management middleware offering that automates workflow between applications, and automates business processes involving people and applications to give organizations more control of their business activities. MQSeries Workflow helps you in daily business operations, planning, and management, to align and integrate resources and applications, to improve efficiency, and to gain higher market share. In addition, it enables the design of applications tailored to your business.

MQSeries Business Integration

MQSeries Business Integration improves customer service, reducing cost and avoiding wasted effort. It optimizes your business processes, applicable to any organization in any industry. It integrates your value chain across suppliers and customers, allowing you to act more readily, responsively, and effectively. It helps companies rapidly deploy and get better value from e-business and the uptake of the Web. It solves the information integration issues of mergers and acquisitions.

IBM's architected Business Integration offering has three components:

  • MQSeries: for reliable interconnect over more than 25 platforms

  • MQIntegrator: to simplify message transformation, rules and intelligent routing

  • MQSeries Workflow: to leverage corporate effectiveness through optimized use of staff and computing resources
These products liberate the burden of IT shops, allowing them to be market driven and responsive to the rate of market change. The products specialize in ease of deployment, reducing the cost of ownership and minimizing the user and IT skill required.

A graphical build tool and a transactional quality run-time provide for superior user interaction. Staff may now be deployed on activities where they add maximum value, such as customer service. Their expertise and knowledge can focus on the important business activities rather than be distracted by the routine. The routine is taken care of by machine interaction.

Workflow and messaging are key to corporate responsiveness. Business activities instantly share customer and status information through an event-driven model triggered from the text or content of individual business transactions. These events reliably flow over the backbone to trigger further computing to staff through worklists and personal activity.

Year 2000

This product is Year 2000 ready. When used in accordance with its associated documentation, it is capable of correctly processing, providing, and/or receiving date data within and between the twentieth and twenty-first centuries, provided all other products (for example, software, hardware, and firmware) used with the product properly exchange accurate date data with it.


MQSeries Family

The family of products based on IBM's industry-leading MQSeries software helps companies address Business Integration issues quickly and economically, making them more agile, customer-oriented, and competitive as they face the increasing complexities of conducting business globally and electronically. The MQSeries family allows companies to maximize e-business opportunities by leveraging existing resources to improve speed-to-market and anticipate IT changes as their business changes.

IBM Business Integration consists of three offerings under the MQSeries brand which can be used together or separately:

  • MQSeries for secure and reliable communication of application messages over a wide range of platforms.

  • MQIntegrator for transformation and routing of application message contents as transmitted via MQSeries. It is optimized for high-volume, in-storage transformation of messages. It is very useful in environments where many applications exchange information, each requiring slightly different message formats.

  • MQSeries Workflow for integration of application components via predefined workflow models. This is a much more structured, though complex approach to integration. This is less about message transformation and routing between applications, but more about the integration of applications for different tasks, into a cohesive business process. MQSeries can automate the execution of activities, be they manual human tasks, user input into an application, or automatic flow of information into a backend transaction. It maintains state information about the process, for routing decisions, monitoring, and auditing purposes.
MQIntegrator and MQSeries Workflow rely on MQSeries.

MQIntegrator intercepts MQSeries messages transforming and routing the message contents based on information stored in a rules database.

MQSeries Workflow uses MQSeries messaging for the communication between the MQSeries Workflow clients and servers.

In addition, MQSeries applications can be used:

  • MQSeries Workflow processes can be started by an MQSeries application program that listens to an MQSeries queue, initiates the MQSeries Workflow process container with message data, and starts the execution of the MQSeries Workflow process template.

  • You can develop MQSeries Workflow program activities that put and get container data of MQSeries Workflow activities to and from an MQSeries message queue for communication to applications on additional platforms.


IBM intends to further enhance its MQSeries for VSE/ESA product by adding Programmable Command Formats (PCF) support. This format is used by the command and reply messages between an MQSeries Queue Manager and an MQSeries application.

PCF commands allow customers to use a single application to perform network administration for a single queue manager in the network. Therefore, customers (and third-party vendors) will be able to create system administration applications for their MQSeries for VSE systems.

All information being released represents IBM's current intention, is subject to change or withdrawal, and represents goals and objectives.


SmoothStart (TM)/Installation Services

IBM SmoothStart Services, an on-site implementation and training startup service designed to accelerate your productive use of your IBM solution, is provided by IBM Global Services or your IBM Business Partner at an additional cost. For additional information on IBM SmoothStart Services, refer to Services Announcement 697-004 dated March 25, 1997, or contact your IBM representative and ask for SmoothStart Services for MQSeries.


      S/370, MQ, and SmoothStart are trademarks of International
      Business Machines Corporation in the United States or other
      countries or both.
      MQSeries, ACF/VTAM, and CICS/VSE are registered trademarks of
      International Business Machines Corporation in the United
      States or other countries or both.
      Working Together is a registered trademark of Lotus Development
      Other company, product, and service names may be trademarks or
      service marks of others.



The appropriate curriculum will be updated, as necessary, to include the enhancements described in this announcement.

Details of the education support will be provided by planned availability through separate education announcement.

Descriptions of all classroom and self-study courses are available.

For MQSeries (R) courses refer to URL:

Call IBM Education and Training at 800-IBM-TEACH (426-8322) for education catalogs, schedules, and enrollments.


MQSeries' consistent, cross-platform API is the Message Queue Interface (MQI), a component of the Open Blueprint.

MQSeries is a member of the Message-Oriented Messaging Association (MOMA) and the Electronic Messaging Association (EMA).


Specified Operating Environment

Hardware Requirements: Any IBM System 370 or 390

Software Requirements

Operating System

  • VSE/ESA, Version 2 Release 3, or later V2.x (5690-VSE)
  • SNA -- ACF/VTAM (R) for VSE/ESA, Version 4 Release 2, or later V4.x (5666-363)

  • TCP/IP -- IBM TCP/IP for VSE/ESA, Version 1 Release 3 (5686-A04) with the following PTFs:
    • UQ22503 containing the TCP/IP support for MQSeries
    • UQ22957 containing the TCP/IP enabling for the LE/VSE Socket support used with MQSeries
  • IBM Language Environment for VSE/ESA, Version 1 Release 4 Runtime library, or later V1.x (5686-067)

  • CICS/VSE (R), Version 2 Release 3, or later V2.x (5686-026)
  • IBM COBOL for VSE/ESA, Version 1 Release 1, or later V1.x (5686-068)

  • IBM C for VSE/ESA, Version 1 Release 1, or later V1.x (5686-A01)

  • IBM PL/I for VSE/ESA, Version 1 Release 1, or later V1.x (5696-069)
Compatibility: For details on MQSeries Family Platforms, Messaging Links, Gateways and Interfaces, MQSeries Integrator Platforms, MQSeries Workflow Platforms, and Additional Information, refer to URL: Limitations: MQSeries for VSE/ESA, V2.1 is SBCS-enabled only and offered in U.S. English without product or publication translation.

User Group Requirements: This announcement satisfies or partially satisfies 19 requirements from one or more of the worldwide user group communities, which include Australasian SHARE/GUIDE (ASG), COMMON, COMMON Europe, GUIDE International, G.U.I.D.E. Europe, Japan GUIDE/SHARE (JGS), Guide Latin American (LAG), SHARE EUROPE, and SHARE Incorporated.

Requirements satisfied include:

  • TCP/IP support
  • Larger batch size
  • Message priorities
  • Larger messages
  • PL/I support
  • C support
  • Clients support

Planning Information

Client Attachment Use Authorization Feature: Now that the MQSeries for VSE/ESA product supports clients, there is a new orderable feature available in Version 2 Release 1 -- Client Attachment Use Authorization.

This feature is an authorization to attach up to 50 clients per server.

If the customer environment needs to attach more than 50 clients, then an appropriate number of extra Client Attachment Use Authorizations are required to cover the number of clients to be attached. The customer can order the Client Attachment feature in multiple quantities to cover the requirements.

Customer Responsibilities: The customer must provide the minimum hardware and software environments in which the licensed programs operate.

The customer must identify if they wish to attach clients, and if they do, they must calculate the number of Client Attachment use authorizations they need.

Packaging: MQSeries for VSE/ESA, V2.1 will be distributed by the normal IBM Program Library channels for licensed programs.

Media selection is part of the initial order. The options are:

  • 6250 bpi tape
  • 4-mm tape
  • 3480 tape cartridge
The media contains server program code, and machine-readable information in U.S. English. Hardcopy books are in U.S. English and are not shipped softcopy:
  • MQSeries for VSE/ESA, V2.1 System Management Guide
  • MQSeries for VSE/ESA, V2.1 Licensed Program Specifications
  • MQSeries Clients

Security, Auditability, and Control

The announced program uses the security and auditability features of the host hardware and software. The customer is responsible for evaluation, selection, and implementation of security features, administrative procedures, and appropriate controls in application systems and communication facilities.


New Licensees

Orders for new licenses will be accepted now.

Shipment will begin on the planned availability date.

New users of MQSeries for VSE/ESA, V2.1 should specify:

               Type                  Model

5686 A06

Basic License: To order a basic license, specify the program number and feature number 9001 for asset registration. For a graduated One-Time Charge (OTC) or graduated monthly license charge (MLC), specify the feature number below that corresponds to the group that contains the designated machine.

Also, specify the feature number of the desired distribution medium.

                       Graduated MLC
  Group                Feature Number

10 1002 15 1003 18 1004 20 1005 25 1006 28 1007 29 1008 30 1009 31 1010 32 1011 35 1012 38 1013 40 1014 50 1015 60 1016 70 1017 80 1018

Multiple Operating System -- PR/SM (TM) (MOSP): For graduated OTC or graduated MLC, specify the following feature numbers, corresponding to the group that contains the designated machine.

                         MOSP Basic
                       Graduated MLC
  Group                Feature Number

18 1071 20 1072 25 1073 28 1074 29 1075 30 1076 31 1077 32 1078 35 1079 38 1080 40 1081 50 1082 60 1083 70 1084 80 1085

Note: The group can be determined by referring to the Exhibit for IBM System/390 (R) Machines (Z125-3901) or the Exhibit for Non-IBM Machines (Z125-3902); or that are associated with the IBM Customer Agreement (Z125-4575).

Entry Support License (ESL): To order an ESL license, specify the program number, feature number 9001 for asset registration, and the applicable ESL OTC feature number. Also specify the feature number of the desired distribution medium.

                                                       ESL OTC
Description                                            Number

MQSeries for VSE/ESA, V2.1 (5686-A06) 1070

Note: ESL machines can be determined by referring to the IBM Entry End User/390 Attachment (Z125-4379).

Single-Version Charging: To elect single-version charging, the customer must notify and identify to IBM the prior program and replacement program and the designated machine on which the programs are operating.

Version-to-Version Upgrade Credit: To upgrade from a prior program acquired for an OTC to a replacement program using a version-to-version upgrade credit, the customer must notify and identify to IBM the applicable prior program and replacement program participating in the upgrade credit.

Basic Machine-Readable Material: To order, select the feature number of the desired distribution medium:

Environment      Number       Distribution Medium

VSE/ESA 5881 9-track 6250 bpi tape VSE/ESA 5882 3480 tape cartridge VSE/ESA 5700 4-mm tape

Optional Feature -- Client Attachment Use Authorization Feature

                         Basic MLC
Client Attachment      Feature Number

50 clients 1000

This feature is only available in blocks of 50, it can be ordered in multiple quantities to cover the customer's requirements.

Customization Options: Select the appropriate feature numbers to customize your order to specify the delivery options desired. These features can be specified on the initial or MES orders.

Example: If publications are not desired for the initial order, specify feature number 3470 to ship media only. For future updates, specify feature number 3480 to ship media updates only. If, in the future, publication updates are required, order an MES to remove feature number 3480; then, the publications will ship with the next release of the program.

Description                                         Number

Initial Shipments

Serial Number Only (suppresses shipment 3444 of media and documentation)

Ship Media Only (suppresses initial 3470 shipment of documentation)

Ship Documentation Only (suppresses 3471 initial shipment of media)

Update Shipments

Ship Media Updates Only (suppresses 3480 update shipment of documentation)

Ship Documentation Only (suppresses 3481 update shipment of media)

Suppress Updates (suppresses update 3482 shipment of media and documentation)

Feature Description Number

Expedite Shipments

Local IBM Office Expedite 3445 (for IBM use only)

Customer Expedite Process Charge 3446 ($30 charge for each product)

Expedite shipments will be processed to receive 72-hour delivery from the time IBM Software Manufacturing Solutions (SMS) receives the order. SMS will then ship the order via overnight air transportation.

DSLO License: To order a DSLO license, specify the program number, feature number 9901 for asset registration, and the feature number below for a graduated OTC or graduated MLC that corresponds to the group containing the designated machine.

                       Graduated MLC
  Group                Feature Number

10 1036 15 1037 18 1038 20 1039 25 1040 28 1041 29 1042 30 1043 31 1044 32 1045 35 1046 38 1047 40 1048 50 1049 60 1050 70 1051 80 1052

Multiple Operating System -- PR/SM (TM) (MOSP): For a graduated OTC or graduated MLC, specify the following feature numbers corresponding to the group that contains the designated machine.

                         MOSP DSLO
                       Graduated MLC
  Group                Feature Number

18 1101 20 1102 25 1103 28 1104 29 1105 30 1106 31 1107 32 1108 35 1109 38 1110 40 1111 50 1112 60 1113 70 1114 80 1115

Ordering a DSLO feature will result in IBM maintaining a record of this customer location as a DSLO user only. All material for the DSLO license will be provided through the basic license location. If a user selects DSLO, no other feature numbers are valid for this order and no program materials or updates will be shipped.

Unlicensed Documentation: A memo and one copy of the following publications are supplied automatically with the basic machine-readable material:

Title                                                  Number

MQSeries for VSE/ESA, V2R1 GC34-5364 System Management Guide GC34-5364 MQSeries for VSE/ESA, V2R1 GC34-5365 Licensed Program Spec GC34-5365 MQSeries Clients GC33-1632

The following MQSeries publications are available immediately:

  • MQSeries for AIX (R) Quick Beginnings. (GC33-1867)

  • MQSeries for HP-UX Quick Beginnings (GC33-1869)

  • MQSeries for Sun Solaris Quick Beginnings (GC33-1870)

  • MQSeries for OS/2 (R) Warp Quick Beginnings (GC33-1868)

  • MQSeries for Windows NT (R) Quick Beginnings (GC33-1871)

  • MQSeries System Administrations (SC33-1873)

  • MQSeries Using C++ (SC33-1877)

  • MQSeries Clients (GC33-1632)

  • MQSeries Workstation Processor Group List (GC34-5265)

  • MQSeries for MVS/ESA (TM) V1.2 System Management Guide (SC33-0806)

  • MQSeries for Digital OVMS VAX, V2.2 System Management Guide (GC33-1791)

  • MQSeries for Tandem NSK, V2.2 System Management Guide (GC33-1893)

  • MQSeries for AT&T GIS, V2.2 System Management Guide (SC33-1642)

  • MQSeries for SunOS System Management Guide (GC33-1772)

  • MQSeries for SINIX and DC/OSx System Management Guide (GC33-1768)

  • MQSeries for Windows (TM), V2.0 User's Guide (GC33-1822)

  • MQSeries for Windows, V2.1 User's Guide (GC33-1965)

  • MQSeries Planning Guide (GC33-1349)

  • MQSeries Application Programming Guide (SC33-0807)

  • MQSeries Application Programming Reference (SC33-1673)

  • MQSeries Application Programming Reference Summary (SX33-6095)

  • MQSeries Programmable System Management (SC33-1482)

  • MQSeries Command Reference (SC33-1369)

  • MQSeries Intercommunication (SC33-1872)

  • MQSeries Introduction to Messaging and Queuing (GC33-0805)

  • MQSeries Concepts and Architecture (V1) (GC33-1141)

  • MQSeries Version 1 Products for UNIX (R) Operating Systems Messages and Codes (SC33-1754)

  • MQSeries Distributed Queuing Guide (SC33-1139)

  • MQSeries link for R/3 User's Guide (GC33-1934)
Additional copies of unlicensed publications are available for a fee immediately. These copies may be ordered from your IBM representative, through the System Library Subscription Service (SLSS), or by direct order.

Displayable Softcopy Publications: Not available

Source File Publications: Not available

Subsequent updates (technical newsletters or revisions between releases) to the publications shipped with the product will be distributed to the user of record for as long as a license for this software remains in effect. A separate publication order or subscription is not needed.


Licensing: IBM Customer Agreement

Variable Charges Apply: Yes

Indexed Monthly License Charge (IMLC) Applies: No

Installation License or Location License Applies: No

Usage Restriction Applies: Yes -- for the client attachment feature only (50 clients per feature)

Educational Allowance: Yes, to qualified education customers

Volume Discount: Not applicable

Version-To-Version Upgrade Credits Apply: Yes

                         Replacement                    Charging
Replaced Programs        Programs                       Applies

MQS/VSE (5787-ECX) MQS/VSE (5686-A06) Yes MQS/VSE (5686-A06) To a follow-on, if any N/A

Warranted: Yes

Licensed Program Materials Availability

  • Restricted Materials of IBM: None
  • Non-Restricted Source Materials: None
  • Object Code Only (OCO): All
Testing Period: Two Months (Basic License only)

Program Services

  • Support Center applies: Yes

    Access is available through the IBM Support Center.

  • Available until discontinued: 6 months written notice

  • APAR Mailing Address:
      MQSeries Service Manager IBM U.K. Laboratories Ltd Hursley Park WINCHESTER Hampshire, SO21 2JN England
  • Services for DSLO Licenses: Provided through Basic License location
Support Line: S/390 (R)


The charges provided in this announcement are suggested retail prices for the U.S. only and are provided for your information only. Dealer prices may vary, and prices may also vary by country. Prices are subject to change without notice. For additional information and current prices, contact your local IBM representative.

Base Product

                          Graduated MLC
  Group             Basic               DSLO

10 $ 69 $ 52 15 78 58 18 86 65 20 125 94 25 162 122 28 222 167 29 288 216 30 375 281 31 461 346 32 590 443 35 679 509 38 781 586 40 898 674 50 1,125 844 60 1,405 1,055 70 1,755 1,315 80 2,195 1,645

                        MOSP Graduated MLC
  Group             Basic               DSLO

18 86 65 20 106 80 25 144 108 28 192 144 29 255 191 30 332 249 31 418 314 32 526 395 35 635 476 38 730 548 40 840 630 50 1,010 758 60 1,265 949 70 1,580 1,185 80 1,975 1,480

Entry End User/390 Entry Support License: $1,379 (OTC)

Client Attachment Use Authorization (up to 50 clients)

Basic Monthly License Charge: $99

OTC: Customers who pay an OTC for a licensed program receive enhancements and future releases, if any, at no additional charge. Significant new function may be offered as an optional feature and charged for separately. If a replacement program is announced and the customer elects to license the replacement program, a time-based upgrade credit may apply.

Variable Charges: The applicable graduated one-time or if applicable, or graduated MLC will be based on the group of the designated machine on which the licensed program is licensed for use. If the program is designated to a processor in a group for which no charge is listed above, the charge of the next higher group listed applies.

For upgrades of OTC licenses to a machine in a higher group, the upgrade charge will be the difference in the then-current charges between the two groups. Annual license charges will be prorated. For downgrades of OTC licenses to a machine in a lower group, there will be no adjustment or refund of OTCs paid. Annual license charges will be prorated.

For upgrades or downgrades of MLC licenses, the MLC applicable to the higher or lower group will apply.

ESL OTC: OTC authorizes use only on IBM Entry End User/390 machines.


To order, contact the IBM North America Sales Centers, your local IBM representative, or your IBM Business Partner.

IBM North America Sales Centers, our national direct marketing organization, can add your name to the mailing list for catalogs of IBM products.

 Phone:     800-IBM-CALL
 Fax:       800-2IBM-FAX
 Mail:      IBM North America Sales Centers
            Dept. LE010
            P.O. Box 2690
            Atlanta, GA  30301-2690
 Reference: LE010

To identify your local IBM Business Partner or IBM representative, call 800-IBM-4YOU.

Note: Shipments will begin after the planned availability date.


      PR/SM, PR/SM, and MVS/ESA are trademarks of International
      Business Machines Corporation in the United States or other
      countries or both.
      MQSeries, Open Blueprint, ACF/VTAM, CICS/VSE, System/390, AIX,
      OS/2, and S/390 are registered trademarks of International
      Business Machines Corporation in the United States or other
      countries or both.
      Windows is a trademark of Microsoft Corporation.
      Windows NT is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation.
      UNIX is a registered trademark in the United States and other
      countries exclusively through X/Open Company Limited.
      Other company, product, and service names may be trademarks or
      service marks of others.

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