IBM RS/6000 Software Offering for Education -- Packaged Software for Easy Ordering

Software Announcement
August 11, 1998
Announcement Letter Number: 298-276

Table of Contents:

(Corrected on September 22, 1998)

Currency Access Fee information is added to the Terms and Conditions, Ordering Information, and Charges sections.

(Corrected on August 25, 1998)

In the Charges section, the prices for Campus SP Group and Subscription have been increased.

At a Glance

This new education offering:

  • Consists of special terms, conditions, and pricing on groups of RS/6000 software programs

  • Enables institutions to easily fund and acquire large numbers of copies of RS/6000-based software

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The RS/6000 (TM) Software Offering for Education is a convenient way for qualified, accredited, educational institutions to order RS/6000 software, and to keep it current.

The RS/6000 Software Offering for Education consists of special terms, conditions, and pricing on groups of RS/6000 software programs. The programs in each group are packaged together under a single program number to facilitate easy ordering. The software may be used for academic instruction and academic research at the institution. This offering will satisfy increasing requests from Education and Academic Research customers who want to be able to fund and acquire large numbers of copies of RS/6000 based software.

Intended Customers

Eligible education institutions that have or plan to acquire an RS/6000 network

Key Prerequisites

An RS/6000 server for the Campus Base Products Group and Campus Extension Group

An RS/6000 SP (TM) Model 9076 server for the Campus Scalable POWERparallel (R) (SP) Group

Planned Availability Date

August 21, 1998


This announcement is provided for your information only. For additional information, contact your IBM representative, call 800-IBM-4YOU, or visit the IBM home page at:


An eligible institution can acquire a license for one or more RS/6000 Campus Groups of software programs. Refer to the Products section in this letter for the software comprising each group. A one-time charge (OTC) fee is charged for each group selected, and for that OTC, you are entitled to install the software on up to 100 RS/6000 servers, SP nodes, and network workstations in any combination.

When a software group is ordered, you will receive a single package containing the media and publications for all programs in the group. The media is the standard machine-readable material for each program. The publications will be a combination of physical publications and online documentation.

Normal installation procedures must be followed on a program-by-program basis. You can choose which programs to install based on your individual institution's requirements. The Base Product Group is a prerequisite for both the Extension Group and the Scalable POWERparallel (SP) Group. The SP Group requires an RS/6000 SP, Model 9076.

An optional Subscription can be acquired for each of the program groups. There is a subscription fee that entitles you to receive any updates to the program group made while your subscription is in effect.


The Group license is valid for servers and workstations within that part of your educational institution's organization that is directly managed or governed by your organization or office and is so indicated by you for this activity. You will be contractually responsible for administering, managing, and ensuring compliance with the terms and conditions of the RS/6000 Software Offering for Education contract.

Each Group license requires payment of an OTC license fee, which entitles your institution to install programs of the Group on up to 100 RS/6000 servers, RS/6000 SP nodes, and network workstations in any combination. You can order up to 10 licenses of each Campus Group. However, the maximum number of servers, nodes, and workstations taken together, that may be covered by an RS/6000 Software Offering for Education contract is one thousand.

The terms and conditions for each licensed program in a Group are unchanged unless specifically amended by the RS/6000 Software Offering for Education contract.

The programs can be used only for academic instruction and academic research at your Educational Institution. The programs cannot be used to perform administrative tasks of the institution or commercial services for any third party.

The optional Subscription, if chosen, should be purchased at the same time that the Group license is purchased. Subscriptions purchased for previously installed programs require payment of a Currency Access Fee for each such Subscription, in addition to the Software Subscription charge. Updates acquired under a Subscription can only be applied to programs of the Group for which it was purchased. That is, multiple licenses of the same Group require multiple Subscriptions for that Group. For example: If you acquire two Base Product Group licenses and you choose to acquire Subscriptions to stay current, you must order two Base Product Group Subscriptions.

There is an annual charge for each Subscription, and they can be renewed annually while a valid RS/6000 Software Offering for Education agreement is in effect.

It is anticipated the groups will be updated semi-annually. Updates will be made at IBM's discretion, and no commitment by IBM is made or implied as to the release or availability of any group update. No refund or credit is applicable if updates are not made available by IBM or, if you do not take available updates.

An RS/6000 server will be the designated service point for the network, and will be the machine for which program media and IBM program entitlement will be supplied.

All duly accredited higher education institutions are eligible to participate in the RS/6000 Software Offering for Education. An accredited higher education institution is defined as a public or private, non-profit, university, or college (two or four year), accredited by a national or regional accrediting council or commission or appropriate government agency or board of education of the state or country in which the educational institution is located. In addition, teaching hospitals associated with an accredited institution, or research consortia created for educational purposes and comprised of accredited institutions are also considered accredited educational institutions.

IBM reserves the right to amend this offering at any time, or to withdraw this offering upon 6 months' notice.

This offering replaces Higher Education Consortium (HESC) Groups I-G, I-H, I-J, and VI. Effective with this announcement, these HESC Groups will not be available to customers who initiate a new HESC agreement. Effective September 30, 1998, these Groups will be closed to Consortium members who have not paid the designated Group fees.

Consortium members subscribing to Groups I-G, I-H, I-J, and VI will have the option to convert their licenses from an annual fee to OTC licenses at termination of their eligibility for these Groups. Details of this conversion opportunity will be made available by IBM. There is no upgrade from HESC to the new IBM RS/6000 Software Offering for Education.


Program Name                                              Number

Campus Base Product Group -- 5765-D59

AIX (R), Version 4.3 5765-C34 C for AIX, Version 4.4 5765-C64 AIX Hypertext Information, Version 1.5 5696-919 CSet++ for AIX, Version 3 5765-421 CSet++ for Solaris 5765-448 XL Fortran for AIX, Version 5.1 5765-C10 XL Fortran RTE for AIX, Version 5.1 5765-C11 Performance Toolbox/Aide, Version 2.2 5765-654 ESSL for AIX, Version 3.1 5765-C42

Campus Extension Group -- 5765-D58

AIX Link/X.25, Version 1.1.3 5696-926 DCE Base Services for AIX, Version 2.2 5765-D17 DCE Security Services for AIX, Version 2.2 5765-D14 DCE Enhanced DFS for AIX, Version 2.2 5765-D15 User Data Masking for AIX, Version 2.2 5765-D07 DCE NFS to DFS Authorized 5765-D10 Gateway for AIX, Version 2.2 Program Program Name Number

Campus Scalable POWERparallel (SP) Group -- 5765-D57

Parallel System Support Program, Version 2.4 5765-529 Parallel Environment for AIX, Version 2.3 5765-543 Parallel Optimization Subroutine Library 5765-392 LoadLeveler (R), Version 1.3 5765-145 Parallel ESSL for AIX, Version 2 5765-C41 XL High Performance Fortran 5765-613 for AIX, Version 1 Release 3 XL High Performance Fortran 5765-612 RTE for AIX, Version 1 Release 3 General Parallel File System, Version 1 5765-B95 Recoverable Virtual Shared Disk, Version 2 5765-646

Campus Base Product Group Subscription -- 5765-D56

Campus Extension Group Subscription -- 5765-D55

Campus Scalable POWERparallel (SP) Group Subscription -- 5765-D54

      Note: An IBM AIX Version 4.3 license for the base and
      additional users is included in the system order.  The Campus
      License Base Product Group includes AIX Version 4.3 to provide
      the customer with installed equipment an upgrade path from
      earlier releases of AIX.

Year 2000

These products are Year 2000 ready. When used in accordance with their associated documentation, they are capable of correctly processing, providing, and/or receiving date data within and between the twentieth and twenty-first centuries, provided all other products (for example, software, hardware, and firmware) used with the products properly exchange accurate date data with them.


SmoothStart (TM)/Installation Services

SmoothStart or Installation Services will not be provided for RS/6000 Software Offering for Education.


      RS/6000, SP, and SmoothStart are trademarks of International
      Business Machines Corporation in the United States or other
      countries or both.
      POWERparallel, RISC System/6000, AIX, and LoadLeveler are
      registered trademarks of International Business Machines
      Corporation in the United States or other countries or both.
      Other company, product, and service names may be trademarks or
      service marks of others.



Specified Operating Environment

Hardware Requirements: These are contained in the individual announcement letters for each product within an RS/6000 (TM) Software Offering for Education Group.

Refer to the specifications of each of the products within a Group prior to installing them.

Security, Auditability, and Control

The announced programs use the security and auditability features of the AIX (R) Version 4 operating system. The customer is responsible for evaluation, selection, and implementation of security features, administrative procedures, and appropriate controls in application systems and communication facilities.


The publications included in the RS/6000 Software Offering for Education group packages are specified in the individual products' announcement letters.


Basic License: To order the Groups of programs or the Subscriptions in this announcement and receive the package of program media and publications, specify the Group's program numbers and asset registration feature number 9001, billing feature 4000, and standard product media feature number 5000.

To order a Group of programs with delivery of only the media, or only the publications, specify the features below, substituting either media only feature 3470 or publications only feature 3471 instead of the standard product media feature 5000. Media or publications cannot be ordered separately; they must be ordered with a basic license for one or more Groups.

Use Authorization: To acquire the right to install previously acquired Groups on an additional set of servers and workstations, without receiving additional media or publications, specify feature number 9001, billing feature number 4000, and Serial Number Only feature number 3444.

The Standard product is the exportable version, there are no encryption options.

Currency Access Fee: Subscriptions ordered for previously acquired program groups must include a Currency Access Fee feature number 4001, in addition to the billing feature 4000.

Special Handling: To expedite handling, order the Expedite Shipments feature 3445 or 3446 as indicated below, depending on who is to be charged for the service.

Description                                               Number

Asset Registration 9001 Standard Product Media 5000 Billing Feature 4000 Currency Access Fee 4001 Serial Number Only 3444 (Billing without deliverables) Ship Media Only (MSO) 3470 Ship Publications Only (PSO) 3471 Expedite Shipment (EXB) 3445 (Charged to Branch Office) Expedite Shipment (EXC) 3446 (Charged to Customer)


Licensing: IBM IPLA

Designated Machine: Not Required

Variable Charges Apply: No

Installation License or Location License Applies: No

Usage Restriction Applies: No

Educational Allowance: No

Volume Discount: Not applicable

Version-to-Version Upgrade Credits Apply: No

Warranted: No

Licensed Program Materials Availability

  • Restricted Materials of IBM: Some
  • Non-Restricted Source Materials: Some
  • Object Code Only (OCO): Some
Testing Period: None

Program Services: Program services are provided as specified in the announcements of the individual programs within the group.


Contact your IBM representative for charges information for this announcement.


      RS/6000 and SP are trademarks of International Business
      Machines Corporation in the United States or other countries or
      AIX is a registered trademark of International Business
      Machines Corporation in the United States or other countries or
      Other company, product, and service names may be trademarks or
      service marks of others.

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