IBM Online Books Enhancements and Hardcopy Entitlement Changes

July 12, 1994
Announcement Number: 294-431

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(Corrected on November 1, 1994) Under Description, the 800 number for the IBM Software Key Generation Center has been changed to 800-446-8989.


Are you taking advantage of the benefits IBM online books can offer you? If you are already familiar with IBM online books, you will be interested to learn of the enhancements IBM announces today to continue to provide you with the most effective information package possible.

If you are not currently using IBM online books, consider the following questions. Would you like to decrease your IBM documentation costs? Do you want to spend less time using the books and be more productive in your use of IBM products? The use of online books can represent significant cost savings to you and provide multiple benefits:

  • Reduced need to order extra copies of printed books
  • Improved productivity
  • Reduced demand on support personnel
  • Reduced storage and management costs
IBM first announced its strategy for providing documentation in online format in November 1991 (refer to Software Announcement 291-649 for more information). This announcement describes new support in response to customer feedback from customer surveys and user groups. The highlights include:
  • Delivery of licensed documentation on IBM Online Library collections
  • Improved print support
  • Availability of several productivity collections
This announcement also explains IBM's plans to reduce the number of printed books distributed automatically at no charge and to withdraw from marketing the use of 3480 tape cartridge for collection kits.

IN BRIEF . . .

|                                                                   |
| o  Licensed books provided on IBM Online Library collections      |
|                                                                   |
| o  Improved print support                                         |
|                                                                   |
| o  Productivity collections available                             |
|                                                                   |
| o  Reductions in printed books shipped automatically at no        |
|    charge                                                         |
|                                                                   |
| o  Withdrawal from marketing use of 3480 tape cartridge for       |
|    collection kits                                                |
|                                                                   |

Licensed Documentation on Collection Kits

IBM customers want complete documentation for IBM software products in online format. IBM's packaging strategy for online books, announced in 1992, stated that Online Library collection kits would initially contain unlicensed documentation only (refer to Software Announcement 292-450 for more information). This announcement introduces support for shipping licensed documentation on collection kits. Licensed information can significantly aid in problem resolution. The inclusion of licensed documentation on collection kits can increase your productivity while reducing the need to call IBM service and help speed service response.

To meet your needs for complete documentation while protecting licensed information, IBM will ship licensed files in encrypted form on CD-ROM collection kits. Using an electronic key, you can decrypt all the licensed files for a product for which you have a license. Once the files are decrypted, you access the licensed files using the same procedures as for unlicensed files.

Planning Information

IBM will begin to ship licensed files on CD-ROM collection kits in the fourth quarter of 1994, for new programs and the latest release of current programs available at that time.

The IBM CD Showcase(TM) technology is used to protect the licensed files. CD Showcase provides a user interface for key management and file decryption.

  • A CD Showcase user interface for OS/2(R) and Windows(1) will be included on the CD-ROM collection kit for access control and file decryption. You need to use the CD Showcase user interface only to input the electronic access key required to decrypt the files. Once the files are decrypted, you do not need to use CD Showcase.
  • A separate electronic access key for each program product's set of licensed files is required. The access key is unique by product version and customer number.
  • Unlicensed files on the collection kit are not affected.
The online files for both general and licensed documents are provided under the terms of the Authorized Use of IBM Machine Readable Documents, included with each collection kit ordered. Use of the online files indicates acceptance with those terms and conditions.

How Do I Obtain Access Keys?

Distribution of CD Showcase access keys varies depending on whether the keys are associated with new product orders or current licenses.

New Program Product Orders: When you order a product that has licensed documentation available in online format, IBM will automatically ship the access key to you for the licensed files. The access key is shipped as a printed licensed document with the product order.

Current Program Product Licenses: When IBM first includes licensed documentation on a collection kit, IBM will distribute a memo with the collection. The memo will list the products that have licensed documentation on the collection and refer you to the IBM Software Key Generation Center (800-446-8989) for access keys. You will need your customer number to obtain the access key for a product. Upon verification of your license for the product, the representative will generate the key and provide it to you either over the phone or by fax, depending on your preference.

Replacing Lost Keys or Reporting Any Other Key Problems: If you misplace the access key for a product's online licensed files or encounter any other key problems, you can contact the IBM Software Key Generation Center for a replacement key. Follow the procedure for obtaining access keys for current product licenses described above.

CD Showcase instructions will be included with the IBM Online Library CD-ROM collections. Refer to the Ordering Information section in this announcement for collection kit ordering procedures.

Print Support

The use of online books with IBM's BookManager(R) read facility offers you numerous benefits. These benefits include efficient access to more information, improved productivity through fast accurate searches, and reduced storage costs. There may be situations however, in which you also want printed documentation.

The new IBM BookManager READ for Windows Version 2.0, available in fourth quarter 1994, uses Microsoft Windows Version 3.1 print drivers to facilitate printing with quality commensurate with the printer and fonts which are installed on your system or LAN. You can selectively print one or more topics, topics with notes, margin notes only, pictures, or the entire book. Any Windows attached printer is supported. Other BookManager enhancements include support for Boolean searches, integrated graphics, proportional fonts, and automatic reflow of text based on viewing windows size.

IBM will provide the new IBM Library Reader(TM) for Windows on all collection kits to enable you to take advantage of the improved print facilities for your IBM books. Refer to the Software Announcement 294-395 (IBM BookManager READ for Windows Version 2.0) for more information about the print enhancements.

Planning Information

IBM will begin shipping the IBM Library Reader for Windows on CD-ROM collection kits in the fourth quarter of 1994. You will be able to read the current online books with the new Library Reader for Windows. The text reflow support, however, requires the books be rebuilt with the BookManager BUILD/MVS or BUILD/VM products as described in Software Announcement 294-395 (BookManager READ for Windows Version 2.0). Not all of the IBM online books will support text reflow initially.

Productivity Collections Available

As you become familiar with online documentation and realize the usability and productivity benefits of collection kit packaging, you may want additional information in online format and collections that are customized for particular tasks. In addition to collections containing groups of product libraries, IBM offers several collections that provide additional productivity benefits to you. For example, IBM now provides system center publications, often referred to as red, orange and yellow books, on collection kits. Each collection is available for a fee.

The following productivity collections are available:

  • AS/400(R) Redbook Softcopy Library, Version 2 (SK2T-8053), and Version 3 (SK2T-2172) (available fourth quarter 1994) This collection is a cross-indexed compilation including most AS/400 technical bulletins from the International Technical Support Organization ("redbooks") and all of the AS/400 white books for the current version. Several animated presentations are included and provide overviews of the AS/400 Softcopy Library and other AS/400 features.
  • Networking Systems Redbooks Collection Kit (SK2T-6022) This collection includes all of the networking technical bulletins from the International Technical Support Organization ("redbooks").
  • Online Library Omnibus Edition Hardware Collection (SK2T-5843) This collection includes over 200 books for hardware products that support many operating systems, including MVS, VM, VSE, and AIX/ESA(TM).
  • Online Library Productivity Edition: Messages and Codes Collection (SK2T-2068) This collection brings together on one CD-ROM over 300 books that contain messages and codes from the product libraries on the MVS, VM, VSE, and AIX(R) collections (eight CD-ROMs). This collection enables you to quickly locate the documentation for messages without having to know the specific products that issue them and to make more efficient use of the Online Message Facility on OS/2.
  • Online Library Productivity Edition: System Center Publications, S/390(R) "Rainbow Books" Collection (SK2T-2177) This collection contains over 200 MVS, VM, VSE, AIX/ESA, and related hardware technical bulletins from the International Technical Support Organization and Washington Systems Center. These technical bulletins are also known as "redbooks", "orange books" and "yellow books".
  • Online Library Productivity Edition: RACF(TM) Information Package (SK2T-2180) (available third quarter 1994) This collection contains multiple releases of RACF product libraries, additional books from the MVS and VM collections that contain significant RACF information, and technical bulletins from the International Technical Support Organization ("redbooks") and the Washington System Center ("orange books") that apply to RACF.

There are three ordering options for IBM Online Library collections:

  1. Together with a product A collection kit on CD-ROM is offered for most products that run on MVS, VM, AS/400, and VSE, or one of their prerequisite products, as a no-charge feature with the product order. A list of available collections in the IBM Online Library and the related product and feature codes is included on each CD-ROM collection.
  2. Single copies and library subscriptions with separate charges Collection kits on CD-ROM are available for a fee using PUBORDER and SLSS. Single orders result in a one-time fee. SLSS subscriptions are bill-as-shipped.
  3. Library subscription with one annual charge Collection kits on CD-ROM are available for an annual fee under software product number 5636-PUB. Each collection is a separate feature under that number. The annual fee includes all updates during the one year period. The frequency of update varies by the type of collection and the set of products they contain, but most are updated quarterly.
Withdrawal of Collection Kits on 3480 Cartridges

IBM is withdrawing from marketing the use of 3480 tape cartridge for shipping collection kits. Collection kits on 3480 cartridge are currently orderable under the 5636-PUB Library Offering, from PUBORDER and SLSS. Effective November 1, 1994, IBM will withdraw the following features from 5636-PUB and will not accept new single orders or subscriptions for collection kits on 3480 cartridge. The 2XXX feature code is the billing code and the 5XXX feature code is a no-charge medium specify code.

Feature Code   Description

2002, 5002 Online Library Omnibus Edition MVS Collection 2004, 5004 IBM Networking Systems Softcopy Collection 2024, 5024 Online Library Transaction Processing and Data 2101, 5101 Online Library Omnibus Edition VM Collection

Maintenance updates for current subscriptions will be provided until the subscriptions expire, with a final expiration date of October 31, 1995. Service support for collection kits on tape will be in effect through April 30, 1996.

Collection kits for new programs and new releases of current programs will be orderable on CD-ROM only, beginning November 1, 1994.

National Language Support

IBM product documentation is often available in multiple languages. Refer to individual product announcements for information about online books in various languages.

Reductions in No-Charge, Automatic Ship Printed Books

In 1991, IBM announced its strategy for introducing online books. The announcement also stated that as the strategy is implemented, online books would become the primary distribution format for IBM product information and the number of printed books distributed at no charge would be significantly reduced.

Today, IBM provides online books in BookManager format for most products that run under MVS, VM, OS/400(R), and OS/2. In addition, most VSE products, some other software products, and some hardware products provide online books. An online book CD-ROM collection is offered as a no-charge feature with the product order for most products that run on MVS, VM, AS/400, and VSE, or one of their prerequisite products. The net result to you is efficient access to more information than is possible with printed books for significant cost savings.

With the wide availability of online books, many products have begun reducing the number of no-charge printed books. For example, the AS/400 products began reducing hardcopy with AS/400 Version 2. Beginning in 1994, the reductions in printed books provided at no additional charge with software products will be emphasized and will be staged as follows:

  • In the next release of a product, some of the printed books that currently ship automatically will be available as a no-fee feature.
  • In the next version of a product, some of the printed books that were available without charge (automatically or as a feature) will be separately priced.
  • By the second version of a product, one copy of a minimal set of printed books, typically installation and setup instructions, will be provided with the product at no additional charge. Other printed books will be available for a fee.
Refer to individual announcements for more information.
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