Announcement Letter Number 290-700 dated October 30, 1990
US - Last Revised on October 30, 1990

Brief Description of Announcement, Charges, and Availability

       The Optimization Subroutine Library (OSL) (5688-137) is a
collection of high-performance mathematical subroutines for use by
application programs that solve optimization problems.  OSL takes
advantage of architectural capabilities, such as the Enterprise
System/9000 (TM) (ES/9000 (TM)) Vector Facility, if available, to
improve performance.  OSL subroutines can be called from FORTRAN,
PL/I, C and APL2 programs at different levels, on the platforms where
the language is supported.  High-level subroutines can solve a
problem with the user having minimal knowledge of mathematical
programming.  Low-level subroutines give the user the flexibility to
structure algorithms without having to write new routines
independently.  OSL is ideal for use in making business decisions and
in the research of new algorithms and techniques.  OSL operating
o   Three host operating systems:  MVS, VM and AIX (R)/370
o   AIX on the PS/2 (R)
o   AIX RISC System/6000 (TM) family.
       Planned Availability Date:  July 26, 1991.
 (TM) Trademark of International Business Machines Corporation.
 (R) Registered trademark of International Business Machines

Customer Letter Section

o   Linear Programming -- Simplex and Interior Point
o   Quadratic Programming
o   Mixed Integer Programming
o   Pure Network Solver
o   OSL Solution Economies
o   Acceptance of MPS Format
o   Multiple Platform Support
o   Multiple Language Callability
for solving linear programming problems is an iterative procedure for
finding an optimal solution.  The simplex method searches for an
optimal solution among the basic feasible solutions or vertices of a
polyhedron defining a feasible region (collection of points that
satisfy the constraints).
       For Release 2, OSL uses decomposition techniques to improve
performance on some problems.  A new subroutine allows OSL to take
advantage of the special structure of the problem in the constraint
       While the simplex algorithm searches for the optimal solution
among the vertices of the feasible polyhedron, the interior point
method searches for a solution by starting in the interior of the
feasible region and working toward the surface.
       OSL Release 1 contains an interior-point and a simplex
algorithm for solving linear programming problems.  The particular
interior point algorithm used in Release 1 is the primal barrier
       A primal-dual barrier method with a predictor-corrector
approach is included in OSL Release 2.  This gives the user more
flexibility to select the method that works better with each problem.
       OSL now provides linear programming sensitivity analysis and
linear programming parametrics that can be used to analyze the
effects of the model assumptions on the linear programming problem
solution.  Using the capabilities, a range of alternatives can be
considered in one operation.
QUADRATIC PROGRAMMING:  Quadratic programming problems solved by OSL
have a convex quadratic objective function and linear constraints and
also a subroutine for solving parametric quadratic problems.
MIXED INTEGER PROGRAMMING:  OSL will also solve mixed integer
programming problems; i.e., linear programming problems where some of
the variables are constrained to be integers.  For Release 2, there
are algorithmic improvements and an additional way of loading the
problem.  The basic algorithm is improved by attempting to reduce the
size of the feasible region initially, by taking more action at some
individual nodes and by allowing the user to provide information that
allows OSL Release 2 to solve most problems faster than Release 1.
The new capabilities enhance the usability of the mixed-integer
programming method and improve performance.
PURE NETWORK SOLVER:  Network programming problems are linear
programming problems that optimize the transmission of resources
through a network of available traffic routes.  The resources, for
example, can be grain, water, trucks, people or money.  Network
programming problems are often subproblems of a larger application.
The network simplex method uses the graphical nature of each basis.
Using OSL's pure network programming solver will improve performance
over the simplex solver for network programming problems.  This is a
new item in Release 2.
OSL SOLUTION ECONOMIES:  Provides sophisticated methods for preparing
a problem prior to submission for solution by producing a starting
basis quickly, reducing problem size by eliminating redundant
constraints and scaling the coefficient matrix.
In addition to the capabilities outlined under Business Solutions,
user productivity is enhanced and system growth is enabled with the
following features.
ACCEPTANCE OF MPS FORMAT:  OSL can accept data in MPS input format,
an industry standard since it was introduced by IBM's MPS (and later,
MPSX) product in the 1960s.
OSL UTILITIES:  Allows the user to alter matrices, vary printing of
information, write tailored user exits, in an effort to provide
flexibility and productivity.
and AIX/6000.  It supports the following hardware: ES/9000 and
ES/3090 (TM), with and without vector facility, 43xx, 9370, PS/2
(Models 70 and 80) and RISC System/6000.
 (TM) Trademark of International Business Machines Corporation.
PL/I, and APL2 on operating systems where intercallability of these
languages is supported.  On the AIX PS/2 platform OSL is callable
only from FORTRAN and C.
an OSL (on the workstation) feature that will allow the downloading
of a file containing OSL workstation executable code residing on a
host system to host-attached target workstations.
DETAILED RETURN CODE SCHEME:  Assists the user with problem
identification, allowing the user to write fault-tolerant driver
       OSL Release 2 for MVS, VM and AIX/370 education will be
provided by the Engineering and Scientific National Support Center in
Dallas, TX.  The classes will be scheduled after availability.  Class
schedules will be available on HONE.  If access to HONE is not
possible, contact your IBM representative.
       The planned availability date is July 26, 1991.
MACHINE REQUIREMENTS:  The following table shows the combinations of
operating systems and hardware that support OSL and which
combinations support vector processing.
               ES/9000    ES/3090    3090 (TM)   9370    ES/4381 (TM)
MVS/SP (TM)                                              Scalar
  Version 1.3
MVS/SP                               Scalar/
  Version 2.2                        Vector
MVS/SP                    Scalar/                        Scalar
  Version 3.1             Vector
MVS/ESA (TM)   Scalar/
  SP           Vector
  Version 4
VM/SP                                Scalar/     Scalar
  Version 5.0                        Vector
VM/SP                                Scalar/
  Version 5.0                        Vector
VM/XA (TM)                Scalar/    Scalar/             Scalar
  SP 2                    Vector     Vector
VM/ESA (TM)    Scalar/
  Version 1.1  Vector
AIX/370        Scalar/    Scalar/    Scalar/     Scalar  Scalar
  Version 1.1  Vector     Vector     Vector
 (TM) Trademark of International Business Machines Corporation.
PROGRAMMING REQUIREMENTS:  The OSL subroutines require the host
software products shown below.
Operating     Interpret Program         Link/Load/Run Program
Systems:      Using:                    Using:
MVS/SP        VS FORTRAN Version 2      VS FORTRAN Version 2
MVS/ESA         Release 3 (5668-806)      Release 3 Library
VM/SP           or subsequent             (5668-805 or 5668-806)
VM/XA           releases                  or subsequent releases
              PL/I Optimizing           PL/I Optimizing
                Compiler Version 2        Compiler Version 2
                Release (5668-910)        Release 1 Library
                or subsequent releases    (5668-910) or
                                          subsequent releases
                                        VS FORTRAN Version 2
                                          Release 3 Library
                                          (5668-805 or 5668-806)
                                          or subsequent releases
              APL/2 Release 3           VS FORTRAN Version 2
                (5688-899) or             Release 3 Library
                subsequent releases       (5668-805 or 5668-806)
                                          or subsequent releases

              C/370 Version 1           C/370 Version 1
                Release 2 (5688-040)      Release 2
                or subsequent releases    Library (5688-039)
                                          or subsequent releases
                                        VS FORTRAN Version 2
                                          Release 3 Library
                                          or subsequent releases
AIX/370       VS FORTRAN Version 2      VS FORTRAN Version 2
                Release 5 (5668-087)      Release 5 Library
                or subsequent releases    (5668-805 or 5688-087)
                                          or subsequent releases
COMPATIBILITY:  OSL Version 1 Release 2 for MVS, VM and AIX/370 is
compatible with OSL Version 1 Release 1 for MVS, VM and AIX/370.
APPLICATION SUPPORT:  Technical assistance (questions related to
installing or operating) and service for OSL Release 2 for MVS, VM
and AIX/370 in the specified environments is available.
       This support service, known as IBM ASSIST, is available via
1-800-237-5511.  Calls may be placed 24 hours a day, seven days a
week.  IBM responds on a call-back basis between 8:00 a.m.  and
6:00 p.m. (Central time), Monday through Friday (except holidays).
       ServiceLink and SupportLink, within IBMLink, may also be
available.  These links provide the ability to search product
information and defect data bases, report defects, order defect
corrections, and ask questions related to installing or operating
this application.  Contact your local IBM branch office for more
PACKAGING:  OSL is distributed on either 1600 or 6250bpi tape or 3480
Cartridge System Tape in the following formats:
MVS                      SMP
VM                       Installation EXEC
AIX/370                  INSTALLP
       The distribution package consists of:
o   SMP control statements
o   OSL load library
o   Sample OSL drivers
o   Sample JCL for installation and verification
o   InterCompilation Analysis (ICA) file
o   Installation Verification Program (IVP)
o   Soft copy of the OSL Reference Summary (SC23-0521)
o   MVS Program Directory.
o   Product Identifier file
o   Memo To Users
o   OSL library
o   Installation and verification EXEC
o   Sample OSL drivers
o   InterCompilation Analysis (ICA) file
o   IVP
o   Soft copy of the OSL Reference Summary (SC23-0521), including a
    BookManager (TM) format
o   VM Program Directory.
 (TM) Trademark of International Business Machines Corporation.
o   README file
o   OSL library
o   Sample OSL drivers
o   Installation and verification script
o   InterCompilation Analysis (ICA) file
o   IVP
o   Soft copy of the OSL Reference Summary (SC23-0521)
o   AIX/370 Program Directory.
Entitlement documentation to support this licensed program will be a
memo and one copy of the publications, listed in the UNLICENSED
DOCUMENTATION section, supplied automatically with the basic
machine-readable material.
       OSL Release 2 for MVS, VM and AIX/370 uses the security and
auditability features of the Hardware and Software environments under
which it runs.
       User management is responsible for evaluation, selection and
implementation of security features, administrative procedures and
appropriate controls in application systems and communication
       The following advance publications will be available as
indicated.  To order, contact your IBM representative.
                              ORDER               AVAILABILITY
TITLE                         NUMBER              DATE
  The Optimization
  Library                     GC23-0517           October 30, 1990
OSL Guide and
  Reference                   SC23-0519           July 26, 1991
OSL Reference
  Summary                     SC23-0521           July 26, 1991
OSL Licensed
  Specifications              GC23-0520           July 26, 1991
Current licensees of OSL Release 1 for MVS, VM and AIX/370 will
receive this update from IBM Software Distribution automatically.
The shipment of Version 1 Release 2 is scheduled to be completed by
August 2, 1991.
Orders for new licenses will be accepted now.  Orders entered with a
scheduled shipment date prior to the planned availability date will
be shipped OSL Version 1 Release 1 for MVS, VM and AIX/370.  Orders
entered with a scheduled shipment date after July 26, 1991, will be
shipped OSL Release 2 for MVS, VM and AIX/370 Version 1 Release 2.
Unless a later date is specified, an order is scheduled for the week
following order entry.
       New users of OSL Release 2 for MVS, VM and AIX/370 should
TYPE           MODEL
5688           137
BASIC LICENSE:  To order a basic license, specify the program number
and feature number 9001 for asset registration.  For a graduated
one-time charge (OTC) or graduated monthly license charge (MLC)
specify one of the following feature numbers as applicable and
corresponding to the group that contains the designated machine.
Also, specify the feature number of the desired distribution medium.
                      BASIC                    BASIC
                    GRADUATED                GRADUATED
                       OTC                      MLC
  10                   0822                     0819
  15                   0823                     0820
  18                   0993                     0998
  20                   0824                     0821
  25                   0835                     0739
  28                   0836                     0831
  30                   0816                     0813
  32                   0837                     0832
  35                   0838                     0833
  38                   0839                     0834
  40                   0817                     0814
  50                   0818                     0815
  60                   2143                     2145
  70                   3690                     3692
  80                   3790                     3792
       Use the feature number of the next higher group listed if this
program is designated to a processor in a group for which there is no
feature numbers listed above.
NOTE: The group can be determined by referring to the Exhibit for AIX
RISC System/6000 machines (Z125-8309).
BASIC MACHINE-READABLE MATERIAL:  To order, select the feature number
of the desired distribution medium:
  MVS                    5820              9/1600 Magnetic Tape
  MVS                    5821              9/6250 Magnetic Tape
  MVS                    5822              3480 Cartridge
  VM                     5800              9/1600 Magnetic Tape
  VM                     5801              9/6250 Magnetic Tape
  VM                     5802              3480 Cartridge
  AIX                    5000              9/1600 Magnetic Tape
  AIX                    5001              9/6250 Magnetic Tape
  AIX                    5002              3480 Cartridge
       To suppress initial shipment of machine-readable materials and
publications, and for serial number assignment only, use Initial
Order Suppress feature number 3444.
DSLO LICENSE:  To order a DSLO license specify the program number,
feature number 9901 for asset registration, and the feature number
for a graduated OTC or graduated MLC that corresponds to the group

containing the designated machine.
                       DSLO                     DSLO
                    GRADUATED                GRADUATED
                       OTC                      MLC
  10                   0828                     0825
  15                   0829                     0826
  18                   0997                     0995
  20                   0830                     0827
  25                   0899                     0738
  28                   0988                     0798
  30                   0810                     0807
  32                   0989                     0799
  35                   0990                     0897
  38                   0991                     0898
  40                   0811                     0808
  50                   0812                     0809
  60                   2144                     2146
  70                   3691                     3693
  80                   3791                     3793
       Use the feature number of the next higher group listed if this
program is designated to a processor in a group for which no feature
number is listed above.
       Ordering a DSLO feature will result in IBM maintaining a
record of this customer location as a DSLO user only.  All material
for the DSLO license must be ordered by the basic licensee.  If a
user selects DSLO, no other feature numbers are valid for this order
and no program materials or updates will be shipped.
UNLICENSED DOCUMENTATION:  A memo and one copy of the following
publications are supplied automatically with the basic
machine-readable material:
TITLE                                        NUMBER
OSL Guide and Reference                      SC23-0519
OSL Reference Summary                        SC23-0521
OSL Licensed Program Specification           GC23-0520
       Additional copies of unlicensed publications will be available
after product availability.
       IBM is now offering the OSL Reference Summary (SC23-0521) in
displayable softcopy BookManager-built books.
       These displayable manuals are to be used with the BookManager
READ licensed programs in the VM, OS/2 (R) and DOS environments.
With BookManager READ/VM, READ/2 or READ/DOS, customers can display,
read and search the books.
       Customers may make verbatim copies of IBM softcopy
documentation distributed with IBM products for use within their
enterprise on as many systems as needed.  IBM customers will be able
to distribute and manage libraries of IBM product manuals
       Subsequent updates (technical newsletters or revisions between
releases) to the publications shipped with the product will be
distributed to the user of record for as long as a license for this
software remains in effect.  A separate publication order or
subscription is not needed.
 (R) Registered trademark of International Business Machines
LICENSING:  The program in this announcement is licensed under the
terms and conditions of the Agreement for IBM Licensed Programs.
VARIABLE CHARGES APPLY:  Yes, for licenses obtained for a graduated
one-time or graduated monthly license charge.
license is required for each designated machine on which the licensed
program materials will be used.
EDUCATIONAL ALLOWANCE:  A 15% educational allowance is applicable
toward eligible license charges and is available to qualifying
instructions in accordance with the Education Allowance Amendment.
The educational allowance may not be added to any other discount or
VOLUME DISCOUNT:  Not applicable.
WARRANTED:  Basic license -- Yes.  DSLO -- Not applicable.
o   Restricted Materials:  No.  This licensed program will be
    available without source licensed program materials.  It will be
    available in object code.
TESTING PERIOD:  Basic license -- Two months.  DSLO -- Not
PROGRAM SERVICES:  Central Service, including a Support Center, will
be available until discontinued by IBM upon six months' written
notice.  OSL Release 2 for MVS, VM and AIX/370 in this announcement
is supported by the Application Technology Center in Kingston, NY.
Access to this Support Center will be provided through the IBM
Support Center.
       Central Service, including the Application Technology Center,
for DSLO licenses will be provided only through the customer location
designated for the basic license.
Program Number:  5688-137
             GRADUATED                     GRADUATED
          BASIC          DSLO           BASIC          DSLO
GROUP     OTC            OTC            MLC            MLC
  10   $  11,730       $  8,795         $  244         $  183
  15      14,670         11,000            305            228
  18      18,320         13,740            381            286
  20      22,910         17,180            477            357
  25      28,650         21,480            596            447
  28      35,790         26,840            745            558
  30      44,730         33,540            931            698
  32      55,960         41,970          1,160            873
  35      69,910         52,430          1,455          1,090
  38      73,430         55,070          1,525          1,145
  40      77,070         57,800          1,605          1,200
  50      91,030         68,270          1,680          1,260
  60      95,470         71,600          1,765          1,325
  70     119,350         89,505          2,210          1,657
  80     149,200        111,890          2,765          2,070
       If this program is designated to a processor in a group for
which no charge is listed above, the charge of the next higher group
listed applies.
ONE-TIME CHARGE:  Customers who pay an OTC for a licensed program
receive enhancements and future releases, if any, at no additional
charge.  Significant new function may be offered as an optional
feature and charged for separately.  If a replacement program is
announced and the customer elects to license the replacement program
for an OTC and replace the prior program, an upgrade charge may
VARIABLE CHARGES:  The applicable graduated one-time charge or
graduated MLC will be based on the group of the designated machine on
which the licensed program is licensed for use.  For upgrades of OTC
licenses to a machine in a higher group, a group upgrade charge will
apply.  For downgrades of OTC licenses to a machine in a lower group,
there will be no adjustment or refund of one-time charges paid.
       For upgrades or downgrades of monthly license charge licenses,
the monthly license charge applicable to the higher or lower group
will apply.

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