IBM Enterprise PL/I for z/OS V3.6 delivers performance, usability, and quality enhancements

IBM United States Software Announcement 206-273
October 24, 2006


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With IBM Enterprise PL/I for z/OS® V3.6, you can leverage more than 30 years of IBM experience in application development to facilitate your new On Demand Business endeavors, helping you to integrate PL/I and Web-based business processes in Web services, XML, Java™ and PL/I applications. This compiler's interoperability lets you capitalize on existing IT investment while smoothly incorporating new, Web-based applications as part of your organizations infrastructure.

Enterprise PL/I is a leading-edge, z/OS-based compiler that helps you create and maintain mission-critical, line-of-business PL/I applications you want to execute on your z/OS systems. It gives you access to DB2®, CICS®, and IMS™ systems, and other data and transaction systems.

New in V3.6

  • DB2 V9 support
  • Performance improvements
  • Usability enhancements
  • Quality improvements
  • Serviceability improvements

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Key prerequisites

z/OS V1.6 (5694-A01), or later

Depending on the function used, certain levels of other programs may be required. Refer to the Software requirements section for details.
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Planned availability date

October 27, 2006

For ordering, contact:

Your IBM representative, an IBM Business Partner, or IBM Americas Call Centers at 800-IBM-CALL (Reference: LE001).
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V3.6 compiler enhancements

DB2 V9 support

  • Support for STDSQL(YES/NO)
  • Support for CREATE TRIGGER (aka multiple SQL statements)
  • Support for FETCH CONTINUE
  • Support for SQL style comments ('--') embedded in SQL statements
  • Support for Additional SQL TYPES including:
    • XML AS
    • BIGINT
    • BINARY
  • Listing the DB2 Coprocessor runtime options
  • Special handling of EXEC SQL DECLARE VARIABLE statements
  • Special handling of EXEC SQL xxx SQL TYPE IS xxx statements

Performance improvements

  • Extended-immediate instructions
    • The compiler now supports, under the ARCH(7) option, the extended-immediate facility in z/OS.
    • The extended-immediate facility provides 32-bit immediate-operand versions of the following instructions:
    • These instructions all allow the compiler to produce shorter and faster code sequences.
  • Extended-translation facility 2 instructions
    • The compiler that can now generate, under the ARCH(6) option, some of the instructions from the extended-translation facility 2 in z/OS. In particular, the compiler will generate the following instructions under ARCH(6) (or higher):
      • COMPARE LOGICAL LONG UNICODE (CLCLU) will be used to compare WIDECHAR expressions.
      • MOVE LOGICAL LONG UNICODE (MVCLU) will be used for assignments to WIDECHAR NONVARYING variables.
      • TEST DECIMAL (TP) will be used in code generated for the VALID built-in.
      • PACK ASCII (PKA) will be used in some conversions of PIC to FIXED DEC.
      • UNPACK ASCII (UNPKA) will be used in some conversions of FIXED DEC to PIC.
  • Ability to exploit CONVERT TO BINARY 64-BIT (CVBG) and CONVERT TO DECIMAL 64-BIT (CVDG) — Under ARCH(5), the compiler will use CVBG and CVDG to convert between FIXED BIN and FIXED DEC (and some PICTURE) when the precisions are too large for the conversion to be done with CONVERT TO BINARY 32-BIT (CVB) or CONVERT TO DECIMAL 32-BIT (CVD).
  • Expanded use of COMPARE LOGICAL LONG EXTENDED (CLCLE) — In V3.5, the CLCLE instruction was used in the code generated for some CHAR comparisons. Now, the CLCLE instruction will be used in the code generated for all CHAR comparisons except when the 2 lengths are known and equal, in which case better, special code has always been generated. CLCLE will now also be used for compares of GRAPHIC strings (except again when the 2 lengths are known and equal).
    • MVCLE will be used for assignments to CHAR NONVARYING when lengths are unknown.
    • MVCLE will be used for assignments to GRAPHIC NONVARYING when lengths are unknown.
  • Better code for packed decimal
    • Conversions from FIXED DEC(p,q) to FIXED DEC(r,s) will now be done entirely inline if r+q-s is greater than 31.
    • Conditional code is eliminated from assignments to PIC'(n)Z'.
    • In DO loops where the TO value is specified by a PICTURE variable, the code has been improved (by converting the PIC to FIXED DEC once before the loop begins).
    • Conversions with a drifting $ will now be inlined.
    • Conversions from FIXED BIN to a PICTURE that specifies a scale factor will now be inlined.
  • Conversions involving DB2 date-time patterns inlined
    • Conversions between dates using any of the three supported DB2 date-time patterns or the corresponding date-time patterns without any punctuation will now be done inline.
    • Code for REPATTERN will be inlined if the target date has a DB2 date-time pattern and the source has either a DB2 date-time pattern or a date-time pattern that starts with YYYYMMDD.
  • Miscellaneous
    • The assignment of ' ' to WIDECHAR is improved.
    • The ALLOCATION built-in function is now inlined.
    • Assignments to BIT variables that have inherited dimensions but which have strides that are divisible by eight will now be inlined.
  • Compiler performance
    • The compiler itself is compiled with ARCH(5).
    • The generation of the XREF listing has been significantly speeded up.

Usability enhancements

  • Additional and improved messages
    • Under CMPAT, notification is sent when an aggregate is too large.
    • When a KEYED DIRECT file without a KEY/KEYFROM clause is used, message IBM2180 will be issued.
    • In message IBM1435, the assumed precision will be 15.
    • The message flagging a semicolon in a comment will now include the line number of the line where the semicolon appears.
    • Assignments of FIXED DEC variables to FIXED DEC will be flagged if SIZE could be raised.
    • Message inserts are now passed to the compiler user exit.
    • IBM1387 will now indicate that the NODESCRIPTOR attribute will be ignored when it is invalid.
    • Assignments can change a REFER object will now be flagged (as they were under the old compiler with message IEL0653I).
  • ENV attribute in attributes listing — The ENV attribute if specified on the declare of a file will now be included in the attributes listing.
  • Control of CEESTART csect order — Under the new CEESTART option, the user can choose whether the compiler places the CEESTART csect at the beginning or the end of the generated object deck. Those users who want to use linker CHANGE cards must choose to have the compiler place CEESTART at the end of the object deck.
  • Flagged unused INCLUDE files — If the XREF option is in effect, then the compiler will issue a warning message for any INCLUDE file that contains no cross-referenced variables.
  • Ability to change the preprocessor default options — Via the new PPCICS, PPINCLUDE, PPMACRO and PPSQL options, the user may now change the default options for the corresponding preprocessor. In particular, using the PPSQL option, for example, in the IBMZIOP module would allow the user to specify the SQL preprocessor options that should be used whenever the PP(SQL) option is specified.
  • Ability to cast character to picture — With the new PICSPEC built-in function, the user can quickly cast CHARACTER data to PICTURE.
  • Enabled THREADID — The THREADID built-in function will now be enabled for z/OS.
  • NOREDUCE expanded — In an assignment of one structure to another, if the structures map, the assignment would normally be done as an aggregate move. But if the structure contained any POINTER fields, then the old compiler would have done the assignment field by field. Under the NOREDUCE option, the new compiler will also.
  • Listing allots more columns for line numbers — Previously, the Enterprise PL/I compiler allotted room for only five digits to hold the line number for the source in a compilation. With V3.6, the compiler will allot 7 columns to hold the line number.
  • More control over generated DEF files — The attribute DLLINTERNAL will be accepted in the OPTIONS attribute on PROCEDURE and ENTRY statements. This attribute will specify that the compiler should not put the named PROC or ENTRY in the generated DEF file.

Quality improvements: Extended conformance checking — Under the CHECK(CONFORMANCE) option, structures will now also be checked to see that they match.

Serviceability improvements

Automatic storage mapping — The MAP output has previously included a list in order of storage offset of the STATIC storage in the compilation. It will now also include a list in order of storage offset (per block) of the AUTOMATIC storage used by the block.

New/changed compiler options

  • ARCH — 7 is now accepted as a suboption. The default is now ARCH(5).
  • CEESTART — This new option controls where the compiler places the CEESTART csect in the generated object code. Under CEESTART(FIRST), the compiler places it at the beginning of the generated object code. Under CEESTART(LAST), the compiler places it at the end.
  • PPxx — The PPCICS, PPINCLUDE, PPMACRO, and PPSQL options are now accepted. Each of these allows the user to specify the options to be passed to the corresponding preprocessor.
  • REDUCE — Under NOREDUCE, the compiler will not reduce an assignment of matching structures to a simple move if the structures contain any POINTER fields.
  • TEST — The (NO)SEPNAME option is now supported. Under TEST(SEPARATE,NOSEPNAME), the name of the side file will not be placed in the object deck.
  • TUNE — 7 is now accepted as a suboption. The default is now TUNE(5).

Full Function vs Alternate Function offerings

With V3.6, the mainframe interactive debug tool in Debug Tool for z/OS V7 is offered with the Enterprise PL/I compiler in the Full Function offering. This debug tool is a common facility that supports:

  • Enterprise COBOL for z/OS
  • Enterprise PL/I for z/OS
  • COBOL for OS/390® & VM
  • COBOL for MVS™ & VM
  • VisualAge® PL/I for OS/390
  • PL/I for MVS & VM
  • z/OS C/C++ optional feature
  • OS/390 C/C++ optional feature

Only one Full Function offering is required for debugging applications written using any of these programming products. An Alternate Function offering is available if you prefer to receive the Enterprise PL/I for z/OS compiler but not the debug tool.

Debug Tool for z/OS V7 is also offered as a separate product. For more information about the function offered in the debug tool, refer to Software Announcement 206-222 , dated September 12, 2006.

Debug Tool Utilities and Advanced Functions V7.1

Debug Tool Utilities and Advanced Functions V7.1 is a separate, optional product that builds on the function in Debug Tool V7.1, providing even more debugging capability for z/OS applications. Debug Tool V7.1 is now included in Debug Tool Utilities and Advanced Functions V7.1.

For more information on Debug Tool Utilities and Advanced Functions V7.1, refer to Software Announcement 206-223 , dated September 12, 2006.
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Hardware and software support services

SmoothStart™/installation services

IBM SmoothStart and Installation Services are not provided.

Business Partner information

If you are a Direct Reseller - System Reseller acquiring products from IBM, you may link directly to Business Partner information for this announcement. A PartnerWorld ID and password are required (use IBM ID).

BP Attachment for Announcement Letter 206-273


IMS, MVS, and SmoothStart are trademarks of International Business Machines Corporation in the United States or other countries or both.
z/OS, CICS, DB2, OS/390, and VisualAge are registered trademarks of International Business Machines Corporation in the United States or other countries or both.
Java is a trademark of Sun Microsystems, Inc.
Other company, product, and service names may be trademarks or service marks of others.

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Technical information

Hardware requirements

Enterprise PL/I for z/OS® V3.5 runs only on the following (and follow-on) hardware models:

  • 9672-xx6 (G5)
  • 9672-xx7 (G6)

Software requirements

Enterprise PL/I for z/OS V3 runs under the control of, or in conjunction with, the currently supported releases of the following programs and their subsequent releases or their equivalents. For more information on programs listed below that require program temporary fixes (PTFs), refer to the Program Directory and the preventive service planning (PSP) bucket.

z/OS V1.6 (5694-A01), or later, is a required licensed program.

Optional licensed programs

  • CICS® Transaction Server (CIC TS) for OS/390® V1 (5655-147)
  • CICS TS for z/OS V2 (5697-E93)
  • CICS TS for z/OS V3 (5655-M15)
  • COBOL for MVS™ & VM V1.2 (5688-197)
  • COBOL for OS/390 & VM V2 (5648-A25)
  • Enterprise COBOL for z/OS and OS/390 V3 (5655-G53)
  • DB2® UDB for z/OS and OS/390 V7 (5675-DB2)
  • DB2 UDB for z/OS V8 (5625-DB2)
  • DB2 UDB for z/OS V9 (5635-DB2)
  • Debug Tool for z/OS V5.1 (5655-M18)
  • Debug Tool Utilities and Advanced Functions for z/OS V5.1 (5655-M19)
  • Debug Tool for z/OS V6.1 (5655-P14)
  • Debug Tool Utilities and Advanced Functions for z/OS V6.1 (5655-P15)
  • Debug Tool for z/OS V7.1 (5655-R44)
  • Debug Tool Utilities and Advanced Functions for z/OS V7.1 (5655-R45)
  • DFSORT™ element of z/OS (5694-A01) or OS/390 (5647-A01)
  • High Level Assembler/MVS and VM and VSE (5696-234)
  • IMS™ V7 (5655-B01)
  • IMS V8 (5655-C56)
  • IMS V9 (5655-J38)
  • OS PL/I V2.3 (5668-909, 5668-910, 5668-911)
  • PL/I for MVS & VM V1.1 (5688-235)
  • Enterprise PL/I for z/OS and OS/390 V3 (5655-H31)
  • VS FORTRAN V2 (5668-806, 5688-087)

Planning information

Packaging: The Enterprise PL/I for z/OS V3 package includes:

  • Basic machine-readable material on the customer-selected distribution medium
  • Program Directory (GI10-8426)
  • Licensed Program Specifications (GC27-1455)

Security, auditability, and control

The announced program uses the security and auditability features of the host operating system software. The customer is responsible for evaluation, selection, and implementation of security features, administrative procedures, and appropriate controls in application systems and communication facilities.
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Ordering information

Ordering z/OS through the Internet

ShopzSeries provides an easy way to plan and order your z/OS ServerPac or CBPDO. It will analyze your current installation, determine the correct product migration, and present your new configuration based on z/OS. Additional products can also be added to your order (including determination of whether all product requisites are satisfied). ShopzSeries is available in the U.S., Canada and several countries in Europe. In countries where ShopzSeries is not available yet, contact your IBM representative (or IBM Business Partner) to handle your order via the traditional IBM ordering process. For more details and availability, visit the ShopzSeries Web site at

Current licensees

Current licensees of Enterprise PL/I for z/OS V3 will be sent a program reorder form that can be returned directly to IBM Software Delivery and Fulfillment.

Reorder forms are scheduled to be mailed by two weeks after planned availability. Reorder forms returned to IBM Software Delivery and Fulfillment will be processed within 10 workdays of receipt. When V3.6 is available, V3.5 will no longer be available.

New licensees

  • Orders for new licenses can be placed now.
  • Customers whose orders ship before the planned availability will receive IBM Enterprise PL/I for z/OS V3.5.
  • Customers whose orders ship after the planned availability date will receive IBM Enterprise PL/I for z/OS V3.6.
  • New users of IBM Enterprise PL/I for z/OS V3 should specify Type: 5655 Model: H31.

For ordering information on IBM Enterprise PL/I for z/OS V3, refer to Software Announcement 201-344 , dated November 27, 2001.

Unlicensed documentation: A Program Directory (GI10-8426) and Licensed Program Specifications (GC27-1455) are supplied automatically with the basic machine-readable material. No other hardcopy publications are shipped with the product.

Displayable Softcopy Publications: All IBM Enterprise PL/I for z/OS V3 publications are available free of charge in displayable softcopy format (BookManager®, PDF) from the IBM PL/I Web site at

Subsequent updates (technical newsletters or revisions between releases) to the publications shipped with the product will be distributed to the user of record for as long as a license for this software remains in effect. A separate publication order or subscription is not needed.

Customized offerings

Most product media is shipped only via customized offerings (that is, CBPDO, ServerPac, SystemPac®). Non-customized items (CDs, diskettes, source media, and media kits) will continue to be shipped via the stand-alone product.
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Terms and conditions

The terms for Enterprise PL/I for z/OS V3 as previously announced in Software Announcement 201-344 , dated November 27, 2001, licensed under the IBM Customer Agreement are unaffected by this announcement.

IBM Operational Support Services — SupportLine: Yes
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The prices provided in this announcement are suggested retail prices for the U.S. only and are provided for your information only. Dealer prices may vary, and prices may also vary by country. Prices are subject to change without notice. For additional information and current prices, contact your local IBM representative.

The pricing information for IBM Enterprise PL/I for z/OS V3, as previously announced in Software Announcement 201-344 , dated November 27, 2001, remains unaffected by this announcement.

Entry support license OTC: An OTC authorizes use only on IBM Entry End User/390 Machines.

IBM Global Financing

IBM Global Financing offers competitive financing to credit-qualified customers to assist them in acquiring IT solutions. Our offerings include financing for IT acquisition, including hardware, software, and services, both from IBM and other manufacturers or vendors. Offerings (for all customer segments: small, medium, and large enterprise), rates, terms, and availability can vary by country. Contact your local IBM Global Financing organization or visit the Web site

IBM Global Financing offerings are provided through IBM Credit LLC in the United States and other IBM subsidiaries and divisions worldwide to qualified commercial and government customers. Rates are based on a customer's credit rating, financing terms, offering type, equipment type, and options, and may vary by country. Other restrictions may apply. Rates and offerings are subject to change, extension, or withdrawal without notice.
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Order now

To order, contact the Americas Call Centers, your local IBM representative, or your IBM Business Partner.

To identify your local IBM representative or IBM Business Partner, call 800-IBM-4YOU (426-4968).

 Phone:      800-IBM-CALL (426-2255)
 Fax:        800-2IBM-FAX (242-6329)
 Mail:       IBM Americas Call Centers
             Dept. Teleweb Customer Support, 9th floor
             105 Moatfield Drive
             North York, Ontario
             Canada M3B 3R1
 Reference:  LE001

The Americas Call Centers, our national direct marketing organization, can add your name to the mailing list for catalogs of IBM products.

Note: Shipments will begin after the planned availability date.


MVS, DFSORT, and IMS are trademarks of International Business Machines Corporation in the United States or other countries or both.
z/OS, CICS, OS/390, DB2, BookManager, and SystemPac are registered trademarks of International Business Machines Corporation in the United States or other countries or both.
Other company, product, and service names may be trademarks or service marks of others.

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